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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/18/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole asks Zende what is wrong. He doesn’t think anything is. It just feels weird. Nicole suggests that hey wait. Zende guesses that maybe they should.

Ivy needs Liam to try and understand her. She needs to keep herself out of danger and that means not being around Steffy. Liam knows that he is trying to do right by herself but it isn’t coming off like that. Kicking Steffy out of her job is not coming off as good. It isn’t going to end well for anyone. He begs her to please drop the restraining order.

Steffy packs her stuff up. Wyatt wonders if she needs some help. Steffy claims to be fine. Wyatt knows that she isn’t. Steffy assumes that is because she was almost arrested today. Wyatt reminds her that she violated a court order. Steffy was trying to talk sense into Ivy. She wants to know how his girlfriend is controlling her life.

Julius takes Sasha aside. She tells him to relax. Julius won’t relax until she has a one-way bus ticket in her hand. Sasha explains that isn’t going to happen. It is probably better if he gets used to having her around. Julius doesn’t want her to get to comfortable here. Sasha believes that making herself feel at home here sounds like a really good idea.

Vivienne tells Sasha that if she is in LA long term she has to keep Nicole out of trouble. Rick adds that she has to at least long as Nicole is pregnant. Sasha promises. Sasha still cannot believe she is doing this for them. Maya is just grateful knowing how much she is giving up. Sasha looks at Julius.

Zende wonders if Nicole is mad. Nicole isn’t. Zende is mad at himself. Nicole doesn’t want him to be. Zende knows it shouldn’t matter but it is another mans baby. Zende tries to kiss her but Nicole doesn’t want to. Zende asks if she wants to talk about this. Nicole doesn’t want to right now.

Wyatt knows that Steffy can’t think of this any other way because she is only thinking of herself. Steffy isn’t shocked he feels like that. He is team Ivy. Wyatt is on most things but he feels she is going a bit too far.

Liam asks how Ivy is supposed to get over her fear and issues with Steffy if she won’t let her anywhere near her. That is what a restraining order does. It guarantees that she will always be at odds with her. Ivy doesn’t want to talk about the restraining order anymore. Ivy hasn’t been alone with Liam since the hospital. She wants to talk about them.

Sasha thinks that it is very convenient to make her little sister the surrogate. That way they can watch over her like a hawk. Maya explains that they take very good care of Nicole. Sasha wonders if Zende is ok with this pregnancy thing. Rick tells her that he seems to be. Zende chases Nicole down the stairs with his shirt still unbuttoned. Julius asks what is going on. Vivienne asks if she is ok. Nicole is going to her room. She is tired. Zende is sorry to have them see this. He goes up stairs. Julius believes that someone should go and make sure Nicole is ok. Sasha thinks this is a family issue. She should probably go. Maya thanks her for coming. Sasha will see her soon. Maya gives a strange look as Sasha leaves.

Wyatt feels that Ivy is scared. Just being in Steffy’s presence scares her. Steffy gets this to an extent but she feels that Ivy has gone a bit too far. Wyatt suggests that Liam could get her to drop it. Steffy hopes so but she doesn’t think his opinion matters anymore. They used to be close but that was a long time ago.

Liam wonders what he means about them. Ivy knows they used to be so close but she wonders if that still means anything to him or did Steffy erase it all. Liam thinks it means a lot to him. He will always cherish what they share together. That love that they all feel that is what he is trying to tap into. If they can grab on to that then they can move on. Ivy thinks he really means that. Liam does. Ivy is jealous of that. Liam is an amazing man and Steffy took him away. Liam isn’t sure that is what happened and even if it is a restraining order isn’t appropriate. Ivy was in love with him. Her feelings don’t just go away. Liam reminds her that she is with his brother. Ivy knows and she is happy with him and will be happy with him. Only if she knows that things will never work out between her and Liam.

Julius knew this was a bad idea. He told them all surrogacy would never work. Now Zende and Nicole are fighting. Rick doesn’t think they know that. Vivienne knows something is going on. Julius knows that this baby is effecting Zende and Nicole’s relationship. He hopes they are happy.

Someone knocks on Zende’s door. It is Sasha. She asks if she can come in.

Vivienne suggests that her and Julius go check on Nicole. Nicole walks back out. Nicole doesn’t want them to stop talking on her account. She is going to grab something from the kitchen. Maya wants her to tell them if she is ok. Nicole will be. She asks if Sasha is gone. Rick says that Sasha wanted her to know that she was thinking about her.

Zende asks if Nicole is with her. Sasha says it is just her. Zende wonders if he is looking for her. Sasha knows that after what she just saw downstairs it was a safe bet she wouldn’t be here. She walks in and says that he is who she was looking for. Sasha knows that Nicole has a whole family asking what is wrong. She assumes he needs the same. She is a good listener.

Steffy thinks that this sucks. She is packing up to work at home. Wyatt knows it won’t be forever. Ivy just need a little time to recover from the accident. Steffy reminds him that was exactly what it was. An accident. Wyatt believes her. Ivy will to. He knows she will turn around.

Liam is confused. He thought it was obvious that things didn’t work out between them. He is engaged to someone else and she is with his brother. He heard what she said at the hospital. She was genuinely grateful to have him there for her. Ivy is. Wyatt is an amazing man but after this whole experience with Steffy and knowing he is going to spend his life with her. She knew they spent good times together. They were happy. Clips are shown of them jet setting and kissing all over the world. Ivy asks if he remembers. Liam does. Ivy knows that Thomas claimed Wyatt was a rebound. At the time she denied it but now she can’t help but wonder if she had a chance to have more. If she had a chance to be with the one. This who experience and accident has made her realize life is short and it takes things away in an instant. She can’t forget what it is like to be with him. She can’t forget about these feelings. She wonders if he can.

Nicole walks back out to the living room. She wonders if Julius and Vivienne left. Maya says that they did and Rick is upstairs so it is just them. She can tell her because she can see she is upset. She wants to know what happened between her and Zende.

Zende shouldn’t get into this. Sasha thinks that he can tell her anything. She knows how to keep secrets. Zende admits that he messed up and feels terrible. He was doing things with Nicole and he couldn’t… Sasha figures out what he means and asks why not. Zende is freaked out that and never wanted Nicole to do this in the first place. Sasha asks what he is going to do. Zende has to get over it. Sasha asks if he really does. Zende does somehow. He wonders why he couldn’t just do it. Sasha promises nothing is wrong. Zende isn’t sure if he can make it through with this. Sasha thinks that she can be the friend he needs.

Steffy shouldn’t have let Liam go over there. She wonders how Liam is going to get Ivy to change her mind.

Liam will always be grateful for their time together. They had so many fun and wonderful memories. He moved on though. Ivy cannot believe that Liam still thinks that Steffy is the right woman. She stole him from her, killed Aly, and tried to kill her. Liam reminds her it was an accident. Ivy doesn’t think it makes it any less painful. Ivy thinks that the humiliation at work should have been enough. Let alone seeing her in a hospital bed fighting for her life. Everything huge that has happened in her life should effect Liam. Liam was effected. Ivy explains that if he marries Steffy she will be happy with Wyatt but they need to explore the possibility of them again to make sure they are right. Liam doesn’t think they are the same people they were. When they were dating he knows Ivy would have never blackmailed someone. Liam asks if that Ivy would have taken out a restraining order for something she knew was an accident. Ivy will drop the restraining order. Liam thanks her. She is the same. That is what they have in common. She is getting serious with Wyatt but before it goes any further she wants one more chance. She wants Liam to give them one more chance. She kisses Liam and he willingly kisses her back.

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