B&B Thursday Update 11/19/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/19/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas walks back into the kitchen with a bag. He tells Ivy that the food is here. Ivy explains that he really didn’t have to do this. She was really ok with just a bowl of soup and then going to bed. Thomas really only made one call. Thomas doesn’t really like to eat alone. It’s nice to have a beautiful woman in the house for once. Ivy reminds him that Wyatt is only gone for one night and then he comes back from his trip. Thomas suggests that he might extend his trip. Ivy doubts that. He is spending twenty-four hours alone with Quinn. He will be dying to come back. Thomas guesses that if he had someone who looked like Ivy he would hurry back too. Ivy thinks that Thomas is just a little charmer. Thomas admits that he can lay it on a little thick sometimes. Thomas means every word though. He seriously can’t figure out why Wyatt would ever want to be away from her though. Ivy feels that they can afford to be a part one night while he is away on business. Thomas believes that a lot can happen in one night.

Steffy remembers that she has a conference call in the morning. Liam actually had Pam push that call up to noon. He thought that they could have that they could have the morning to themselves. Steffy thinks that it gives her some time for extra sleep. Liam agrees or other stuff. Steffy kisses him. Liam wants to get serious. It is really important. He wants to know what Bob Hope movie they will be watching tonight. Liam decides that he actually wants to guess. Steffy tells him that he can choose. Liam knows that she never lets him choose. He wants to know what is going on. Steffy wants to be surprised. Liam can do so. He asks if she is ok because she looks distracted.

In a hotel room in San Francisco Wyatt tips a bell hop while Quinn looks outside the window. The bell hop tells Quinn that her luggage will be in her room. She thanks him as he leaves. Quinn thinks that this is nice. They can see the Golden Gate bridge from the view. She thinks that they should go out and get some bibs and have lobster for dinner. Wyatt is kind of beat. He is going to order some room service. Quinn doesn’t think that is fun. Wyatt doesn’t think that they are here to have fun. They are here for a meeting. Quinn asks how much better things can get. Quinn can tell Wyatt is missing Ivy. She thinks that it has only been a few hours. Though if she knows Ivy she is sitting on the beach listening to Taylor Swift pining away for Wyatt as well. Wyatt thinks that is a nice try but she isn’t staying at his place. She said she was too afraid to stay there alone so she is staying at the Forrester Estate.

Steffy promises that it is nothing. It isn’t a big deal. Liam can tell that she is distracted by something. Steffy promises that it has nothing to do with the two of them. Steffy is just a little distracted. She is sorry. Liam knows that she has had a lot to deal with. If she needs to talk he wants to listen. Steffy thinks about the bet Thomas demanded she be a part of.

Ivy really likes her meal. Thomas thinks that it tastes great. Ivy could never be mad when she has good crab cake. Thomas needs Ivy to have at least one bite of his risotto. Ivy will take one bite. Ivy thinks that tastes delicious. Thomas wants her to save room. They have dessert. Ivy thinks that Thomas really out did himself. She appreciates all he did to make tonight a lovely evening.

Steffy feels that Liam reads her like a book. Liam agrees. It is so hard for Steffy to keep anything from Liam. Liam can always tell when her mind is wondering. Steffy knows. Liam asks if this is about Ivy and Wyatt. Steffy has been thinking about them lately. She knows she probably shouldn’t say anything else on it but… Liam doesn’t think that she should have to say anything else on the subject. She has made such an effort where his brother is concerned. She has been forgiving especially with Ivy. It means so much to him. It shows how remarkable she is. They start to kiss again.

Wyatt opens his laptop. He realizes now that he should have been more convincing in getting Ivy to come with them. Quinn feels that would have been fun. For him. Wyatt knows that Ivy had to stay back to finish those designs on time. Quinn believes that Ivy is such a lucky girl to have a guy like Wyatt missing her. Wyatt feels that it would have been a good opportunity for Ivy to be here. He admits that he misses her. Quinn tells him to call her then. Wyatt was planning to just as soon as he gets a little privacy. Wyatt asks if she is tired. Quinn isn’t at all. She is buzzing. Wyatt suggests that she go check out her room. Quinn wants him to pretend like she isn’t here. She is going to go raid his mini bar. Wyatt makes a phone call while Quinn starts to drink.

Ivy wonders if Thomas has ever been to Australia. Thomas has but it has been a few years. Ivy wants to let him know that they take their cricket very seriously. Ivy’s phone rings. She is going to take the call. Ivy wonders off into the other room. Thomas gets out his phone and texts Steffy. He explains that Ivy is staying at the mansion tonight.

In the Forrester living room, Ivy tells Wyatt that she is glad that he is ok. Wyatt tells her that transportation wasn’t too bad. Ivy assumes the Forrester jet is pretty nice. Wyatt wishes that she was here. It isn’t the same without her. Ivy actually wishes that she was with him too. Wyatt understands that she had to stay back though. He wonders if she was able to get a lot of work done. Ivy has here and there. Wyatt is glad that she ended up staying at her uncles. Wyatt thinks that it is getting late. He will call her after the meeting and tell her how it went. Ivy hangs up. Thomas asks her if the only reason she came here is because she didn’t want to stay at the beach house alone.

Steffy look at her phone and sees the text from Thomas. She texts him back that he is terrible and to go to sleep. Liam walks back in and explains that he finally did it. He opened a bottle of champagne that costs more than a new car. They both taste it and thinks that it taste like money. Steffy guesses that Liam wasn’t kidding around when he said he planned a special night. Liam knows that she made them a special night not too long ago. Liam thinks that every moment and memory and every truffle fry. He thinks that tonight is about the live they will build together. They kiss again.

Quinn has been dealing with these people for years. She doesn’t expect any surprises from them. Quinn knows that the precious metal guys though. They are going to try to gouge them. Especially if they know about them working with Forrester Creations. She is in charge of dealing with them. Quinn asks if Wyatt is with her. Wyatt promises that he is. Quinn is used to Wyatt tuning her out because she is his mother but she asks if he has heard a word she has said. Wyatt has heard every word she has said. He has heard everything. Quinn asks if he misses Ivy still. She wonders if this is because Ivy is spending the night at Eric’s house. Wyatt wonders why that would matter. Quinn knows that is where Thomas is staying.

Thomas knows that Ivy didn’t have to stay here. Ivy wonders what his point is. Thomas wonders if she is trying to get another kiss out of him. Ivy thinks that the kiss was really nice. It was but it was very wrong. She is staying here because technically she has a room upstairs. Thomas is glad that she is staying here. It is a big old scary house. He would be terrified. Ivy is sure. Thomas knows that everyone is down at the fundraiser down in Laguna. So it is just the two of them and Maya of course. He points to her portrait. Ivy thinks it is getting late so she is going to go to bed. Thomas doesn’t think she can. They have so much red velvet cake that will go to waste. Ivy isn’t going to. She thanks him though. Thomas doesn’t want the evening to end. Ivy says goodnight to Thomas. She walks upstairs.

Liam wonders if Steffy knows what is funny He used to think that you used to have to be doing something. Some epic pounding adventure and they still will. He just thinks that being here with her is great. He loves supporting each other and possibly raising a family. It never gets old with her and it never will. Except for when she steels his razor. Then it gets old really fast. Steffy knows that he loves her. Liam does. They kiss each other.

Quinn knows that Thomas has been giving Wyatt and Liam a very hard time lately. Wyatt agrees. He is a jerk and always has been. Quinn suggests that he feels threatened by him. Wyatt guesses or he is just a smug jerk. Quinn thinks that whatever it is he is getting to him. Wyatt couldn’t care less about the guy. Quinn knows that he has been telling Wyatt that he is getting to comfortable at Forrester all the while blatantly hitting on his girlfriend. Wyatt guesses she does know everything. He asks though how this matters. Quinn assumes that if he isn’t respecting Wyatt then he probably isn’t respecting Ivy. Wyatt trusts Ivy. She isn’t going to take the bait. He knows her. She would never fall for a guy like him. Quinn doesn’t trust him. He is a spoiled brat who is handed everything in life and takes what he wants. Quinn also knows that Wyatt loves Ivy. She would still keep an eye on her though. He track record with men before Wyatt came along of course is not the best. Wyatt assumes she means because she is dating Liam. Quinn is just saying that people are shady His girlfriend is sleeping under the same roof at Thomas.

Ivy walks into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. She thinks about the night that Thomas saved her life and then when Thomas kissed her. She pours the glass and Thomas is standing behind her shirtless. Ivy was just grabbing a glass of water. Thomas was in bed and couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about her.

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