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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/14/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Ridge’s office Rick asks Eric if Ivy is ok. He hopes that there was no damage done. Eric explains that as far as he knows the doctors are saying that she is ok. Zende asks if they could imagine getting electroshock. Eric assures them all that they won’t have to worry about that. They have replaced the entire panel back there. It is very old. Like him. Something else they need to know. Ivy filed a restraining order against the company. Nicole asks what that means for the company. Maya wonders as well. If Steffy can’t be anywhere near Ivy how do, they work. Rick tells her it means one of them can’t be at Forrester. Eric explains that it is Steffy. Rick believes that is an issue if the president of the company can’t even show up for work. Eric knows that eventually they will have to deal with that but for now they hope that Steffy and Ivy can come to terms. Eric wants to change the subject. He asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole says the pregnancy is real. Zende thinks that is for sure.

Julius hits a golf ball into a hole in his motel room. Vivienne walks right past him in a new outfit. Julius tells her she is looking good. Vivienne hopes that it is not too much or too little. She has no idea how people in LA dress for a job interview. Julius reminds her that it is a job at the DMV. So she doesn’t have to be to California Freedom or to Midwesterner. He feels that she is just the perfect fit. Vivienne doesn’t have that many choices. They really are going to have to start speeding up the apartment search because this room isn’t big enough for all his toys and them. Julius promises that they will find something soon. Vivienne reminds him that Maya has offered more than once. Julius won’t be Maya’s charity case. Vivienne knows she just wants to help because she is in a position to help. Julius thinks it is fine. Vivienne feels he is bull headed. Vivienne forgot to tell him. Sasha called and she is coming over. Julius’ eyes quickly turn to Vivienne as she says that. Julius asks where and if she means here. He asks why Sasha is in LA.

Nicole is feeling good other than the morning sickness all day. Eric remembers that Brooke was the same way when she was carrying Rick. Rick assumes that his genes are already kicking in. Nicole wonders if it is the throwing up gene. Eric promises that it will pass. Zende hopes that it passes soon like tonight. Nicole asks what is tonight. Zende tells her that it is something special if she is up for it. Rick feels that they both need to have the night off. Nicole gets a text message. She gets excited. Nicole tells Maya that Sasha is in town.

Julius asks if Sasha is coming to this hotel room. Vivienne told her that is where she told her to meet them. Julius didn’t want her to come meet them here. They could have met here anywhere. Vivienne doesn’t want him to be silly. She invited her over. Sasha is like family. Julius reminds her that she was the one just telling him how cramped this room was. Vivienne assures him that she is not rolling a cot in. Just stopping by. She asks what is wrong with him. Julius wonders if she remembers what the conversation between them was. Vivienne explains that she said she was in LA and wanted to see them. Vivienne wants to know what is wrong him. Julius doesn’t want a parade of people showing up from back home because Maya has money. Vivienne doesn’t think Sasha is like that. Someone knocks at the door and Vivienne goes to open it. Sasha hugs Vivienne and Vivienne welcomes her in. Vivienne cannot believe how glamorous she looks. Sasha thinks that that Vivienne looks Hollywood glamorous. Vivienne says hello to Julius. Julius says hello back. They both have interesting looks towards one another.

Eric wonders who this Sasha is. Nicole tells him that she is her best from back home. Maya is reminded of what she has been told of her and thinks that Sasha sounds more like family. Nicole says that they grew up together on the same street. Her mom looked after her and Vivienne looked after Sasha. She really cannot remember a time when they were not together up until recently. Eric asks if she has kept in touch with her. Nicole has but it is different being so far away. She has been a little busy but social media makes it easy. Maya asks if Sasha knows she is pregnant. Nicole hasn’t made any announcements. Rick feels that soon she won’t have to. Nicole guesses he is right. She thinks that it is crazy that Sasha is here and didn’t tell her. Rick assumes that she wanted to surprise her. Nicole wonders why she would go to her parents first then.

Vivienne thinks that it is so good to see Sasha. Vivienne thinks that it is good to see her. She feels that it has been forever. Vivienne promises that it has only been a couple of months. Vivienne asks if she misses it back home yet. Vivienne does especially around the holidays. Sasha assumes she misses the potluck club. Her sweet potato pie was missed. Sasha asks how Julius is doing. She hopes that he is adjusting to LA. Julius is doing just fine and thanks her for asking. Sasha asks if she if he is going to ask her back. Julius can see with his own eyes that she is doing well. Sasha is super excited to be here. She always wanted to check out LA. Vivienne promises that it is different but Maya and Nicole has both fit right in. She is fitting in a little less. Vivienne asks what brings her here. Sasha doesn’t know how long she can stay but there is nothing she loves more than seeing her second family. Vivienne knows that Nicole got so excited when she heard she was coming. Sasha is glad. Vivienne has to get going. She has a job interview with the DMV. She doesn’t want to be late. Sasha will wait for Nicole with Julius. Vivienne makes her promise this won’t be the last time they see her. Sasha promises. Vivienne tells Julius to wish her luck. Julius doesn’t think she needs it because she is beautiful. Sasha looks at Julius after Vivienne leaves.

Nicole realizes that it makes sense that Sasha went to Vivienne first. They are really close. She guesses that it can be easier sometimes to open up to your best friend’s mom as opposed to you yourself. Maya thinks that it will be nice for Nicole to have her bestie here. Nicole feels like it will be a way to have a little slice of home to look at. Zende wants her to look at herself in the mirror. She hasn’t changed at all. Nicole thinks that he is sweet. Nicole has so much to tell her. Maya asks when she is going to see her. Nicole is going over there right now. Rick wants her to be free to bring Sasha around anytime she wants. Nicole will and wonders how long she is in town. Eric tells her there is only one way to find out. Zende walks her out. In the hallway Zende is glad that she finally is all to him. She asks if she had something in mind. The two of them kiss. Nicole asks if that was just for her. Zende promises that there will be more tonight. He knows that she is excited to see her girl but wants it to be a drive by. He has something big planned for tonight. Nicole knows that Sasha is going to be jealous of Zende in a good way. Zende asks if it is because he is such a prize. Nicole says exactly. Zende will be waiting.

Julius thanks Sasha for stopping by. Sasha isn’t leaving. Nicole is coming over. Julius explains that when Nicole arrives he is going to ask her to take the reunion somewhere else. He is very busy. Sasha can see that. Julius is playing with his golf clubs again. Julius explains that golf always relaxes him. He has a lot to do in LA. Sasha laughs. She would have given anything to see Julius’ face the first time he saw her. Julius asks who she means. Sasha meant Maya his long lost son. Sasha knows she is fully blossomed as a well accomplished woman. Famous around the world for her modeling skills and story admired married to a Forrester. Julius admits that Maya has done well for herself. Sasha asks if she will do well by Julius. Julius asks if that is what she thinks he is doing here. He isn’t pitching a ridge on Maya’s good fortune. Sasha says that it crossed her mind. Julius guesses if that were the case he wouldn’t be very good at it seeing he is in the world’s smallest motel. Sasha suggests that he is taking his time. Julius knows Vivienne is to polite to say this but he isn’t. He wants to know what Sasha wants and why she is here. Sasha misses Nicole. Julius knows Sasha. She wants him to believe that she came all this way because she misses her buddy. Sasha also wants to better herself. There is nothing wrong with hitting opportunity. She is sure that Julius has been hitting the rinks with old Eric Forrester. Julius isn’t a social climber. Sasha thinks this is simple. She kept his secret and now she wants something in return. Julius laughs. He knew this was coming. He asks what she wants. Sasha has been working fast food and doesn’t want to do that anymore. She knows he knows she is capable of much more than “do you want fries with that”. Sasha knows that Maya is married to a Forrester and Nicole is involved with another. They are all out here. She wants to be out here to making a good life for themselves. She wants Julius to introduce her to the Forrester’s. Julius tells her to stop dreaming. She is not meeting a Forrester. What she is doing is going back home.

Zende is thinking of picking up some flowers. He asks Maya is flowers are god. Maya promises him always. Rick shouts out to buy roses. No one has ever gone wrong with Roses. Maya thinks that it is good he is planning something special. It is important that he doesn’t let their relationship get lost in Nicole’s pregnancy. Zende will try not to. Maya knows it is hard but he is amazing. She is glad that Nicole picked him. Zende believes it is the other way around. What matters is that they are together and he won’t let this defeat them. Maya feels that the feeling is mutual with Nicole. Nicole has been so happy since she has been with him. Zende hopes that Sasha approves. He assumes her opinion has a lot of weight. Maya thinks it would be so cool to have had a friend since childhood. Share lies and secrets. Rick hopes that they get to meet Sasha. Maya says of course they will and wonder why they wouldn’t.

Julius means it. She is not meeting the Forrester’s. Sasha doesn’t think that Julius gets to dictate where she lives. Sasha doesn’t expect him to pay her way. She doesn’t like working fast food but she can survive until she finds something better. Julius doesn’t think it is a good idea. Julius asks why not. This was all good for them. Why can’t it be good for her as well? Julius tells her to go back to Illinois. Sasha assumes that he doesn’t want to drag inconvenient ghosts from his past. Julius is sorry but he can’t help her. He is looking for work himself. Sasha can’t believe he is doing this to her after all she has done for him which is everything he has ever asked of her. Her help is the least she deserves. A little cash this way wouldn’t hurt either. Julius asks if she really thinks that he has a little cash to throw at her. Sasha doesn’t need it. She will make her own. She is a hard worker. Sasha was named employee of the month three times this year. Julius demands she go make it four. There is no place for her here. Sasha will make a place. Julius doesn’t want to have to say it again. He tells her to go home. Sasha thinks he has no right or cause to treat her like this. He said he was coming back to stay. Since he isn’t going back neither is she. She is tired of being ignored. She emailed and texted but got straight to voice mail every single time she has called. It is one indignity after another with him. She is here and staying. He is just going to have to deal. She will not live in Illinois while they live it up in Hollywood. He can huff and puff all he wants. Julius says fine but their deal remains. Not one word to his family. He hopes that she understands. Nicole walks in and is excited. Sasha hugs her. Nicole asks if Julius is ok. Julius is fine and asks why she would ask. Nicole thinks that he seems upset and wonders what is going on.

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