B&B Monday Update 11/23/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy works on a necklace in Rick’s office and thinks about her night she spent with Thomas. Thomas walks in and explains that he was thinking about it as well. He asks how she is doing. Ivy is doing good. She is functioning. She wonders how he is doing. Thomas is good but only slightly functioning. Ivy feels that is an understatement. She wants to know if he needs something. Thomas does actually and starts to kiss her. Ivy stops him. She explains that last night was so good. Thomas assumes that it was in complete though. Ivy wonders why guys always want more. Thomas feels that kissing is like taking one lick of an ice cream cone. Ivy believes that Thomas might want to work on his metaphors. She thinks that last night was great but it shouldn’t have happened. Thomas believes that it should have. It should happen again and again and again. Ivy has a boyfriend. Thomas knows it is him. Ivy means Wyatt.

In Ridge’s office Steffy thinks that Wyatt and Quinn had a successful trip. Wyatt tells her that they brought back a couple samples. The rest are locked in the vault. Quinn believes that the stones are exquisite but not as much as the one on her finger. Steffy shows it to Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t think he can leave her alone for one night. Quinn guesses that congratulations are in order. Wyatt feels that Liam is a lucky guy and must get that from his brother. Steffy asks if he has seen Ivy since he came back. Wyatt hasn’t yet.

Nicole and Zende walk into the Forrester mansion. Nicole cannot believe he has his first business trip. She is proud of him. Zende guesses it is exciting. Nicole asks if she looks any different. Zende sighs. He was thinking of something. Nicole just thinks that she should have some sort of natural glow. Zende knows that is what they say. Nicole asks if he agrees. Zende is still wrapping his head around it. He still cannot believe that the birth went through on the first try. Nicole asks if there has been a change. Zende thinks she looks pretty much the same. Nicole means in Zende. She wants to know if he feels differently now that she is pregnant. She wonders if the better question to ask is if he wishes that she wasn’t pregnant. Zende does of course wish she wasn’t pregnant. He hasn’t lied to her. He isn’t going to start now. Nicole would hope not. Zende believes that this is all still new to him. He wants to grow with her and he knows she wants this thing too. They can’t happen now though. Nicole thinks that they can. Zende feels that the two of them are not top priority. The baby is. He knows it is selfish but he wanted her all to himself. They are just beginning. He doesn’t want to share her. Not yet.

Quinn believes that Steffy’s ring is one impressive rock. Wyatt guesses that Liam did one impressive job. Quinn promises that Wyatt did as well. Quinn cannot wait to show Ivy the stones. Wyatt would like to wait on that. She would want to get right into working if she saw the stones. He would like to spend a little more personal time with her first. Steffy asks how Ivy was when he talked to her last night. Wyatt admits that she was a little more pre-occupied. Steffy wonders if she was working at the office. Wyatt tells her that she was at the Forrester Mansion where Rick, Maya, and Nicole also live. Quinn reminds him that Thomas lives there as well. Wyatt can’t believe she needed to say that.

Thomas looks at one of Ivy’s designs. Ivy admits that last night wasn’t like her at all. Thomas wants to know why she is telling him this. Ivy doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea. Thomas assumes that enjoying herself isn’t something she has to explain. Ivy means that what they did was something she has never done in her entire life. Thomas promises her it was just a few kisses. He doesn’t care. Ivy wanted to thank him for that. Thomas doesn’t need to be thanked for kissing her. Ivy means that she wanted to thank him for not pushing things to the next level if he knows she means. Thomas asks if she wanted him to. Ivy didn’t. Ivy feels like she did something so terribly wrong but also right at the same time. Thomas believes that she is half right for that. They needed that. Ivy wants to know what she will tell Wyatt. What she will tell her boyfriend?

Zende is sorry. He didn’t mean to bring her down. Nicole wants him to be honest with her. He asks if she is doing well with the pregnancy so far. Nicole is at this time. He wonders if she is feeling any different. Nicole isn’t yet. She does feel a little. Something is there that she wasn’t aware of before. Life that is not just her own. She has never felt responsible for anyone but herself. She always prided herself on independence. Suddenly she is no longer responsible for herself. There is a life growing in her. It just changes perspectives on things. She wonders if it changes anything to Zende.

Steffy looks at the jewels and thinks that they are beautiful. Quinn thinks that what is beautiful is how she negotiated the price. Quinn asks Wyatt if she is right. Wyatt says that Quinn really got to those sales people. Quinn asks if he wants to try to pretend to be a part of this meeting. Wyatt is sorry. He is a little preoccupied. He missed Ivy. Quinn thinks that it is more than just missing her. Thomas has a wondering eye but she is sure that Steffy knew all about that. Wyatt wants to stop this. Steffy doesn’t want to get involved in her brother’s personal life. Wyatt feels that is it for him. Wyatt wants to know if she will be ok with just Quinn here. Steffy promises they will be good. Wyatt leaves.

Thomas asks why they have to tell Wyatt anything about last night. Ivy doesn’t know she assumes he has never heard of this but it is called honesty. Thomas has heard of it. It gets you in trouble. Ivy feels that it does the opposite and keeps people out of trouble. Thomas wants to know what she plans to tell Wyatt then. Ivy doesn’t know. She knows that it was just a few kisses. Thomas believes that it was a few honest kisses. Thomas asks if she believes in serendipity. Ivy does. Thomas wonders about last night. Ivy learned last night that she really missed Wyatt. Thomas feels that they should have gone further. If they went all the way last night they wouldn’t have this conversation. They would still be in bed. Thomas wants Ivy to come back home tonight. Lie that she is helping prep Thanksgiving dinner. He wants a repeat of last night. It can happen and it will. Wyatt walks in. Ivy goes and kisses him. Thomas asks how his trip was. Wyatt explains that he is kissing Ivy right now. He doesn’t think that she could have missed him any more than he missed her. She better not have plans tonight because he has already made bigger ones for them. Wyatt hugs her.

Zende believes that the pregnancy changes everything. Nicole knows that it does. Zende feels that she even said it herself. She has other commitments. Nicole doesn’t feel that she has to have just one. Zende doesn’t want to compete with a baby. He would like to be number one. Zende wants Nicole to be proud of what she has done. It doesn’t help their situation but it doesn’t ignore what she is doing for Rick and Maya. Zende still supports Nicole. Nothing has changed. Nicole hasn’t seen Zende in days and he hasn’t even kissed her. She thinks that is huge. She doesn’t feel that she is attractive to him right now. She asks if it grosses him out knowing she is pregnant.

Thomas tells Wyatt that they are sort of in the middle of something right now. Wyatt asks what they are doing. Thomas and Ivy were trying to work on a dress. Wyatt believes that it should only take about five minutes. He can wait. Thomas has more like ten dresses. Wyatt can wait. Ivy wants to hear about the trip. Thomas wonders if he left his heart out there. Wyatt didn’t. He left it with Ivy. Ivy asks about the Gem stones. Wyatt will show her them later. He asks how it was being back at the mansion. He can’t imagine it being very fun. Thomas thinks it builds character being alone. He should do it more often. Wyatt missed Ivy. Wyatt gets a text from Steffy saying she needs him. He will talk to her later. He leaves. Thomas reminds Ivy that she has no ring or commitment. She shouldn’t feel this guilt. Thomas wants her to listen to the offers. Ivy asks what he is offering her.

Zende isn’t grossed out. Nicole notes that he didn’t even touch her. Zende has been going through something. Nicole was afraid of that. Zende believes that she was aware of her being a surrogate. Nicole knows but it doesn’t answer her question. She asks if he still feels the same about her. She wants to know if he still wants her. Zende walks over to Nicole and kisses her passionately.

Steffy feels that Ridge and Caroline will love these new stones. Wyatt asks if there is anything else. Steffy believes that is it. She actually wonders what he is doing tonight. Wyatt planned to hang with Ivy. Steffy thinks that is nice. Wyatt believes that Ivy needs it just as much as he does. Steffy wonders why. Wyatt thinks that she wishes she could have gone with him as much as he does. Steffy asks if she said that. Wyatt knows she wasn’t acting like herself and he is going to fix that.

Thomas knows that they had a great time last night. He wants her to do what she wants to do. Not what she is supposed to do. Ivy doesn’t know what she wants to do. It is because of him. Thomas wants her to figure it out. Thomas thinks that this is about self-realization. Ivy is going to go think about Wyatt. Ivy cannot believe she is considering this. Thomas knows that they are both attracted to each other. Ivy loves Wyatt and wants to know what the hell she is doing. Thomas reminds her that they are both young. They can be a little crazy. Ivy doesn’t know. She has never been in this position. This doesn’t feel like her. Thomas thinks it is her. The answer is simple. What does she want. He kisses her again and she kisses back.

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