B&B Friday Update 1/8/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/8/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt wants to make sure that Liam didn’t say Arizona. Steffy is stressing out. She explains that Liam said that he was in Australia with Ivy. Wyatt is a little shocked that he didn’t mention this to her. Steffy knows that he is upset with her. He ignored her texts. He didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her this. Wyatt is sure that there is a good explanation. Steffy doesn’t think that anyone forced Liam on the plane. Wyatt asks what this means. Wyatt asks if she thinks that Ivy and Liam are back together.

Liam is shocked that Steffy hung up on him. He didn’t even get a chance to explain. Ivy knows it is just typical Steffy jumping to conclusions. Liam realizes that Steffy probably thinks that the two of them ran off with one another. Ivy knows that all Liam was doing was making nice with her. Liam wasn’t planning on knocking himself out in the bathroom. It isn’t like he wants to be here. Ivy appreciates everything he has done for her. She is sure that when they get a chance to talk she will understand that he is only here by accident.

Maya really wishes there was something she could do for Nicole. Nicole will be fine. Morning sickness however is no joke. Being sick all the time is not fun. She was going to model for Zende but she is not feeling great. Rick is sure that he understands. Nicole knows but she feels like she let him down.

Zende is still taking pictures of Sasha. Zende suggests that she tilt her head to the right. Sasha thinks they should take five. She wants to be spontaneous. Zende is running out of time. Sasha asks if he doesn’t trust her enough.

Maya knows that she is pregnant and not feeling well. Nicole knows but Zende was counting on her. Maya suggests telling him to reschedule. That is a lesson he needs to learn early. Maya wants her to not be hard on herself. Nicole doesn’t think that they understand.

Zende wants Sasha to take this seriously. This is his career. He wants her to help him. Sasha wants him to capture her not lighting. He takes some pictures.

Ivy needs to get off the plane. Liam asks the flight attendant if she knows where the plane is going. She confirms that it is going to LA, but he will have to get off and buy a ticket. Ivy is sure that there are seats available. Liam has to get back and explain himself to Steffy.

Steffy doesn’t think that there is anything he could say to make this ok. Wyatt knows that Ivy is desperately in love with him. He asks if she thinks he is in love with him. Steffy thought he was done but clearly he isn’t. Ivy tripped and fell but the hospital wouldn’t have released her if she wasn’t ok. She is his fiancé. She should be his first priority.

Rick is glad that Zende is passionate about photography but it takes skill and a very keen eye. Nicole asks if he doesn’t think Zende has talent. Maya thinks that he is very talented but he needs to trust his instincts. Rick thinks that he has to stop being stiff and the pictures have to come alive. Nicole knows that he can make it happen. He just needs to loosen up.

Sasha is doing her thing and it is working a lot better than Zende’s direction. Zende is smiling.

Ivy asks if he can’t just stay for a couple of days and hang out. Liam can’t do that. Ivy knows but no matter what she will always love him. She feels horrible with how things ended with Wyatt. He is her one true love though. The one that got away. Liam is sure that someday she will find someone perfect to her. Ivy hopes that Steffy realizes how lucky she is. Liam will never forget Ivy. She is a big part of his life and will always be important. Ivy wants him to take care of himself. Ivy grabs her bag and leaves.

Steffy still cannot believe they are in Australia. Steffy wants nothing to do with her phone tonight. Wyatt was going to marry Ivy and now… Steffy cannot believe that her fiancé is in a plane with another woman. Wyatt wonders why it had to be Liam to take her to Australia. Steffy thinks it should have been someone else. She could have gone with a friend or family member. Steffy cannot believe she had to play the victim. He had to hop on a plane to be the good guy.

Sasha is still posing. Nicole, Maya, and Rick all walk in behind them. Sasha notices them and says hi. Nicole asks what they are doing.

Liam walks on the plane and sees a new flight attendant. He hopes that they fixed the sink in the bathroom. She looks confused. Liam will find his seat. Liam gets really dizzy. Liam is sitting next to an older guy on the plane who is using his seat as storage. He introduces himself as Howard. Liam thinks it is nice to meet him. He promises not to bother him a whole lot. He notices the book Howard is reading and thinks it is great. He is sorry. He had a long day. Liam had a flight to Sydney and is flying back. Howard asks if he is a Marshal. Liam states he isn’t that exciting. Howard thinks that he must be nuts to turn get on a plane only to fly right back. Liam thinks he would understand if he knew his fiancé.

Steffy can’t deal with this. Wyatt asks if she is sure she isn’t even slightly tempted. Steffy’s phone is staying off. Steffy wonders why he would even call. He is in Australia with his ex-girlfriend. Steffy hates this feeling. Wyatt gets it. She is angry. Steffy doesn’t get him sometimes. Steffy can’t even wrap her brain around it. She thinks Ivy treated Wyatt horribly and shouldn’t be treated so well for it. It is just crazy. She was sitting there for hours. Waiting message after message. Now he is in another country. Wyatt thinks that it is a slap in his face too. Steffy isn’t to blame for this. She would never hurt someone on purpose. She is the one being punished though. Steffy can’t do this right now. She has to go. Steffy walks into her bedroom.

Sasha knows that Nicole was sick so she thought she would step in and channel her inner supermodel. Zende explains that Sasha had to convince him to do it. Sasha knows that he was ready to call it a day. Rick is glad that she helped him. Zende wanted to do it with Nicole. Nicole is shocked he didn’t do that. Zende figured he would give Sasha a chance. He doesn’t want to get a head of himself. Maya thinks that they had a good flow. Sasha thinks it was all Zende’s doing. He told her what to do. Maya thinks it was really nice of Sasha to step up. Sasha thought it was a blast. Rick really likes what he saw today.

Liam asks if Howard has any tips for him. Howard has been married four times. Liam has as well. Liam thinks that is average by LA standards. Liam tries to explain his situation. Howard asks for a drink. Liam explains that someone got hurt. He told his fiancé to stay away from his ex-girlfriend. He will fix things. Life will be back on track.

Steffy takes off her shirt and her pants in bed. She struggles getting off her pants. She crawls into bed and arranges the pillows.

Wyatt is standing around looking at Steffy’s bedroom door.

Liam adores Steffy. She just is the brightest most fearless woman he has ever known. She is beautiful. He just wants to hold her. He wants to tell her he is sorry. He was angry and had enough. He told her he was done. He knows that was an overreaction. It wasn’t smart taking Ivy to the airport but Steffy will understand. It was a mistake. He probably will hold it over him for the rest of his life. Howard is asleep. Liam feels guilty now. Liam thinks of all the fun times that he has spent with Steffy together through the years and their two marriages…

Wyatt walks into Steffy’s room and wants to go swimming. He wants to do something crazy. Steffy asks what he is doing here. Wyatt just wants… He realizes that it is late. He notices that she is sleeping. He is drunk out of his mind. He wants to go swimming and get this Ivy and Liam thing off his mind. He takes his shirt off. He can’t think of them together. He is sure that everything happens for a reason. Maybe Ivy wasn’t the one he was supposed to be with. Maybe the women he was supposed to be with is right in front of him.

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