B&B Wednesday Update 11/18/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/18/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas wants to know why Steffy is hesitating. Steffy asks if he really thinks she doesn’t know when he is avoiding her. Thomas wants her to call the bluff. Steffy just doesn’t think that it feels right. Thomas wants Steffy to tell him her view on if he can take Ivy away from Wyatt. He wants her to bet him.

Ivy and Wyatt kiss passionately. They break kissing and Wyatt explains that he needed that. Ivy doesn’t exactly think that was a hardship. Wyatt might need a few more of those to tie him over for his trip. Ivy is confused. Wyatt has a business trip with Quinn. He leaves tonight.

Katie congratulates Liam. Bill couldn’t be happier. He has always told him that Steffy is the woman for him. He is glad that he is finally doing something about it. Liam knows that he has had a lot of turns on the way with Steffy. That is why he is asking her tonight to marry him. He knows she will say yes. Katie asks if he is nervous. Liam is a little. Bill doubts that Steffy will say no. Liam doesn’t want to assume that but there could be something else going on. Katie asks what he means. Liam thinks that the female mind is mysterious and he doesn’t know what she is thinking. Katie doesn’t feel that he has to worry about that. Liam says that he isn’t. He does know that Steffy and him love each other. Bill knows that as someone who loves and respects someone he knows that Liam has that with Steffy. He doesn’t want him screwing it up. Bill hopes that Wyatt is as smart as him in finding the right woman. Katie suggests that he might have already.

Ivy wonders about San Francisco. Wyatt has to go meet with some suppliers along with Quinn. Ivy wants to know why Quinn didn’t tell her that. Wyatt isn’t sure. He asks if she checked her messages. Ivy has not recently. Wyatt guesses that is why. Ivy would like to know how long he will be gone. Wyatt doesn’t think that it will be longer than overnight unless she comes with him. He suggests that she come. They can have a long weekend. Ivy thinks that is tempting but Ridge wants new designs on his desk by tomorrow morning and with the two of them gone she is going to have to stay back and do everything. Wyatt guesses it was worth a shot. Ivy still would like to do that another time. Wyatt suggests wherever she wants whenever. Ivy feels he is so good to her. Wyatt asks that while he is gone he would like her to keep a safe distance from Thomas.

Thomas suggests that they can bet anything Steffy wants. Dinners, money, tasks. Steffy isn’t going to make this stupid bet. She feels it is childish. Thomas reminds her that they have made plenty of bets as adults. Steffy just thinks that this one is wrong. She was with Wyatt earlier and they seemed genuinely happy together. Thomas guesses that if they are solid then it won’t even matter. Nothing he does will work. Steffy asks if Thomas is targeting Wyatt. Thomas doesn’t even know what that means. Steffy thinks that he has issues with anyone named Spencer. Thomas believes that so long as Wyatt hasn’t put a ring on it he can go after anyone he wants. Steffy demands that he back off. Steffy thinks that Wyatt is a really good guy. He doesn’t deserve to have him going after his girlfriend. Plus little miss prim and proper will shoot him down because she doesn’t go after players. She is committed to Wyatt. Thomas thinks that this sounds like a great challenge.

Bill asks Liam if Wyatt and Ivy are still going strong. He is around them a lot more than they are. He wants to know Liam’s opinion. Liam guesses that they do seem very into each other. Bill feels that Wyatt could do a lot worse. In the mean time they have a wedding to look forward to. Liam thinks that it has been really fulfilling to work with Steffy. Katie imagines it can be very fun if the temperaments are right. It can even be a turn on. Katie suggests that they go. She knows that he has a big night ahead of them. Bill and Katie congratulate him and both leave.

Ivy asks when Wyatt is leaving. Wyatt is leaving as soon as he gets on the jet. Quinn is already waiting for him. Ivy was getting so used to spending every night with him. Wyatt wants to know how Ivy can miss him if they spend every day together. Ivy knows but she doesn’t want him to make a habit of it. Wyatt suggests that she stay at his house and she can smell his things so she doesn’t miss him. Ivy probably won’t do that. Wyatt pictures Ivy on her side of the bed looking at his side of the pillow. Ivy is going to stay at the mansion tonight. Something about his house creeps her out. Wyatt doesn’t want that. Wyatt thinks that she should spend some time with Eric. Ivy and Wyatt kiss each other. She wants him to come back right away.

Steffy feels that if Thomas goes after Ivy then he will look like a fool. Thomas assumes that it is because she is such a committed woman. Steffy thinks that she is. Thomas explains that she did kiss him. Steffy never said she was perfect. However, one kiss doesn’t change her commitment to Wyatt. Thomas feels that Wyatt is a rebound. Steffy doesn’t think that means it isn’t real. Thomas says that if they really solid then there is no game. Steffy believes that is the issue. This isn’t a game. Thomas believes that if Wyatt is a good guy then Steffy doesn’t want him to be strung along and get into this relationship to deep. She is the one that is always saying she has trust issues with Ivy. If Steffy likes Wyatt then maybe she wants to know where Ivy is coming from. Steffy does she guesses. Thomas wants to shake on it. Steffy tells him to leave. Thomas loves her. He leaves. Steffy works on her laptop and Wyatt walks in. He didn’t realize anyone was in here. He just had to get some papers for a meeting. Steffy assumes it is the San Francisco suppliers meeting. She wonders if Ivy is going with him. Wyatt asks her. She had work to do. Steffy sighs. Wyatt asks if she is ok. Steffy just has work to do and is a little distracted. She wants to know if things are going well between him and Ivy. Wyatt is grateful that they are together every day. Steffy assumes that they would be. Wyatt believes this is nice. She is supportive of his relationship with Ivy and he knows it has been hard. Steffy is trying to move forward. They are all acting so adult. He asks about her and Liam. Steffy falls in love with him even more all the time. She thinks about all the time they spent a part. Never again. Thomas promises that she doesn’t have to worry about Liam. He is right where he wants to be. Steffy guesses the same can be said about Ivy. Wyatt thinks so. Steffy guesses that he has no reason not believe her. Wyatt feels they are getting better every day. Steffy is glad.

At the Forrester Mansion Thomas is on the phone telling someone that she looked fantastic in a dress. He will pick her up at night. Ivy walks in and he tells the person that he is going to have to call them back. Thomas asks if she is the most beautiful hallucination he has ever seen and asks if she is stalking him. Ivy thinks that he wishes. Wyatt had business so here she is. Thomas asks if she is going to bed already. Ivy is just going to go change into something more comfortable. She hasn’t ate yet though so she will probably come back down to eat something.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house and Liam is lighting candles. Steffy asks if he got roses for her. Liam was on an impulse. Steffy feels that they are gorgeous. She thanks him. They kiss each other. Liam knows that they have been so busy so he thought that it be nice to have some alone time. Steffy wonders how he know this was exactly what she needed. Liam guesses that he is either psychic or knows her. Steffy loves working with Liam and waking up with him. Liam can tell that Steffy is still in the office. Steffy is just a little distracted. Liam won’t allow it. He wants her attention right here. They kiss again. Steffy comes out from the bedroom dressed down a little. She was shocked that Wyatt didn’t have Ivy go with him. Liam asks if he hears concern for Ivy and Wyatt. Steffy asks if that is wrong. Liam says no he just is shocked. Steffy wants them to work together. She wants them to get along and be concerned about each other. Liam thinks that Steffy could have done any number of things but instead she is letting herself live in the future. Steffy knows but that is because of him. He makes her a better person. Liam thinks that she does that without even trying. Steffy likes Wyatt. He is smart and resourceful. He has been over coming Quinn his entire life. Steffy knows that instead of letting her take over his life he has moved passed that. Liam guesses that it is hard for him to see that sometimes but she is right. He is one of the good guys even if he is misguided upon occasion. Steffy wonders who isn’t. Steffy asks if Ivy really cares about Wyatt. Liam does and wonders if she doesn’t. Steffy does she just wants his opinion. Liam thinks she is serious. Ivy is capable of doing that but when Ivy does something she stick to it. He thinks that is why Wyatt has a shot at happiness wither.

Ivy walks into the kitchen to find Thomas making a decent meal. She wonders what this all is. Thomas knows that this is her first night back in a while so he is going to make her a super meal. He can do one better than that. He called a restaurant to deliver food. Ivy thinks that is very thoughtful of him. He is a thoughtful guy. Thomas hands her a drink. Ivy drinks but Thomas demands a toast first. Thomas wants to toast to success. They click glasses. Ivy doesn’t think that he has to go to all this trouble. Thomas doesn’t think it is any trouble. Ivy wonders if he is into any trouble. She heard him on the phone earlier this evening. She asks who she is. Thomas wonders if it is jealousy in her voice. Thomas canceled those plans the second he saw her. He can’t stop thinking about her. He knows that she is thinking about the kiss. It is there for both of them. Here they are alone in this big old house. He doesn’t want that to go to waste. This is a night to remember.

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