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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/12/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam is asleep in Bills office and wakes up. He stands up and is still off balance. He walks over to Bill’s door and unlocks it. He thinks about seeing Wyatt with Steffy in bed.

Wyatt is buttoning up his shirt. Steffy wakes up in bed. Steffy asks if he heard anything. Wyatt hasn’t heard anything. The sun woke him up and he got dressed. He hasn’t heard anything from Liam. Steffy guesses that he is still in Australia with Ivy and technically they are just living in the past. Wyatt says that the coffee is one if she wants some. Wyatt wonders what her day is like. Steffy is just going to stay in bed. Wyatt will tell everyone at work not to expect her. He asks if this is weird. Steffy wonders what he means. Wyatt means being here right now. Steffy thinks that Wyatt was being sweet and protective. Steffy didn’t need a lover she needed a friend. Wyatt was a friend. Wyatt doesn’t need people to know that he is sweet.

In Ridge’s office Quinn asks if Ivy resigned. Brooke says no. Quinn asks if they are sure. It sounds like it would make sense and they can’t really blame her for wanting to keep her distance from Steffy. Eric explains that Ivy is gone and is back in Australia. Eric was hoping that she and Wyatt would be willing to work with her long distance. Quinn doesn’t want her son to ever hear her speak ever again.

Katie walks into Bill’s office followed by Bill. Katie notices the blankets and asks if Liam slept here last night. Bill wants to know if he used his shower and put his clothes on. Liam admits that the clothes that crossed the international dateline haven’t proven to be good luck. Bill asks what he is talking about.

Quinn promises that she and Wyatt are fine covering the jewelry line by themselves. She admits they aren’t Forrester’s but they have done it themselves before. Brooke knows it was very well. Quinn asks if she will be answering to Brooke from now on. Brooke won’t even be here. Eric tells Quinn that Brooke is making a change too. She has accepted an offer to work at Spencer Publications. Quinn thinks it is a brand new day.

Wyatt hands Steffy a cup of coffee in the living room. He tells her that one of three things he can cook well is eggs. Plus, re-heating pizza. Steffy promises that he doesn’t have to worry about her. She is taking the day off. Wyatt asks if it is supposed to rain today. Steffy doesn’t look at the weather. Wyatt thinks that Steffy should wear a jacket but he doesn’t want to tell her what to do. Steffy appreciates him doing this for her but he doesn’t have to. Wyatt doesn’t like what Liam did to her. Steffy agrees that it sucks that Liam went on a plane with Ivy. Wyatt asks if they maybe were meant to be together instead of with the two of them. It seems like they are always making and unmaking the same decisions every single week. Steffy will be alright. Last night was hell but he helped her get through it. Wyatt has to be honest. He never thought he could be so innocent in a bed alone with her. Steffy asks if he is really going to work. Wyatt might as well look at shinny things.

Katie wants to get this straight. Liam went to Australia and back since the last time she saw him. Liam did. Bill asks if he is trying to increase his frequent flyer miles because he doesn’t want him using his jet all the time. Katie asks if Wyatt went with him. Liam says no. Katie asks if it really had nothing to do with Ivy. Liam tells her that Ivy and Wyatt broke up. Bill wonders why he would get on the plane with her then. Bill wants to know what is going on with him.

Quinn asks Brooke if it is odd making such a big career change at this point in her life. Brooke admits that there is. She knows it is important to branch out though. She finally had to admit to herself that it was time for a change. Eric doesn’t want her to get to comfortable over there that they never see her over here. Brooke thinks that is a safe promise to make.

Bill asks if something happened between Liam and Steffy. Liam hasn’t spoken to her since he got back. Bill knows that he is going to. It’s not like he isn’t speaking. Liam will of course. Katie wants to get a few things straight. She wonders when his flight landed last night. Liam wasn’t looking forward to going home. Katie guesses that it made sense to sleep here. Liam is sorry he slept in Bill’s office. He would have slept in his office but apparently he doesn’t have one anymore. Bill doesn’t want him to apologize. He can have the shirt off his back if he needs it. Bill has moved him to a different office with a better view. Not that he will notice it because he is never here. Liam plans to change it. He is stepping away from Forrester. Katie thinks that something is clearly going on and wants to know what is wrong. Liam just feels that it is like being VP or directing traffic where there already is someone dealing with it. Bill thinks that it seems that Liam has had enough to do. Bill named Brooke editor of Eye on Fashion. Liam knows it is a bad time to not have a job. Bill reminds him he is still president of Spencer. Bill wants to know why Wyatt broke up with Ivy. Liam doesn’t feel it is his story to tell. Bill assumes he won’t tell him why he got on a plane with Ivy

to Australia either. Liam thinks that it can be added to the list of things that Bill doesn’t understand. Bill tells Liam to go talk to Steffy. Bill asks if they should take those clothes to the dry cleaners.

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office and finds Quinn and Eric at the conference table. Wyatt wonders what is going on. Quinn explains that it is about Ivy. Eric tells him that Ivy has moved home to Sydney. Wyatt heard about that. Eric was talking to Quinn about bringing in someone temporary while they look for a replacement. Quinn shakes her head no. Wyatt feels that the two of them could get a lot more done by themselves if they don’t have to teach someone new. Eric knows that is exactly what Quinn said. He will leave it to them then. Quinn thanks him. Eric leaves. Quinn wants to know where Wyatt has been. He had to block her number again. She was driving him nuts. Quinn hates when he does that. She asks if he got any of her messages. Wyatt didn’t need to. He knows they were all about Steffy. Quinn went to his house last night and he didn’t even let her in. Wyatt slept somewhere else last night.

Steffy is in the kitchen and the front door opens. Steffy goes into the living room to find Liam who looks angry. She asks what he is doing home. He turns away and looks in the bedroom seeing flashes of Steffy and Wyatt in bed. Liam didn’t sleep. He asks how Steffy slept. Steffy knows those aren’t the clothes he left in. Liam guesses if they are going right to accusations he has a few for her too.

Katie bets they are having a fight. Bill doesn’t want her to jump to conclusions. Katie knows that if Bill went to Australia with one of his exes like Quinn they would be fighting. Bill would have jumped out the plane had that happened. Brooke walks in. Allison told her to come in. She hopes she is not interrupting anything. Katie promises that she isn’t. This is her first day and they are her welcome committee. The two hug.

Quinn wants to know why he won’t tell her. Wyatt doesn’t think it is important for her to know. Quinn knows that he didn’t sleep in his car last night. Wyatt suggests that he might have. Wyatt admits he stayed at Liam’s last night. Quinn asks where was Steffy. Wyatt tells her that she was there too. Quinn is glad and congratulates him. Wyatt promises nothing happened. She couldn’t be alone and he didn’t want to leave her. Quinn asks if he was worried Liam would walk in. Wyatt wasn’t because he was in Australia with Ivy.

Steffy asks if Ivy came back with him. Liam thinks that would be pointless after all those hours of travel. Steffy asks if he is moving there. Liam says that this is his home and Steffy is in his home. Steffy asks what accusations he was talking about. Liam wonders if she should be honest. Steffy reminds him that he just proposed to her. Then he runs off to his ex-girlfriend and she is in the wrong. Liam wants to know how that might be possible. Steffy wants to know how he could do this to her and to Wyatt. He said he is over Ivy but he still has feelings that don’t disappear overnight. Whatever Ivy told him she didn’t push her down the stairs. Liam doesn’t need anyone to tell him that but Ivy did. Liam cannot believe that she has done this to him making him think that the only love he needed was from her. For coming back. Liam isn’t coming back to Forrester and he doesn’t want her staying here. He wants her gone by tomorrow and will be staying at Bill’s until she can get all her stuff moved out. She can leave the ring anywhere. Steffy starts to cry.

Brooke asks if she is supposed to look at copy, layout, or anything like that. Katie says that she will have people for that. She is an ideal person. Katie wants her to do this at work. She spends too much time at home. They are very lucky to have her here. Bill thinks it is great to have a name that is so internationally renowned. He is just waiting to hear about the terms on settling. Brooke is only having issues with Justin on an office with a view. Katie laughs and tells Bill she is kidding. The will have fun tormenting Bill.

Quinn cannot believe that Liam flew off to Australia with Ivy. She hopes they have confirmation of this because it sounds insane even for Liam. Wyatt was there when Liam called Steffy and told her. Quinn asks how she reacted. Wyatt tells her she was pissed. Quinn thinks that they have proof. That Liam has no idea or understanding of women. Quinn thinks that Liam is desperate to be needed. Steffy will never be broken enough to keep his attention.

Steffy doesn’t think that this is how they should do this. Steffy knew that he said they were done. She waited here because when they hit a rough patch they talk things out. Liam keeps trying to make that happen but it doesn’t think that works. Steffy asks what he is even doing here. He left with another woman. She asks if he is with Ivy or not. Liam wonders how much Steffy let him explain when she hung up on him. Steffy wonders what she was supposed to do. She asks if something happened to Ivy. Liam assumes she is talking about the concussion. Steffy is not responsible. Liam wants her to think hard if she has done nothing unforgivable. Liam used to daydream about all the curve balls that life through at them. She gets transferred to Europe and he moves with her and even gets language software. Then her mom moves back and they invited her to live with them. He even looked up Pre-schools because having two or three kids is what they always wanted. People get hurt. Not Steffy. People aren’t safe. He isn’t safe. Steffy doesn’t think he is leaving. She won’t let him. Liam says goodbye. He leaves. Steffy screams for him. Steffy cries.

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