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Bill wants Brooke to tell him that he is misinterpreting what she is saying. Brooke guesses that he might be right. She wants him to forget she said anything. Bill suggests that Brooke take their offer then and come join Katie at Spencer. Brooke says no. Bill asks if she plans to just sit around here with a bottle she better damn well not open. Bill begs her to come on. They are giving her an incredible offer. She needs this. Brooke doesn't need this and neither does Bill.

In Bill's office Katie thanks Eric for a lovely holiday. She thanks him for hosting that party. Everyone enjoyed it. Especially Brooke. Eric wasn't about to let Brooke spend the holiday alone. Katie is very grateful for that. Eric feels that Brooke is family to him. They need to get Brooke out more. She seems lost. Katie doesn't disagree. She has a solution for that. They have invited her to join the team here at Spencer.

Quinn tries to say something to Wyatt. Wyatt doesn't think there is anything to be said. Steffy walks over and pats him on the back. Wyatt asks if Steffy knows. Steffy did not know. Quinn assumes that she was just in the dark as the two of them then. She thinks it is a good thing that Steffy was here. She doesn't think that Liam would have told the truth if she hadn't been.

Ivy walks into Ridge' office and finds Liam. She asks if she can come in. Liam guesses the truth had to come out at some point. Ivy just wishes she could have been the one to admit it. Liam asks why she didn't. Ivy guesses she was hanging on to hope. She will not put him through this again. She is actually leaving town. Liam asks where she is going. Ivy is going back to Australia.

Quinn asks how Ivy could do this to Wyatt. Steffy points out this wasn't the first time. Quinn really hopes that he will be ok. Steffy is sure that he will be. He just needs some freshair. Quinn knows that his son can go to a very dark place. She needs her help. Steffy promises that she and Liam will be there for Wyatt. Quinn thinks that Liam is part of the problem. Steffy feels that Ivy is just obsessed with him. Quinn isn't sure that Wyatt is going to want to turn to his brother. Steffy believes that Wyatt deserves better. Quinn agrees. Quinn had this feeling from the very beginning that Ivy was nothing but poison.

Ivy can't stay here. It is to painful. Liam suggests that he can talk to Wyatt and figure something out. Ivy knows that Wyatt doesn't want her. He doesn't. Who can blame him. Liam still doesn't think that running off is a solution. Ivy can't stay here. She loves Liam to much.

Brooke appreciates the offer but it really is not a good idea. Bill knows that Katie want's it and he agrees. Brooke is doing this for the best reason.

Steffy hands Wyatt a water bottle when he walks back in. He thanks her for it. She promises that he will be ok. Wyatt asks where Quinn heard them talking. Quinn was at Forrester. Wyatt asks what she heard them saying. Quinn remembers that Ivy was telling Liam how much she loved him. She was trashing Steffy of course and Wyatt as well in a back handed way. She would settle for him if Liam wouldn't have her. She regrets having to be the one to tell him all of this. She is so sorry. Wyatt doesn't want her to be. He is glad. Quinn feels that Liam should have been the one to tell him in the first place. Steffy reminds Quinn that he did. Quinn knows he did but only because she forced his hand. He should have told him a long time ago. The question is why didn't he? Wyatt and Quinn both look at Steffy.

Liam points out that Ivy has a job here. Plus family and friends. Ivy knows that the only thing that she truly loves here she can't have. She isn't going to beg him for love and affection. It isn't who she is. It's actually really embarrassing and humiliating. Liam doesn't think that running away is the answer. Ivy wonder's if it maybe isn't. Still it is to much for her to have to see him every day. Ivy only came here to say goodbye.

Brooke feels that Spencer is a trap. Bill asks what she means by trap. Brooke is alone for that reason. This house is a safe place. Bill doesn't think that is true. Brooke is not drinking. Brooke only is tempted when she starts to think of all the places that she went to with Bill. She knows that he remembers it too. They start to remember all the times they spent together when they were a couple. It is hard for Brooke to close the book on those memories. She has tried. They are so precious. So distant. She has to keep them that way. That is why it is not a good idea for them to work together. Seeing him every single day won't work. It won't work for him, for her, and not for Katie.

Eric would hate to lose Brooke at Forrester but the two of them would be a great combination. Katie agrees. She admits that she has had struggles with Brooke. Eric assumes that she has gotten past it. katie would hope so. Not everyone thinks so. Eric asks who is saying that. Katie just hears talk. That Brooke isn't trustworthy and doesn't think about anyone but herself. She admits that Brooke is passionate but they are beyond that.

Bill wants Brooke to realize she is just feeling clustered in this house. She is fighting her demons. Brooke asks if he knows what he is doing. She is feeding her demons. Brooke would love to work along side her sister and have a great new job opportunity and work with Bill. That would be here dream but she can't because they have history. She wants him to believe that she has feelings. Bill will not let her do this. Brooke asks what he means. Bill won't let her destroy her life over this. Brooke destroyed her life because of it. This existence is what she deserves and has earned. Bill thinks there is another way and he wants to help her. Brooke says no. Brooke holds the bottle. She admits that in a way both the bottle and Bill are addictions that she has to remove herself from. Bill thinks that she will. Just like he has. This is not about him. This is about getting her life back. She needs more than this. He wants her to allow himself and Katie to help her. He asks her to join them at Spencer. She won't regret it.

Steffy walks back into Wyatt's living room. She tells Wyatt that Quinn is concerned about him. Wyatt asks why Liam didn't come to him. Steffy guesses that he was hoping to settle Ivy down. Wyatt knows but still the fact that she even said it. She wants his brother. Steffy doesn't want him to blame Liam. This isn't his fault. He has been struggling with this. Wyatt thought she didn't know. Steffy didn't but Liam hasn't been acting like himself. She suspects it was because of Ivy. Wyatt wonders why she couldn't have just said something. Steffy knows she has been playing him. Wyatt is her backup. She knows he is in pain. She doesn't want to add anything by coming down on Ivy but he deserves better.

Liam believes that there are other ways to go about this. Ivy doesn't want to hear it. There is always Steffy and she has to accept that. She can't stay here anymore though because LA is just a reminder of him. Ivy isn't here because she wants him to feel sorry for her. She just wants to thank him. Thank him for showing how sweet and gentle a relationship can be. He set the bar pretty high. It is pretty hard to believe that there is another Liam out there. Until she finds him though she can't be here. She is pretty sure she will never see him again. She wants to wish him well. She hopes that he knows he will always have her heart.

Katie is just tired of people always tearing Brooke down. Eric knows that those people only know what they read online. Katie doesn't know how many times she has heard people say "Just one kiss from Brooke Logan". Katie guesses that she does have a certain power over men. Eric wouldn't know anything about that. Katie just wants to get her out of that house. Eric knows she was never meant to be alone. Katie knows a lot of this is because of Bill. She forced Brooke to stay away. She doesn't have anymore issues with that. She hopes that Brooke doesn't either.

Brooke cannot accept Bill's offer. She begs Bill not to ask her again. Bill won't if she can give him an alternative. Brooke doesn't have one. Brooke doesn't need his help right now. She hopes that he understands that. Bill does but someone has to help her. Bill asks if now him then who. Brooke knows that he is always her protector even when he shouldn't be. Brooke will find her way. She will. Brooke gets close. She kisses him passionately and he doesn't stop her. Bill looks at her. Brooke is crying.

Wyatt looks at the wedding rin. He takes a sip of a drink. He continues to look at it and drink. Wyatt thoughts the glass against his fire place. He sets the ring down and leaves the room.

Liam tells Ivy that while this might be a tough time for her she cannot go back to Australia. They need her here. Ivy knows that Forrester doesn't need her and he definitely doesn't need her. If Ivy didn't love her then she would stay. She does though. When she lost Liam she lost everything. She really thought Liam loved her. Ivy can tell that he does. Steffy is listening from the hallway. Ivy can tell that he does just looking at him. Liam admits that of course he loves her. The two of them hug. In the hallway Steffy looks annoyed. Ivy says goodbye to Liam.

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