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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric eats a piece of pie in the Forrester Mansion. Brooke tries to get a bite but he won’t share Rick walks in with Maya from the kitchen. He isn’t sure how she managed to cook with the counters filled with food. Eric feels that Maya is a wonderful cook. Rick wonders if Eric is aware that the pie is for tomorrow. Maya reminds Rick that if he wants a piece he can have one. Brooke guesses that they should start working on the seating arrangements for tomorrow. Brooke realizes that Maya is the hostess so she could do it if she wants. Maya would much rather people blame Brooke. Eric feels that is the Forrester family motto. Blame Brooke. It really is… Brooke asks Maya what her parents plan to do.

Vivienne sees a coupon for a Thanksgiving meal for only fifteen ninety-five. Julius suggests to check the online reviews for the places. Vivienne thinks that is a good idea. Vivienne’s Wi-Fi is still down. Julius thinks hopes it is better by tomorrow. Vivienne wonders why. Julius assumes that she wants to watch the parade. Vivienne doesn’t really think it feels much like Thanksgiving.

In Ridge’s office Steffy looks at a sketch done by Thomas. She explains that using her to get around Ridge isn’t going to work anymore. If he doesn’t like it then Steffy won’t support it. Thomas thought that Steffy enjoyed that one earlier. Steffy assumes he knows what insincerity is. Thomas didn’t feel that it sounded like a no. She said she would think about it. Steffy feels that it meant to forget about. Thomas asks if she knew that there are over fifteen thousand ways to say no in the English language. Steffy asks how many ways he heard no from Ivy last night. She wants the truth.

In Wyatt’s living room Ivy sets up for dinner. Wyatt walks in with BBQ. Ivy asks why she wasn’t allowed to help him. Wyatt reminds her that this is to make up for last night. She didn’t go anywhere he did. He hopes that she is hungry for things that are bad for her because they taste so damn good. Ivy is always. Wyatt likes coming home to someone and by someone he means her. Steffy and Wyatt smile at each other.

Thomas says that his life is an open book for Steffy. Steffy knows that but she also knows that he tried to get Ivy into bed. She shut him down though. Steffy guesses that Wyatt was way tougher competition than he expected.

Wyatt wonders if Rick and Maya were tolerable or did they give her the “what are you doing back” look. Ivy explains that they went to a private Gala. She didn’t even know what time they went home. Wyatt asks if Thomas went with them. Ivy says no. Wyatt assumes that it was an uneventful night then.

Vivienne remembers that she has to call Colleen tomorrow. Julius can’t wait for her to continue the tradition of calling her sister so she can tell her that everything wrong in the world is his fault. Vivienne thinks that he knows that is the whiskey sours talking. They both laugh. Vivienne feels that Julius should know that he is the most wonderful guy she has ever had. Julius knows that there were some guys trying to get with her behind his back. He wants her to fess us. She admits that there was the one guy at the grocery store. He always liked to carry all her stuff all the time.

Rick tells Maya that her parents are welcome here. That is if she wants them to be. Eric explains that no one would question her choice. Brooke thinks that they understand either way. Maya wants to go check on them. She at least wants to make sure that they have some money for tomorrow. Rick reminds her that they won’t take money from him. Otherwise they wouldn’t be staying in that crummy motel. Maya knows but maybe she can get Vivienne to accept it. She won’t be long. She tells Brooke and Eric that she will see them tomorrow. She leaves. Rick asks himself everyday how he can make Maya’s life better. This however he cannot fix.

Steffy wants Thomas to stop being so mysterious. If something happened between him and Ivy last night no matter how disapproving she will be she wants to know. Steffy demands to know if Ivy is shallow enough to cheat on Wyatt the moment he turns away. Thomas guesses that she caught him. If there was something to be bragging about he would have told her.

Ivy explains that there was a storm. Wyatt is listening. Ivy means an actual storm. The night was not totally uneventful. Wyatt asks if she was scared all alone in the house. Ivy wasn’t alone. Wyatt means was she scared all alone in her room. Ivy smiles. She is so glad he is home. The two of them kiss passionately. Ivy hugs him but starts to think about kissing Thomas in bed.

Rick asks what else they need to square away for tomorrow. Eric explains that he still knows what is down in the wine cellar better than Rick does. Rick assumes that he does and thanks him. Brooke knows that he will be disappointed that his sisters won’t be here to celebrate tomorrow. Rick admits that when he was away at International he used to say he would go next time. With Maya’s family they never thought about next time.

Maya knocks on Vivienne and Julius’s hotel room door. Vivienne answers. Maya asks if she was expecting someone else. Vivienne says no and to come in. Julius asks if it is Nicole. Vivienne says his other daughter. Julius walks out from the bathroom and Maya says hello. He asks if everything is ok. Maya says yes. Julius hopes that Nicole is alright. Maya reminds him that she isn’t sick just pregnant. She would like to avoid the topic today. Vivienne wants Maya to know that they are both very sorry the way that the phone call went. It was however very nice to know. Maya got an email from Auntie Colleen. She just assumed that they were going to go home for the holiday but she said no. Vivienne admits that this is home now. Julius adds that this motel room isn’t but they are taking their time to find the right place. Vivienne wants to get Maya something to drink. Maya quickly puts a little money in Vivienne’s purse. Julius notices. Maya tells Vivienne that it is fine. Vivienne has a little bottle in case they ever have company. Maya asks what company. Vivienne says her or Rick. Julius doesn’t think it be Nicole seeing she is pregnant. She can’t drink. Maya asks if she can have a conversation with Vivienne. She wants to know what they are doing. Vivienne says that Julius job hunts. Maya wants to know what she is doing. Julius asks what all the questions are for. He thought that she didn’t criticize people for living their own lives. Maya notes that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. She wonders if they plan on spending it in this room.

Steffy thinks that this is good for Ivy and Wyatt as well as herself. It means that she won the bet. Thomas reminds her that she never actually agreed to the bet. Steffy guesses that he did hear her disapproval. So he is going to have to wait for that call from India. Thomas refuses to deal with Vindi the silk supplier. Steffy is going home to her man.

Ivy asks how Wyatt knew she needed a night just like this. Wyatt tells her that there is more. He has a homemade pie. Which means that he got it from their favorite bakery. Ivy thinks that makes it even better. Wyatt goes to get it. Ivy gets a text message from Thomas. It is a picture of him saying that he is stuck at work and wishes he had company. Wyatt asks who wants her and tells her no one is getting her. Ivy explains that it was a reminder she set for work. She actually has to go in there now. Wyatt asks how she can go in when they have pie. Ivy has no one else to blame but herself. She never realized how much of a big issue this would become.

Vivienne had no idea how big of a city this was. She had no idea how many places would be open on Thanksgiving. Julius tells Maya that they found a very nice advertisement for a meal tomorrow. Vivienne thinks that it looks nice. She assumes that Maya and Nicole will be spending the day with Rick’s family. Maya says yes. Vivienne feels that is the way it should be. Julius asks if she remembers when she was younger and they were hosting Thanksgiving and she chased her cousins dog into the forest and she caught poison Ivy. Maya remembers because he made her take an oatmeal bath. Julius did. Maya thinks that had to have been the Fourth of July because there are no leaves this time of year. Julius asks if she still has any scars from that. Maya only has a little thing on her ankle. Julius is glad he did something right.

Thomas is on the phone with the silk salesmen and manages to end the call. He closes his laptop. He walks over to turn off the light and Ivy walks into the room. She smiles and so does he. Ivy asks if they are alone. She looks concerned.

Wyatt writes a note telling Ivy he went to bed.

Thomas says that they are alone. Tomorrow is a holiday and everyone is gone. They are alone. Ivy tells him that they are done. Thomas says ok. Ivy is in love with a wonderful guy and he treats her so well. Thomas guesses that she has a great guy. Ivy would move in with him if he asked her. Ivy is sorry. Thomas feels that she will be sorry she didn’t. Thomas asks if he can give her this. Ivy has to go back to her real life. Thomas tells Ivy that she will see him at Eric’s tomorrow.

Rick thought that Maya would be back by now. Brooke knows that tomorrow is a big day. Brooke kisses Eric and tells her to call if he needs anything. Rick will walk her out. Eric looks at a picture of Stephanie. Brooke walks back over and knows. Eric remembers that it has been three years. Rick could put Stephanie’s picture back up for tomorrow. Eric laughs and says no. It is funny but the picture of Stephanie is a fine likeness but it keeps him from forgetting Stephanie in other ways. He remembers all the Thanksgivings that they didn’t even speak to each other. The more he thinks about it the more he remembers how enraged he could be with her. Brooke feels that is how some families work.

Maya asks if they ever had a happy Thanksgiving. Vivienne promises her that they did. The problem is that she look at the past and only remembers the unhappy times. Vivienne doesn’t see it that way. Julius doesn’t either. He is the type of guy who looks at life differently. He has an example. A man comes home with a little bourbon on his breath and the wife ask why. Or he has a son or daughter and they never do what they ask them to do. He then realizes they never do what they are asked to do. He realizes it doesn’t make him that bad. Maya knows that meanwhile that the little child he was so angry at is lying in her bad asking what is wrong with her. Maya thinks that they need to make some new memories. Vivienne thinks that is why they are here. Julius feels that they did the best they could. Vivienne doesn’t want her to feel responsible for them. Maya feels responsible for her. She thought she was doing alright. Vivienne thinks that she was doing better than alright. Maya wants them to come over to the house tomorrow. Julius assumes after everyone has gone. Maya means to be a part of it. Julius tells her that his suit is at the cleaners. Maya doesn’t think that anyone cares what he is wearing. He always looks great. Maya should be going. Maya tells them that the offer still stands. Vivienne thanks her. Vivienne likes the idea of Thanksgiving Dinner with their children. She wonders when was the last time that happened.

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