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Wyatt is sort of speechless. Steffy didn’t want to be the one who had to tell Wyatt about this. Wyatt is pretty disappointed. Steffy is confused. Wyatt is disappointed that Steffy can’t end this feud with his girlfriend. He wants to know what she is doing. Steffy promises him that this has nothing to do with that. Wyatt feels that it is. She is trying to tell him that Ivy has been unfaithful with Thomas. She can’t believe that is true and if she does then it isn’t true. She is deluding herself.

Ivy cannot believe that she let this happen. She knows that Wyatt is Liam’s brother but she wants to know if Liam thinks that she will lose him. Liam asks why she could do that. He asks why she would cheat on Wyatt with Thomas of all people.

Quinn walks into Rick’s office where Thomas is working on a design. She asks if she can run something by him. She shows him a sketch and he appears to be impressed. Thomas feels it is perfect. Quinn guesses a little bit of fresh silver and it will be ready for California Freedom. Thomas tells her it is well done. Quinn thanks him. Quinn drops the sketch pad on the desk and Thomas turns to her. He asks if there is something else. Quinn wonders if she can get personal. Thomas would like to know what she has in mind. Quinn laughs. Quinn wants to talk about Ivy. She knows he has a thing for her. Thomas guesses that she just cuts to the chase. Quinn is straight forward. Thomas is shocked that this isn’t awkward for her. It isn’t for Quinn. Thomas assumes that not much is awkward for Quinn. Quinn doesn’t think that Thomas takes many things seriously. Thomas cares about the drought and world hunger. Quinn has trouble believing that he cares very much about those things. Quinn wants to know about him and Ivy. Her son’s girlfriend.

Ivy doesn’t want Liam to get judgmental on her. Liam admits that he has no room to talk in this department. He asks if they can talk as friends. He assumes that is who they still are. That is why Ivy asked him here. Liam knows that Ivy is a good person who is loyal. That is who she is. Ivy knows. She is not the same person that he was involved with. She has changed since he left. She isn’t saying that she changed for the worst but she has and she makes mistakes. Liam asks if she is still in love with Wyatt. Ivy promises that she is. Liam wants her to explain it to him then. He asks how she could let this happen and how she could let it happen with Thomas.

Steffy asks if Wyatt thinks she would be telling him if she didn’t think it was true. Steffy wanted Ivy to tell him but obviously she didn’t. Wyatt knows that Ivy wouldn’t cheat on him with Thomas or with anyone else. He tells her to stop it.

Ivy just wishes that Wyatt would get home. Liam asks if she is ready for this. Ivy isn’t but she has to tell him. Liam wonders if he should stick around. Ivy is ok but she thanks him. Ivy keeps asking herself why. Liam is having a little trouble with that as well. He wants to know what it is about Thomas. Ivy feels that it is a perfect storm. They were alone together. Liam asks if he was aggressive with her. Ivy feels that he was a gentleman. Liam reminds her that gentlemen don’t hit on unavailable girls. He asks if it was her making a move then. Ivy didn’t resist as much as she should have. She doesn’t know what it is with Thomas. He has this swagger with women and then they were kissing. She knows that sounds bad. Liam doesn’t think it is as bad as it could have been. Ivy wouldn’t have gone all the way with him. Liam knows that he would have. Ivy doesn’t think that anything will happen. Liam isn’t kidding. She shouldn’t even be in the same damn office as him. Ivy promises that it won’t happen again. She has made that very clear to Thomas.

Thomas guesses that Quinn is still fighting Wyatt’s battles. Quinn asks if this is a battle for Ivy. Thomas believes she thinks so. Quinn knows that Thomas doesn’t have to fight for women. He is irresistible to them. Thomas asks if she really thinks that. Quinn doesn’t but she knows that he does. Thomas guesses it is not all women then. Quinn promises that he wouldn’t be able to handle her. Thomas asks if that is a challenge. Quinn guesses he is a charmer. Thomas guesses that it is working. Quinn feels Thomas has such a big ego. Quinn isn’t even trying to defend her son’s relationship with Ivy. She just doesn’t want him to get hurt. It is nothing against Ivy she actually likes the girl. Truth be told though Wyatt is better suited for Thomas’s sister.

Wyatt thanks her for looking out for him. He however knows that out of all the women he has ever been close to Ivy has been the most loyal and trustworthy. He thinks that it is beyond question. Steffy knows that he doesn’t want to hear this but they kissed. They kissed in the building. She told Thomas to back off. Wyatt thanks but he still doesn’t believe it. Steffy explains that when he was out of town Ivy stayed at Eric’s house. Wyatt knows. He asks what is wrong. Wyatt asks if Thomas said something happened there. He isn’t surprised. He would say anything to break them up. Steffy tells him that he didn’t at first but then she overheard them at the office. Ivy was all guilt ridden and told Thomas it could never happen again. Steffy asked Thomas what that meant. He admitted that something did happen at Eric’s house. Wyatt asks if they… Steffy says no. It wasn’t innocent though. She betrayed him. She confronted Ivy and she confessed to cheating on him with Thomas.

Thomas tried to understand the potential appeal of his sister with Wyatt. Quinn believes that they are two brilliant minds with incredible talent. Thomas feels that he is half right there. Quinn knows that he has no respect for Wyatt. She also thinks that he has no interest in Ivy other than the fact that she belongs to Wyatt. Thomas thinks that Quinn has no respect for Ivy at all. Quinn likes her. She is a talented designer. Steffy though is a powerhouse. Thomas assumes like herself. Quinn knows that they had mutual feelings for each other. Thomas guesses it is too bad that Steffy loves Liam. Quinn will never know why. Thomas reminds her they have a long history. Quinn assumes she never learns from it. Thomas knows things are doomed to repeat. Quinn feels that this is something to think about. It sure would open up the field for him.

Ivy knows that she has put him in a pretty awkward position. Liam admits that he has his issues with Wyatt but he still wants what is best for him. He thought that was Ivy. Ivy promises that it is her. Liam isn’t the one she has to convince. Ivy doesn’t think that trials are easy to come back from. Liam feels it is the downside of being a good person. Ivy is human just like everyone else. Liam asks if that is going to be her go to word. Ivy just doesn’t want to lose him over this. Liam wants her to be open and honest. Ivy asks if that doesn’t work. Liam tells her to tell herself it wasn’t meant to be. Ivy asks how she could hurt someone she loves so much. Wyatt has to forgive her. She can regain his trust. They work through things together. Liam hugs Ivy. He tells her to let him know if she needs a shoulder. She thanks him.

Steffy is sorry. Wyatt asks if Ivy really admitted it. Steffy told Ivy that she overheard her with Thomas and she had to come clean. She wanted Ivy to come clean but obviously she didn’t. Steffy doesn’t know if she will. Wyatt cannot believe that she has been keeping this from him ever since he got back. He asks if she is sure that they didn’t do anything else. Steffy explains that they kissed and mad out. She wonders what the difference is. Ivy shouldn’t be doing any of that. She didn’t want to tell him. She can’t keep this from him. When she overheard this in the office she thought that she was cheating and lying and that it isn’t fair. Wyatt asks her to stop. Steffy is sorry that all of this is being dumped on him. She wonders where Ivy is. Wyatt tells her that she is at his place. They were supposed to have a night together. Wyatt feels like such an idiot. Steffy promises that he is not an idiot. She is the idiot for turning her back on him. Wyatt guesses he has to go talk to her then. He thanks her. Wyatt leaves.

Thomas feels that Quinn is being very calculated. Quinn thanks him. She wants him to know that she doesn’t approve of what he is doing to Wyatt. Thomas guesses that she doesn’t approve of his girlfriend either. Quinn just wants her son to be happy. He is. He is in love. She isn’t sure why she is telling him that. The truth be told she thinks that Ivy is beneath him. Thomas asks if Ivy is somehow not beneath him though. Quinn feels that all women are beneath him. He treats them all the same like pleasure pieces. Thomas doesn’t think that it is true. Quinn asks about Ivy. Thomas thinks that she would like that. Another piece I her calculated puzzle.

Steffy hears Liam tell her to let this go in her head. He tells her to promise him. Liam walks back in and says that was uncomfortable to say the least. Steffy asks what is wrong. Liam tells her that Ivy asked him to go over Wyatt’s house. Steffy asks why. Liam guesses that she needed a friend. Steffy believes that he is a very good friend. Liam tries to be. Steffy wonders what she told him. Liam explains that Ivy was upset. Steffy feels that she should be upset. Not for telling her but for cheating on Wyatt. Liam knows that Ivy will tell him. She is waiting for him to come home to tell him. Steffy sees. Liam thinks that Wyatt is going to be blown. Steffy doesn’t think so. Wyatt knows. She told him.

Wyatt walks into his house and Ivy says hey. She poured him some wine but didn’t want to start without him. Wyatt thinks that Ivy seems jittery. Ivy tells him that they really have to talk. Wyatt asks about what. Ivy asks if he wants to relax first. Wyatt is relaxed. Ivy explains that there has been something she wanted to talk about. It has been weighing on her a bit. Ivy wants him to know that he shouldn’t doubt how much she loves him. He has been so good to her and for her. Wyatt feels that they were both good for each other. It didn’t matter if they were ignored by others. They had each other. That only comes from honesty and trust. That was their whole strong suit. It was what their relationship was based on. Ivy remembers hearing in this room that he would never give up on them. She really hopes he meant that. Wyatt cares for her so deeply. They have been through so much together. This was supposed to be their fresh start. He thought so. He thinks about the past few weeks and how he acted about Thomas. He was flattered that someone had the hots for his girl. He told him to keep it in check and back off. She assured him that it wasn’t a problem. He had total faith in her but he guesses that he was wrong. Ivy is sorry. It was stupid and a mistake. She doesn’t even know how it happened. She is in love with him and wants to be with him. She begs him not to give up on her or them.

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