B&B Wednesday Update 11/25/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/25/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Eric looks around the Forrester mansion. He looks at pictures of Stephanie. He whispers “Happy Thanksgiving my love.” Brooke walks in and tells him that the plates are all set and dinner is almost done. Eric is glad. Hope would be so proud. Brooke hugs him and agrees. Pam starts screaming from inside the kitchen. She tells them everyone needs to get out. Rick, Maya, Zende, Nicole, and Thomas all walk out laughing with Charlie screaming at them explaining that she really means out. Pam is a little stressed today. Eric wants Charlie to tell Pam that everything smells so good that he has gained ten pounds just inhaling it all. Charlie walks back into the kitchen. Caroline walks in saying Happy Thanksgiving. Ridge walks in behind him with Steffy and Liam coming quickly behind them. Ridge walks over to Eric. He thinks that Stephanie would have liked this. Eric agrees. He wants to know if Ridge is sure he wants to really jump back into fatherhood. Ridge does.

In the kitchen Charlie is upset because someone posted a picture of a roaster that he really wanted. Pam asks Charlie if it is time to baste the turkey again. Charlie explains that it is not according to his sophisticated timing system. Pam tells him that she loves him but if they are going to pull this off he needs to baste the turkey.

Thomas runs up the stairs with a football asking Zende if he is ready. Thomas throws the football and Zende doesn’t catch it in time so he breaks something. Bill walks in with the football asking who the butterfingers is. Zende tells him that they are doing a pickup game this year. Bill suggests it be Spencer’s verses Forrester’s. Ridge and Thomas agree completely. Bill throws the ball and Thomas is able to catch it from upstairs. Meanwhile over by the fireplace Wyatt asks if Steffy and Liam have set a date yet. Ivy notices Steffy’s ring and compliments her on it. Quinn and Deacon walk over. Wyatt didn’t even see them come in. Quinn tells them that she just dropped off her extra special yams in the kitchen. She put extra marshmallows on it just the way he likes it. She tries to give Wyatt a spoonful to eat. Wyatt can have some at the table. Quinn shoves it in his mouth. Over by the door Vivienne walks in carrying a dish along with Julius. Maya notices them. Maya is really glad they are here. Nicole notices the dish in her hand and asks what it is. Vivienne tells her it is Aunt Carol’s backed potatoes. Nicole is happy because those are her favorite. Vivienne knows especially now that she is eating for two. Eric tells everyone in the room that Zende’s parents send their love. He would however like to propose a toast to everyone that is here. The Forresters, the Spencers, and the Avants. He wants to give thanks. They all click glasses together.

In the kitchen Nicole and Vivienne both have aprons on. Charlie walks back in and tells Pam that he has an eye on the potatoes. Brooke and Katie think that they have everything under control there. Katie wants to make sure that everyone has drinks. She wants them to keep up the good work. Pam goes over to Vivienne and wants her to be honest. She wants to know if Brooke and Katie were helpful at all. Vivienne laughs and tells her that they have miles before they can eat.

Julius and Maya are sitting next to each other in the living room. Julius hears that the word on the street is that Vivienne and Pam are getting along. Maya is glad. Rick walks in thinking that the football game wasn’t fair. The two families argue over who won. Katie knows that the Spencer’s won but she asks how the game went. Bill explains that they completely beat them. Over on the other side of the room Quinn asks Ivy if she would like another drink. Ivy tells her a yes. Quinn will get it for her. Thomas walks over and says that she looks gorgeous. He thinks that she makes anything look great. Ivy moves away from him. Steffy spies them flirting from across the room. Eric tells them all that it is his honor to ask them to join him for this Forrester family feast. Caroline wants to take a picture with Ridge before they go eat. Thomas wants to help them take the picture. He takes the camera and takes the photo. Caroline thanks him. Ridge starts to get angry. Caroline tells him not to do that. She is smiling because they are having a baby. He will get better with Thomas as time goes by. It is because Ridge is the kindest and sweetest and most lovely man ever. Ridge asks if he really is. Caroline promises that he is.

Eric says that Thanksgiving is a tradition celebrating freedoms in their families. It is a celebration for what they have in common and a respect for their differences. Eric is reminded of a tradition that Hope started a couple of years ago. Bill reminds him that Hope is not here so it is the perfect time to end it. Brooke tells him not a chance. Eric explains that he and Brooke worked really hard on this seating arrangement. Here is how you play. You turn to the person your right and say something appreciative of them. Eric is sitting next to Thomas. He is very glad he is back. Not just for the company and the family to keep them all in line but also because he knows how much it means to Ridge to have him and Steffy together. He is glad he is back. Thomas thanks him. He says that it is great to be back. He feels that their lives are filled with special moments and a very special moment is coming for Caroline. He can’t think of anything more beautiful than to people brining a child into the world. He knows that Caroline and Ridge will make fabulous parents. Ridge looks annoyed. Caroline thanks him. Caroline explains that Eric mentioned celebrating traditions. She looks around the table and sees that the families are evolving. There are all different types of families. She grew up with two moms. She had love and loyalty. That is what they are doing. She knows that Ridge will make an amazing father to her child. Ridge turns to Steffy and tells her that she is a beautiful daughter. She is independent and opinionated. He wants Liam to take care of her because otherwise she will tell him. Steffy turns to Liam. She doesn’t know where to start. She thanks him for giving them another chance. It is the beginning of forever. She gets to be his fiancé. Liam likes that. They kiss each other. Liam turns to Bill. He jokes and talks to Katie. Liam was kidding. He doesn’t know what to say. He supported him and loved him. He taught him more than he could have ever imagined. A vote of competence means more to him than he ever imagined. He loves him. Bill turns to Katie. He is so lucky to have her sitting next to him again this year. He is the luckiest man in the world. They kiss. Katie turns to Vivienne. She doesn’t know her very well. She can tell by her two lovely daughters that she must be a wonderful mother. She is so happy to have her here for this occasion. Vivienne thanks Katie. Vivienne turns to Julius. She knows that he knows that she hasn’t always agreed with the ways that he did things for the family. She however is grateful for his willingness to move to LA. So that they could be closer to their children and be closer to the family again. Julius turns to Maya. He calls her his daughter. It has been a long time since he has had his daughters together for Thanksgiving. They actually want him here as well and he doesn’t know why. He is just grateful. He is for Rick as well. They want to make him a grandfather. He thinks that they are crazy but they can all be crazy together.

Maya promises that she is happy they are here. She will never forget the hurtful things he said to her in this house but she doesn’t remember him ever telling her that before. He said that he is willing to try and accept her. She hopes he means that. Julius is trying and he does love her. They hug. Maya thinks that this is her family. They welcomed her with open arms. What her sister is doing for her she has never experienced an act of love like that before. Except from Rick. Being his wife and the acceptance that he has and the support that is always there. She never wants him to forget how much she loves him. Rick turns to Zende. He has to say how grateful he is for the love and support he gives to Nicole as she gives them the greatest gift that they never thought possible. Rick thanks him. Zende would tell Nicole that she is the greatest gift to him, he thinks that what she is doing for Rick and Maya is better. He can’t even imagine making a life choice like that. She did and that is how she lives life. He hopes to be a part of that life for a long time. He loves her. Nicole turns to Charlie. She doesn’t know what to say. He protects them and supports them but most of all he makes them laugh. She thanks him for being good people. He is shocked that he made them laugh. He thinks that thinking of good people Pam is his pumpkin pie. He doesn’t need a special day to give thanks. He loves the traditions but his glory and his life right now is being with his sweet Pam. Pam turns to Deacon. She is thankful that he is in Quinn’s life. For making her happy and keeping her in her place. She had to leave a butter knife at her place. She thinks that it just proves all the good he has done for her. Deacon thanks her he thinks. Deacon tells Quinn that she is a pain and frustrating. Quinn doesn’t think that he understands this game. Deacon wants to say that the last thing he would ever want is a boring marriage. He loves her. Quinn turns to Wyatt. She knows they have been through so much. She wonders if he remembers the year she tried to flash cook the turkey in the kiln. Wyatt thinks that went terrible. Quinn agrees. She thinks he has been brilliant at such a young age and she couldn’t be more proud. Wyatt tells Ivy that she has been relentless with her family and her work. They are the underdogs but he hopes that she never gives up on him. He will never give up on her. He loves her. Ivy turns and says Brooke Logan. The legend and the myth. They all laugh. She fills the halls at work with passion and kindness. She knows everything but not in a gossiping kind of way. She makes sure to help them all out. Brooke turns to Eric. She explains that he is the reason they are all here. He is the leader of this family and the foundation. If there is one thing they should be thankful for each and every year it should be him. They all toast each other. Eric thanks them all for participating in this Forrester tradition. He thinks that the oldest one is however love and commitment and respect to one another. This family has evolved like the human race. He can’t think of a better time to be alive than right now with all of them. They all click to glasses. Pam and Charlie bring in the turkey. They all talk amongst themselves and enjoy the meal.

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