B&B Wednesday Update 1/13/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie hopes that Brooke has read up on all the information for the company. Brooke has read all of it. Bill asks if she really has. Brooke promises that she is up to date on his company. Katie tells her that it is their company because she is one of them now. Bill is very excited about that according to Katie.

In Rick’s office Maya goes and sits down next to Nicole handing her a glass of water. Nicole really doesn’t trust anything in her stomach right now. Maya is so sorry. Nicole thinks that it comes on at the worst times. Maya assumes she means the photoshoot. Nicole really wanted to be there for Zende. He really wanted to make a good impression with Rick. Maya is glad that Sasha was there to step in. Nicole reluctantly is glad as well.

Rick is looking at a picture of Sasha on his laptop in Ridge’s office. Zende and Sasha walk in. Zende heard he wanted to see them. Rick was looking through his photography. It was the best he had ever seen. Zende thanks him. Rick also was admiring what a good job Sasha did. Sasha thanks him but it was really all Zende. He brought it out of me. Rick feels she has a real act for this. Sasha takes it that he hasn’t seen her social media accounts. Sasha is not exactly afraid to be in front of the camera. Rick thinks it shows. Rick asks how she would feel if she were a prep model.

Maya knows that Rick was impressed with Zende’s work. Nicole says that makes her happy. Maya wonders if it really does. Nicole tells her yes. She just wishes it were her in those photos. Maya promises her that she will eventually have that opportunity to be a model. Nicole knows that would be a year from now after she loses all her baby fat. Not that she is complaining. She loves what she is doing for her and Rick. It just was hard to see Sasha with Zende. She has always been competing with her. Even for guys.

Sasha is out of breath in shock. She asks if she really is going to be a model. Rick tells her that only if Zende is shooting her. Zende asks if he really is ok with him trying out for in house photographer. Zende tries to explain the whole situation but Sasha doesn’t want him to be modest. She was practically cardboard before he set her up. Rick will set up another shoot. He leaves. Sasha jumps up and down and hugs Zende.

Katie is very happy to have Brooke with them. She asks if Bill is as well. Bill admits that he can live with another Logan in the building. Brooke just wants to be a good fit for Spencer and Eye on Fashion. Katie promises that she won’t be. They have already notified the staff. Katie has to run to Forrester. Katie is so happy that Brooke is here. Katie leaves. Brooke looks at Bill and seems worried.

Nicole gets off the phone. She tells Maya that they have a doctor’s appointment the day after tomorrow. Maya already has it in her calendar. Maya wants to discuss her concern with Sasha and competing for Zende. Nicole thinks that was just her raging hormones. Maya knows that Sasha is her best friend. Zende is a special guy and knows what he has. Nicole knows that Zende has been nothing but supportive and Sasha is her best friend. It isn’t like they will be together every day. Maya never wants her to worry about sharing anything with her again.

In the photo studio Sasha is putting on makeup. Zende asks how she is doing. Sasha cannot believe this is happening. Sasha looks in the mirror and is shocked she is a model. Zende has to thank her for giving him all the credit for the first shoot. Sasha thinks that the two of them are a team.

In Ridge’s office Rick walks back in and tells someone that they are doing a photo shoot. He doesn’t want Ridge to know yet. It is just under the radar. Katie walks in. It’s his favorite aunt. He asks how she is doing. Katie is doing great but hasn’t seen him since Hawaii. Rick tells her it was good. They got along with the in-laws. He wonders how Spencer is doing. Katie thinks it is great especially now that Brooke is on board. Rick asks if Bill is ok with that. Katie guesses he will have to be. Two Logan women working in the same building could be a challenge.

Bill sits at his desk looking at papers. He starts to think of Brooke kissing him the other day.

In Brooke’s new office she looks at a picture of Bill and she also starts to think about kissing Bill. She starts to think of Stephanie calling her a whore who sleeps with a father and two sons. Brooke looks worried.

Bill gets up from his desk. He walks around he sees a picture of Katie with Brooke. He starts to think of the time they were in Aspen and in the Middle East together. Kissing all over the place.

Sasha asks how Zende wants her. Zende suggests that they try whatever feels right. Sasha asks if she really isn’t going to be getting any direction. Zende just wants her to go with the flow like last time. Zende takes a picture and she gives her little things he wants her to do. He takes a lot of pictures and then Nicole walks in. Sasha screams her name. Nicole asks what is going on. Sasha tells her she is a model.

Rick tells Katie that they are keeping a close eye on Nicole. Katie assumes that means they are spoiling her. Rick says every chance they get. He wonders how Brooke is settling in to the job. Rick is sad to lose her. Katie can imagine. Katie knows her history here is legendary but people need to move on. Rick wonders about her drinking. Katie explains that when Brooke is bored she lets her demons out. Katie thinks Brooke is excited to move forward and leave the past behind. Rick hopes so.

Bill puts the photo down and Brooke walks in. Brooke tells Bill to have Allison hold all his calls. She doesn’t want any interruptions. Bill calls Allison and tells her he does not want any interruptions. Brooke tells Bill he was right and about this job. It was a wonderful opportunity but it also is painful. She doesn’t really know herself sometimes. She often defines herself by who she is with. She did that with Bill her stallion. They have done things together that were truly amazing. It was wrong so she left. Her true self. Then Katie offered her this wonderful job and she just can’t do it. She thought she could but she just can’t. They both know why.

Nicole asks if Sasha is really a model. Sasha explains it isn’t official but Rick liked the last shoot so much he asked them to do another one. Zende asks if she wants to see what they have. Nicole might a little later. Sasha was shocked at the photos. Zende thinks she was a natural. Sasha feels that is because of him. Zende will be making a real name for himself. She has to see the pictures. Nicole will check it out a little later. Sasha cannot believe that she doesn’t have a job yet but she is a prep model now. Nicole is happy for her. Sasha thanks her.

Katie is tired of seeing Brooke not act like herself. Rick knows she wears her moods like she wears her clothes. The beautiful stunning woman who walks into a room and owns it. Katie is not being naïve but she is not. She doesn’t have selective amnesia. She can’t change the past. She thinks that the most tragic consequence of all of that was that Brooke lost herself. She chooses Brooke and her relationship. Brooke needs her help and she will be there for her. Rick thinks she needs to talk to Hope or maybe Bridget. He wants them to have a sister like Brooke has. He thinks that Katie is incredible. Katie hugs Rick.

Brooke doesn’t think that he should have come to her house the other day. Bill knows she needed him. Brooke knows which is why he shouldn’t have come. Bill knows she needed the job offer she delivered. Brooke thinks that Bill should have realizes that she didn’t need this. Bill knows she expressed feelings that came out of the blue. Brooke asks if they really did. Bill hasn’t allowed himself. Brooke hasn’t either. She hasn’t allowed herself to have a glimmer of a memory slip through. She has been fighting these feelings. Brooke is not going to go there. Bill reminds her she kissed him. Brooke is sorry. Bill is glad she didn’t keep those feelings. Bill thinks something was woken up. Bill asks if he is supposed to pretend that he doesn’t remember anything. Brooke cannot do this. Bill thinks they are. Her confession is out. Bill kisses her but Brooke tells her to walk away. Brooke tries to slap him but he stops her. They end up kissing each other.

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