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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The doctors look at Ivy and tell her that she should be pleased. All the tests have come back positive. Wyatt guesses that it isn’t so bad for being electrocuted. They all look at him. Wyatt laughs. He remembers that she was in a state of electroshock. If she were to have been electrocuted, then she wouldn’t be here. Wyatt asks if Ivy can go home. The doctor notes that she cannot today but she will be able to soon. If he knows that she has the right person looking after her. Wyatt promises that she does. The doctor doesn’t think that there is anything better than the support of a loved one. He will be back to check on her in a little bit. Ivy agrees with the doctor. Wyatt being there has made a huge difference to her recovery. Liam walks in and smiles at Ivy.

Backstage at Forrester, Ridge asks Jake and the repairman if it is all fixed. The repairman promises that it is all fixed. Steffy doesn’t know about any of them but she is going to stay far away from that thing. The repairman promises that she doesn’t have to worry about it at all. It won’t happen again. Steffy thinks that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It was terrible what happened to Ivy. The repairman tries to explain something to her but Jake tells him that they are going to check out the entire building to confirm that they have no other electrical issues. Steffy thinks that would be wise. She turns around. Ridge asks her what is wrong in her tone. Steffy believes that the panels should have been fixed a year ago so that this wouldn’t happen. Ridge would like to know what did happen with Ivy. He knows it was just her and Ivy. Steffy says it was. He tells her that she can tell him anything. Steffy admits to pushing her. Caroline is shocked. She says sorry for interrupting. Steffy explains that Ivy was mad because she told Wyatt that she had been kissing Thomas. Caroline knows that Thomas said that he was interested but that Wyatt and Ivy were solid. Steffy guesses that solid means kissing her brother. Ivy came after her like she was the bad guy. She tried to stop her but she accidently pushed her. She is sorry. Caroline hates to think this way but she should probably talk to Carter. Ridge agrees. Steffy doesn’t think that will be necessary. She is on her way to the hospital now. She will tell Ivy how bad she feels and that she didn’t mean to do it.

Steffy leaves and Thomas walks in. Ridge asks why he is kissing Ivy now.

Liam can tell that someone is looking like their old self. Wyatt asks him to come in. Liam wonders what the doctor said. Wyatt tells him that everything is excellent. Liam is glad because they were both worried. Ivy asks him what he means by that. Liam mentions that Steffy was worried as well. Wyatt explains that Ivy will be able to check out of here soon. Liam is glad. He wants to know how long before she checks out though because she only has so many sick days. Wyatt explains that Ivy cannot wait to get back to Forrester. Liam wants her to take his time. Ivy has a problem though. She is worried about Steffy. First Aly and now this. Liam doesn’t think that she can compare the two things. Wyatt knows but these things keep happening. He feels that Ivy has reason for concern. Liam wants to know what the two of them are trying to tell him. Wyatt just thinks that Ivy is concerned. Liam asks if it is really because of Steffy. Ivy reminds him that she is in a hospital bed. Liam knows but it is because of electroshock not because of Steffy. Ivy thinks it is still because of Steffy because she pushed her. Liam thinks that is one way to look at it. He thinks that Ivy was the one who was up in her face. Ivy asks if he thinks that she was the one holding a rock over her head. Liam doesn’t think that this has anything to do with that. Ivy tells him that they can claim self-defense as much as they want but she didn’t have to pick up the tire iron. Liam doesn’t think that there is any question to if it was self-defense. Wyatt isn’t questioning that. It just so happens that Steffy likes to push back and push back hard though. Liam knows it is because she was fighting for her life. Ivy asks if Liam realizes that she could have died. Steffy was supposed to be keeping people away from it. He can go on defending her as much as he likes but Steffy is dangerous. Liam promises that Steffy would never intentionally do anything to anyone. Ivy wishes that she could share her confidence. Steffy walks in and asks what they are talking about. Steffy thinks that she looks amazing. Ivy tells her to stay away from her. She tries to sit up but it hurts her. Steffy asks if she is afraid of her.

Ridge thought that Thomas was growing up a little. He thought that he was becoming more mature. Now he is doing this. Thomas asks what he means. He kissed Ivy. It isn’t the end of the world. He was the other guy. Ridge guesses that all the single women throwing themselves at him are not enough. He wants the one who is already committed to someone else. Thomas promises that they just kissed. They bonded together after pulling her out from the light fixture. They have been spending time together. Ridge assumes he is under the impression that of course Ivy must return the feelings because it is Thomas after all. He cannot believe he made a play for a girl who was already with someone. That is what bothers him and that is what needs to change.

Steffy asks what is wrong. She wonders why she cannot even look at her. Ivy is just tired and isn’t sure that she can be around this many visitors. Steffy won’t take long. She is thrilled to see how far she has come. She wants her to know how terrified she has been. She just had a meeting the Jake and the electrician. The panel has been fixed. It has been upgraded. It was a terrible accident that she will never have to go through again. Detective Baker walks in and tells her that she won’t. He has been looking for Steffy for a while. Steffy asks why he is looking for her. Detective Baker has a temporary restraining order for her. Filed by Ivy Forrester. Steffy looks shocked.

Thomas doesn’t get what he has to change. He also would like to know where Ridge got the idea that he doesn’t care about what a woman wants. He thinks that is awful. Wyatt and Ivy are dating. There is no ring on her finger and he has been getting signals from her. Ridge assumes that he just decided to take her then. He asks if that isn’t a little disrespectful to Wyatt. Thomas isn’t disrespecting Wyatt. If anything he is forcing him to step up his game. He has taken Ivy for granted. Hopefully next time he goes out of town he invites Ivy along. Caroline cannot believe that he was hitting on Ivy while Wyatt was out of town. Thomas thinks that when opportunity strikes you have to act on it. Ridge assumes he means like a man. He isn’t a man though. He is a little boy. A girl is alone one night doesn’t mean you move in. You don’t do that.

Steffy asks Ivy why she has a restraining order against her. Ivy feels that it is necessary after what happened. Steffy asks how it could be after an accident. Detective Baker corrects her by saying after an altercation. Liam thinks that this is insane. Wyatt wonders what he is talking about. Ivy doesn’t feel safe. Liam can’t believe that Wyatt supports this. Wyatt does because Ivy is scared about what Steffy will do next. Detective Baker explains that it is only temporary. It means that she has to stay a hundred yards away from Ivy at all times. This means all over including the work place. Steffy thinks this is so messed up. Ivy is afraid of her and doesn’t want to be around her. Wyatt wants Ivy to have time to recover. Steffy cannot believe after all this talk about getting back at Forrester and going through her grandfather it all meant nothing. Ivy is grateful to have her job back. This has nothing to do with the job. Steffy asks how Ivy is supposed to work. Detective Baker explains that Ivy can go to Forrester but Steffy can’t. Wyatt tells Steffy that Ivy is going to be here the rest of the day at the hospital. Wyatt thinks that she can go to work to get what she needs to work at home. Steffy reminds them that she is president of the company. Detective Baker tells her it doesn’t matter. The complaints against her. Liam asks how long this will last. Baker tells him until the case is concluded. Steffy begs Ivy not to do this. Ivy doesn’t have a choice. Steffy feels terrible. She gave her CPR until the EMT came. Ivy doesn’t care. Steffy asks how she does her job if she can’t be in the office. Ivy doesn’t want to be around her. Steffy tells her to stay home then. She can design anywhere. Wyatt tells her to calm down. Steffy can’t calm down when she can’t even go into her own office. Steffy walks forward. Baker grabs her and tells her not to go any closer.

Thomas asks what is really going on. He wants to know why Ridge is so mad. Ridge is just tired of watching Thomas make the same mistake over and over again. Thomas feels that he is mad and unreasonably angry. He doesn’t think that this is about Ivy. He feels it is about what happened before. He is sorry about hitting him and getting with Charlotte. It was stupid and the moment got away from him. This should be a happy time for him. He has a baby on the way. He wants to know why he is still dwelling on the past when an innocent life is growing inside Caroline. His little brother or sister. He assumes that should unite them. They should come together for the baby’s sake. Ridge tells him no. He wants Ridge to tell him he understands what no makes. He wants Thomas to work on being a good person. Ridge asks if he really wants to know. Thomas wants to know. Caroline demands that Thomas go. Thomas doesn’t understand. They are supposed to be family. Families get each other. Fathers forgive sons. He leaves. Caroline thinks at was to close. Ridge had it covered. Caroline demands that he stop losing it on him. He needs to focus on their baby and their child. Thomas is Thomas. Focus on their child.

Steffy guesses that she will step back. She can relay messages through Quinn and Liam can be the liaison. She needs to figure out something though. This doesn’t work for her. Ivy tells her it is happening. Liam reminds Ivy that in the past there were times where she was absolutely sure she knew the truth but turned out to be wrong. It turned out she was mistaken. Steffy doesn’t feel that she is a threat to her. Ivy knows that this was caused by her again. Steffy wants to forget about this restraining order. She will be the first person to welcome her with open arms. Baker informs her she won’t. Ivy isn’t doing this to get back at her. She is doing this to protect herself. She needs to go along without worry or fear. Steffy thinks that Ivy should be the one to stay away from Forrester because it is her company and business. She cannot ban her from there. She cannot do this. Ivy just did.

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