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Steffy continues to try to wake up Ivy. She gets out her phone.

Wyatt reminds Liam that Ivy almost lost her life. Liam is aware. Wyatt asks if he is because Ivy almost lost her life to five thousand bolts of electricity. Liam knows. It was a horrible accident. He guesses that Wyatt isn’t going to talk to Ivy about lifting the restraining order. Wyatt didn’t say that. He just wants him to look at this from Ivy’s perspective. Ivy is freaked out. That is why she got the restraining order. That is why it won’t be easy to get her to drop it.

Vivienne reminds Julius that Sasha just got here. Julius knows that she is just passing through though. Vivienne asks if that is what she said. Julius tells her more or less. Vivienne assumes that because Sasha is one of Nicole’s oldest and dearest friends that Sasha would want to stay around for a little while. Julius thinks that three or four days is a long enough time for a visit. He doesn’t want anyone convincing her to stay any longer.

Zende tells Sasha that he is sorry. Sasha wants him to continue to explain. Zende just thought… Sasha guesses that he thought she was someone else. Zende is really sorry. Sasha doesn’t want him to be. She isn’t.

Vivienne reminds Julius that they practically raised Sasha. Knowing Nicole, she will probably convince Sasha to stay longer. She bets even move in with them. Julius tells her that she is leaving. They already discussed it. Vivienne asks what exactly they discussed. Julius discussed her coming unexpectedly. Vivienne asks if there is something about Sasha she doesn’t know.

Sasha notes that Zende is staring. He is sorry. He didn’t expect this. Sasha asks what he means by that. Zende wonders if she is going to cover up. Sasha asks if he is going to tell her who he is.

Liam wants Wyatt to answer a serious question. He wants to know if Wyatt really thinks that Steffy is a serious threat to Ivy. Wyatt doesn’t think she wants to be. Liam asks if he isn’t convinced. Wyatt knows that a lot of stuff happened between the two of them. When Steffy fired Ivy she didn’t take it very well. They were both ready to storm out of here. They even went to Bill to try and start their own fashion house. Liam asks what he means. Wyatt says that they wouldn’t even be here right now if Bill had said yes. To answer Liam’s question though he doesn’t think that Steffy deliberately pushed Ivy. It is still weird though. Bad things do seem to happen when she is around Steffy.

Steffy continues to try to wake up Ivy. Ivy wakes up and asks what happens. Steffy wonders if she is ok. Ivy realizes Steffy is there and starts to freak out. She doesn’t want her anywhere near her. Steffy demands that she leaves. She doesn’t want her there. Ivy panics as Steffy leaves worried.

Vivienne wonders if there is something wrong with Sasha. If there is then he could tell her. Julius doesn’t want her to worry about it. Vivienne can tell that she did say something then. Julius already talked about it. Vivienne wants to know why he won’t tell her what the problem is. Julius doesn’t think that they are important. Sasha will not be staying in LA. He hopes they can drop this. He wants to put without her yammering. Vivienne wonders what he has against Sasha.

Sasha puts the dress back on the rack. She wonders if Zende will zip her up. Sasha thanks him. He can tell that she is new here. Sasha is fresh off the plane. She assumes he is a model. Zende lies and says he is. He wonders how she guessed. Sasha believes all you have to do is look at him. He really isn’t cut out for a desk job. Zende guesses she is right. He asks where she is from. Sasha says she is from the Midwest. Zende asks if this is her first modeling gig. Sasha claims that it isn’t. Zende wonders where she has worked before. Sasha says as a cashier. She notes that she isn’t a model. She got him though. Zende isn’t either. Sasha doesn’t believe him. Zende explains that this is his office. He is an intern. Sasha asks if he sneaks up on all the girls. He thought she was his girlfriend. Sasha thinks that is too bad he has a girlfriend. Zende explains her name is Nicole. Sasha freaks out when she realizes he is Zende.

In Detective Baker’s office he tries to eat a hotdog but he gets a phone call. He picks up his phone. Ivy explains that it is her and that Steffy just came over to her house. Baker asks what happened. Ivy tells him that she came over to Wyatt’s and then she had the restraining order and was demanding she rip it up. She kept moving towards her and she refused to leave. Ivy went for her phone but she ended up hitting her head and passing out. Ivy begs that he does something to stop her. Baker wants Ivy to calm down. He asks if Steffy is still there. Ivy says that she is gone. Baker wants her to lock all the doors. He will send a squad car to come over. He wants her to have a friend with her to sit with her. Ivy thanks him. Ivy very slowly stands up and walks towards the door. Wyatt walks in and Ivy is glad it is him. Wyatt asks who else it would be.

Steffy walks back into Ridges office. Liam reminds her she isn’t supposed to be here. Steffy explains that Ivy isn’t in the building. Liam wants to know how she would know. Steffy knows because she is at Wyatt’s. Liam asks if she is sure. Steffy is. Liam is sorry. He knows that it is rough. Liam just talked to Wyatt though and he is going to have a conversation with Ivy. Steffy isn’t so sure that will help. Liam thinks that will. If they give her time she will calm down. Steffy doesn’t want to work from home. Liam will have her stuff sent to her. He wants her out of here before Ivy shows up. It could be bad. Liam knows how hard this is. He hugs her. He promises that this will pass. Steffy doesn’t know. She went to see Ivy. Liam asks where. Steffy says she is at Wyatt’s.

Vivienne would like to know what Julius has against Sasha. Julius promises nothing. Vivienne knows him. Julius explains that he is just a little out of it. He didn’t get much sleep last night. He asks how the job interview went again. Vivienne ignores him and explains that Nicole and Sasha are like sisters. Julius doubts that Sasha is anything like Nicole. Vivienne disagrees with that. If she is honest she thinks it would be wonderful if Sasha stayed.

Zende is shocked that she knows his name. Sasha feels that a lot of women around here know his name. Zende doesn’t know hers. Sasha wants him to take a guess. He has already seen her in her underwear. She asks if she is Misty or Kitty. Zende wants a hint. Sasha explains they have a mutual friend. More than a friend to him. Zende asks if she is Sasha. Zende explains that Nicole talks about her constantly. Sasha is glad because they are practically family. Zende had no idea that she was… Sasha assumes captivating. Sasha knows Nicole is a lucky girl. Nicole walks in and is glad that they met. Sasha says they have met.

Ivy asks if a restraining order means anything to Steffy. Wyatt asks what Steffy wanted. Ivy says she wanted her to rip it up. Wyatt wonders what Steffy did. Ivy told her that she couldn’t be here. She has to leave. Ivy was so scared. She kept getting flash backs to getting pushed. Wyatt promises that it will be ok. Wyatt wants her to realize that this was an accident. She might have come by to check up on her. Ivy knows she wasn’t. She just wants to back to work. That is the only reason. When she refused she kept walking towards her. When she refused to let her come any closer she went for her phone and that is when she fell and hit her head. Wyatt wants her to sit down. Ivy took care of it all. She called Baker.

Liam asks why Steffy would do that. Steffy thought she could get through to Ivy. She thinks that this is so stupid. Steffy wanted to say sorry and reason with her. Liam reminds her there is a court order telling her she can’t do that. Steffy knows. Liam tells her she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. If she reacts she could be in big trouble. Steffy tried to reason with her but she was petrified. She tried to calm her down but she kept backing up. Liam asks what happened yet. Steffy explains that she fell and hit her head. Liam cannot believe she hit her head again.

Nicole asks what Sasha thinks. Sasha wouldn’t throw him back just yet. Nicole thinks he is legit. Sasha told him that he is a lucky man. Nicole wants her to stick around so she can find one. Sasha says maybe. Nicole reminds her she just got here. Nicole hopes that her visit with her parents went fine. Sasha promises that it went fine. She always has loved Vivienne. Nicole swore it looked like Sasha was arguing with Julius. Nicole walked in. Sasha feels that they see things differently. Nicole doesn’t want her father scaring her away.

Julius is not going to have Sasha stay in LA and Vivienne is not to encourage it. They don’t need any more on their plate. They have a pregnant daughter and Maya. They don’t need any more. Vivienne knows that Sasha can fend for herself. Julius wants her to do it in Illinois.

Wyatt asks if Ivy really had to call the police. Ivy feels that she did. Wyatt wants her to calm down. He isn’t judging her. Ivy has been through enough with Steffy. She doesn’t want her anywhere near her. That is why she got the restraining order in the first place. She hopes that he gets that. Wyatt does but he doesn’t want her to become consumed by this. He wants her to over time to realize she isn’t a threat. Ivy wants Steffy to leave her alone. When Steffy is around bad things happen.

Steffy feels that Ivy is ok. She just has a little bump on her head. Liam asks if she touched her. Steffy says no. Steffy did after she fell though. Liam tells her to never go over there again. Steffy thought they could talk it out. Liam doesn’t think there is any talking it out. He hopes she understands that. Liam is sorry. He hugs her. He thinks it will be ok. They have a wedding to plan. Baker walks in. He says it is just who he is looking for. Baker guesses it is her second violation of the day. She isn’t even supposed to be in the building. Liam tries to claim they only came here to pack her stuff up. Baker asks about why she paid Ivy a visit. Steffy wanted to say sorry. Then he heard about the second accident. Steffy doesn’t think it was that serious. Baker feels it was. Liam promises it won’t happen again. Baker knows it won’t happen again. He explains that Steffy Forrester is in violation of the terms of her restraining order. She is under arrest.

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