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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/4/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Ivy informs Steffy that if she wants her gone she is gone. She doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. Ivy on her own accidently trips down the staircase of the Forrester mansion. Steffy screams her name. Liam walks in and witnesses Ivy passed out on the staircase. He runs over to her and calls the to get an ambulance sent to the mansion. Steffy is standing on the other side of Ivy. Liam tells Steffy not to touch Ivy. He tells the person on the phone that he didn’t see it happen. He looks angry at Steffy

Quinn is working in Rick’s office and Wyatt walks in. Quinn says hey and doesn’t think that anyone expects him to be at work today. Wyatt wasn’t going to stay home by himself today. Quinn suggests they go get something to eat. Wyatt is fine. Wyatt thought he did things the right way this time. He didn’t do the things he did with Hope. He didn’t pressure her or compete with the competition. Even though there was competition apparently that he didn’t even know about. Quinn feels that he should be grateful that he found out now instead of after they got married. Wyatt reminds Quinn that Ivy lied to his face a lot. Quinn is not a big believer in being rewarded and punished but Ivy is going to feel this. It’s a loss. She through away something that she could never replace. She wants to make sure he is ok. Wyatt is but sometimes he gets the feeling he isn’t the main character in his own life. Quinn knows that he never felt that way when it was just the two of them. Wyatt admits that it wasn’t as much as he complained about all he was her only focus. Looking back on it, it was sort of a rare gift. He doesn’t regret finding out he is a Spencer. It’s just finding out that he is the least magnetic Spencer. Quinn tells him to stop it. She cannot stand hearing him talk badly about himself. Wyatt isn’t but he thinks he is as awesome as Quinn thinks he is maybe even more. He just has people who treat him badly. Quinn asks if he knows what she regrets. Wyatt wonders what. Quinn regrets that they have spent the last few years surrounded by people who aren’t committed to anything. “I’m going to be an editor, no I’m going to be a vice president, I’m going to marry an Australian oh no I’m getting an annulment!” Wyatt doesn’t think that they are all like that. Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy is like that. Quinn agrees that is true.

Ivy is on a gurney at the bottom of the Forrester staircase. He police and paramedics call in what has happened. They ask if Liam is her husband. Liam says that he isn’t. One of the other paramedics tells him that unless he is family he will have to get his own ride. Liam wonders where. They tell him University Hospital. Liam asks Steffy is this is seriously happening again.

Quinn wonders if Ivy might have had a mental breakdown or something. She isn’t the same dimwitted angel that she was when they met her. Wyatt isn’t going to just bash her. He wanted to marry her. He doesn’t need to hear that she was a head case. That is what people said about Quinn when she went and did something off the wall. Quinn has done her share of bad. She never broke anyone’s heart though. Wyatt feels like he has to defend her every time she attacks her. It is a sick weakness he has. Quinn suggests that this was fate that everything unrolled. Quinn doesn’t know. Culture shock possibly. She was taught to be lady like. Wyatt asks how it is lady like to go after the boyfriend’s brother. Quinn thinks that is the anger he needs to have. He just needs to keep it right there. Pam storms in. She explains that Ivy needs him. Wyatt knows that she doesn’t. Pam explains that they were looking for Eric but Ivy is knocked out again in the hospital.

Steffy tells Liam that she is coming with him. Liam tells her that she is not. She is not supposed to go anywhere near her. He wonders how many times she has to be told that. Steffy promises that she didn’t touch her. Liam doesn’t care if it is a cosmic coincidence. He just doesn’t care. Steffy promises that she didn’t touch her. Liam wants to know why she was here in the first place. They had a whole conversation about this. She was supposed to stay away. Steffy thinks that it is convenient for her to stay away so he can tell her he loves her. Liam wants a break. Ivy is moving to Australia. Steffy promises that she wasn’t responsible. Liam asks why this violence just follows her around. Steffy doesn’t know but it isn’t her fault. Liam knows that it is never her fault. It is always someone else’s. He is done with her. Steffy is crying.

In the ER a doctor wants Ivy to follow his fingers with her head. Liam storms in. The doctor tells him that they will be finished here in a moment. Ivy thinks that it is fine. Ivy feels everything that the doctor tells her to feel. He thinks she is fine other than the fact she keeps ending up in their emergency room. Ivy knows and is sorry. The doctor doesn’t see any fractures. He wonders how her head is. Ivy is thick. He wants to do a CAT scan on her. Liam wonders how long ago she came in. The doctor wasn’t here when that happened. He leaves. Liam wonders how she is feeling. Ivy just feels humiliated. She can’t stay in LA now because it is going to lower her life expectancy. She wonders if he is really going to marry her. Steffy is going to break him down until he is a version of himself he doesn’t recognize anymore. Ivy remembers going to Amsterdam with a guy who looks like him but he was happy. Liam tells Ivy that that Steffy said she didn’t push her. Ivy believes that will be Steffy’s last words on her tombstone. Ivy thinks that Liam doesn’t believe her. Liam does but he should or not. Ivy doesn’t think it should matter if she does or not. She told the truth this time. She wants to be able to wish him a happy life with her but it is havoc that keeps them together.

Steffy calls up Liam again. All the ER told her is that she has been moved. She knows he is angry but they don’t shove each other out. She is going home to wait for him.

Ivy asks Liam not to go. She really painted herself into a corner in LA. Liam asks why Wyatt wasn’t enough. Ivy guesses sometimes you can’t get over the ones you lost. Liam doesn’t think that explains Thomas. Ivy feels that if she could explain Thomas to herself she could have stopped things. Ivy wonders if Wyatt will forgive her. Liam wouldn’t count on that. He suggests that she take some time for herself. They are not going to be a couple. He isn’t doubtful about that. Wyatt walks in with Quinn. He is glad she is ok. Ivy explains that she must be un-killable. Quinn guesses it is like a cockroach. Quinn wonders if they are done here. Wyatt asks if Liam was with her when it happened. Liam was right after. Ivy explains that she was going to pack everything up at Eric’s house and she fell. Wyatt asks if Eric as there. Ivy wasn’t alone. Liam says that Steffy was there. It was an accident. He guesses it was. Time has passed. Ivy is in a wheelchair now and the doctor plans to do a scan on her. Ivy thanks him. Liam will wait. Ivy knows Wyatt doesn’t care what happens to her anymore but she thanks him for coming down. She doesn’t deserve him. Wyatt wants her to do them both a favor and stop getting hospitalized. She leaves. Liam would have called him but he was getting things under control here. Wyatt knows that telling him something like his girlfriend is still in love with him is not worth telling him. Liam didn’t tell him because he didn’t believe her. Wyatt doesn’t want to hear it. Liam has to say this. He felt like she was testing him. She wanted to get a response out of him. Wyatt knows she did. Liam is not the cause of his pain. He doesn’t know where Ivy’s insecurities came from but he assumed the two of them were happy. Wyatt thought they were too. Quinn wants to know how Ivy fell down a flight of stairs she probably has walked up and down a few thousand times in her life. Liam is having some trouble with that too. Quinn asks if she was fighting with Steffy. Liam doesn’t no and doubts that it was an attempted murder. They are both saying it was an accident. The problem is that Steffy wasn’t supposed to be there. Steffy agrees and yet time and time again she goes to defend Wyatt. He is sorry. He has to go. Liam leaves. Quinn thinks that is interesting. Steffy was defending Wyatt. Quinn smiles.

In her bedroom Steffy explains that she is a family member on the phone. Her grandfather is Ivy’s uncle. She asks if she is awake. Steffy wonders if the condition is good and she will be discharged. Steffy will check back later. Steffy texts Liam hoping he will be back soon.

Wyatt is the injured party here. He wonders why he shouldn’t be defended. He kind of gets that. Quinn is glad because the two of them have that in common. Quinn suggests that Steffy might need a friend right now. Liam sounded pretty fed up. Wyatt knows that she did something that was unacceptable in Liam’s eyes. Quinn guesses that she is feeling bailed on. That is just how life with Liam roles though. She wants him to go to her. Liam is going to wait to make sure that Ivy’s head isn’t broken. Quinn thinks that Ivy is fine. She will be just fine. The only person who deserves his concern is Steffy. She stuck up for him. He should go to her. This might be how everything was supposed to turn out.

Steffy looks outside her window. She remembers how Liam treated her at the mansion. She looks at her engagement ring and takes a deep breath.

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