B&B Monday Update 1/11/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/11/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam looks at Howard who is snoring next to him on the plane. He looks at a picture of Steffy on his phone and looks scared.

Steffy tells Wyatt that she really doesn’t think he should be saying this. Wyatt asks why not. Steffy knows the way Ivy treated him was awful but it doesn’t mean they can do this. Wyatt thinks that it might mean they can. He suggests that the woman he was meant to be with was Steffy.

Rick thinks that Zende’s new picture looks great. Maya feels it is an improvement. Rick agrees that he was inspired by something. Nicole looks jealous. Maya asks if they can look at the pictures on the screen. Zende says sure. He reminds them all that this was all unplanned. Sasha explains that they were just goofing around. Rick suggests that is sometimes all it takes to get what you want. Zende and Nicole look at each other.

Howard calls Steffy hot. Liam wonders if he is referring to the picture of Steffy who he refers to as his fiancé. Howard is stunned that Steffy is his fiancé. He thinks she is a babe. He is old not blind. Howard tells him to behave himself. Howard knows that he was talking about an argument. Liam admits that things were not ok when he left. Liam has to get back and explain things.

Wyatt knows that when Steffy first came back to town there was a spark there. He should have pursued it. She went after Liam and he knew it would end in heart break. Wyatt knows it should have been him. It should have been them all along. Steffy suggests he not talk about this. Wyatt thinks they have a connection. Steffy admits she is in love with Liam.

Zende shows them all the pictures. Maya thinks that these are really interesting pictures. Sasha wants to know where Zende was during her senior pictures. Sasha asks Nicole if she remembers the guy who took their pictures who convinced her to hold a rose. Nicole knows they got what they paid for. Rick explains that these pictures are using his creativity. You can see it in the pictures that Sasha is having the time of her life. Sasha didn’t know she was going to take any pictures and yet he made her looks sexy. Sasha admits that Zende makes anyone feel like a model. These pictures prove it. That is the mark of a great photographer. Nicole looks worried.

Steffy knows that Wyatt is hurting. She is as well. She knows this could be easy for them… Wyatt is ready for easy. He is tired of having to work for everything. He just wants something that is easy for once. He wonders if she does. Steffy does. Steffy is hoping that her relationship with Liam will be if she gets past this. Wyatt hopes he knows how lucky he is. Steffy admits she is a strong handful. Wyatt knows she is hopeful that things will change with Liam and he will try his best to be hopeful for her but he has his doubts. He will always be the person who is catching people and taking flights of Sydney. That is the type of tool he is. He feels that deep down Steffy knows that.

The flight attendant tells the two of them to fasten their seatbelts. Howard asks if they are going to be experience some rockiness. The flight attendant explains they will be landing soon. Liam is glad. She offers to get Liam some more magazines. Liam says he is fine and he is actually the editor of the magazine. She seems impressed by this and offers them some food. Howard would like a fruit popsicle. Liam would like one as well. Howard suggests that the reason that Liam is having issues with his fiancé because he is constantly flirting. He knows the type. Like him, he enjoys the pursuit. It wasn’t until he had a few ex-wives under his belt that he realized the problem. Always having an eye on two women at once. Liam asks how he knew that. He admits that is the same situation he has been in. It isn’t the settling down part though. Steffy is the one. The flight attendant brings back the desert bars. Liam explains that there is a secretary at his other job that is always making goodies that Howard might like. He asks if she is married. Liam says she is spoken for although she is very different. He might not want to add that to his ex-wife list. He can’t imagine ever being married to her. Howard suggests that he can’t imagine being married at all. Liam wants to be married. He is not waiting any longer. When he gets back to LA he will convince Steffy to walk down the aisle.

Sasha thinks that went really well. Zende feels that he could actually be a photographer at Forrester. Nicole is sure that Rick and Maya are going to tell Ridge. She thanks Sasha for stepping in. Sasha doesn’t think it was any problem. Nicole thinks those are his best pictures yet. Sasha doubts that. Nicole can tell that they really clicked. Nicole is so proud of Zende. Nicole kisses and hugs Zende.

The flight has landed. Liam realizes that Steffy didn’t call at all. He is going to go home and explain to her what happened and they will get married. Liam gets up and feels dizzy. Howard hands him his card. If the dessert lady ever becomes available, he wants to know. Liam will tell him. Howard tells him to sweep Steffy off her feet.

Steffy doesn’t think that Liam understands and maybe she isn’t being clear enough but she needs to be his first priority and maybe that is selfish. Wyatt doesn’t think that is selfish at all. She is his fiancé. Steffy agrees. If he chooses to go to Australia without telling her after what she said. He said he was done. Steffy heard so much more. She needed him to hold her and there for her. She gets that Liam jumped off a bridge for someone. She does however expect him to come home when he is done. Wyatt agrees. After Liam does all his saving he should come home to Steffy and say exactly what she means to him. Wyatt doesn’t get how people keep looking at him as a hero. He is Ivy’s hero, Hope’s hero. Everyone’s but he is the after thought that people settle for. Steffy wishes that he didn’t feel that way. Wyatt guesses they both want to be someone’s number one. To know what it is like to be wanted and loved by someone. Steffy just wants someone to be there for her. Wyatt is there for her. He might want them to be more than friends he can still always be there for her. Steffy needs someone to hug her right now. Wyatt can do that. Steffy lays on his chest.

Liam sends Steffy a text message that he is back. He tries calling her. She doesn’t pick up.

Steffy his holding on to Wyatt as he brushes her back and forth. He seems sad.

Sasha figured that Zende would still be here. She asks if he needs help. Zende is good. He wonders why she covered up that it was all her doing that the shoot went well. Sasha couldn’t let him say that. Zende knows it the truth though. Nicole thinks the truth is that Zende needs more confidence in himself. She can’t go around claiming that he had nothing to do with his own pictures. Zende will still tell Rick that Sasha was involved. She might even be able to start a modeling career. Sasha doesn’t need him to feel obligated. Sasha knows Nicole and she has always had great instincts. She is lucky to have him.

Liam walks into his house and sees the two bottles of wine. He notices Wyatt’s coat and walks into the bedroom. He sees Steffy and Wyatt in bed under the covers. He thinks they are naked. Liam starts to fall and falls back on to a chair facing the bed. He looks devastated.

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