B&B Wednesday Update 12/2/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy doesn’t think that this is any of Steffy’s business. Steffy wants Ivy to trust her. She has other things she would rather being doing. Wyatt is her friend though. Ivy feels that this is so typical of Steffy to find something to hold over her. Steffy is annoyed with her reaction. Steffy reminds her that she cheated on Wyatt. She overheard Ivy talking with Thomas and it confirmed it. Her only question now is when she will tell Wyatt. If she doesn’t then Steffy will.

Thomas asks if what Wyatt is saying is that he wants him to stay away from Ivy. He wonders if that is what he is telling him. Wyatt is. Liam walks in and Thomas spots him. He wants him to come in as well to make it a family affair. Wyatt is just asking Thomas to stop flirting with Ivy. Ivy has already told him that she is not available so he needs to back off.

In Bill and Katie’s bedroom Katie is drinking a glass of wine in bed wearing nothing but her underwear. Bill asks if Katie hears that. Katie notices that it is silent. Bill climbs into bed with her shirtless. Bill guesses that Will is taking a nap. Katie notes he sleeps like a rock just like his father. Bill promises that Katie isn’t going to be getting any sleep either. Katie always thought sleep was over rated. Bill feels that this was what he needed. A little alone time with his wife. The two start to kiss each other passionately. Katie is liking the new Bill. Bill assumes that she means the extra hours he has put in at the gym. Katie doesn’t mean that even if his biceps are impressive. She actually means that she has noticed a difference in tone and it has been nice. Bill has spent way too much time worrying about Liam and Wyatt making the right choices and now they are starting to disappear. He thinks they are finally getting their acts together. Katie is glad.

Wyatt informs Thomas that Ivy is with him. They are practically living together. He wants him to go find another woman. Someone who is single and isn’t off limits. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. Liam thinks that he made his point. Liam is sure that Thomas would agree that nobody likes to hurt others feelings. Thomas isn’t trying to cause problems between the two of them. He just doesn’t get what Ivy sees in him. He does get what Wyatt sees in her. She is a smart, beautiful, and sophisticated woman. Nothing like Wyatt.

Steffy wants Ivy to admit it. She was alone with Thomas in her grandfather’s house. Wyatt was out of town and Thomas went into her bedroom and one thing led to another. Ivy promises that nothing happened. It was a mistake that she doesn’t want to ever happen again. Steffy hopes that she means that. She can’t erase the past though. Ivy would take all of this back if she could but she can’t. Wyatt is her boyfriend and he deserves to know. Ivy explains that this isn’t the kind of person she is. She doesn’t cheat. Steffy explains that they all have regrets and make mistakes. She isn’t trying to attack her or make her feel bad. She is just standing up for Wyatt. If she were him she would want to know. She assumes Ivy would as well. It is only fair. Ivy knows that and she realizes that Steffy doesn’t believe this but she is committed to Wyatt and he is the man she wants to be with. Steffy asks why she kissed Thomas then. Steffy doesn’t know. There is something about Thomas. She gets caught up in moments with him. Steffy knows Wyatt trusts her and has been honest with her. She needs to be honest with Wyatt and tell him. Ivy says that she will right now. She will do it right now. She needs to do it by herself.

Bill asks if Katie is finally able to admit that Steffy is the right woman for Liam. Katie thought that they were having such a nice time. Bill knows that Katie had her issues. Katie is done with that. She only wants Liam to be happy. Bill suggests that they get married on their grounds. Katie feels that they can get married whenever and wherever they want to. Bill cannot believe his boy will be a married man.

Liam walks back into Ridge’s office. He asks if Steffy got the accounts he sent her. Steffy didn’t but she did something else. Liam asks what. Steffy wants him to remember that he loves her and just proposed to her. Liam wants to know what she did. Steffy assumes he remembers how he told her to stay out of Ivy and Wyatt’s business. When he left the room Ivy came in… Liam cannot believe Steffy told her about Thomas.

Wyatt is under the impression that Thomas is not taking him very seriously here. Wyatt still hasn’t heard him say that he was going to drop this whole thing and stop trying to pursue his girlfriend. Thomas asks if they are still talking about this. Wyatt agrees with him. It is time they give this a rest. Ivy walks in and is not happy they are both still in here. Thomas was just telling Wyatt that he is so lucky to have her. Thomas leaves. Wyatt hopes that he got through to them so they could move on with their lives. Ivy looks worried. Wyatt asks what is wrong. Ivy explains that it is Thomas.

Bill thinks that if Katie really thinks about it herself Liam really has had it pretty rough. The way that his marriage ended with Steffy. It has been tragic. Then there was Hope the goody two shoes. Katie hopes that he isn’t bad mouthing her niece. Bill wants Katie to admit that Hope put both Liam and Wyatt through a lot. Katie admits that they have been through things. Especially Liam. Bill is glad that he is finally settling down. He deserves happiness. Bill wants both of his sons to be happy. The two start to kiss each other.

Steffy hopes that Liam isn’t mad. Liam thought that they were going to keep their mouths shut. Steffy was planning on it and then she actually saw Ivy. Liam wants to know what she said specifically. Steffy told her that she got a vibe from them on Thanksgiving. Then she overheard her talking to Thomas. Steffy doesn’t think it is a big deal. Liam doesn’t think that it is any of their business. It isn’t their place. Steffy was looking out for Wyatt. He needs to know what is going on. She told Ivy to tell Wyatt and if she didn’t she would. She never would have confessed. She is happy because she is going to tell Wyatt. Liam guesses that is done and wants to know when the South African meeting starts. Steffy mumbles that Ivy is untrustworthy. Liam tells Steffy to stop. She has to let this go. Ivy has to be the one to tell Wyatt. He is serious.

Wyatt asks what about Thomas. Ivy admits that they have gotten a lot closer lately. She thinks that the light falling weirdly bonded them. They also have been working on the line together. Wyatt doesn’t need her to explain. He gets it. Thomas has been sniffing around and he can’t blame him. She is amazing. The way she is with him is trusting and amazing. He has never felt that way with anyone. Wyatt doesn’t want her to take the blame for what is going on. He just told Thomas that she is in a serious relationship. Ivy admits that it isn’t all Thomas’s fault. Wyatt knows that it is Thomas’s problem. He assumes everyone is interested in him. No more talking about Thomas. It is a special day. They can get Indian food and a bottle of wine and be in the ocean. Ivy really needs to talk to him though. Wyatt wants to talk over dinner. Ivy hopes that he knows that she appreciates him a lot. Wyatt kind of had an idea.

Katie and Bill are holding each other in bed naked. Katie feels that they should spend more time like this often. She didn’t get a chance to tell him how she appreciates what he said at Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by love and warmth. It made her want to start crying into her mashed potatoes. She loves him and can’t thank him enough. Bill promises that the only reason he is the way he is, is because of her. Katie is so happy they are here.

Ivy is setting things up in Wyatt’s living room. Liam knocks on the door and she lets him in. She thanks him for coming. Liam was surprised to say the least to get her text. Liam asks if everything is alright. Ivy explains that it is about his brother and Thomas. Liam already knows. Steffy told him. Ivy isn’t happy. Ivy promises it didn’t go very far. Liam knows but regardless. Ivy doesn’t even have an excuse for what she did. She is telling him tonight. He has a plan for a great night and she is going to drop a bomb on him. Liam was just with him and he was writing the riot act for Thomas flirting with her. Ivy thinks that is just great. Liam imagines Wyatt will be shocked. Ivy knows that if she doesn’t say something that Steffy will. Liam promises that she won’t say anything. He already asked her not to. Ivy thanks him. Steffy does have a point. If they are ever going to get past this he has to tell the truth. She hopes he can forgive her. Ivy asked him over here because he is Wyatt’s brother. She wonders if she will lose him. She looks worried.

Steffy thinks about Wyatt earlier looking for Ivy’s tablet. Wyatt walks in and is just placing the orders with the suppliers. Steffy is sure that it will be fine. Wyatt thinks that was to easy and wants to know what is going on. Steffy promises nothing. She is just busy. Wyatt is going to take off early. It is a special night for Ivy. Steffy hopes that Ivy appreciates everything he does for her. Sometimes she wonders if he knows his girlfriend as well as he thinks he does. Wyatt thought that they were better than before. Steffy did too but she still has issues with her. Wyatt thinks that whatever it is she needs to let it go. It isn’t healthy. Steffy is just trying to look out for him. Wyatt asks how so. Wyatt can tell that this is about Thomas. He doesn’t care. Ivy is loyal to him. Thomas can hit on Ivy as much as he wants because Ivy isn’t the type to betray him. She has too much respect for him. She would never jeopardize anything. Steffy suggests that he talk to her then. Wyatt wants to know what that means. Steffy just thinks he should talk to his girlfriend. Wyatt asks what she is implying. Steffy hates seeing him this way. Wyatt wants to know what is going on. Steffy says it is about Ivy and her brother. She has been unfaithful. Ivy cheated on him with Thomas.

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