B&B Wednesday Update 12/9/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/9/15


Written By Anthony
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Steffy knows that Liam is mad at her. Liam is trying to understand. Steffy promises that it was an accident. Liam reminds her that Ivy is in the hospital right now because Steffy knocked her into a live wire board. She could die. Steffy doesn’t want him to say that. She isn’t going to do. Liam doesn’t even think she should be in there in the first place. Steffy didn’t mean to hurt her. Steffy begs him to believe her. He has to know she wouldn’t have done this in the first place. Liam doesn’t know anymore. He walks away.

Thomas sits down next to Ivy in her hospital room. He says hello to her explaining that it is him. He says that they are finally alone. He doesn’t like seeing her like this. She never is this still. She is a big beautiful ball of energy and she just keeps going. Wyatt walks in. Thomas needs Ivy to keep going until she is all the way out of this. They have a lot to talk about. Wyatt tells him to save his breath. She is done with him.

Nicole walks back into Rick’s office. She tells Zende she is sorry. Zende doesn’t think that she has anything to be sorry about. He asks if she is ok. Nicole says she is and asks if he is. Zende says sure. Nicole asks if he really is. Zende just felt bad that she didn’t feel well. Nicole knows that this will pass. She hates to cancel on him. He understands. She knows he is disappointed. Zende assumes she is. It isn’t the end of the world. They can do things other nights. There is a baby in charge now. Nicole thought they knew that already. Maya walks in. Nicole asks how her meeting went. Maya guesses it was productive. She wonders how she is feeling. Nicole is still feeling a little off. Zende is going to go. Nicole asks where he is headed. Zende is going to the Sky Lounge to hit the bag a couple times. Nicole and Zende kiss. He leaves. Maya asks if everything is ok. Nicole hopes so.

Wyatt asks why he is even here. Ivy told him to get lost. Thomas knows that was before she almost died. Ivy is a friend. He is going to be here until she gets better. Wyatt asks what happens if she wakes up and she wants him out of here. Thomas will be gone then.

Steffy is sobbing. Liam tries to wrap his brain around this. He asks how she could let this happen. Steffy thinks that this was an accident. She wasn’t thinking and then Ivy through her phone. Liam tells her that she better hope and pray that she pulls through. Steffy knows she will. The doctor walks over and explains that they have an update on Ivy’s condition. They all go into her hospital room. Thomas asks if they have any news. He does. He is happy to say it is positive. The latest results show that she is starting to come around. Ivy starts to wake up. The doctor asks if she remembers her name. She says it is Ivy Forrester. She asks if she is ok. Wyatt promises she is doing ok. The doctor explains that when she is fully with them they will run some tests. Liam thinks that so far it is so good. The doctor tells them all not to try keeping her awake. He will check back in a little bit. Wyatt walks over and sits down next to her. He explains that she can’t do that. They talked about this. Tripping on electrical panels is a no. He kisses her hand. He knows she is here. Liam asks how she is feeling. Ivy is feeling tired. Thomas is glad she is pulling through. He had her scared for a second. Steffy is so sorry. She never wanted her to get hurt. Wyatt looks at Steffy confused.

Zende punches the bag angrily. Carter walks out and tells him to relax. He can tell he is burning off more than just calories. Zende explains that Nicole had to cancel plans tonight. Carter asks if she is feeling alright. Zende says it is about the pregnancy.

Maya felt tension between Nicole and Zende. Nicole knows he was bummed because she bailed on him tonight. After today though she really isn’t feeling like feeling romantic. She just wants to be still. Maya asks if she was giving her a hard time. Nicole says no. He gets it. Maya assumes that the pregnancy on a daily basis is a reality check. Nicole knows that she won’t be pregnant forever. Then they will be back to normal before they know it.

Wyatt talks to the doctor outside the room and Thomas walks over. Wyatt explains that Steffy and Liam went home. Thomas is about to as well. Wyatt wants to ask him something. Steffy is his friend. He has developed a pretty good instinct about her. He heard something in her tone. She seemed to be distressed and it happened to be about Ivy. He asks if Thomas knows anything about that. Wyatt feels that he is going to have to ask Steffy about that. Wyatt wants him to answer. He looks like he knows more than he is saying. He wants to know what happened between Steffy and Ivy that put his girlfriend in a hospital bed.

Steffy and Liam get home. Steffy feels that this is the day from hell. Liam knows that it sure isn’t good. Steffy believes it was terrifying when they didn’t know if she would make it or not. Liam knows that she is on the road to recovery. Thank goodness. Steffy is tired. Liam hopes that Steffy isn’t trying to pick him off. He didn’t bring it up in the car but now that they are home there is nothing to distract them. Nobody to over hear us. He is sorry but he needs to be explained what got into her. She knew the electrical panel was hot and yet she still hit her.

Zende doesn’t want Carter to get him wrong. He has mad respect for Nicole giving Maya and Rick a baby. It just shows the kind of person Nicole is. She is a lot better than him. Carter asks why he says that. Zende knows it is true. He is up here wallowing in his feelings. It is selfish. Carter reminds Zende that he is in the room too. This baby is not just effecting Rick and Maya’s lives. It effects his as well. Zende knows he is just starting out. They were friends and now it is something more. Now it is not just about canceled plans. Carter hears him. This baby is dictating plans and they are not his.

Maya is really sorry she had to cancel her plans. Nicole doesn’t want her to be. They both know that this pregnancy comes with realities. Zende and her will deal with it. Maya was just hoping that this would be a breeze for her. Nicole knows what this is. A Forrester-Avant baby coming to life inside of her. Maya hugs Nicole.

Wyatt can tell that Thomas does know. Thomas explains that he has nothing to worry about. Wyatt doesn’t accept that. His girlfriend ended up in the hospital and Thomas knows what happened. He wants to know how Ivy ended up falling into an electrical panel. He also wants to know why Steffy felt guilty about it. They won’t leave until he is told.

Liam knows that it has been a rough day. He just really wants to get to the bottom of this. Steffy admits that he has a right to know. Steffy didn’t mean to hurt Ivy. Liam asks if this is how she didn’t mean to hurt Aly.

Zende understands that pregnancy doesn’t come with issues. Carter feels that is an understatement. Zende thinks about what she is actually doing and he is in awe. It makes him love her even more.

Nicole explains that when they first talked about surrogacy she knew she wanted to do it. To give back to her and Rick after all they have done. She didn’t know how it would actually feel to have her baby growing inside of her. It is the most profound experience ever. Maya agrees. Nicole loves they are going through it together. Maya loves this bond but she doesn’t want Nicole to lose what means most.

Wyatt gets that Thomas doesn’t want to incriminate anyone but he can probably put together the pieces himself. Wyatt knows that Thomas interfered thinking that he could play with his girlfriend. Thomas doesn’t see a ring on her finger. Wyatt really doesn’t think it matters. It is a thing called respect, something he clearly knows nothing about. Wyatt knows that Thomas told Steffy about it if he knew it would set her off. Thomas knows that Wyatt claims to know his sister so well. He must know that when she is on a mission she doesn’t give up. Thomas thinks it is starting to make sense. Wyatt knows that he gave Steffy that knowledge hoping it would get back to him. That way he could come and sweep up the pieces. What he didn’t bank on was Steffy and Ivy getting into a heated conversation. Thomas assumes he knows everything then. Wyatt knows everything other than how this came to be. He asks if Steffy had something to do with it. Wyatt screams and demands to know.

Steffy asks if Liam just through Aly in her face. Liam knows that she didn’t deliberately kill her just like she didn’t mean to hurt Ivy. It doesn’t change the fact that both those tragedies happened. Steffy reminds him that Aly tried to kill her. Liam asks if Ivy tried to kill her too. He asked her not to get involved. To let Ivy and Wyatt work out their problems on their own but she wouldn’t listen. Steffy knows and she should have. Liam knows she is sorry but she couldn’t help herself. Liam loves that she is a woman of action but actions have consequences. She always goes too far. Steffy asks what he is talking about. Liam loves her forever but these accidents that keep happening when she is around. They concern him about their future together. Liam doesn’t like chaos. He wants tranquility and a clear line between right and wrong. Steffy didn’t plan this. Liam believes that. Steffy wants him to stop thinking about that. Ivy and Aly are the fundamental differences between the two of them. Steffy won’t let this happen. She asks if he is trying to end things with her. She cannot believe he is calling off the engagement. She won’t take off this ring.

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