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Written By Anthony
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Steffy cannot believe that she is being arrested. Liam tries to explain that she was only trying to make right with Ivy. Steffy tried to do thing reasonably. Baker understands that is what she wanted. That isn’t how it worked out though. Steffy feels that it was just a little bump on her head. Baker points out that it never would have been there in the first place if she had stayed away. Ivy and Wyatt walk in. Steffy begs Ivy to listen to her. She doesn’t have to be scared of her. Ivy doesn’t feel that way. She might not get this but a judge does. Steffy is supposed to stay away from Ivy.

At the Forrester Mansion Rick welcomes in both Julius and Vivienne. He is glad they stopped by because they haven’t seen much of them since Thanksgiving. Maya asks if everything is ok. Julius explains that Vivienne had an interview at the DMV. Vivienne says that they are just waiting to hear back now. She assumes Julius wants her out of his ear. Rick wonders if they would like a drink. Maya offers white wine. Julius would prefer a Martini. Rick goes to make it. Vivienne asks if Nicole isn’t home. Maya assumes that she is catching up with Zende or Sasha. Maya knows that Sasha stopped by their place earlier. It must have been a nice surprise.

Sasha still is shocked that her bestie is pregnant. Nicole knows. Soon she won’t be able to try on any of the dresses around the office. Zende asks if he knows who that is for. Nicole does. When Sasha saw it, it took all her power not to try to put it on. Zende looks at Sasha who gives him a guilty look.

Rick would love to hear more about Nicole’s friend. Vivienne explains that they were insufferable. Maya thinks it must be nice to have a best friend like that. She was the sister that Maya couldn’t be. Julius changes the subject by complimenting Rick’s martini skills. Rick says he’s got it. Vivienne tries to remember the name of the game they used to play then remembers it was truth or dare. They used to play for hours. Sasha is like family anyway. Julius is still trying to get both him and Eric on the golf course. Rick thinks they will have to do that.

Zende reminds Nicole that they have plans. Sasha assumes that she is holding them up. Nicole promises it is ok. She is just happy to see her in LA. Sasha is too. Sasha asks if Maya won’t mind if she pops over to say hello. Nicole thinks she would love it. They can drop her off if she would like. Sasha can figure it out on her own. Nicole will text her the address.

Baker asks why Ivy isn’t at home resting. Ivy was at home resting but then Steffy showed up and now she finds out that Steffy is here too. Liam would like to dial this back and discuss it a bit. Wyatt agrees. He gets why Ivy is concerned but he isn’t sure arresting Steffy is the right thing to do. Liam requests a little more time. He knows he has a job to do but if there is a way to handle it without anyone going to jail… Baker explains that since she broke the restraining order the court date will be canceled. Instead the restraining order will become permanent determined by the judge. She will hear soon enough. Liam thanks him. Baker tells Steffy to gather up her things and go. He leaves.

Zende turns on the light to his bedroom. Nicole explains that if she had known they were coming here they could have given Sasha a lift. Zende tells her to be quiet. No one is supposed to be here. That is why they took the back door. Zende starts to kiss her very passionately. Nicole thinks that it is a good thing his room is away from all the others. None of them will walk in. Zende goes to lock it. He hopes that she isn’t disappointed. Nicole asks why she would be. Zende knows that she was expecting dinner or a movie. Nicole is fine with just this. Nicole wonders about what Zende thought of Sasha. She knows he didn’t get to see much of her. She really hopes she stays. Zende doesn’t want to talk about Sasha. He starts kissing her again.

Vivienne was really hoping that they would get to see Nicole. Julius really thinks that she should be resting. Someone knocks on the door. Maya goes to get the door. She opens it. Sasha is at the door and introduces herself. Sasha wanted to drop by. Maya is happy to see her. Sasha saw all the magazines. Maya explains not to believe everything you read. Sasha notes that Nicole had suspicions when she saw the birth certificate but she was the only one Nicole ever told. Maya is glad she had her to talk to. Maya tells everyone who is there.

Steffy cannot believe Ivy tried to have her arrested. Ivy was just trying to protect herself and she isn’t going to say sorry for that. Liam isn’t asking her to. They are family though and they have to work through this. Steffy tried doing that at the beach house. Wyatt gets that but it might not have been the smartest idea. Steffy knows she acted on impulse. Liam notes that what happened has happened but they don’t have to let it refine them for the rest of their lives. Liam notes that Ivy needs to feel safe again but Steffy doesn’t need to be under constant scrutiny. He asks if they can try listening to each other. Ivy thinks this is ridicules and has to go. Steffy wants her to wait a minute and try to listen. It hurt her. It hurts that she is afraid of her. She isn’t a danger to anyone. She wishes that none of this happened. The night on the road and when she pushed her wasn’t meant to happen. She wants them to get along. This is all derailing that. Steffy asks how the media will act about that. Ivy would never do anything to jeopardize. She can’t act like nothing happened though. Steffy isn’t asking her to act. She wants her to try Ivy wants her to try. Ivy can’t do this anymore. She leaves. Steffy doesn’t know what to do. Liam is sorry. They hug. Steffy looks at her phone. Liam asks who she is calling. Steffy is calling Ridge. She is no good for the company if she can’t be in the office. Liam hopes she is not thinking of resigning. Steffy knows that Liam heard Baker. If it becomes permanent, then… She might move back to Paris. Liam isn’t letting her do that. They are getting through this and they are getting through this together. Steffy just cannot believe that she is going this far. Liam promises that it will stop. He knows that Ivy is letting her fear get the best of her. He promises to fix this for both of them. He asks if she will be ok. Steffy says she will be. He leaves.

Ivy looks out the window at Wyatt’s house. She thanks him. Wyatt notes she seems quiet in the car. She knows that he thinks that she went too far. She doesn’t understand why everyone thinks she should just forgive Steffy and move on. She wishes she could put it all behind her. Wyatt isn’t sure that anyone though that it was that simple. Ivy and Steffy represent the future of Forrester. They are going to be leading the company one day. It is one thing to let this play out in private and he completely understands her concerns. There has to be a reasonable solution. They have to all be open though. He asks if she can be.

Rick tells Sasha it is very nice to meet her. Sasha says the same. She notices the portrait of Maya. Maya explains that it was a gift from Rick when she first moved in. Sasha thinks it is beautiful and she is beautiful. So many amazing changes for not just her but the entire Avant family.

Zende and Nicole are undressing each other. Nicole suggests they slow down. Zende asks if this isn’t what she wanted. Nicole just knows they have the entire night. Zende thinks that they have waited a long time for this. Zende loves her and wants to show her how much. Nicole allows him to keep kissing him.

Ivy continues to look out the window when someone knocks on the door. Liam says it is him. Ivy walks to the door and opens it. Liam says hello. He asks if he can come in. He asks if Wyatt is here. Ivy assumes he is here for Steffy. Liam tells her no. He is here for her.

Sasha goes to pour herself a glass of wine and Julius walks over. He asks what she thinks she is doing. Sasha wonders what he means. Julius means showing up like this. Sasha wanted to see Maya. Julius knows she just wanted to see where they lived. She is not welcome here. Sasha didn’t get that impression from Maya and Rick. Julius knows they were just being polite. Sasha states that he isn’t. If he isn’t capable then they might pick up on something. Julius doesn’t think there is anything to pick up on. He doesn’t want her getting to comfortable. Sasha has a lot to do here.

Nicole and Zende continue to kiss each other. He asks what is wrong. Nicole just wants there first time to be perfect. Zende promises that it will be. He starts to get on top of her. Nicole looks at him. Zende unbuttons her shirt and kisses her all over. He kisses her stomach and gets uncomfortable.

Wyatt walks back into Ridge’s office. She asks what he is doing back here. Wyatt is checking on her. He has a long talk with Ivy. Steffy hopes that she finally came to her senses. Wyatt tells her no. Wyatt asks where Liam is. Steffy assumes that he passed him on the high way. Liam is a peace maker trying to do the right thing. For her sake and Ivy’s.

Ivy asks why he is there for her. Liam wonders why that is such a surprise. Ivy knows he has always been one of the good guys. Really one of the good guys. She knows exactly what she has in Wyatt. She doesn’t know what he has in her though. She hurt him badly. Liam thinks that Wyatt just wants what is best for her like always. Ivy wants what is best for Liam as well. She doesn’t think it is Steffy because of how she treated him in the past but she doesn’t have to go on about that. What hurts the most is that they were in love and they were creating a life together and Steffy came back to town and stole him from her. She wonders if he ever thinks about where they would be right now if it wasn’t for her. If she just stayed in Paris. Liam does but it doesn’t justify what she is doing to Steffy. She had every right to be angry but what happened back stage was an accident. This anger is hurting Ivy more than it is hurting Steffy. She needs to let this go. He begs her to drop the restraining order. He doesn’t want this to go on a moment longer than it hast to.

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