B&B Monday Update 12/7/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Backstage Steffy accidently pushes Ivy against the wires that are sparking up. Ivy starts to shake uncontrollably while the cords spark all around her. Ivy falls to the ground. Steffy tries to get her to wake up but calls for an ambulance. She explains that there has been an accident at Forrester Creations. She looks devastated.

Wyatt looks at a picture of Ivy in his living room. Someone knocks on the door and Wyatt walks over to open it. It is Liam. Wyatt tells him no. He walks away and Liam walks in. He asks where Ivy is. Wyatt cannot believe that is his way of asking if things are over between the two of them. Liam understands that this is isn’t like what he expected. He has to give himself a minute because he and Ivy… Wyatt knows that they had everything but the office Playboy had to come and swoop her up. What does Thomas even care? Every relationship is fair game to him. He is his father’s son. Even Ridge wouldn’t have done what he did.

In Ridge’s office Thomas and Quinn tell Eric that California Freedom is going over great. Eric believes that these latest designs are stunning. Carter over in the corner believes that the man is impressed. Quinn feels that they all are. She however believes that accessories make the outfit. Eric agrees. He thinks that her jewelry looks great. Thomas believes that Ivy is the one who created all the jewelry. She might have drew the sketches but Ivy came up with the concept. Quinn skeptically rolls her eyes. Eric feels that Wyatt deserves credit as well. He does wonderful work. Ivy has been particularly inspired since they got together. Carter and Eric both get text messages. Thomas assumes that this means the meeting is over. Eric tells him to stay right where he is. It will only take a moment. Quinn asks if Thomas has given her any more thought to her earlier proposition. Thomas guesses that is what she was doing. Propositioning him. Quinn laughs. Quinn is a happily married woman. Thomas knows what she is referring to. She wants Wyatt to end up with Wyatt instead of Ivy. Quinn doesn’t think that there is any need to be so coy about it. Eric wants to finish this meeting up before they have another interruption. Pam storms in. Pam explains that security just called. There was an accident down stairs and paramedics downstairs because of Ivy. They all go rushing out the door. Quinn looks scared.

Wyatt sits down. Liam wants Wyatt to give it time. Ivy loves him. Wyatt doesn’t think that changes anything that happened. Liam guesses not. They all make mistakes. He sure has and so has Wyatt. Wyatt asks if he is just supposed to forgive and forget. Or was it only Thomas’s fault. He guesses that this is how this works. Liam knows that Wyatt has brought it up before. Wyatt was so sure of his relationship that he went on and on and on. To Thomas, to Steffy, to everyone. Yet Ivy got swept up anyways. Right now he isn’t sure he can ever trust her again.

Steffy attempts to wake Ivy up. She tries to listen for a heartbeat or breathing. Steffy says that she is still not breathing. Over the phone a paramedic tells her to keep doing the chest compressions and help will be on the way. Steffy continues to press and the paramedics run in. They ask what happened. They try to wake her up when Steffy explains that she was electrocuted. Steffy screams that they need to help her. Eric promises that things will be ok. The paramedics get her strapped to a gurney. They continue to try to get her to wake up. They give her the jaws of life as Steffy screams that Ivy breathe. They finally get a pulse and Steffy is relieved. Steffy is going to the hospital with her. Thomas is as well.

Liam hands Wyatt a drink. He is sorry this happened. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is his fault. Liam wonders if it is. He told Steffy not to do anything and maybe he should have taken a harder line with her. Wyatt doesn’t think that anyone can tell Steffy to stay out of something. Especially if she thinks she is doing it for the right reasons. Liam asks if he thinks she was. Liam feels that he would have still be left in the dark about all of this. It isn’t like Steffy took pleasure in telling him. He had to push her. His fiancé was just looking out and he is grateful. Liam can imagine that Ivy will blame Steffy for interfering with her relationship or worse. Liam suggests that Wyatt call Ivy. This is the right time to do so. Wyatt asks how things can change so quickly. Wyatt’s phone rings. Wyatt tells Quinn that it is hardly the time. Quinn explains that something terrible has happened. Ivy has been in an accident. The paramedics took her to the hospital. Wyatt tells her she is on his way. Liam asks what is wrong. Wyatt rushes out the door saying it is Ivy.

The paramedics rush Ivy into the ER. The doctors tell Steffy and Thomas to wait outside. They will know more once she has been examined. Steffy is crying and doesn’t think she should be alone. Thomas is worried about Steffy. He wants to know what is going on. Steffy doesn’t want to talk about this. He wants to know what she isn’t telling him. Thomas asks Steffy is this is her fault. Steffy wants to know why he is accusing her. Thomas promises he isn’t. Thomas knows she is upset. It is ok. Steffy doesn’t know. There was an electrical panel. He tells her it is ok. Steffy knows she shouldn’t have been backstage. Steffy explains that she tripped. It was an accident. She tripped when she pushed her away.

Eric knows that it is bad reception but he needs to speak with his brother. Carter walks in and tells Quinn and Pam that the electrician just switched off the breaker seconds after Ivy came into contact. Quinn doesn’t understand how this could have happened. Ivy is a bright girl. If sparks were flying then why would she get anywhere near that.

Thomas cannot believe that Steffy pushed Ivy. Steffy was just trying to get her arm free of Ivy. She was arguing while she was waiting backstage. Then Ivy came up to her and claimed that she deliberately tried to break up her and Wyatt. Thomas is shocked they broke up. Steffy says she kept accusing her and she pushed her and Ivy fell. Liam and Wyatt rush over and asks where Ivy is. Thomas says that she is in the room over there they don’t know how she is doing. Wyatt wants to know what happened. Thomas explains that she was electrocuted. Liam is shocked. Steffy says that she fell into the panel. Wyatt needs to be told she is ok. The doctor walks out and asks if they are all family. Thomas wants to know what they can be told. The doctor explains that when the tests are back they can better answer questions. They should all know that there can be any number of issues from being shocked. Liam asks like what. The doctor explains that they are more interested in trying to figure out if anything has happened currently. Injury might have occurred through her heart, muscles, and brains. He is sorry. He knows it might be hard to hear but Ivy is in critical condition. Wyatt wants to see her. Steffy does as well.

In Ivy’s room the doctor lets them all in. Ivy is knocked out with an IV in her.

Pam asks if Eric has had any luck. Eric explains that they are sending a messenger out to find John know. Quinn wonders about her mother. Eric says they are trying to get a hold of her as well. Pam is hopeful by the time they do they will have good news. Eric feels that this is a safe working environment. He has always taken pride in that. Pam explains that Carter has been talking to Jake. Eric wants to speak with him too. He wants to make sure Ivy ok first. He remembers when John told him that he was pregnant. They had been trying so long and then along comes Ivy. He called her his little miracle. He has no idea what he will say to him. Pam tells him that he will tell John that they are all praying for her and that the power of prayer still works miracles. That is what he is going to say to him.

The doctor looks at Ivy’s eyes with a light. He tells them all that he is bending the rules by allowing them all in here. They need to make this brief. Wyatt asks if she is still out of it. The doctor says yes. However, some studies have shown that patients understand things said while out of it. The doctor and nurse both leave. Wyatt walks over to her. He says it is him. The doctor said that she might be able to hear him and he hopes she can. He holds her hand. He doesn’t care what happened earlier between them. All that matters is she makes it through this. She is going to make it. Liam walks over and pats him on the back. Thomas walks over next. Liam looks at him annoyed. Steffy walks out.

Steffy asks if the doctor has Ivy’s results. The doctor knows she is looking for hopeful news and he wishes he could give it to her. His pager goes off. Liam walks out and Steffy hugs him. He doesn’t understand how something like this happens. Liam knows she was with Ivy. Steffy says yes. Liam knows that Ivy wasn’t there when they were back there. Steffy explains that he has already left. She was upset about Wyatt. She confronted her. Liam thinks that is great. He asks if she surprised. This is exactly what he was afraid of. He didn’t think she needed to meddle in their relationship. Steffy tried. Liam wants her to tell him she didn’t do this. He knows she wouldn’t hurt a fly. He needs to be told though that this has zero to do with her.

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