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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/29/15


Written By Anthony
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Wyatt tells Quinn that she shouldn't be here. She needs to go now. Quinn doesn't think this is right. He cannot be engaged to her. Ivy hasn't been honest with him. Neither has his brother. Steffy asks what she is talking about. Quinn overheard something today. Ivy has been keeping something from him. They both have. Ivy is still in love with Liam. The woman that he just proposed to would rather have a life with his brother.

Brooke is shocked that Katie and Bill are offering her a job. Katie is. They think she should be at Spencer. Bill agrees. Katie misses her and hopes that she says yes. It would mean a lot to her. Katie and Brooke hug. Brooke smiles at Bill. Brooke is not ungrateful but she would be totally at sea in a publishing house. Katie doesn't think so at all. She thought that at first too but it turned out to be totally second nature for her and it will be for Brooke too. Bill won't put her in the deep end right away. He thinks that Katie wants her to do this because of her success at Forrester she could translate well here.

Wyatt thought that Quinn was finally getting her life together and yet she is doing this. Quinn assures him that this has nothing to do with her. He knew that when he told her that he was proposing that she thought he was crazy and now he is dragging Liam into this. Quinn is not going to let him defend his brother when he has been less than honest with him. Wyatt tells her to stop. Liam and Steffy want this for him that is why he asked them here when he popped the question. Quinn is sure that Liam just stood here and didn't even say a thing. Steffy asks what Liam was supposed to say. She still doesn't even know what is going on right now. Quinn explains that Ivy does. She needs to tell the truth. She needs to tell Wyatt about her professing her love to Liam. Wyatt wants Ivy to tell him she is wrong. He really hopes that Ivy didn't say that she would rather spend her life with his brother. He asks if she did.

Brooke knows what this is all about. Katie thinks that it is about her business expertise and them wanting to work with her. Brooke knows that they are keeping an eye on her. They are worried about her being alone or turning into a recluse. Bill thinks that Katie is just keeping on eye on here that is all. Brooke appreciates them thinking of her. She just isn't sure working at Spencer is the right thing. Bill will do whatever it takes to get her on board. Katie wants Brooke to feel good about this. One thing she should know is that sharing the surfaces of their lives isn't enough. They are not just sisters. They are best friends. She asks if Brooke remembers what their mother used to say to them. They can always count on sisters even when you can't count on yourself. She wants her to always count on her. Brooke does. She is grateful. Katie gets a text. She will be right back. She tells Brooke not to go anywhere. Katie doesn't want Bill to let her leave. Bill promises that she won't. Katie goes. Bill assumes that she is worried about Bill's reputation as the boss from hell. Which he thinks is accurate. Bill seriously thinks that this is about more than the job. This is Katie's way of making peace. They want her to feel a part of their lives again before everything happened. He wants her here too. Brooke has to go. Brooke wants him to tell Katie she had to leave. Brooke walks out.

Wyatt wants an answer. Quinn doesn't think she can even look at her. Ivy doesn't think that is true. Quinn knows that she can't look at her because she is hiding her feelings. Ivy knows that isn't true. She knows that Wyatt knows she loves him. Quinn adds that she loves Liam more. Wyatt knows all about her feelings for Liam. They have been over them a million times. About how much he hurt her and she said that she was over him. He believed her. That is why he is standing here asking to marry her. He asks if he is the only man for Ivy. He wonders if she said she still loves his brother and wants him more. Ivy didn't exactly say that. Quinn cannot believe she is standing here lying to her sons face. She knows exactly what she heard. Quinn cannot believe Liam either. Just standing right there not saying anything. Mister Liam the Rescue Ranger. He is his brother. He deserves to know the truth. Steffy tells Liam that if Ivy said that then then Wyatt deserves to know. He cannot protect her. Liam is conflicted but admits that Ivy did say that. Quinn is telling the truth. Ivy looks angry that he is admitting this.

Katie walks back into Bill's office. She is sorry that took her so long. Katie asks where Brooke is. Bill says that she had to leave. Katie cannot believe he let her go. She told him not to let her leave. Bill is sure that Brooke has a lot to think about. Her family is still a big part of Forrester. It isn't going to be an easy move. Katie gets another text and it is from the same person. She thought that she had already dealt with this. Bill asks if she is going to leave him all be himself. Katie tells him she does unless he wants to deal with him his self. Bill looks at the text and cannot believe that his top executive is dealing with this. This is a bunch of BS. Katie guesses that it takes a delicate touch. Katie thinks this is why they need Brooke here. She is good with people. She just hopes that she takes them up on their offer. It will be good for all of them. Especially Brooke. She will be back. Katie kisses Bill then leaves.

Brooke puts her bag down in her living room. She walks around and folds her arms. She notices the bottle of vodka at her bar. She picks it up and notices that it was a gift.

Liam is sorry to Ivy but she knew the truth would come out eventually. Liam wants Wyatt to listen to him. He really thinks that Ivy isn't thinking clearly right now and that he is the one she wants. Wyatt tells Liam to shut up. Wyatt cannot believe his brother. He asked her a million times if she was over him. Ivy was but then she almost died. Wyatt doesn't care. Ivy loves him. She just had to reach out to Liam one last time. When Steffy came back from Paris her whole life got turned upside down. Ivy asks why no one understands that. She was with Liam and then he was gone because Steffy stole him from her. Ivy thinks that she is going about this entirely the wrong way. She asks why they are doing this in front of everyone. Wyatt is because. Ivy is sorry. Wyatt wants to ask her one question. He wants to know if she would have said yes to him. He wonders if she would have taken him as her second choice to Liam.

Brooke takes the ribbon off the bottle. Brooke puts down the bottle. She looks at a card from Bill and Katie. She remembers what Bill just said about her spending so much time alone from Katie. Brooke sits down and stairs at the bottle. She can't stop thinking about Bill trying to convince her this is about Katie and having a life like it was before. She starts to think about kissing Bill in Aspen and all the times they had spent together while they were together. Someone knocks on her front door. Brooke goes to answer the door. She asks who it is. Bill says it is him. Brooke answers the door asking what he is doing here. He asks if he can come in. Brooke says sure. She thinks that this is about the job offer. Bill wants to make one more pitch to get Brooke on board. Brooke doesn't know what else could possibly be said. Bill thinks that this is very important to Katie. Brooke assumes that what is important to Katie is important to him. Bill thinks that is how good marriages work. Bill confirms that Katie is worried about her. Brooke doesn't think that she has to. She admits that it has been a tough year for her but all in all... Bill knows that all in all she is sitting around her house all day. Brooke Logan needs a challenge so she can re-invent herself. Brooke asks if she should really do that. Bill thinks she should do what makes her happy. If that means Spencer great. If that means something else... Bill notices the bottle of vodka. Brooke promises that is not what he was thinking. Someone from overseas sent it to her not knowing about her struggles. Bill asks if she planned to throw it away then. Brooke is battling it. She doesn't want him telling Katie. She will just worry. Bill knows that she will because they both will. He asks what is going on. Bill thinks she has to get out of this out. Brooke can't. She doesn't want to talk about it. Bill cares about her. Brooke asks him not to do this. Brooke asks if it isn't obvious. She cannot believe he has no clue.

Steffy suggests that they give them a minute. Wyatt asks if she was really going to just settle with him even though she still loved Liam. Ivy doesn't think that it was that simple. Wyatt knows because Liam is engaged to Steffy. That was complicating but it didn't stop her to just go over and pour her heart out. He could get that almost dying would put things in a completely different light for her. He just doesn't get why she would hide it. He assumes that if things didn't work out with Liam that she would still have clueless old Wyatt to go back to. Ivy doesn't think that it is like that all. Wyatt wants to know if she would have said yes knowing he was her second choice. Ivy shakes her head yes. Wyatt cannot believe this. Ivy does love him. She knows she has gone about this all the wrong way. She doesn't deserve him. She is standing in front of him asking for a second chance. She has spent so much time fighting with Steffy. A woman who gets what she wants. Ivy has turned into that woman. A woman she doesn't like. Wyatt is a good man. He is honest and true. She begs him. Ivy doesn't want this to be the end. She wants one more chance. Wyatt forgave her the first time after the Thomas thing. Liam though. He won't do it. He won't share another woman with him. He trusted her. He wants her gone now. He screams that she leaves. Ivy walks out. Quinn tries to walk over but he stops her.

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