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Written By Anthony
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Thomas believes that Steffy is over reacting because nobody cheated. Steffy reminds him that he just said that the moment Wyatt left town Ivy kissed Thomas. Thomas doesn’t think that it was the minute. Steffy doesn’t think that he is cute no matter what Ivy tells him. Ivy is supposed to be committed to Wyatt. At least that is what he believes. If that isn’t true, then Wyatt needs to know.

Wyatt wishes that he could have been there to see Thomas react to getting rejected. Ivy explains that right now Thomas is aware that Wyatt is the only man in her life. He is devastated. Wyatt would be as well if she told him that. Ivy would never tell him that. She wants him right here with her.

In Katie’s kitchen she makes pasta and Bill is looking at her. He thinks that she looks hot. Katie asks if this has to do with the fact that she is barefoot in the kitchen about to serve him. Bill thinks so. Katie feels that he is such a throwback. Bill believes that Katie is the embodiment of the thoroughly modern woman. Bill wants Katie to kiss him like she means it. The two of them start to kiss passionately. Katie asks if he wants his lunch or not. Bill wants his wife and wonders if he can have both. Katie guesses the two are not mutually exclusive. She is a rather devoted wife. She wants him to eat to get his strength though. Bill tells her that his is what it is all about. He comes home at the end of the day and here he is. He wants his grown sons to experience the same things as well. Katie doesn’t know how grounded Steffy will keep Liam but they are getting married and seem to be on their way. Bill agrees and knows that Wyatt is with Ivy. He suggests that they might be throwing a double wedding before they know it.

Ivy and Wyatt kiss each other. Wyatt tells her that even Thomas can’t touch this. He knows what they have. He knows her and she is not that kind of girl. She is amazing. Ivy doesn’t want to be put on a pedestal because she heard that the fall can be rather painful. Wyatt promises that he can catch her. Wyatt asks what is wrong. Ivy has to tell him something… Liam walks in and is sorry. He thought that the two of them were done in here.

Steffy would like to know why Thomas was in Ivy’s bedroom much less kissing her. Thomas knows that it is where they ended up. He asks what he is supposed to say. Steffy isn’t sure. She wonders if he is the slightest bit remorseful for being duped into making out with him. Thomas wants her to trust him. She wasn’t duped. Steffy knows that he doesn’t like Wyatt because he is a Spencer so he goes after his girlfriend. Thomas promises that this isn’t about Wyatt. He finds Ivy beautiful. He thinks that she is different. He knows that Steffy heard Ivy. It is over and nothing will happen anymore. Steffy doesn’t think he gets the point. It did happen. Ivy was fooling around with him when he was supposed to be with Wyatt. That is cheating. Thomas just thinks that the moment got away from them. Steffy knows that if Ivy’s feelings for Wyatt were real then they wouldn’t have crossed the line. Thomas doesn’t think that she crossed the line. Steffy asks if he gets it or not. They both crossed a line. It is a major line. She is supposed to be loyal to Wyatt. Wyatt deserves to know.

Liam asks if everything is ok in here. Ivy promises that everything is fine. She asks if he needs the office. Liam does but doesn’t need them to rush off or anything. It seems that working with other people in the room is a Forrester skill. Wyatt thinks that is the truth. Wyatt wonders if Liam and Steffy made any plans for the engagement yet. Liam believes that they have a lot to work out. Wyatt feels that it is great though. He knows that he is getting married to his woman of choice after all this time. Liam guesses that it is almost hard to believe. Ivy feels that it must be nice to know that someone keeps coming back after all this time. Liam can say at this point that he and Steffy are meant to be together. Wyatt believes that Liam has what they are all looking for. He has a solid trusting relationship. He is with someone that he can trust.

Thomas cannot let Steffy tell Wyatt. Steffy believes that Wyatt deserves to know. Thomas told her about that night in confidence. She cannot betray that. Steffy really wouldn’t throw that word around if she were her. Thomas wants Steffy to stop being melodramatic. He made out a little bit with Ivy. That was all. It is nothing that Ivy needs to be publically shamed over. Ivy thinks that this is interesting. She feels that what she should take from this is that Thomas cares about her. Thomas admits that he does care about her. He thinks that she can do a hell of a lot better than Wyatt Spencer. Steffy feels that Wyatt can do better than to be with someone makes out with the first girl to flirt with her. Thomas wants her to come on. They made out a little bit but it stopped there. He wants her to allow Ivy and Wyatt to go back to their lives. Steffy is sorry but she doesn’t think she can do that. Steffy leaves.

Bill takes a bite of pasta. Katie wonders if it meets his approval. Bill feels it does like everything she does. Katie wants to know what Bill wants. Bill is just appreciating the moment. Katie knows what this is about. He is excited about closing that deal the moment before walking in here. Bill is happy about that. What is really about is the small things. The things that make up the fabric of their life. He thanks her for the past and for her grace and style. Most importantly her humor. He wants to thank her for being a better man. Someone finally worthy of her. Katie and Bill start to kiss passionately again.

Thomas walks out of Rick’s office and down the hall with an employee named Lance. Ivy and Wyatt walk out of Ridge’s office and across the hall into Ridge’s. The close the door behind them and start to kiss passionately again. Ivy is so grateful for him. She wants him to know that. Wyatt feels the same as well. She has charmed the cold spots. She is funny and has a good perspective on things. She is amusing and entertaining. He is glad they are with one another. He thinks that what is good about the two of them is that they were best friends first. They knew everything about each other and learned to trust each other right off the bat. He really does trust her more than anything. Ivy wants to deserve that. She will earn it she promises. Wyatt remembers that before Liam came in she wanted to tell him something. Ivy knows it was just this. She wanted to tell him how much she appreciates him and doesn’t want to lose him. They kiss again. Wyatt asks if this feels like he is going anywhere. He is going nowhere.

In the hallway Steffy walks down the hall and back into Ridge’s office. She looks distressed. Liam asks what is wrong. Steffy was wrong about Ivy’s commitment to Wyatt. She has been cheating on Wyatt right under his nose.

Katie and Bill are now half naked on the kitchen counter. Katie doesn’t think that they have ever been as happy as this. Katie is happy that things are going so well. She cannot believe how big Will is getting. Bill wants to know what the deal is with that kid. It is like every time he leaves the house he grows an inch. Katie agrees that he is such a little man. He is going to be just like his daddy. Bill feels that they have to look out for that. They need to make sure that Katie’s genes come in. Will has to be better than him. Katie thinks that he will be creative and ambitious. Bill still cannot believe that Liam and Steffy are getting married. Katie suggests that Wyatt and Ivy might be next. Bill is so lucky to have Katie by his side. A wife a best friend and a partner. They start kissing again and Bill leans Katie downward.

Ivy has been thinking. She suggests that they go away for a couple of nights. She thinks that they have been working really hard on this line. Wyatt likes the idea of a couple nights away. Wyatt suggests a couple of nights in Aspen. They can just share a large bed together. Ivy wishes that it was that easy. There is nowhere on the planet she would rather be than just isolated with him. Thomas walks in and hates to interrupt. Thomas needs to talk to Ivy alone. It is important.

Liam can’t believe that this is true. Steffy went to see Thomas and Ivy was there and emotional. She waited for Ivy to leave. Liam asks if he really wants to hear this. Steffy explains that when Wyatt was out of town Ivy and Thomas made out in her bedroom. Liam asks if she believes him. Steffy does. Ivy shouldn’t be doing any of this. She is playing Wyatt now. Liam doesn’t want her to jump to conclusions. Thomas sees the world through his own lens. Ivy could have a completely different story. Steffy knows that this could be somewhere in the middle. Liam wants them to work this out on their own. Steffy believes that Wyatt is a good guy and she can think of a hundred girls who would deserve him. Liam wants her to hold and see how far ahead of herself she is getting. This could have something to do with Thomas’s dislike of all things Spencer. Steffy feels that Thomas and her tell each other everything. Ivy is cheating. Liam guesses that if that is true then it is between Ivy and Wyatt. They don’t need her help. Steffy thought that he would be more upset for her brother. She asks if they are really supposed to be just sit and watch Ivy cheat on Wyatt. Liam guesses they are. They are grownups and it is none of their business. He asks her to please not say anything to Wyatt. Liam has to go take care of something. He asks her to stay out of it repeatedly as he leaves.

Ivy believes that whatever Thomas has to say he can say it in front of Wyatt. Thomas doesn’t think she would like that. Ivy points out that Wyatt and her are together. They don’t keep secrets from each other. Thomas finds that interesting. Ivy is going to leave. Wyatt promises that he has this. Wyatt is going to need him to hear whatever he is saying. He gets why he is attracted to Ivy. He is going to need Thomas to back off. She said that she is not available. There is no room in this equation for him.

Ivy walks into Ridge’s office and Steffy’s eyes open wide. Ivy explains that Pam has a meeting set for them tomorrow. Steffy is ready. Steffy wants her to wait a minute. She wants to have something cleared up for her. She has been spending a lot of time with Thomas lately. Ivy knows because she has been working on dress designs with him. Steffy knows they both know the truth. Ivy doesn’t know what she is talking about. Steffy just knows that women are drawn to Thomas and she wants to know if it is happening with her. Steffy knows that she kissed Thomas and had a private moment on Thanksgiving. She confronted Thomas about it and he said it was nothing. Ivy hopes that she listened to him. Steffy did and then on her way to the design office she overheard some things. That she feels guilty and that it should never happen again. She went to Thomas and confronted him again. He told the truth this time and told her about her making out with Thomas. Ivy doesn’t think that it is what she thinks. Steffy agrees because it is what she knows. This is Wyatt’s business. He is a good guy and will be her brother-in-law soon. He doesn’t deserve that. Ivy feels that it is more complicated than that. Steffy wants her to save her justifications for Wyatt. If she isn’t going to say anything then she will.

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