B&B Wednesday Update 1/6/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/6/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy continues to look at her phone. Wyatt assumes he is still trying to hear from Liam. Steffy knows he is busy playing doctor. Wyatt is surprised he didn’t call her after he found out Ivy was ok. Steffy knows that he will after he gets Ivy discharged and settled in at Eric’s. Wyatt just knows that Liam was aware that Steffy was worried. Steffy knows she is fine now though. He said it wasn’t serious. Liam could be coming home right now. They will work it out when he gets home. They have too.

Ivy’s happiest moments have been with Liam. She will never forget. Ivy starts to faint a little bit. Liam turns to a flight attendant and gets a towel. She explains that he is going to want to be quick to get it wet and then go back to his seat. Liam tries to explain that he is not staying. Liam walks into the bathroom and turns on the sink. He falls and trips as water goes all over the place. The plane is up in the air.

Zende and Carter are working out on the sky lounge. Carter wonders how Hawaii went. Zende thinks it was amazing. Carter hopes he had a good time. Zende feels it was really cool for Rick to take them there for the holidays. Carter knows that family vacations can be great but he hopes that he got some alone time with Nicole.

Backstage at Forrester Nicole explains that Hawaii really is paradise to Sasha. Sasha asks what her favorite part was. Nicole loved being able to get along with everyone. They all actually got along and enjoyed spending time together. She really wished she could have come. It just wasn’t that kind of trop. Sasha gets it. It was for Forrester’s and Avant’s only.

Carter wonders who had closer eyes on Zende. Maya or their father. Zende thinks it was Maya for sure. Carter knows that Nicole is being careful with her baby. Maya has to keep tabs on her. Zende understands but she didn’t have to be hovering the whole time. Zende punches the bag really hard.

Julius walks back stage and Sasha says hello to him. She explains that Nicole was just telling her about their trip. Nicole says hello and knows they were supposed to have lunch she however is feeling a little sick. Nicole runs to the bathroom. Julius tells Sasha that she shouldn’t be here. Nicole is working. He asks her how her boss would feel if she showed up at her job distracting her. Sasha asks if he is afraid that if she stays here long enough that someone might actually hire her and give her another reason to stay in LA. She knows her father wouldn’t like that too much. Julius tells her to be quiet.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is sure that Liam will come back here. Steffy knows he was with Liam at the hospital. She wonders if he said anything. Wyatt is sure that he has calmed down by now. Steffy knows he is upset with her. She was with Ivy at the top of the stairs but it isn’t her fault. Wyatt isn’t the one she has to convince. Steffy shouldn’t have to convince Liam either. It was an accident. Wyatt knows. Steffy is shocked she doesn’t have to explain herself to Wyatt. Wyatt knows she wouldn’t push Ivy.

Liam is still passed out in the bathroom.

Zende is not complaining that he got to go to Hawaii and spend time with Nicole’s family. Carter doesn’t want him to pretend that it was perfect either. Zende is dealing with life. A girl comes out explaining she was looking for Carter. She wanted to pass him a long some notes before she left. Carter asks if Veronica knows Zende. Veronica has seen her around. Carter explains that according to Eye on Fashion Veronica is one of Forrester’s most promising up and coming executives. Veronica hears that Zende is pretty up and coming herself.

Sasha will not have Julius tell her to be quiet. She has kept his secret her entire life. Julius asks if she really thinks that he owes her. She should feel grateful. Sasha asks how she should feel grateful for being made to feel second class. To have her own father ashamed of her. Julius has always taken care of her. Sasha doesn’t think he was there for her. Julius always made sure that both her and her mother were taken care of. Sasha’s mother never wanted to take his crumbs but they couldn’t exactly say no. Her mother waited for years for Julius to be the man she thought he was. She wonders how many years he promised to leave Vivienne. Yet he never did. He was to worried about what his friends at the golf club would think. Julius is concerned about his reputation but his priority has always been family first. Sasha reminds him she is his family too.

Wyatt is sure that Liam knows that she didn’t deliberately hurt Ivy because she fell. Steffy and him both know that but that is not how Liam saw that. Wyatt can understand the circumstances. Steffy guesses it was wrong to confront Ivy. She knows that Liam wants to get past this as soon as possible.

The flight attendant asks if Ivy is doing ok. Ivy is doing fine and wonders if the doors have shut. The flight attendant says they have and they will be moving shortly. She asks where her friend is. Ivy explains that he bought the seat for her. He was never actually going to go to Australia. The flight attendant can tell that he still cares for her. Ivy thought they would have a chance to say goodbye but obviously they didn’t.

Liam is still passed out on the flood in the bathroom of the plain.

Zende explains that he is just an intern. Veronica has heard he is one of the best in the building according to Carter. Zende knows Carter is just biased because they are friends. Nicole walks out and is glad to have found Zende. She has been looking all over for him.

Sasha will not have him talk to her about protecting his family. She protected them. Every minute she never said anything to Nicole. She looked out for her. She could have shattered her reality. Julius wants her to lower her voice. He explains that this still could ruin her relationship with Nicole. His family is finally coming back together. He wonders if she really wants to come in the way of that. Sasha is not a threat to his family. She wouldn’t take anything away from them. Not Nicole or him. She wonders why keep this secret now though. Her mother isn’t somewhere in Chicago pining away for him. It isn’t going to destroy his reputation. Julius is connected to the Forrester’s now. They are a respectable family. Sasha wants him to be proud of her. This isn’t even a big deal. This isn’t like Maya coming out as transgender or Nicole carrying her now sister’s baby. Sasha asks if he will treat the baby the same way he always treated her. Like she isn’t good enough for him. She asks what she did to be treated like this by him.

Steffy thanks Wyatt for coming by. Wyatt is glad he could help. He knows he really wasn’t that much help though. Steffy thinks that he really was. It was good to talk it out. Liam isn’t thinking right now. Wyatt wants her to give him time. Steffy knows that he will come to his senses and wake up.

Liam finally wakes up in the bathroom. He looks around and realizes where he is. He attempts to get up. He starts to come to and finally leaves the bathroom. Outside in the seating area the flight attendant asks what Ivy would like to drink. Ivy would just like some water. The flight attendant thinks it really was nice of her friend to say goodbye to her before she left. Ivy just wishes she could have said goodbye to him. Liam walks out soaking wet and a mess. Ivy is shocked. Ivy asks what happened. Liam fell in the bathroom. The flight attendant explains that the seatbelt sign is on. Liam has to get off the plane. The attendant explains that it won’t be possible. The plain already went off. He will be going to Sydney with Ivy.

Nicole didn’t realize that Zende knew Veronica. Zende has seen her around the office a few times. They have never met before though. Nicole thinks it was nice for her to introduce herself. She asks how it came about. Zende guesses she had something for Carter. He wonders if Nicole knows that they were both written up on Eye on Fashion. Zende asks if she is jealous. Nicole asks why she should be jealous of a classy female executive who looks like she should be wearing their clothes instead of selling them. Zende knows that she is jealous. Nicole isn’t jealous. She just is pregnant. Nicole asks why everything has to make her emotional. It can’t be fun to be around. Nicole wonders what she is feeling these things for. She was getting sick again and finds Zende with another girl. Zende promises that they were just talking. Nicole is beautiful. She hormonal and gorgeous.

Sasha was a good daughter. Yet somehow Maya and Nicole got all the attention. She couldn’t even be herself. Julius explains that there were never any rumors about her. She could have done anything she wanted. Sasha wanted Julius to come home to her. Who she spent every holiday with. Sasha asks if he realizes how hard it was to eat his wives cooking pretending that they were all just friends. Julius wonders if he can start over and rekindle his relationship with his children. He wants to get to know the Forrester’s. They are a respectable family. Sasha knows he has always been in search of something better. She wonders why things can’t just be good the way they are. Julius always thinks things can be better. Nicole will not all him to run him out of town.

Liam wanted to get off the plane. The attendant made an announcement that the cabin doors were clothing. Liam heard the announcement. He was getting her a towel in the bathroom and he hit his head. He wonders if he passed out. They have to turn the plane around. He has to go back to LA. She wonders if he has a medical emergency. Liam thinks the emergency is he isn’t supposed to be on this flight. She reminds him that he is a ticketed passenger. Liam knows but that was because he was helping a friend. He isn’t going to Australia. Ivy thinks that he is. Liam thinks this is a mistake. The attendant tells him to calm down. Liam needs to go back to LA. She tells him he can purchase a return ticket in Sydney. Until then she suggests he sit back and enjoy the flight. Ivy thanks him for the towel. Ivy is really happy he is here. Ivy bets that Steffy has no idea where she is. Ivy does appreciate he is here. They are friends looking out for each other. Liam is too. Ivy hopes that he doesn’t get into too much trouble. Liam is sure Steffy will understand.

Steffy keeps looking at her phone. Liam hasn’t returned any of his texts.

Ivy is reading a magazine. Liam looks really guilty.

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