B&B Monday Update 12/28/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/28/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt opens his front door to find Quinn. Quinn notices that he is wearing the shirt she got him. Quinn thanks him so much for coming over on Christmas. Deacon was in Europe visiting Hope. Wyatt admits that it was nice. Quinn agrees that it was. It was like old times. Wyatt wants Quinn to know something before word gets out. He is proposing to Ivy today. Quinn is shocked and wants to know why he didn't tell her. Wyatt is telling her now and doesn't want to hear anything negative. Quinn wonders about the whole kissing Thomas thing. Wyatt has talked to Ivy at length and she is completely committed to him. He wants her to be happy for him. Quinn says that she is. Wyatt gives her a muffin and wants her to go to work. Quinn asks about a ring. Wyatt has it covered. Quinn wishes him good luck. Wyatt thanks her and closes the door. Wyatt texts that he needs to see someone.

In Ridge's office Liam and Steffy are kissing each other passionately. Steffy loves that they are together. They mention how nice Christmas was. Steffy was shocked that Bill even cracked a smile. Liam feels that is because her dad wasn't there. Steffy agrees. She even thinks that Wyatt was having a good time considering that Ivy wasn't there. Steffy get's a text from Wyatt asking to meet him at his house. Steffy will see him in a little bit. Ivy walks in and Steffy says Liam is all her's. Steffy leaves. Ivy closes the door and tells Liam that she wishes.

In Bill's office Katie explains that his groupie reschedualed the meeting for Friday. Bill is shocked that today she is his groupie. Her name is Allison and she is his executive assistant. Katie agrees that she is something. Bill feels that Katie is such a hater. He guesses the Holiday spirit is over. Katie wants him to get over things and get back to work. Bill admits that he enjoyed Christmas a lot. Katie did as well. She hated thinking about Brooke being alone in her big house. It just doesn't seem right. Brooke seems sad and distant. Katie thinks they can do something about that.

Eric walks into Brooke's house. Brooke feels that it is nice of him to stop by. Eric admits that he really isn't stopping by. He wants her to come with him to go get pancakes. Brooke is going to be dieting for a month after Christmas. Eric was glad she was with him. Brooke is too. Eric never wants Brooke to feel alone. He is a phone call away up the street. Brooke knows and thanks him. This house does feel empty at times but she is ok. He doesn't have to worry about her. She is fine.

Bill hadn't thought of that. Katie thinks that they could make it work. Brooke needs a new experience to look forward to everyday. Bill is all for it. It is great idea. Katie is too. She really wants to help her sister.

Brooke got another email from Rick this morning. It sounds like he and Maya are having a good time with the Avant's in Hawaii. Eric feels that they have to adjust. They just do. The kids grow up and get their own families and lives. Brooke knows but she misses them. She is proud and happy for them. This house used to be full of love and laughter. Now it is just her.

Liam doesn't think that Ivy really means that. Ivy wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it. Liam asks what he is supposed to say to that then. He is marrying Steffy and she has moved on to Wyatt. Wyatt is devoted to her. She shouldn't screw it up. She could have such a great future with Wyatt. Ivy knows that but it doesn't change what she feels about him.

Steffy assumes that Wyatt is glad he has his girlfriend back. Wyatt reminds Steffy that Ivy was only in Mexico for a few days. Steffy laughs. She knows that he was probably counting the days until he came home. Wyatt might have but he did have a great time at Eric's Christmas party. He is still recovering from Eric's Eggnog. Steffy thinks that stuff was leathul. Steffy asks why he wanted her here. Wyatt will show her. He takes out a diamond ring. Steffy asks if he is proposing to Ivy and her jaw drops.

Brooke just has to keep reminding herself to count her blessings and appreciate what she has. She has a great family and many friends. Eric feels that she is a brave and capable woman. Brooke still isn't able to master staying alone. Eric doesn't want her to get to use to that. Brooke thinks that it is odd. She feels as if she has lost her purpose. Brooke gets a call from Katie. Katie wants her to come by the office. Brooke can't right now. Eric is over. Katie isn't taking no for an answer. Katie needs her to do this as a favor. Brooke says why not.

Katie hangs up and tells Bill she is on her way. Bill is glad.

Steffy asks if he is really doing this. If he is really asking Ivy to marry him. Wyatt asks why she seems so surprised. He has over come so much with Ivy. Steffy asks if he is really ready. The whole thing with Thomas and then the accident. Wyatt already talked to her about Thomas. He is closer with Ivy than ever. He realizes how much he needs her. Steffy thinks that is sweet. He can tell that Liam thinks differently. Liam doesn't know he is doing it today. Steffy is honored he is confiding in her. Wyatt was just asking her opinion on the ring. Steffy thinks it is great. She will die. Steffy is sure that she will say yes. No way she will turn him down.

Liam thinks that Ivy is better off with Wyatt. Ivy asks why. Liam is engaged to Steffy and he loves her. Ivy knows that Liam loved her too. Liam tried to make it work. It didn't. Ivy knows but it is only because of Steffy. (Quinn walks up to the door and over hears the conversation.) Ivy partially gave up on Liam when Steffy came back from Paris. She had all this confidence and sex appeal. She knows her worth now and what she can give. She can't move on until Liam knows how much she cares for him. Liam won't deny they had an incredible connection. Ivy was taken away from Liam. Ivy admits that Wyatt is incredible but he isn't Liam. He is the love of her life. Liam wants Ivy to be very careful. Ivy doesn't care what she says. She will stay with Wyatt if Liam doesn't want her. She is sure that they will have a good life. Ivy's phone goes off and it is Wyatt. Wyatt needs her to come over right away. Ivy claims she is in a meeting with Liam. Liam gives her a dirty look. Wyatt wants her to bring Liam as well. He has good news that is good for all of them.

Bill wonders how Brooke will react. Katie hopes that she will be excited by it. Brooke walks in. She explains that Allison wasn't out there. Bill notes that Katie scared her away. Brooke thanks her for remembering her on Christmas Eve. Katie was glad that she was able to join then. Katie has a proposition for her.

Quinn tries to call Wyatt. Eric walks in and asks how her holiday was. Quinn says that it was good. Eric is glad. He asks how she liked having Wyatt at the house on Christmas Eve. Quinn says it was fine. Eric asks what is wrong. Quinn tells him that his niece is what is wrong. Eric asks what this is about. She explains that she isn't the woman for Wyatt that is all. Eric asks if there is something he can do. Quinn has to handle this on her own. She is sorry. Quinn screams at him as she leaves to pick up.

Wyatt notes that was call number three. Steffy asks if that is Quinn. Wyatt knows why she is calling. Steffy assumes to take his vitamins. Wyatt knows it is so that he won't propose to Ivy. Steffy guesses that she never really liked her. Wyatt thinks that Quinn is under the impression that they somehow belong together. Steffy doesn't think that will be happening. Ivy and Liam walk in. Wyatt walks over and kisses Ivy. Liam asks what is going on.

Brooke asks about the proposition. Bill explains that Katie has an idea that she wants to run by her and they hope she is interested. Brooke is all ears. Katie admits that the holidays are a time of reflection. She has done that a lot lately. She has been thinking about them as sisters and friends. Brooke has been there for her in her life. She has made her feel protected and loved. She is gratefiul for that. She wants Brooke around. She wants Brooke to be count on them. Brooke is fine. Katie knows but she knows that Brooke isn't going to Forrester as much. Brooke knows that the next generation is doing fine. Bill wants Brooke to know that she is giving them to much credit. They have a massive curve behind them. There is no replacing her. She is a chemist and business tycoon. She has contributed more to that company than anyone. Brooke had her day. Bill isn't going to let her give up. Katie won't let her. Katie knows that she is beautiful and has a lot to contribute. They need her talent and her. Which is why they want her to come work with them at Spencer Publications.

Liam wants to know what is going on. Steffy asks if they can talk for a second. Steffy whispers that Wyatt is going to propose to Ivy. Liam asks if this is happening right now. Steffy means right now. Wyatt cares for Ivy. She feels the same way. Wyatt asks Steffy and Liam to come over. He is sure they are all wondering why they are here. He knows that they have gone through some crazy things in the past few months. there is no one he trusts more than Ivy. He finally has someone faithful. He is grateful for her. He wants to do this with Liam and Steffy here. It is fitting. He loves Ivy. Their life together and how comitted they both are to each other. He wants this to last a lifetime. He gets down on one knee and asks if Ivy will marry him. Ivy looks at Liam. Quinn busts in and screams stop. She demands that Ivy tell him the truth about who she really loves.

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