B&B Thursday Update 1/7/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy wakes up on the couch in the morning and calls out for Liam. She realizes that he is not there and picks up her phone. She sits down and looks sad.

On the airplane Liam and Ivy are both still asleep. Liam wakes up and says hello to Ivy. Ivy asks if they are there yet. Liam tells her no. Liam feels like he should be home right now. Instead of being on a flight to Sidney. He cannot believe they took off with him knocked out in the bathroom. Ivy laughs pointing out that nobody knew he was in the bathroom. They thought he left the plane. Liam needs to check to see if he can get a hold of Steffy.

Rick and Maya walk into Ridge’s office. Rick was supposed to meet Ridge here and yet he isn’t. Maya suggests he is just running late. Rick bets that he is being blown off. Maya wonders why he would do that. Rick knows it is because he is CEO and he can do that. Rick sits down in his old seat and thinks it still fits. Maya knows that his time will come again. Rick wonders how they can make it happen sooner than later. Maya notes that some people don’t wear ambition well. He however makes it sexy. The two of them kiss. She asks if he knows who else wears their ambition well. Rick wonders who. Maya notes it is Zende.

In the photo studio Zende asks if Nicole is still up for this. Nicole explains that if this is important to him then it is important to her. Nicole points out that if she does have to though… Zende promises that they can pick it up when she feels better. Zende thinks he is going to be a future fashion photographer. That is why he has been taking so many classes. Zende wants to earn it. Nicole thinks it is perfect because Oliver is taking leave. Nicole thinks that he will be perfect. Zende kisses her. Nicole hopes that this isn’t a ploy to get a nude fashion shoot. Sasha walks up behind them and asks if this is for a nude model or photographer.

Rick can see that Zende has spoken to Maya about his photography ambitions. Maya thinks that he wants a crack at Oliver’s old position. Rick asks if she has seen his work. Maya knows he is working on a portfolio. Rick assumes that means no. Maya wonders if he has seen them then. Rick has and they are pretty green. Maya knows that everyone needs a start. He is a quick learner. Rick wonders if she is his agent. Maya just thinks it could be a way to say thank you to him.

Nicole tells Sasha that Zende has been doing photoshoots in his free time. He is trying to be a contender for the in house photographer. Sasha didn’t know he had any free time between working out and being her besties knight in shining honor. Zende tells her to check them out. He is going to be doing a shoot with Nicole as his model. Nicole notes that currently she doesn’t feel like being one in her current predicament. Zende thinks that she is still very beautiful. Sasha smiles.

The flight attendant asks if Liam needs anything else. Liam wonders if the Wi-Fi is working so he can make a phone call. She explains that it is still not working but they will be landing shortly. Ivy knows that he is frustrated that he cannot get a hold of Steffy. Liam know she has probably left a dozen messages for him. Ivy is sure that she will understand. Liam doesn’t even think he understands. He has to get a hold of her.

Steffy pours herself a cup of coffee and Wyatt knocks on the back door. Steffy tells him to come in. Wyatt walks in and sees that he is still not here. Steffy says she has heard nothing. Steffy guesses that she can’t stay here. She has to find him and talk. She wonders if Wyatt has reached out to him.

Kristina is sitting at Pam’s desk eating a lemon bar. Brad walks over wondering where Pam is. Kristina explains that she is working on a project. She wonders if he will try one of her lemon bars. She has been trying to work on a recipe that is close to Pam’s. He thinks that something is missing. He takes one of Pam’s.

Maya walks back into Ridge’s office and asks if Ridge is still not here. Rick explains that he had Pam try to go find him. He wonders where she went off too. Maya went to go check on Nicole. She left without having breakfast this morning. Rick is looking at Zende’s photos. Maya assumes they aren’t great. Rick feels the photos are way to by the book. He needs to loosen up. Perhaps working with Nicole will do just that.

Zende suggests that Nicole move to the right a little bit. Zende asks is she is ok. Nicole has morning sickness and runs off. Zende tells Sasha to go and check on her. Sasha asks if the shoot is over. Zende guesses so. He can’t do much without a model. Sasha thinks for a minute. Sasha knows that she has never modeled before like ever but since he is in a bind.

Ivy wonders if Liam is always this hard on himself. Liam isn’t but this time he might have royally screwed things up for himself and Steffy. Ivy feels that he just misread the situation. Steffy has been there every other time she has been hurt and with Aly. So it isn’t a crazy notion to blame Steffy. Liam is the one who is always trying to work things through and yet he went off the handle. Ivy suggests that he shouldn’t be engaged. Ivy suggests that he look and see if he is meant to be with Steffy.

Wyatt hasn’t seen him since he was at the hospital. He didn’t stick around because he assumed that his brother the boy scout would get Ivy home. Steffy wants to know why Liam hasn’t contacted her. She cannot believe that Liam is ignoring her. Wyatt suggests that he needed time to himself. Steffy is shocked that he is that mad at her that he is being silent. Wyatt doesn’t want her to rush to conclusions.

Liam doesn’t need to look to see if he an Steffy are meant to be together. What he does need is this plane to land so he could explain he was just angry and didn’t mean anything. Ivy asks if he really needs to when those things happen to be very true. Steffy cannot believe they are engaged because this is supposed to be the happiest time in their life. Wyatt is sure that they will be fine. Steffy asks what happens if he doesn’t want to be clear things up. Wyatt tells her that he is first class idiot then. He won’t deserve her. Steffy knows that he always says the right thing. Wyatt is the one who always puts his foot in his mouth. Steffy is sorry that Ivy is gone. Wyatt will get over it. Steffy doesn’t think he should have to. Ivy should have been honest. She cannot believe that she still blames her for stealing Liam. Wyatt doesn’t get that. There might have been a time where he would have believed that. Not the way she has been acting lately though. Steffy just wants to focus on finding Liam. She wonders if he does need time to think. She gets that but they can’t solve anything unless he is here. Wyatt asks if he should go track him down and drag him here. Steffy says no. Whatever reason Liam is staying away she still believes in hi and is not giving up on a relationship.

Nicole walks into Ridge’s office and guesses that first trimesters are always the worst. She cannot believe that she will have six more months of this.

Sasha is taking pictures. Zende asks what she is doing. Sasha is modeling. Zende thought they already established that she wasn’t a model. Sasha knows but they already established Nicole wasn’t one either. It didn’t stop him from asking her. Zende guesses that is true but Nicole has some experience in front of a camera. Sasha asks if selfies count. If so she has tons of experience. She takes a picture and thinks it is so cute. Zende tells her this is important to her. Zende thinks it is about capturing moments. Zende actually wants to learn how this works. The guy who was here before went on to make a name for himself. Zende knows that there is an itch he has. Sasha really wants to help him. She is all his and he can use her.

Nicole is laying down on the couch. Maya brings her something. Nicole asks what it is. Maya explains that the smell of cut lemon is supposed to help with nausea. Nicole is shocked she just so happens to have cut lemon. Rick tells her that Maya has a fridge stocked with it. Maya offers to drive her home so she can rest. Nicole thanks her but Zende needs her.

Zende takes a picture of Sasha. She is being over dramatic. Zende tells her to never do that again. Zende poses her. Sasha asks if he is sure this is how she wants him. Zende is the one taking pictures. Zende turns on some music and starts to take pictures. Zende thinks she is stunning. Sasha giggles.

The plane finally lands in Sydney. Liam is glad that the landing was so uneventful. Liam stands up but clearly isn’t all there. He grabs Ivy’s suitcase. Ivy knows that everyone has their limits and Steffy didn’t listen. Liam knows but he knows he also over reacted. Ivy explains that he needs to let her know that he is on the other side of the world.

Steffy doesn’t want Wyatt to get her wrong. She is glad that Ivy is ok. When she gets back on her feet she hopes she goes back to Australia and doesn’t come back anytime soon. Wyatt is sure that was the plan and he cannot see that changing anytime soon. Steffy knows she might still have a chance with Liam. Liam finally calls her. She asks where he has been she was waiting up all night for him. They have to talk. Liam agrees that they do. Steffy tells him to come home. Liam can’t. She wonders where he is. Liam is in Sydney, Australia with Ivy. It is a funny story. Steffy tells him to stop. That explains everything. She hangs up the phone. Steffy cannot believe that her fiancé is half way around the world with his ex-girlfriend. It can only mean one thing. Wyatt hugs her while she cries.

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