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Nicole asks if there is something going on here. It seems intense. Julius promises that they are fine. Sasha asks if she is going to get another hug or is Nicole just doing air kisses these days. Nicole tells her to shut up and hugs her. She is so happy to see her. Sasha had to make sure that LA didn’t change her to much but she can see she is the same. Nicole feels that she says that now. She wants her to talk to her in a few months. Sasha asks what she means. Nicole is glad that Julius didn’t tell her. Sasha asks what she means. Nicole says that she is pregnant.

On the sky lounge Zende is lifting. Carter asks how many reps that is. Zende doesn’t think that he has done enough. Carter promises that if he keeps that up he is going to be jacked. Zende thought that was the point. Carter feels that it usually is but for Zende it is about getting out frustration. Zende thinks that Carter is under the impression he knows everything. Carter wants him to tell him he isn’t right. Carter gets it. This pregnancy complicates thing and he hasn’t been able to be near Nicole as much. It can’t be easy for either of them.

Ivy walks into Wyatt’s house and he tells her to be careful. He asks if she is ok. Ivy promises that she is. Ivy sits down and Wyatt puts another pillow behind her. He also has blankets for her. He wants to take care of her. Ivy thanks him for taking care of her every step of the way. Wyatt wishes that she didn’t have to go through this right now. Ivy did too. Wyatt reminds her that she is here though and she is home. She will be ok. Ivy agrees that she will be ok so long as Steffy stays far away from her.

In Ridge’s office Steffy tells Liam that it was an accident and hopes that Liam believes her. Liam does. Steffy thanks him for supporting her. Liam wants to help her pack up her stuff. Steffy doesn’t want to. She will not be kicked out of her family’s company.

Ivy is really starting to see how bad this could have been. Wyatt explains that someone is watching over her. Ivy believes that if there is trouble in this town all you have to do is look for Steffy. She thinks that Steffy is dangerous and is worried about what she will do next.

Liam notes that as of right now it is only temporary but Ivy could get it extended up to a year. Steffy thinks that it is baseless. No judge in their right mind would grant an extension. Liam reminds her that she doesn’t know that so she is better off packing up her stuff. Steffy will do it and pack it away into her closet. Ivy is not kicking her out.

Carter doesn’t think that there is a right way to handle this. He just has to go with how he feels. Zende explains that it changes one minute to the next. Just when he thinks he can deal with the situation Nicole gets sick or cancels on him. Carter reminds him that no one is twisting his arm. He made the choice so that means he has to be supportive of her. Zende is trying. He really is and is doing his best.

Sasha is shocked that she is pregnant with an actual baby. Nicole isn’t that far along but there is no press and no one outside of the family knows. Sasha guesses that Julius is going to have a grand baby. Nicole explains that she is Maya’s surrogate.

Ivy feels so miserable. She loves that Wyatt is taking care of her but she assumes he has to get to work. Wyatt wouldn’t miss out on the muffins and the movie marathons. Ivy promises that it won’t hurt her to be alone for a few hours on her own. She also needs him to go check and see if Steffy is moving her stuff out. Wyatt gets it. What has happened to her is beyond traumatic. He can’t even process what is going on for her. Ivy wants to get back to work sooner than later. Wyatt promises that she will be back at it sooner than she knows it. Wyatt wants her to know that he will be back here so fast if she needs him. Ivy thinks that is a good deal. She will save him some ice cream. Wyatt leaves and Ivy is stressed.

Liam knows that she doesn’t want to leave. She is the president of the company and everyone loves her but it isn’t up to them. This is a serious legal situation they don’t have a choice. Steffy realizes that but it doesn’t mean she has to like it. Liam isn’t asking her to like it. He just doesn’t want her to get into more trouble. Steffy wishes that there was a way to get through to Ivy. Liam points out that he tried that out several times. She wants her gone. Steffy didn’t want to hurt Ivy. She grabbed her phone and threw it. She reacted but it wasn’t intentional. Liam knows that. Steffy wishes that she could forgive her and they could figure this out. Steffy asks him to please try to help her. Liam will talk to Wyatt but he doubts it will work. Steffy leaves. Liam tells her she has to pack her stuff. Liam looks confused.

Zende is happy that Nicole is doing this for her sister. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and generosity on the flip side he is human. Carter thought that he had plans with her tonight. Zende does. That is why he is working out so hard.

Nicole explains that obviously Maya can’t have kids of her own so they asked her to be the surrogate. That way the baby can have a biological connection to both parents. Sasha thinks that is pretty big of her. She doesn’t think she could do the same for a sister. Julius gets annoyed and walks into the bathroom. Sasha asks if she is staying put in Lala land. Nicole has an amazing job at Forrester and an amazing boyfriend that she will have to meet. Not tonight though she has a date. Julius asks if Nicole has to be getting back to work. Nicole does. She wonders if Sasha would like to come. She could see what Forrester Creations is all about. Sasha asks if she really can. Nicole just needs a minute then they can go. Nicole goes into the bathroom. Julius tells her not to get any ideas while at Forrester. She is a grown woman who needs to live her own life. He doesn’t want her leaching off of them. She has two or three days then she is to get on the next flight off to Chicago. Later on… Julius is playing with his golf clubs. Vivienne walks in and asks if he is still playing with that thing. Julius asks how the interview went. Vivienne thinks it went all right or at least she hopes it did. Vivienne guesses they will know in a few days. They have to knock on wood, cross their fingers, and say a prayer. They could use the income. Maybe find a decent place to live in. She wonders where Sasha is. Julius explains that Nicole came by and took her to Forrester.

Nicole takes Sasha into Rick’s office and she thinks it looks crazy. Nicole doesn’t think it is that bad. Sasha thinks it is better than the fast food place she is working at. Nicole reminds her it helps pay for her college classes. Sasha knows they are trying to better themselves. Sasha thinks that Liam and Wyatt are hot. She finds everyone in LA to be beautiful. She asks if it is always sunny. Nicole admits that since she has gotten here it has been incredible. She hasn’t seen a drop of rain. She knows it probably does happen. Sasha wants to hear about the boyfriend.

Carter doesn’t want Zende to use all of his energy. He doesn’t want him to use it all before his date tonight. Zende just finds that hilarious. Carter doesn’t see what the problem is. If he and Nicole are on the same page take it to the next lever. Zende just wants to focus on himself and Nicole. He won’t talk about the baby or anything else. Carter tells him nothing at all. Zende wants to live in the moment for once. Zende thinks Nicole wants the same thing.

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office and finds Liam working. Liam was just about to text him. He asks how Ivy is. Wyatt explains she is getting better every day. He took her home. Liam heard that she was released. He thinks that is good news. Wyatt agrees that it turned out better than it did. They are lucky she is even alive. Wyatt is sorry about the restraining order but it is the only thing that makes her feel safe. Liam promises that Steffy won’t do anything. Wyatt knows but Ivy isn’t comfortable being around Steffy. Liam can kind of understand why she thinks that forcing out Steffy is the best option but there has to be a better way to do this than to just punish Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t think it is punishment. Liam feels it was an accident. He asks Wyatt to try and drop the restraining order.

Ivy is still on the couch and someone knocks on the door. She gets up very slowly and is in pain. She opens the door and it is Steffy. Ivy tells her she has to be at least a hundred yards away. She looks scared. Steffy is only here for one thing. She just wants to put this behind them. They are family and need to get along.

Sasha cannot believe that her boyfriend is a rich and famous Forrester. Nicole explains that he is more than that. He is pretty special. Sasha wonders if he is down with this whole surrogacy thing. Maya says that he has been really supportive which makes her love him even more. Sasha is happy for her. Sasha sees designs asks who they are for. Sasha wonders what it be like to wear something like that. Nicole has samples she has to get to Rick. She wants Sasha to wait here and she will be right back. Sasha looks at the dresses.

Vivienne always liked Sasha. She is such a lovely girl. Julius asks if she is going to be hungry soon. He hasn’t had lunch yet. Vivienne really hopes that Sasha stays a little bit. Julius knows she will be leaving soon.

Sasha decides to put on one of the outfits. Zende walks in as she is getting changed. Zende notices that she is changing and assumes it is Nicole. He says that he got her texts. He walks over and it is Sasha. He asks who she is. Sasha asks who he is.

Wyatt cannot be put into this position. Liam feels that she has every right to be angry or concerned but this was an accident. Wyatt knows Ivy doesn’t see it this way after what happened to Aly. She is terrified of her fiancé. Liam asks if they have all forgotten what happened. Ivy is the one who went and attacked Steffy. Next to a live electric panel. Liam thinks that Steffy loves this job and doesn’t want her to be away from her. He wants him to do him a favor. He wants him to ask Ivy to reconsider.

Ivy doesn’t think Steffy should be here right now. Ivy is panicking. Steffy is sorry for what Ivy has been through. She really is. Ivy tells her to leave. Steffy wants a minute. She knows it was a terrible experience. She can say she is sorry. Ivy doesn’t want to talk. Ivy goes for her phone. Steffy wants her to rip up the restraining order. Ivy slips and is not awake. Steffy tries to wake her up.

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