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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam hears Ivy saying that she still likes him. Ivy knows that something has shifted in Liam. She knows that Steffy isn’t the person he wanted her to be. Liam asks if that is how Ivy feels about Wyatt. Ivy says no. Wyatt is an even better man than she realized. Ivy notices Wyatt outside the room.

In Rick’s office Thomas realizes that he shouldn’t go. Steffy asks why he doesn’t want to go to Eric’s. Thomas knows that Ivy and Wyatt will probably be there. Steffy doesn’t think that is enough to make him stay away. Thomas admits that he hasn’t really been getting along very well with Ridge either. Steffy explains that Ridge and Caroline won’t even be there tomorrow. If he skips Christmas day, then he is snubbing all of them. Steffy is not going to help save his reputation. She will just tell them all that he doesn’t care about any of them anymore.

At Brooke’s mansion she has Rick put decorations on the tree. She likes where they are. Maya realizes that they really should have called before coming over. Brooke promises that this will always be Rick’s home no matter where he sleeps or gets his mail. She actually has to discuss something with them. She wants to put Rick at one end of the table and Julius at the other. Rick explains that they aren’t going to be here at Christmas. That is what he stopped by to tell her.

Katie walks into Bill’s office and asks if they had an agreement. Bill asks what that agreement was. Katie explains that when Bill wants to see her, he isn’t to send Allison. Bill asks why he would agree to that or why it would even matter. Katie explains that she thinks that she is his office wife. Bill thinks that she kind of is. Katie doesn’t want to go there. Bill would like to host Christmas. Katie thought that he didn’t want to be bothered with Christmas. Bill said that he didn’t want to be bothered until after December 23rd. Katie knows that he said no such thing. Bill knows that they have a beautiful kid and Christmas is about children. They have an obligation to share him with the world. Katie is not apposed but she doesn’t have much time to plan. She did mention to Wyatt and Liam that they should drop by but it was vague. Bill knows that if Eric has them Christmas Eve they will have them Christmas day. Katie asks about Caroline and Ridge. Bill asks if they could invite her without him. Katie explains that they are married. Bill is frustrated. He doesn’t want to hear that out loud. Bill thinks that if history is any indication they won’t even be married by next Christmas. Bill asks about her sisters. Katie knows that Donna is in Texas with their father and Brooke seems a little lost these days.

Brooke is shocked that they are going to Hawaii. Maya doesn’t think they will be there that long. Brooke thinks that it sounds wonderful. Rick tells Brooke that Maya’s family is trying to get back together and he thought that they could use a little more time for each other. Brooke thinks that is a beautiful and generous thing. Maya looks down at the table cards and feels bad.

Steffy asks why Thomas is still worried about running into Ivy. Thomas isn’t. Steffy asks about Wyatt then. Thomas doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday. Steffy doesn’t think that they are angry or furious. Ivy is completely committed to Wyatt.

Liam wants Wyatt to listen. Wyatt is on the phone with Quinn. He asks why Deacon won’t be there. It is their first Christmas being married. Wyatt says that he will be there. Wyatt asks what they are talking about. He starts to hug Ivy.

Bill asks how he would know if Brooke is lost. He doesn’t have private conversations with her. Katie knows that Liam has told him that she hardly ever comes into the office. Katie cannot help but think of her in that big house all alone since RJ is at school. Bill suggests that she will see him at Christmas. Katie doubts because he is going on a ski trip. Katie knows that she does have plans. Hope is coming back to town. Bridget will be here with Logan. Bill guesses they can be invited too. Katie knows that Rick is spending Christmas Eve with his father and Christmas day with Brooke. So she supposes the house will be filled with Avant’s. Bill asks why they are worried then. Katie would just like to in the new year include Brooke more. They haven’t done that and she knows it is because of her.

Brooke asks if Maya’s parents need a place to stay. She has plenty of room and would like the company. Maya thinks that is sweet but her father is stubborn. Rick asks if Brooke would like to come with them. Maya thinks that is a great idea. They all know that Brooke is the best at calming her father down. Brooke laughs and thinks that is funny. Brooke cannot though. Bridget is coming with the baby. She realizes that she can’t call Logan a baby anymore because he is starting school. Rick asks how long they will be here. He hopes that they will still be here when he gets back. Brooke sure hopes so. She knows that next year they will have a child running around the house too.

Thomas asks about Steffy. Steffy asks what he means. Thomas means is she actually trying to make peace with Ivy or is she biding her time until Steffy makes her do a lap dance for one of the suppliers. Steffy is not amused. Ivy walks in and asks if she has a minute. Thomas thinks that she looks good. He decides to go watch Ridge hand out Christmas bonuses. Steffy thinks that things will get easier. She can have Quinn attend design meetings but he is bound to cross paths with Thomas. Ivy just wanted to let her know that she doesn’t plan to be around for Christmas. Steffy over heard from Wyatt. Ivy is going to see her father. Steffy is shocked that Wyatt isn’t going with her. Ivy knows he is needed here. Steffy is going to say it. Thomas is her brother and she loves him but it was a smart idea to go back to Wyatt.

Liam starts to think about Ivy telling him that she is happy with Wyatt but she is still in love with him. Wyatt walks back in and explains that his mother is driving him nuts. Liam asks if he is going to the office party tonight. Wyatt thought he might want to go out for a beer. Liam asks if something is on his mind. Wyatt might be on the ledge and needs to be given a push.

Katie used to see Brooke a lot more. That was before she started doing her job and Liam’s job. Bill wants her to complain to Liam and not him. Katie never really invited Brooke out with them. She didn’t want to put them all in a situation where they are uncomfortable. Now though it is just out of habit. She stopped questioning why she was doing it. Bill thought it was being considerate. Katie really believes that they had moved passed everything that happened. She doesn’t think she has to worry. They move on. Katie is going to invite both of his sons and their girlfriends. Justin as well but not Allison. She will not have that woman at her table. Bill loves how the big dog just made that happen. Katie guesses he is amazing.

Maya doesn’t feel good about this. Rick hates having Brooke sad. He didn’t know his sisters were going to be in town. Maya suggests that they stay home. Rick doesn’t think they should. Her parents already have their swimsuits out. Rick will just have to remember to call Brooke every night. Brooke walks back downstairs. Rick is sorry that they aren’t going to be here. Brooke thinks that it is fine. The Avant’s will be together for Christmas in how many years. Brooke is happy for all of them really.

Ivy points out that she wasn’t exactly friends with Steffy before they had troubles so they should take this slow and let it go naturally. Steffy isn’t trying to be intrusive. If she is in love though she imagines she would tell a total stranger. She knows she would. Ivy doesn’t feel like she needs to tell anyone how amazing Wyatt is. Steffy guesses that there is something about the Spencer man.

Liam guesses that Wyatt is tired of working with Wyatt. Wyatt admits that he sort of is but that Liam is way off base. It is something more personal than that. Liam isn’t good at that. Wyatt knows but he is all he has. Wyatt asks what the signs are when it is time for a guy to propose. Liam is baffled.

Maya tells Brooke that she is going to give her and Rick a moment alone. She will go check on Nicole. Maya hugs Brooke and wishes her a merry Christmas. She leaves. Rick is sorry that he is not going to be here for Christmas. Brooke promises that it will be ok. His sisters will be here. Rick knows they are not there now. Brooke doesn’t want him to worry or be sad. She loves this house. It is big and old. She knows that no one is here to live here with her. She hugs Rick. Rick wants everyone on speaker phone tonight and tomorrow. Brooke wants him to be careful what he asks for. They love each other. Brooke is so proud of him. Brooke says goodbye. Brooke closes the door and walks over to the Christmas tree.

Ivy sits down on the couch in Rick’s office. She looks around thinks about her kiss with Liam.

Wyatt can tell that Liam doesn’t approve. Liam is surprised. Wyatt guesses that he thinks it is to soon. Liam admits that timing is a little weird. Wyatt wants to know what is so odd. Wyatt knows that Thomas is not a factor anymore. Ivy needs stability. He can give her balance. Keep the crazy away for so long as they both shall live. With Hope he always needed to meet an expectation. Ivy likes him for who he is. Liam asks if he is so sure then why he would ask him. Wyatt just wanted to run it by him. Wyatt thinks about doing it on New Year’s. Liam wants things to go exactly the way he wants.

Bill asks what they got Wyatt. Katie got him a portable gas grill with all the features. Bill wonders about Caroline. She says baby stuff. Katie thinks that babies are fun to buy for. Bill wonders about Donna. Katie got her luggage. Bill asks about Brooke. Katie got her antique napkin rings. Katie doesn’t know what to buy for her. Bill suggests that they donate to her favorite charity. Katie asks what her favorite charity is. Bill says lung cancer in honor of Stephanie. Katie guesses that would be it then and thanks him.

Brooke looks at napkins and puts them in a box. She takes the place holders and puts them to the side. Brooke looks at the tree again and sees a decoration RJ made then two of Bridget and Rick. She walks upstairs and starts to cry a little.

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