B&B Friday Update 11/20/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/20/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam asks if Steffy wants more wine. Steffy says yes but she doesn’t want Liam to move because she is to comfy. Liam tells her that he will only be up for a second. Steffy gets out her phone and hasn’t gotten another text from Thomas since she told him to go to bed. It starts to thunder outside. Steffy thinks that this will be bad for the commute tomorrow. Liam suggests that they stay in tomorrow to celebrate. Liam hands Steffy a glass of wine. Steffy thanks him. Liam walks off to his bedroom. Steffy doesn’t want him to leave. Liam knows but he has some windows to clean. He will be back. Steffy calls Wyatt. Steffy asks how it is going and if he is ready for the meeting tomorrow. Wyatt explains that he is going over notes with Quinn. Steffy feels it is to bad that Ivy isn’t there. Wyatt agrees. He would like something done about that. Steffy wonders if he called her to say goodnight. Steffy sees Liam go in and Steffy rushes to end the call. Liam asks if that was Wyatt. He wonders if she is nervous for him. Steffy just wanted to make sure that everything is ok. It starts to thunder and lightning bad and they start hugging.

Ivy asks if Thomas really can’t sleep. He can’t. Not with his mind racing. He was thinking about her. He was imagining that maybe there was something better than sleep that he could do with the person across the hall.

Quinn asks Wyatt if that is what is bothering him. Wyatt assumes that she means Ivy and Thomas being under the same roof. He asks why that would bother him. Quinn knows it would because Thomas has been flirting with Ivy. Wyatt admits that does bother him. Him living under the same roof doesn’t though. The place is so huge though that they should never even have to cross paths.

Ivy hears the thunder. She asks if Thomas really had thoughts of her keeping him awake. Ivy asks if they were playing a game of bridge. Thomas thought that you needed four people for that. He was thinking more of a two-person game. Ivy guesses chess then. Thomas guesses so. Thomas doesn’t think that he has ever lost a game of chess. Ivy thinks that is interesting. Most people don’t last very long with her. The thunder starts again and Ivy jumps into Thomas. Thomas thinks that she seems a little scared. Thomas suggests that maybe they should play a game of chess in his room or hers. Ivy guesses that Thomas really is something. Thomas asks if that is a good thing. Ivy isn’t sure yet but doubts that playing games is going to help either of them sleep. Thomas feels that is debatable. Ivy wonders if he gets into arguments when he plays games. Thomas admits that things do get a little crazy but still. Ivy isn’t going to tonight. Ivy walks out of the kitchen and into the living room. Ivy asks Thomas if he was making a snack. Thomas might later. Ivy is going to bed. Thomas looks at his phone and texts Steffy.

Steffy gets a text message. She asks if Liam would be mad if she checked to see who it was. Liam feels that would be a slight over exaggeration. He would like to see if the Clippers won though. Steffy reads the text and Thomas tells her that she is going to lose the bet. Liam asks if she is ok. Steffy claims that it is just her brother being her brother. Liam can hear that. He understands sibling annoyance more than most. Liam is going to change his mind. He wants to tune the world out. He wants to just be with Steffy tonight. Steffy can agree with that. She has all of him. Liam tells her it is for better or worse.

Quinn decides that she is getting tired and is going to head to her room. Wyatt tells her not to spend the entire night sexting Deacon. They have a meeting tomorrow. Quinn says that the same thing goes for him and Ivy. Quinn laughs telling him never mind. Wyatt feels that is rude and hurtful. Quinn doubts that Ivy would ever sext. She wants Wyatt to admit that Ivy doesn’t remind Wyatt of some other goody two shoes that he used to hang around with. Wyatt asks who she means. Quinn thinks that Ivy is a lot like Hope. Wyatt thinks the only way they are a like is if she means that they are morally decent people. Quinn asks how things turned out with her and Hope. Wyatt doesn’t want this in his head. He is with a loyal and trusting woman. He happens to like that.

Ivy goes into her bedroom and checks her phone. Thomas knocks on the door and she tells him to come in. Ivy looks concerned.

Quinn has only ever wanted the best for Wyatt. If Ivy makes him happy then so be it. She just wonders if her Pollyanna personality will hold his attention in the long run. Especially when there was another woman in his life recently. Wyatt assumes she means Steffy and he explains that there never was a chance for Steffy and him. She came back to town looking for Liam. Quinn thinks that it is annoying that Steffy would go after someone like Liam.

Steffy wants to spend more time like this. Steffy asks if she has been to distracted lately. Liam doesn’t think as much as Caroline has been. Steffy wants him to promise that if she ever posts as much as Caroline to take her phone and throw it away. Liam will note that. Steffy doesn’t want to be that couple. The type that are at a place and are both on their phones completely ignoring each other. One minute two people are so into each other and then the next the word takes over and their relationship takes a back seat. Steffy never wants him to take a back seat in her life. Liam is not worried about them losing their traction. Liam feels that after the honeymoon and having children they will still find time for nights like this. Steffy wants that exactly. She wants nights without texting and… She realizes what Liam just said. Steffy asks if he said honeymoon.

Ivy asks Thomas if he needs something. Thomas feels that they both do. Ivy reminds him that she is with Wyatt. Thomas knows that he is in a different city tonight. Ivy doesn’t think that matters. Thomas asks if Wyatt tells her how insanely sexy and elegant she is. A guy like Wyatt couldn’t possibly appreciate her like he does. They end up kissing and Ivy stops again.

Steffy asks what Liam is saying. Liam is saying that he agrees with her. He doesn’t want to lose sight of what they have and what is important. Knowing them they will never lose sight of what is important. Steffy asks if he even means about kids. Liam thinks them especially. Liam doesn’t want to make assumptions. They might have kids. If they do he doesn’t want to lose nights like this. When she was in Paris he missed these nights more than he missed the wild ones. Steffy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Liam knows she does. Liam believes that they have experienced a lot and that is because of Steffy. She has made him take chances she never would have otherwise. Liam gets down on one knee. Steffy has brought spirit to his life. This thunderstorm for example makes him want to touch her and keep her safe. The other thing is to take her outside and make her dance in the rain and laugh. She is the only woman who makes him want to do these things. He thinks that they would make a great couple. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her if she will let him. They have made so many memories. He asks if she will marry him. Steffy says of course. A bunch of scenes are shown of the two of them. Liam puts the ring on her finger. Steffy kisses Liam.

Wyatt isn’t sure of how he feels about Quinn implying he should be with Steffy and calling Liam spineless. He hopes that Quinn isn’t about to do something weird again. Quinn promises she isn’t. Wyatt is glad. He would like to believe that but he has to check in every once in a while. Wyatt doesn’t need anything though. He is with Ivy. Quinn can tell that he is really committed to her. Wyatt is. He loves her.

Ivy can’t. Thomas asks why not. Ivy isn’t interested in Thomas the way he is. Ivy is with Wyatt. Thomas believes that because they are young this is the time of their lives to do something daring. He wants to be a little crazy. He wants her to be a little crazy with him. Ivy and Thomas kiss again. Ivy stops but then she stars again.

Wyatt goes over to his bed and looks at a picture of Ivy.

Ivy and Thomas end up on her bed while Wyatt sends a text message.

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