B&B Tuesday Update 12/22/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/22/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In Ridge’s office Liam is sitting at the conference table thinking about Ivy telling him that she still has feelings for him. Steffy walks in. She is so happy to be able to walk through those doors. She felt awful thinking that she would never be able to again. Steffy can tell that Liam is somewhere else. Liam promises that he is ok. He just is thinking about Ivy and Wyatt.

Ivy is in Rick’s office working on her line. Wyatt sneaks up on her and kisses her. Ivy asks what that was for. Wyatt supplied Mistletoe. Ivy kisses him again passionately. She looks conflicted.

Rick is putting up the tree in the Forrester mansion. Maya is looking at an old decoration and asks if Rick really made that in pre-school. Rick explains that there is a reason he is not a designer. Maya feels that it is cute. Rick tells her to put that near the back of the tree but make sure it is back there because he will hear it from Eric if it isn’t. He was thinking that maybe they should involve her parents in their holiday plans.

In Julius’s motel room he starts to think about Sasha calling him daddy. Vivienne walks in and explains that it was crazy out there. Julius told her it would be. Vivienne just wanted to get a few more things. Vivienne can tell that he doesn’t have a lot of holiday spirit and asks if he is ok. Julius promises that he is fine just because he isn’t whistling deck the halls. Vivienne doesn’t want him to try that with her. She knows when something is wrong. He has weight on his shoulders and asks if it is one of his daughters.

Nicole and Sasha walk out to the sky lounge where the find Zende lifting. Nicole asks if that is the best he has got. Zende explains that the best he has got is standing right there. Nicole thinks that is sweet and thanks him. They kiss. Sasha watches them do so. Sasha thinks that he is looking good. Zende tries. Sasha doesn’t think that the people back home will believe this. Nicole Avant living this life. Forrester’s all around and growing inside. Nicole can’t believe it sometimes herself. Sasha wants her to appreciate what she has because things don’t last forever. Nicole can tell that she is cynical. She will be sad when she leaves. Sasha asks if she is trying to tell her something. Nicole just assumed she would want to spend the holidays with her family. Sasha has been thinking that she wants to spend them right here.

Maya thinks that it is a good idea to have her parents around. As tough as it can be to have Julius around it is best for everyone. Like at Thanksgiving. Rick was hoping she would say that. Things will keep progressing if they keep them around. Rick wants to extend the invitation.

Vivienne asks which one of his daughters is so heavy on his mind. Julius gets a phone call and asks if something is wrong. Maya is on the other end and asks why he would say that. Julius just knows that usually she calls Vivienne. Maya is calling him. She would like them to come over now if possible. Julius says that they can. He hangs up. Vivienne asks what is going on. Julius explains that they have been asked to come over. Vivienne wonders why. Julius guesses they will know when they get there.

Ivy looks to the left of her and asks what Wyatt is looking at. Wyatt isn’t looking at anything. There is just something about her. Ivy asks how. Wyatt knows that she was devastated and knocked off her feet and yet she somehow found a way to do the right thing. Ivy knows he is talking about the restraining order. Wyatt is glad she dropped it. Ivy knows they are family. Wyatt hopes that they can be friends and get along.

Liam asks if Steffy got him anything for Christmas. Steffy says maybe and knows he is changing the subject. Liam feels that she is too. Steffy asks if something happened between Wyatt and Ivy that she doesn’t know about.

Nicole asks if Sasha is seriously staying through the holidays. Sasha hasn’t completely ruled out the idea. Unless Nicole doesn’t want her to stay. Nicole would love it. Nicole gets a text saying that Maya wants her home. Sasha can hang out with Zende until she gets back. Nicole tells Zende he has to come too. She suggests that Sasha come with them. Sasha asks if she is sure that is ok. Nicole doesn’t see why not.

Liam asks if Ivy has seemed different to her. Steffy asks if that is a trick question. Liam doesn’t think so. Steffy is really trying to turn a new page with Ivy. Liam tries to explain to her the situation but Wyatt and Ivy walk in asking if they have a minute. Wyatt needs Steffy to sign off on some pieces they were talking about. They think they turned out well. Steffy agrees they look great. Ivy would like to get them into production with Quinn right away. Wyatt asks if Ridge and Caroline aren’t here. Steffy says they aren’t but if they need any changes they will tell them. Ivy is glad and cannot wait to start working with Quinn. Steffy tells Ivy that she is really happy she is back. She knows she has said this before but she is glad she is back and trying to put this behind her. She is really grateful. Ivy thinks it is ok. Wyatt feels that they can keep moving forward. Liam agrees no point it dwelling on the past. Ivy feels that when it comes to Steffy she can agree. Steffy knows that when she came back from Paris things sort of went hectic. Ivy is willing to try to make things work.

Vivienne and Julius walk into the mansion living room and Vivienne thinks that the house looks incredible decorated. Rick explains that Maya is to thank. Maya adds that Nicole is as well. All of them really. Julius never thinks he will get used to celebrating the holidays at seventy degrees and not shoveling snow. He does love it. Rick is glad he brought that up. Julius knows where he is going with this and they are fine. They aren’t expecting a repeat situation of Thanksgiving. He knows Maya has a new family. His first Forrester Christmas. They will be just fine. Maya wants them to be here. Rick explains that they actually don’t. Maya is shocked by what he is saying. Rick was going to wait until Nicole and Zende showed up but the secret is dying to come out. They are spending Christmas in Hawaii. Julius is happy for them. Rick doesn’t just mean himself and Maya. Them as well. They are all going. Maya cannot believe him. Rick thinks they should spend the holidays together. Rick asks if they have ever been to Hawaii. Vivienne has in her wildest dreams. Julius happily and humbly accepts the invitation. Vivienne hugs Rick. Nicole, Zende, and Sasha all come in. Nicole asks what is going on. Maya says they are going to Hawaii. Nicole assumes they are going on a second honeymoon. Maya means all of them. Rick explains that it will be an Avant family Christmas. Sasha looks happy until she sees Julius. Nicole cannot believe that they are going to spend Christmas in Hawaii. Her whole family and Zende will be there. Julius loves that the Avant’s will be going to Hawaii. Vivienne hasn’t been in a bathing suit in years. Nicole asks Sasha if she is ok. Sasha tells her sure and asks why. Nicole knows that they are going on about this trip and she isn’t invited. Sasha thinks that is alright. Rick is sorry. He wanted this to be a family vacation. There is a lot of growth that needs to happen. Rick invited Zende because he didn’t want him alone on the holiday’s. Maya explains that Rick didn’t know. Sasha doesn’t think there are any worries. Just family. She gets it.

Steffy is happy to move forward. She thinks it could actually work this time. Ivy know it won’t be from lack of trying. She will try she promises. Liam is in the holiday spirit of saying he is happy for all of them. Liam is so glad that Steffy came back to him. Wyatt loves that he found Ivy this year. Liam feels it is great futures all around. Ivy doesn’t know where they will be this time next year.

Julius drags Sasha outside on to the balcony. She asks him what is wrong. Julius doesn’t want her giving looks. Sasha cannot believe she isn’t allowed to look at him or his precious family. He could have said something. Julius asks about what. Sasha thinks she should have been included in the trip. Julius reminds her that this is a family trip with the Avant’s and the Forrester’s. This was what he was trying to tell her. There is no place for her here. He wants her to do a favor and go home. Sasha thinks that he is home. She wishes that he could see that. She calls him dad. She knows how much he doesn’t want that to be true but it is who he is. He is her father. Sasha wants to go on the family trip to Hawaii. She is family to but nobody knows. She wonders if she should change that. They can put her out there like a surprise Christmas present. She is tired of being ignored while Nicole gets all the attention. Julius thinks that is her problem. She is full of resentment. Sasha feels it is because he has rejected her his entire life. Sasha believes that is over. She won’t be left back in the Midwest while he is jetting off to Hawaii with his new family. She wants a shot at that kind of life to. She isn’t asking for money or fame. She can make her own way. It be nice to have his support so she can better herself. She doesn’t think it is so much to ask from her father. Julius will not be threatened by her or anyone else. He has had to deal with challenges too. He had a great life at one point. He had a decent job and had a membership at the local country club. He even had a spot in the church choir. Now he is dealing with Maya and this pregnancy she pushed on Nicole. He doesn’t have a job. He can’t have Sasha making demands that he can’t help her with. Sasha is his daughter too and she is not going anywhere.

Liam closes the door and Ivy is the only one left in the room. Ivy asks if Liam thought about their conversation. Liam did. He asks if she remembers about what she said about coming so close to death. He asks if it was a false positive. He imagines that she would want to revisit all the moments in her life. She doesn’t have to do that with him. She is with Wyatt and he forgave her for whatever that was with Thomas. He doesn’t want either of them to get hurt. Ivy doesn’t need to hear why Wyatt is so great. Ivy knows he is wonderful. Ivy is still in love with Liam. She wanted to spend forever with him and then Steffy came into town. She feels like lost herself when she lost him. Liam asks if Wyatt is a rebound then. Ivy doesn’t know right now. She knows she is happy with Wyatt. She is in love with him but Liam is still in her way. She wants a life with him. Wyatt is revealed to be standing outside the door listening in.

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