B&B Thursday Update 12/24/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

At the Forrester Mansion the tree is decked out. Eric takes a sip of egg nog and then puts it on a piano which he starts to play jingle bells on. He sits down and starts to play and sing. Pictures are shown of the family members. A montage of himself and Stephanie. Stephanie’s portrait is back on the wall. He wishes a merry Christmas to Stephanie.

Brooke walks out into her living room. She thanks someone on the phone for inviting RJ for Christmas. Brooke is sitting alone. She gets a text from Rick saying he wishes she was here. Brooke looks at the tree. Brooke gets a call from Hope. Brooke wonders what email she is talking about. Brooke explains that she doesn’t check that account very often. She tells Hope that she doesn’t have to go see either one of them. Brooke understands. She loves her and wishes her a merry Christmas. Brooke hangs up the phone and looks sad. Brooke takes Hope’s place card and puts it in a box.

At the Forrester Mansion, Katie walks out into the living room and tells Eric that everything is great. The children are with the nanny watching a movie. Bill walks up to him and wants to know the scoop as to what Maya did. Eric asks what he means. Bill notices that Maya’s portrait is gone and Stephanie is in her place rightfully so. He also notices that Maya and Rick are nowhere to be seen. Eric explains that it is nothing scandalous. Rick and Maya took the Avant’s to Hawaii. Maya’s portrait will be back up before they get home. He wanted to spend the holiday with Stephanie. Bill doesn’t want him to change it back. Katie thinks that is all nice and Brooke will be happy. Bill wonders where Brooke is.

Brooke gets a text from Bridget saying there is a huge storm and the flight has been canceled. Brooke types out that she is all alone. She deleted it. She wishes her a merry Christmas. Brooke puts down her phone and takes Bridget and Logan’s cards off as well. Brooke gets very teary eyed. She walks over to the Christmas tree and looks at a picture of Bridget. Then she looks decorations made by her children. She picks up the one made by Bridget and holds it. She looks at the door and remembers a time when Bridget walked in. She then thinks about all the times that Rick and Bridget spent with her together. She also thinks about when she was with Hope and baby RJ. She cries with streams of tears going down. Brooke turns off the lights on the tree. She looks around her room. Brooke opens the front door and asks what Eric is doing here. Eric came to give her a present. Brooke explains that she won’t be able to make it. Eric is not going to let her spend Christmas Eve alone. She is coming home with him.

Bill asks where Ivy is. Wyatt explains that she is probably landing right now. She is in Cancun with her father. Bill would like to know what is the deal with Hawaii. He asks why people can’t just stay home for Christmas.

Brooke really wanted to be here with the kids on Christmas Eve. All four of them in a room together. It has been a long time. She wonders if this is how it will be from now on. This house used to be so full of love and laughter with children. She thinks about hugging Hope and RJ. She thinks that it has gone by so fast. Brooke knows. She then remembers Eric hugging Rick and Bridget. Eric will not let her spend time alone tonight. He wants her to be with family. Brooke is crying again and hugs Eric.

Liam and Wyatt name a bunch of Christmas songs. Thomas walks in and asks Steffy if they are really going to name off all the Christmas songs that they know. Katie asks Bill if Eric is still not here. Bill says not yet. Katie wonders if she should have gone. Liam asks if she is worried. Katie knows that having her children in town meant a lot to Brooke this year and now they are not coming. She feels for her. Eric and Brooke walk through the front door. Thomas welcomes her and hugs her. Then Steffy does as well. Liam and Wyatt follow with Bill and Katie. Bill wishes her a merry Christmas. Katie is glad she is here. Brooke is too. Katie is sorry that things didn’t work out. Brooke was too but now she is with all of them. This is amazing. Brooke loves that Eric stays loyal to her. He is her best friend. She thanks them all. This is the way they should spend the holidays. Together. It is a necessity. It fills it up. Liam and Wyatt start to argue over songs again. Bill tells them to be quiet. Brooke sees Stephanie’s photo and smiles. She remembers Stephanie turning around once and saying Merry Christmas. Eric kisses Brooke on the forehead.

Steffy walks over to Wyatt with mistletoe. Wyatt asks what she is doing with Liam standing right over there. Steffy has Wyatt hold it and she takes out his phone. She tells him to put the mistletoe over his head and pout his lips. She takes a photo and tells him to send it to Ivy. She will love it. Katie asks them all to gather around. She would like to say a few things about her sister. When she heard that Brooke was going to be alone she couldn’t imagine Brooke not being here. They have been through a lot. She is grateful for her. She is a better woman because of Brooke. It is disappointing that her children are not here but they are in their heats. Eric toasts to Brooke. Brooke thanks them all. She almost stayed home tonight. Eric doesn’t think that anyone would be happy with that. Eric knows that people celebrate the birth of that baby tonight. Steffy explains that none of them would let her stay home tonight. They would have moved the party to her house. Eric wants them all to do their best to make the world a better place. Eric wants them all to eat cookies because he doesn’t want them here in the morning. Eric gives Brooke her present again. It is a gold locket. Brooke thinks that it is sweet. Eric tells her to open it. Eric says that it is like Katie said. Her kids will all be with her in her heart. There are pictures of Bridget, Rick, Hope, and RJ. Brooke goes to kiss Eric but before she does she asks Stephanie if she may. She kisses him on the cheek. Eric thinks that they will be ok. He wishes her a merry Christmas and they hug. Steffy asks if he is ready. Eric gets on the piano and they all sing jingle bells together.

The cast of the Bold and the Beautiful wish everyone a happy holiday’s. Merry Christmas!

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