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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy looks conflicted. Ivy asks why Thomas thought he could do that. Thomas points out that she let him. Ivy explains that just because she is screaming and not running out the door doesn’t mean she let him. Thomas feels that she could just run out the door right now. Ivy is starting to think that Thomas is not a very nice person. Thomas has big ambitions but being nice is not one of them. Ivy doesn’t think that he can kiss her. Thomas seems to remember her kissing him back. Ivy goes behind the divider.

Steffy and Wyatt walk into Ridge’ office. Steffy calls for Ridge. She thinks that it is odd that both Ridge and Thomas are not here. Wyatt guesses that the two of them might have taken a few models out for drinks. Steffy asks if he cannot compare Thomas to Ridge. Wyatt wonders if she seriously cannot see the similarities. Steffy admits that Thomas might act exactly like Ridge’s younger self but Ridge has worked really hard to put that behind him. Steffy guesses that is why he is so tough on Thomas. Way more than he ever was on here. Wyatt suggests that it could also be because Thomas is a spoiled little manipulative brat. Steffy guesses that Wyatt isn’t appreciated enough. Wyatt reminds her that she used to appreciate him at one time or another. Steffy feels that no one said he has to like her brother. Wyatt doesn’t think that anyone told her to move in with his brother. Steffy asks if they are changing the subject. She wants to know what this is even about. Wyatt thinks that it is about Steffy. She used to be a wild crazy fun girl then she comes back to LA and is acting like a tame girl with Liam. Wyatt wonders if there was someone she used to want to be.

In Liam’s living room he is on his laptop trying to figure out how to properly take care of roses. Bill and Katie walk in. Katie asks his gardener knows that someone cut all those flowers. Bill has one word for him. Greece. He doesn’t mean the movie but the country. Liam wonders what about it. Bill tells him he is going there tonight. Liam refuses to go. Katie tells Bill that he was supposed to ease him into that. She wonders how Bill expected him to react to that. Bill told him. Liam is not being hijacked. Katie explains that there is a publisher in Greece. Right up Spencer’s alley, with circulation in the millions. Liam asks why they need him there then. They should just buy the company. Bill needs an actual Spencer there so they can have someone shaking hands on the cover. Liam suggests he get Wyatt or Caroline. Bill points out they don’t work for him. Liam suggests Karen… or Katie. Liam tells Bill to go. Bill shakes hands with head of state. Not publishers. He would maybe send Rupert if he was in a good mood.

Steffy asks if she is boring now. Wyatt feels that she is domesticated. He wonders if anyone has ever said that Liam is a party animal or spontaneous or even adventurous. Steffy sees unlike him. Steffy guesses what he is saying that her life would be a whole lot better if she was with Wyatt. Steffy hopes that Ivy is a whole lot more loyal than he is to her. Wyatt is not coming on to her. He is just pointing out life’s little ironies. He is getting back to work. Steffy stops him. She suggests that he should think that maybe a party girl isn’t as restless when she has what she wants. Wyatt guesses that is a fair point. Steffy doesn’t think that means she doesn’t appreciate him.

Ivy walks back out in her regular clothes. Thomas wants to talk about this honestly for a minute. Ivy asks if he means like coming up here for a fitting honestly. Thomas admits that he wanted to kiss her. Ivy doesn’t think that justifying a lie makes things ok. Thomas just wanted to show Ivy something. Ivy asks what he wanted to show her. Thomas wanted to show her how she really feels. Ivy rolls her eyes.

Liam tells Bill and Katie they know where the door is so they can just leave. Katie is going to take a wild shot in the dark and say that Liam has plans tonight so they should probably just leave. Bill wonders what he could be doing if he has nothing in his fridge. Liam thinks that florists put flowers in fridges. Bill wants to know what is up with the flowers. Bill suggests that he get a florist. Liam can’t. It has to be personal. Bill doubts that Steffy will give a damn. Bill notices specks of blood on Liam’s hands. Liam was thorning. Katie tells Liam to step aside and she arranges the flowers.

Wyatt wants to hear more about how she appreciates him exactly. Steffy guesses that he is cute and smart. Steffy doesn’t know. Wyatt guesses that it takes one to know one. Wyatt thinks that he sees a few bumps on the road for her and his brother. Sometimes he thinks that they would have been a food couple Then sometimes he thinks every day would have been a duel to the death. Steffy thinks that sometimes there is no such thing as one perfect match. Then she does home every night and there he is. Wyatt wonders… He doesn’t want to jinx it but he wonders if Ivy could be that one for him.

Ivy thinks she should be offended but she doesn’t actually know what he is talking about. Thomas will try again. She thinks he is hot. Ivy asks so what. The world is full of attractive people. Thomas just so happens to be one of them. Most of the women in this office would agree and probably a third of the men. When Ivy walks past good looking people here all day it doesn’t mean she wants to take their clothes off. Thomas doesn’t think that it is that big of a deal. Ivy knows he treats all women that way. The only reason she has tolerated it that long is because they are cousins. Thomas reminds her that they are not actually cousins. They are not blood related and they have seen each other twice since she showed up. Ivy admits that they are more like strangers than family. Which is why Thomas needs to stop pretending he can read her mind. Thomas wasn’t reading her mind. Ivy knows that he isn’t interested in her. He is interested in hurting Wyatt. He thinks that the Spencer boys have gotten too big for their boots. Ivy knows that he wants to put Wyatt and Liam in their place. She knows that is what he is trying to do. Thomas doesn’t even think that Wyatt is in his equation. Wyatt just orders rocks and looks to marry the women that his brother dated. Ivy thinks that is ugly. Thomas is just trying to save her from that fate. Ivy thinks that Wyatt loves her. Thomas asks if that is true. Wyatt seems rather convenient. Liam dumps her and then Wyatt swoops in. Almost familiar shoulder to cry on. He prevented Ivy from being alone. Ivy doesn’t think that it happened like that at all. She wonders if she has to remind him that she isn’t exactly Charlotte the intern. He doesn’t exactly dazzle her. Thomas knows that he does just a little. Ivy asks what he is so interested in with her. He actually doesn’t know her all that well. Thomas suggests that knowing is overrated. Ivy walks in and something changes inside of him. Ivy knows that isn’t true. Thomas feels that she always says the right thing. Ivy knows that is because American’s like to fantasize accents. Thomas doesn’t think she has to say a word. He can’t help but look at her. He wants to kiss her. She drives him nuts. Ivy thinks that he has to be pretty nuts to think anything would happen between them. She leaves.

Bill asks why Liam didn’t just say he was planning a special night with Steffy. Liam is sorry he thought it be obvious. Bill is offering him the jet. Liam thanks him but he is staying home. Bill wonders what more a girl could want than to spend the night on the couch. Bill suggests that he could wake up tomorrow morning in Greece with Steffy. Liam isn’t going to Greece. Katie finishes the flowers. Liam thinks something is missing from the flowers. Katie asks if he has any ribbon. Liam didn’t even think about that. Liam looks through thinks and finds some white. Katie can tell that Liam is going to propose.

Ivy walks back into the office to grab her purse. She looks around and starts to think about her kiss with Thomas and all the touching he did to her. Wyatt walks in and asks how it went. Ivy wonders what he means. Wyatt means the fitting. Ivy guesses it went ok. Wyatt spots the gown and asks if that is it. Ivy says yes. Wyatt thinks it looks nice. Ivy guesses that Thomas is pretty talented. Wyatt wonders if he could see it on her. Ivy is pretty over it. Wyatt asks if he behaved himself. Ivy just felt uncomfortable. Wyatt doesn’t want her to put herself down. She is as good as anyone in this building. Wyatt wonders what she thinks he meant.

Thomas is sitting in Ridge’s office with his feet on the conference table desk. Steffy walks back in and asks where he came from. Thomas says nowhere. Steffy asks how whatever he was doing with Ivy. Thomas thinks genius. Steffy asks if that was Ivy’s opinion. Thomas thinks that it is now. She was pretending to be mad at him though. Steffy doesn’t understand why she goes from zero to sixty so fast. She asks why she is mad now. Thomas explains that when he kissed her she kissed back.

Liam tells Bill that he can’t tell anyone. Bill asks why. People already think that they are married. Liam knows and he hates that. Bill wants him to think of it as a testament of how right they are for each other. Katie thinks that sometimes Bill says the sweetest things. Liam doesn’t though. He doesn’t want to fall into marriage because people expect him to. He wants to get married and wake up every morning excited to wake up next to her. Bill asks if he isn’t now. Liam doesn’t think that is what he is saying. He just means that when Steffy came to town there was a part of him that thought it never be possible to get back with Steffy and here they are now and it is possible. Liam wonders how they can go from impossible to ordinary. Liam can’t have routine tonight. Bill will hire a sky writer. Liam thanks him but it is supposed to rain. Bill will stop the rain. Bill thinks that Liam should go to Greece. Liam isn’t going to Greece. Bill asks if he has a ring. Liam does and roses. He just doesn’t have an original thought in his head. Bill promises Liam that he is a wonderful son. Bill hugs Liam.

Wyatt asks if Ivy is alright. Ivy just doesn’t always feel like a very good girlfriend. Ivy knows that he is so good to her but she can’t figure out what she brings to the party. Wyatt thinks that she brings herself to the party. She is the party. Ivy loves him. Wyatt wants her to keep doing that. Wyatt wants Ivy to tell Thomas that she is keeping that dress because it is so her. Ivy notes that is what Thomas said. Wyatt wonders what she means. Ivy explains that when he was designing it he thought of her. Wyatt thinks that is disgusting. She is to tell him that he is only allowed to think about the interns and that is it. He has nothing else to think about. Ivy asks Wyatt to remind her of something. Ivy wants to know what they are wishing for. Wyatt is reminding her of what they have.

Steffy asks if he is informing her of something or if he is just being disgusting. Thomas thinks it was just a kiss. Steffy wishes he would find another super power other than just going after women who are taken. Thomas wants to know what century this is. Steffy feels that everyone knows that Wyatt is with Ivy. He is in a relationship with her. Steffy thinks that Wyatt is a nice guy. Thomas knows that women marry nice guys. They don’t have affairs with them. Steffy will not allow him to have an affair with Ivy. Thomas asks if she wants to bet. Steffy feels he is going backwards in time. Steffy thinks he is being a player like in high school. Thomas knows that she lost all the bets back then. Steffy isn’t going to bet her on doing Ivy. Thomas will take that as a yes.

Wyatt asks if Ivy has to go home early. Ivy might. He asks if there is something she has to tell him. Ivy asks him not to make her. Wyatt thinks she has to now. She will mess with his mind the whole night. Ivy tells him not to tell him to kiss her. They kiss.

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