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Liam begs Steffy not to shut him out right now. Steffy doesn’t want to have this conversation. Liam wonders when they will have it then. Steffy guesses whenever she says. People will blame her. Liam won’t let them so long as she can tell him that she had nothing to do with why Ivy is in that that hospital bed right now.

In Ivy’s hospital room Wyatt touches her face and continues to hold on to her hand. Wyatt asks Thomas what point he is trying to make by being here. Thomas won’t argue with him. Wyatt guesses they don’t know much medically. He wonders what tests they did on her when she got here. An EKG. Thomas says that they did an EEG which is a type of brain scan. Wyatt defensively tells him that he knows what it is. Thomas explains that they won’t know a while lot until she is awake and talking. Thomas suggests that he may not want to be here for that.

In Ridge’s office Eric is still on the phone. Maya, Nicole, and Zende are now there. Maya asks Pam what happened. Nicole wonders if anyone said anything. Pam explains that she doesn’t know anything. Maya wonders if anyone rode along with her. Pam tells them that Steffy and Thomas rode behind the ambulance. Zende is going to go find information. Pam suggests that he stick around for Eric. Maya asks if he is talking to Ivy’s dad. Pam tells her that he is leaving messages to everyone he can think of. Eric slams the phone down. He wants to know how this can happen. She was left in his care. Maya doesn’t think it is his fault. Eric cannot get a whole of him. Maya thinks that might be for the best. They don’t know anything certain right now. Eric hopes that they have good news by the time someone gets a hold of John. Nicole is sorry is this is the wrong thing to ask but she wonders if anyone knows what exactly happened. Pam says that nobody knows themselves. Nicole knows that it was a show room electrical panel. Zende knows the power is off on that floor. Jake had him block the elevator. Nicole wonders why Ivy would be anywhere near that. Maya knows that nothing was going on in the show room. Nicole points out that even if there was Ivy isn’t a tech person. Pam guesses it was just some sort of horrible accident. Nicole doesn’t get it either. People just don’t lounge around on electrical equipment. Pam explains that there was already a problem. Eric knows that it is old and has to be tested every month. Pam assumes that is why Steffy was down there. Maya stops her and asks if Steffy was there with Ivy. Pam thinks it is a good thing she was there. She called 911.

Steffy really isn’t up for interrogation right now. She can’t believe he is blaming her. Liam never said anything about blame. He is always going to have her back. He is just trying to get the full story because she is the only witness. The doctor walks over to Steffy. Steffy asks if there was any news. The doctor knows that she had a brother here. Steffy explains that he is in the room with Ivy. They all walk into the hospital room. Liam asks if he has some test results or an idea of what is going on. The doctor explains that they need to step outside. They are not sure of her level of awareness and don’t want to stress her out. Not right now.

In the lobby of the hospital the doctor explains they were able to look over Miss Forrester’s tests. Wyatt wants to know who he means by they. The doctor tells him that it was himself, and a neurologist. He is happy to report no broken bones. Wyatt asks where the neurologist is. The doctor made a request to have her come speak with them. Thomas knows they did a brain scan so what did that say. The doctor tells him that they can only gather limited information while Ivy is not awake. Her scans are not a-typical of a moving patient. Wyatt asks what they should take from this. The doctor says that they brain and body are both sensitive to electrical stimulates. They won’t be able to determine anything until she is awake and talking. He won’t rule out anything. The doctor also mentions that the nurses station has been getting phone calls from other people identifying as family. They need to get in touch with them. Nurses can only say so much.

In Rick’s office Nicole and Zende walk in. Nicole didn’t want to ask this in front of Eric but could Ivy die. Zende assumes no one is really saying. Maya points out that no one is ruling it out. Nicole notices something. Maya says it is nothing. Just some regrets. Zende wonders what they are about. Maya explains that Nicole knows. Nicole believes that things are different now. Things between the two of them are good. Maya guesses but she shouldn’t even be thinking about herself at all. When she first moved in Ivy had been living there with Eric and Rick moved in with her. There was tension with both her and Aly. Nicole thinks things are different now. Ivy is a huge supporter of her. Maya still knows Aly is gone and she can’t do anything about that.

Pam gets off the phone with Liam who she tells to keep them posted. She knows that a crowed is the last thing the doctors need. Eric goes through his safe and finds a folder. Eric asks what he said. Pam tells him that there haven’t been any leads. Eric knows that isn’t what he said. Pam explains that there have been nothing alarming in any of the tests so far. That doesn’t predict what will happen when she comes through. Pam asks what he is doing. Eric is just looking through papers that John gave him. It is Ivy’s stuff. It has her birth certificate, diploma, insurance information. Pam says that it is good he has all that. Eric agrees. Pam doesn’t think anyone has asked for that. Eric just wants it in case. Eric guesses that his is one of the things that happens. When Stephanie died he ended up with a folder. It had a bunch of stuff from charities and medical records and marriage certificates and divorce decrees. Pam takes the folder out of his hand. Eric guesses in the end it is all just a pile of papers.

Steffy walks into Ivy’s room and asks the nurse if it is possible Ivy can hear her. The nurse tells her that she has heard patients say it has happened. She will be back to check on her. Steffy is left alone and walks over to her. She says hi to her telling her it is Steffy.

Zende wonders if he should call his mom. He guesses that he should wait until he has more information. Maya changes the subject wondering if Nicole has heard from their own mother. Nicole tells her that Vivienne sends her pictures from the internet. She doesn’t always know why. Maya asks what kind of pictures. Nicole says it is sometimes of sunsets, sometimes of cats, sometimes of cats being nice to babies. Nicole tells her that has been all. Maya hopes that things are getting better. She wonders if things maybe changed on Thanksgiving. She thinks that things might have changed with Julius. Sometimes. Maya tells Nicole to go. Nicole rushes out. Zende asks what that was about. Maya reluctantly tells him that she has morning sickness. Zende wonders how long morning lasts.

Thomas asks how Eric is doing. Liam only talked to Pam. Liam has to get his charger from his car. He asks if Wyatt and Thomas are going to be alright. Thomas promises there is medical care in the building if one of them needs it. Liam leaves. Wyatt explains that there is a cab sign outside. He should go wait in front of it. Thomas drove here. Wyatt tells him to leave his keys with Steffy. He asks why Ivy would want to see him when she wakes up. Thomas could ask the same question. It was his breakup that ended up doing this. Wyatt asks who said they are broken up. He assumes it doesn’t matter. He is the irresistible Thomas Forrester and can get any woman he wants. Thomas tells him that he is barking up the wrong tree. He doesn’t get wracked in guilt. Wyatt tells him that is something he won’t look for in him then. Thomas reminds him that Ivy made her own choice. Wyatt thinks that is nice. He is blaming the woman in the hospital room right now. He caused this and he knows Wyatt is right. He caused this. Thomas asks how. Wyatt asks if it makes him feel good that all he gave her was misery.

Steffy walks closer and says that they think she is ok. That is what she got from the doctor. She looks fine like she is going to wake up any minute. Like she can hear her. Steffy just wonders what she is doing wrong in her life because all these bad things keep happening. Aly, her, this. She is sorry. She really is sorry. She didn’t mean to do this to her. Liam walks in and over hears what she said. He asks what she didn’t mean to do.

Zende walks back and forth until Nicole walks back in. He asks if she is ok. Nicole guesses that this is normal now. Zende tells her that Maya wanted him to tell her she had a models update. Nicole saw that on the schedule. Nicole wonders how that works. She assumes that they are told they can have an extra carrot that week. Zende doesn’t think that Maya is very uptight about food. Nicole knows that she is about other things. Nicole doesn’t want to be sick around him. She is and she will be. Making fun of all the models isn’t going to change that. She isn’t sure that she will be able to go out though. She is sorry. Zende says that they can watch a meeting at home. Nicole can’t be counted on doing anything other than sit in her room with a bucket next to her bed. She is sorry.

Wyatt can’t stay around here and around him. Thomas suggests he leave then. Wyatt is going to get some air. He informs Thomas that it isn’t his looks. He cleans up just as well as he does. Thomas asks if he thinks that this is some sort of competition for him. Wyatt doesn’t think so. He thinks that Thomas is his karma. He probably deserves this. He doesn’t mind so much what he did to him. It is what Thomas did to her. If she doesn’t recover… He walks away.

Steffy doesn’t want to talk here. Liam asks why not. Whatever she did she already knows. Steffy walks out and Liam follows. Liam wants to know what she has to tell him. He tried asking her earlier. Steffy explains that Ivy was angry. She was mad that Wyatt broke up with her. Liam knows it was because Steffy told on her. Steffy thinks that Ivy should have told him. Liam thinks that they should decide if it is a breakup. Steffy agrees. She knows how Ivy gets. She doesn’t give up. Steffy knows that sparks were flying and Ivy attacked her. Physically. She grabbed her arm and she was talking about how upset she was about Wyatt. She can’t unsay what she said to Wyatt. Liam asks if it occurred to her to walk away. Steffy did but she cornered her and Ivy thru her phone towards the electrical panel and then she pushed her. Liam cannot believe her. Steffy only did it because she wanted Ivy off of her. She thinks that anyone would have done the same thing. Liam wants to know how this keeps happening. Steffy him not to do this. She asks if he believes her. She begs him to believe her.

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