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Steffy is not taking off this ring. She knows he is upset but they can fix this. Liam is upset because of what happened to Ivy. Steffy reminds him that Ivy is going to be ok. Liam doesn’t think that changes the fact that Ivy still got hurt. She messed up and she feels terrible about this. She doesn’t want an accident to end their engagement.

In Ridge’s office Ridge asks why Eric didn’t call him and Caroline. Eric doesn’t think that there was enough time. He had to make sure that Ivy was alright. Caroline asks how Ivy is doing. Eric explains that she is ok now. He was on the phone with the hospital whenever he wasn’t on the phone trying to get a hold of John. Caroline assumes that John and Ivy’s mom must have been absolutely frantic. Eric says that they were but were relieved she is ok. Eric believes that Ivy was lucky that Steffy was there to call the paramedics.

Ivy asks the doctor what the verdict is. He explains to her that her condition is improving. He wonders how she is feeling. Ivy admits that she isn’t as foggy as she was. The doctor thinks that is good. He will be back to check on her later. He believes that so far they should be encouraged by her improvement. Ivy asks if Wyatt is still out there. The doctor tells her that he passed him on the way in. He was out there with Mister Forrester. Ivy rolls her eyes.

In the lobby Thomas reminds Wyatt that Ivy is awake and can confirm or deny what happened. Wyatt knows but he knows that Steffy was also there. Thomas points out that Steffy called 911. She got her to the hospital as fast as she could. Wyatt wants to know what Thomas’s role was in all of this. Thomas is just here to support Ivy like everyone else. Wyatt still thinks that this is Thomas’s fault. Steffy feels guilty but Thomas is the reason that all of this happened in the first place. Thomas doesn’t think that this is anyone’s fault. It was an accident. Wyatt knows that Ivy wouldn’t have been anywhere near the electrical panel if it wasn’t for Thomas. Thomas will allow himself to be blamed for a lot of things but not that. He would never want to see Ivy hurt. Wyatt believes that he didn’t even think of how any of this could hurt her. The rules don’t apply to him. It didn’t matter that Ivy had a boyfriend and now look what happened.

Steffy is sorry. Liam isn’t asking her to apologies. This isn’t about the two of them. He asked her not to do anything. Steffy explains that Ivy got her in her face. They didn’t fight. She didn’t attack her. He has to believe that this wasn’t her fault.

Eric doesn’t know any of the specifics. Ridge is shocked that he didn’t ask Steffy anything. Eric didn’t have time to ask any questions. Ivy’s heart stopped. They were doing CPR and they had to use panels. Ridge wants to know why Ivy was done there in the first place. Eric says that Pam told Ivy that Steffy was in the control room and she was upset. Ridge asks what she was upset about. Eric knows that Pam reads too much into these things. Caroline feels that you would think that at first and then it turns out she is right. Ridge asks if there was an argument. Eric feels that there wasn’t enough time to ask. Eric wants Ridge to be proud of Steffy. Ridge is proud of her. She did the right thing. Caroline thinks that it is odd that Steffy and Ivy were having an argument. She wonders if it had anything to do with Wyatt.

Wyatt feels that this is what happened when you mess with people’s lives. Thomas won’t have him put this on him. Wyatt reminds him that he plays with other people. He uses them for his own amusement. His sister was just about to trust Ivy again and he told her about that night. Thomas reminds him that Steffy told Wyatt about that night and he confronted Ivy about it. Wyatt knows that Ivy said it was a mistake but Thomas wouldn’t stop. He assumes that Thomas just wanted another notch in his belt. Thomas believes that Wyatt is dead wrong. He cares about Ivy. Wyatt thinks that if he cared about Ivy he would have listened. Steffy would have had nothing to tell him and Ivy wouldn’t be sitting in a hospital room lucky to be alive. Thomas knows that he is angry and Thomas is the bad guy so this has to be his fault. Thomas wonders if that is what he is going to tell Ivy in here. That he told Steffy because he got shot down. He knew how it was going to come back to him and how it would affect him. This is all some tragic little accident. Thomas feels that is exactly what it is. Wyatt suggests that Thomas really doesn’t feel guilty. Wyatt doesn’t care and neither does Ivy. This little game is over. If he ever touches Ivy again he will be sorry. He is going to make sure of it. He leaves and walks into Ivy’s room. Ivy says hey. Wyatt walks over and says he is here. Ivy says that she is so sorry about Thomas.

Steffy guesses that Liam does doubt her. Liam is concerned about her. Steffy asks if it is about their future. Liam isn’t trying to ignore their past but it is getting harder and harder to ignore. First with Aly and then with Ivy. Steffy wishes she could explain this. She got a text from Jake and was waiting for him. She didn’t expect Ivy to show up. Liam doesn’t think she wanted this to happen. Liam knows she did everything right. Steffy did everything she could do. Steffy knows that Liam doesn’t want to question her motives because he is a good and honorable man. She doesn’t want to be the source of that. They handle things differently. She didn’t think it be a problem though. Liam doesn’t think that it is. It is just something they have to address. Steffy sees. She guesses this is complicated. She suggests that they might need to simplify things. She should move out until they are married. Liam asks if she really wants to do that. Steffy feels that this is what is right. Liam tries to stop him. Liam doesn’t want her to go.

Ridge asks Caroline why she would think Steffy and Ivy would be mad at each other over Wyatt. Caroline explains that there has been some talk around the office that there has been some trouble with their relationship. Caroline tries not to listen to gossip but there may have been another guy involved. Eric doesn’t think that sounds like Ivy at all. Eric has been around Ivy and Wyatt enough to know she is completely devout to Wyatt. Thomas walks in and says that Eric is correct. Ridge wonders how Ivy is. Thomas tells him that she is stable. She is being watched by her over protective boyfriend. Caroline guesses that answers that rumor. Thomas wonders what rumor. Caroline just heard something around the office. People say the craziest things. Thomas promises that Wyatt and Ivy are on lock even if he doesn’t understand why. The guy is a joke but the girl is committed to him. Ridge and Caroline give each other looks.

Ivy feels that Wyatt had every right to be angry. Wyatt wants her to stop. The doctor wants her to relax. They can talk about this tomorrow. Ivy should have known that Thomas was playing her. Wyatt knows that he manipulated her. Ivy was really scared. Wyatt wants to tell her about scared. He got a phone call today saying his girlfriend was in the hospital. He just wants things to go back to normal. To the way it was.

Liam doesn’t want her to go. Steffy knows that he needs time. Liam needs time to think not time alone. Steffy believes that it will be easier. Liam wants her to stop it. He is concerned and confused because he is being thrown. Steffy can’t get this out of her heard. Liam knows but like she said she doesn’t know why this happened. She acted quickly and Ivy will be ok. She will make a full recovery. He never doubted Steffy for a second. He does believe her. Liam will always believe her. He might not like impulse or conflict but she always does what is right. Even when she knows it is bad or might be disappointed. Steffy asks if he is disappointed. Liam doesn’t want her to go. This is their home. If they are going to have an issue they will do it together. He loves and trusts her. He will always be in her corner. The two of them kiss each other passionately.

Caroline asks if Thomas knows if Ivy is alright and if he got to see her. Thomas says that the doctor has to run a few more tests but they seem to be happy with her. Ridge asks if Steffy is still there. Thomas explains that she went home but Wyatt stuck around. Ridge asks if he shouldn’t have. Thomas doesn’t think that it is any of business. Caroline hopes that he didn’t get into it with Wyatt at the hospital. Ridge is hoping he can control himself. Thomas promises that Ivy is going to pull through and whatever happened between Ivy and Wyatt they are solid. Caroline thought he said they were ok. Thomas knows that they are. Caroline assumes that he heard the same rumors as she did. Thomas knows that they are right. It was him.

Wyatt never should have walked out on her. Ivy believes that he had every right to. She got what she deserved. Ivy is sorry. She wanted to be the one to tell him. Steffy beat him to it though. She didn’t know what to say because she didn’t want him to feel differently. Wyatt could have lost her. Thinking back on their conversation he does feel differently. Ivy realizes now how much she needs him. She is grateful to have him by her side. Wyatt loves her. He wants her to just relax now. The two kiss each other.

Liam and Steffy are naked on the couch. Liam doesn’t ever want her to think he is judging her. Steffy assumes just their choices. Steffy is glad that nothing bad happened. For any of them. Liam thinks that they leveled up today. Steffy cannot believe that he compared them to a video game. Liam thinks that they survived. Steffy believes that Ivy survived and they got through it. Liam likes that they ended up here. Steffy knows they are willing to fight for what they have. Liam asks if she really said she would never take off this ring. Steffy won’t. The two kiss each other again. They hold one another.

Wyatt cannot tell her how grateful he is that she is still with him. Ivy can’t get the images out her mind of Steffy pushing her into the electric panel. She scares her. She is dangerous.

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