B&B Tuesday Update 1/5/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/5/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks around her living room and then sits down. She remembers Ivy falling down the stairs and Liam finding her. She then remembers Liam yelling at her because of Ivy falling down the stairs. Steffy looks worried and guilty.

In Ivy’s hospital room Wyatt and Quinn are alone. Wyatt cannot believe that he is in the hospital again. Waiting to hear what is wrong with Ivy again. Quinn agrees that it is shocking. Especially after everything that Ivy has put him through. Wyatt reminds her that Ivy could be seriously injured. He can put away his own resentment to make sure that she is ok. Quinn tells him to remember that she through him away for Liam. Wyatt would really like to not talk about this. Quinn wants to talk about Steffy. She must feel pretty awful after what she had to deal with. She might even need a friend. Wyatt thinks that Quinn is just being super settle about this. Quinn asks when she has ever been settle about anything. He heard Liam. He has never been more done with Steffy. Wyatt just doesn’t think that it is a good idea right now. Quinn asks why. Ivy is awake and alert. He should be going to get his life. Wyatt assumes she means his life with Steffy. Quinn feels it is the life he deserves. He belongs with Steffy. He needs to go and get her. Liam walks in and asks if he just walked in on something.

In Ridge’s office Pam explains that Ivy fell down the stairs and is at University Hospital. She isn’t sure how serious it is. Wyatt and Quinn are with her. She thinks that Liam is with her too. She explains that it would appear that somehow Steffy was involved.

Quinn explains that Wyatt and her were just having a loving mother and son moment. Wyatt asks if there has been any word on Ivy. Liam tells him that they are running tests on her. Quinn can tell that Liam looks exhausted. It must have been really hard dealing with Ivy falling down the stairs. She wonders what Steffy was doing there. Liam doesn’t think it matters. She shouldn’t have been there. Just like the electric incident someone ended up in the hospital. Quinn asks how he left things with Steffy. Liam lost his cool and said he was done.

Steffy sits next to the fire place and listens to her thoughts as Liam tells her that he is so done with her. She rocks back and forth under a blanket.

Quinn assumes that Liam and Steffy had a fight. Wyatt knows that is the case. Liam wants to know why they are even here right now. They are waiting on word for Ivy’s condition. It is because Steffy has trouble letting things go. She has to have the last word and it drives him nuts. Quinn asks where she is now. Liam says at Eric’s. Ivy is wheeled back in. Ivy is shocked that Wyatt waited. The doctor explains that Ivy is ok and can go home tonight. She can’t go to work or drive anywhere. The doctor suggests that she try not to visit them again. Ivy thanks them all for saying. Wyatt is about to leave but Ivy wants him to stay and talk for a little bit. Wyatt has nothing else to say. There is nothing else to say. She should be talking to Liam. He leaves. Quinn explains that her being here or having a concern of whether she lives or dies doesn’t change how she feels about what she did to Wyatt. She leaves. Ivy cannot believe she had another eventful day. Liam will drive her back to Eric’s. Ivy doesn’t think that is a good idea. Liam feels that Wyatt’s probably isn’t a good place to go right now. Ivy has to go home to Australia today.

Steffy looks at a picture from her first wedding to Liam. She remembers walking through the forest and kissing him. She sees a sea shell and picks it up. Steffy remembers being in Mexico with Liam. Steffy sits down hugging the picture of her wedding day.

Ivy is on the phone. Liam doesn’t think that going back to Australia is a good idea. Ivy is ignoring him while she gets an Economy seat. She doesn’t have much time before the flight. Liam doesn’t think she should be flying anywhere. Ivy doesn’t want to spend another night in LA. She wants to get out of her. Liam wants her to get well first. Ivy is going home. That is exactly what she is doing.

Steffy holds her phone and decides to call Wyatt. Wyatt picks his phone up at work. Wyatt says hello. Steffy assumes he has heard about Ivy. Wyatt has. Steffy wonders if she is ok. Wyatt explains that she has a mild concussion but they say she will be ok. Steffy is glad. She was so worried. Wyatt didn’t even think about calling her. He asks where she is. Steffy has been at home. She was trying to get a hold of Liam but he isn’t responding to her. Wyatt asks if she is ok. Steffy is she guesses. She just wants Liam to talk to her. She asks him to have Liam call her if he sees him. Wyatt doesn’t think that he will see Liam but will pass the message if he does. He thinks she sounds sad. Steffy is. Wyatt doesn’t want her to be. Wyatt wants her to hang in there. Steffy is going to work this out even if it takes all night.

Eric has shown up at Ivy’s hospital room. He asks if she really wants to go back to Australia. Ivy can’t stay here anymore. Eric wonders if she would just like to stay a few more days to get herself together. He wants a chance to get used to the idea. Ivy is sorry. Eric is sorry. He didn’t want things to turn out this way. Ivy promises that this isn’t his fault. He has been warm and welcoming. She will miss him. Eric assumes that she knows what is best for herself. Eric wants her to look at him. She is a Forrester. Just as much as anyone else. There will always be a place for her if she doesn’t find what she wants. Ivy loves him. The two hug. Liam explains that they should get going. He is taking her to the airport. Ivy feels this is for the best.

Quinn asks what Steffy said. Wyatt tells her it was nothing. Quinn cannot believe that he is shrugging this off. Steffy reached out to him so he should go to her. Wyatt doesn’t need her coaching on his personal life. All Steffy wanted to talk about was where Liam was. Wyatt has dated Ivy and Hope. He isn’t going to let history repeat himself. He won’t go after a woman who is in love with Liam. Quinn knows that Ivy and Hope hurt him really badly. It makes her angry but when he feels pain she feels pain. It doesn’t matter what he does. Ivy and Hope are not worthy of him. The only reason she is pushing this so hard is because she thinks that Steffy and him deserve each other. It is all he ever wanted. Steffy is all alone. She wants him to go to her as a friend. Maybe he will come back as something much more.

Liam gets Ivy on the plane. Ivy thanks him for doing this but he really didn’t have to buy a ticket. Liam knows but he wanted her to have two seats so she could stretch out. Ivy thinks that is very thoughtful. Liam turns around and finds a flight attendant. He explains that Ivy just suffered a head injury if she could just watch out for her. She promises she will. Liam cannot believe she is going back to Australia. Ivy thinks that it is time to go home. Ivy feels home is the place you go back to. Liam believes home is the place you live. Ivy realizes that Liam isn’t coming with her. Liam asks if she is ok. Ivy says she is.

Wyatt is sorry knowing that Steffy was expecting Liam. Steffy was. He asks if she has heard from Liam. Steffy hasn’t. She wonders how he could tell. Wyatt saw her face when she first opened the door. She was sad it wasn’t him. Steffy wonders if he is still at the hospital. Wyatt would guess that. They know Liam. He isn’t going to leave her side and even then he will escort her home and make sure she gets home safe. Steffy is sure he will monitor her breathing. Steffy asks why he came here. Wyatt doesn’t know. He knows it has been difficult for her to and maybe she needs a friend. Steffy is just thinking about how all these horrible things keep happening. Steffy didn’t push her. Wyatt believes her. He asks if she needs anything. Steffy just needs Liam to come home.

Liam asks if Ivy is ok. Ivy is fine but she appreciates Liam. Liam promises that she will always be special to him. Ivy will always appreciative to him. Ivy gets a little light headed. Liam goes and gets a towel to run under cold water. The flight attendant explains that after he does he will want to get to his seat because they will be taking off soon. Liam tries to explain he isn’t on this flight but goes to the bathroom instead. Liam gets in the bathroom and trips on to the ground as the plane goes into the air passing out as the sink over flows.

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