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Liam is grateful that Ivy is dropping the restraining order but she can’t kiss him. Ivy is shocked that she can’t do that or tell him how much she cares. She knows that he probably thinks she has been all over the place the past few months and that this is just a part of that. He has to remember though that she has only ever been in love with two people his entire life. Both of them were Spencer’s and he was the first.

Steffy stacks her boxes on the table. Wyatt asks if she has heard anything from Liam yet. Steffy hasn’t. She asks for help with getting the boxes down to the car. Wyatt says sure. He asks if she thinks that Liam will get through to Ivy. Steffy loves him for trying but she doubts that Liam has anymore pull with Ivy.

Maya doesn’t want Nicole to lie. She can tell that she is upset. Maya is tired and would like to talk about this tomorrow. Maya knows that she was up in Zende’s room and asks if anything happened. Nicole promises that nothing happened. Maya wants her to know that she can tell her. Nicole is telling the truth. Zende wanted something to happen and then she thought she wanted it to. Then he got to her stomach and stopped. Maya realizes it was because of the pregnancy.

Sasha believes that Zende is an incredible man. Zende doesn’t feel like it. Sasha assumes that is because of Nicole being mad. Zende feels that she has every right to be. Sasha believes that she should be thanking her lucky stars for a man like him. She doesn’t know what happened downstairs but she knows that she would be luck for a man like him. He has been more understanding than any guy should be in his situation.

Julius and Vivienne walk into their motel room. Julius knows they should have stayed at the house. Vivienne is sure that Maya will find out what is wrong. Julius thinks that it is obvious. They are having problems. Vivienne knows that those problems she won’t want to discuss with them. Julius told Nicole. She will regret being a surrogate and now look Nicole is stuck.

Maya knows that this is what they were all afraid of. The pregnancy turning Zende away. Nicole knows that he is terrified of his girlfriend carrying someone else’s baby. She understands why it is difficult for him. He wants them to be a normal couple and do things that normal couples do. Maya knows that he is frustrated. Nicole admits that is exactly the word she would use.

Sasha thinks that Nicole should know how hard this is on him. Zende is sure that she does. Sasha respects Nicole being there for Maya. Zende does too. Sasha knows that he does but Zende doesn’t have to be a saint. The next nine months are not going to be a breath for either of them. Zende knows they won’t. Sasha cannot believe that they are all downstairs worrying about Nicole but no one is doing the same for him. If he needs someone to talk to then she is here.

Steffy notes that you cannot always count on people to do the right thing. Wyatt believes that Ivy will. She is upset right now but he believes in her. He loves her. Steffy is shocked and asks if he is serious. Wyatt is. He can see himself marrying her.

Liam is glad that Ivy can be honest with how she is feeling. Ivy has to be. The things that have happened to her could have been it for her. She can’t leave things unsaid. Liam knows but she is involved with his brother. Ivy is very happy with him but she was happy with Liam as well. She let that go when he left her for Steffy. Now though she is thinking that maybe she shouldn’t have done that.

Julius plays with his golf clubs. Vivienne has to run to the store. She wants him to do her a favor and not call Nicole. Julius won’t. Vivienne doesn’t want him calling Zende either. Julius says ok. Someone knocks on the door and it is Sasha. Vivienne is running to the store and asks if she needs anything. Sasha thanks her but no. She loves that she is sweet to her. Vivienne says it is her pleasure. She asks if she spoke to Nicole. Sasha hasn’t and asks if she did. Vivienne did but only briefly. Julius thinks that Nicole is asking too much of Zende and it will ruin their relationship. Vivienne tells him ok and leaves.

Nicole made her own choice in carrying the baby for Maya. If Zende can’t handle it then it isn’t Maya’s fault. Maya promises her that it isn’t Nicole’s either. She is sorry. She hugs Nicole. Nicole feels that Zende has a right to his feelings. He didn’t complain or shut down. He wanted to talk about it. He was the one who walked out. Maya asks if it was because she was hurt. Nicole didn’t know what to say. Nicole turns around and Zende is walking down the staircase. Zende promises that it is ok. He is probably the one who should be doing the talking. Maya will let him do that. She leaves. Zende asks if she is going to run off again. Nicole guesses that it depends what he has to say. Zende is sorry. He feels terrible about how he reacted.

Steffy admits that Ivy really is scared of her. After what happened anyone would be freaked out. She just wished that she didn’t think she was a terrible person. Wyatt already tried to convince Ivy wasn’t like that. Steffy asks what she is like. Wyatt knows that she isn’t a violent type of gal. Wyatt also thinks she is dynamic and thoughtful. He also gets the impression that Quinn is crazy about her. Steffy isn’t sure if that is a good thing. Ivy walks in with Liam. Steffy gets up and promises that she is all packed up so she doesn’t have to call Baker. Ivy already made the call. Liam wants Steffy to listen. Ivy promises that there is no more restraining order. She had a very honest talk with Liam and afterwards she called Baker and had the restraining order lifted. Steffy asks if she will be arrested if she will be around her. Ivy promises she won’t. Wyatt knew she would come around and is proud of Ivy. Steffy asks if it is really over. Steffy hopes that she no longer is a danger to Ivy in her mind. Ivy has already wasted enough time feeling threatened by her. Steffy is so grateful to her. Ivy sort of has a new perspective on things. She is ready for a fresh start.

Zende wonders if saying sorry isn’t enough. Nicole maybe owes him one too. They both knew this wouldn’t be easy. She just never expected this to be so hard to talk about. Zende thinks that they need to. Nicole does as well. Zende still respects her choice. He doesn’t want her to feel bad. Nicole doesn’t want him to either. Zende has just been caught off guard. He doesn’t know why he reacted like that. He loves her. He wants to wake up next to her. Nicole wants that too but it isn’t that simple anymore. She is pregnant and even though she didn’t want it to change things it has. Zende doesn’t think everything.

Sasha explains that it is polite to talk to your guests. Julius thinks that so is calling. Sasha knew that Aunt Viv wouldn’t mind. Being out here with her in LA it all feels like home. Julius knows but it isn’t her home. She needs to get back to real life. Sasha knows this is real life for Maya and Nicole. Julius agrees that it is for some but for her it isn’t. She had a great time but now it is time for her to go home. Sasha thought she made it clear. She isn’t leaving. She likes it here and she thinks if she sticks around she can finally come out of her shell and be the person she was meant to be.

Steffy thinks that a fresh start sounds good to her. She has been dealing with a lot of emotions face down and doesn’t want to do that anymore. Liam knows that Steffy never meant to hurt her. Wyatt is proud of Ivy for realizing that. Ivy thanks him for standing by her side through all her mistakes. Steffy knows that she also made a lot of mistakes too. It is terrible what she has been through and she is grateful that she is ok. She knows that things have been rocky for them since she got back to LA. Though Ivy is with Wyatt now and she is engaged to Liam. They have an exciting future ahead of them. She doesn’t want negativity at all. Ivy does want something from Steffy. Steffy assumes friendship because she would like that too. Liam asks if she can speak to Ivy alone for a second. Steffy and Wyatt agree that is fine. Steffy thinks that is the fresh start they were talking about. Liam tells Ivy that it is time to move on. Steffy was right. She has a great future ahead of her with Wyatt. Ivy knows but so could the two of them. Liam thinks that Ivy did the right thing dropping the restraining order against Steffy. He knows she is very grateful. Ivy doesn’t want to talk about Steffy right now. She didn’t expect all these feelings to come up. If she is honest though she isn’t surprised because she has always loved him. She guesses that is why she got so angry when he allowed her to get fired. Liam will always care about her. Especially after what she did today. Ivy only ended the restraining order for one reason. He asked her too. She is trying to show him who she is. Only one women around her shares his qualities. He makes her a better person. She cannot imagine her life without him in it. She will not bite her tongue because it isn’t ok right now. She only has time for the truth right now. The way she feels about Wyatt has never been the same way she does for Liam. She wants to give them a chance before it is to late.

Zende promises that they will figure this out. Nicole hopes that they won’t let anything or anyone come between them. Zende nods in agreement.

Sasha reminds Julius that he can’t tell her what to do. She has said it before. If she wants to stay here she will. Julius won’t let her stay with his family. Sasha doubts they would turn her away. Julius notes that Nicole is going through a lot right now and her staying here would only complicate matters. Sasha knows they would for him. Julius believes she has had a good time. She got to see Forrester Creations and where Maya lives. She had a great time. Sasha has more than she can say. Julius believes that if she wants to get invited back she won’t over stay her welcome. Sasha likes it here though. It is a cool city with lots to do. Sasha knows she just got here but she is sold. This is what she wants. She wants to be a part of this. Julius explains that if she wants to move to a big city all she has to do is move to Chicago. There is nothing for her here. Sasha disagrees. LA is full of things. Just look at Nicole and Maya. Maya is obviously a famous super model but back home Nicole couldn’t even get a date. Look at her now. She is dating a Forrester who is sexy and sensitive. He would have to be to allow his girl to do this. Julius wants Sasha to leave Zende alone. Sasha cannot believe she is bossing her around. She wants to know who he is. She calls her Mister Avant. Julius doesn’t want her talking to him like that. Sasha asks what he means. Calling him Mister Avant again. She assumes he doesn’t like that. She asks if she should call him something else. What he really is… Daddy.

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