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Maya asks if Nicole is doing ok. Nicole is. She just has never been so nervous to get blood drawn in her life. Rick has never been so nervous to see someone else get a blood test. Nicole just hopes that she doesn’t disappoint. Maya feels that the fact she even agreed to do this makes her so proud and humbled to be her sister. She hugs Nicole.

At the Forrester Mansion Julius hopes that they didn’t interrupt any of them. Eric assures them they aren’t. Vivienne just couldn’t stand sitting around that motel room waiting to hear. Eric thinks that it is only a matter of time now before they find out if Rick and Maya are having a baby. Julius thinks that he means Rick and Nicole.

Steffy asks Thomas if they need to call a meeting or if Thomas can just ask Quinn about these revisions on his own. Thomas is a big boy. He can handle Quinn on his own. Steffy isn’t so sure. Quinn can get pretty intense and it can be nice to have Ridge in the room. Thomas is a part of the design team. He doesn’t need Ridge’s opinion every time. Steffy can tell that he is getting more tense about the mention of Ridge than usual. She wonders what is going on. Ridge asks what he missed.

Liam asks if Caroline is alright. Caroline is just busy. Liam asks if she is sure. Caroline wants to know why he is even asking this. Liam can see with his eyes that something is wrong.

Zende tells Julius with all due respect that if Nicole is pregnant the baby isn’t hers. Julius assumes that they are all supposed to pretend that the baby is Maya’s then. Vivienne admits that biologically the baby would be Nicole’s. Brooke notes that she would only be carrying the baby for Rick and Maya. Julius doesn’t understand why she would want to give up nine months of her life to carry a baby that she would ultimately be giving up to her brother. He corrects himself and says sister. He still doesn’t understand why Nicole would be ok with that. Eric believes that Nicole is fully aware of what she signed up for. Julius wants to know how. He asks how someone can give birth to a child and then just walk away.

Doctor March walks back in and asks Nicole if she is ready to get the blood drawn. Nicole is ready. She tells Nicole to follow the nurse. Maya offers to go with her. Nicole thinks that she will be fine. They leave. Doctor March doesn’t think it will be long now. They will know soon if they are expecting a baby.

Ridge asks if Thomas has something to say. Thomas does. He has said he is sorry. He knows he was out of line. He is just trying to get Ridge’s respect back. Steffy is sure that he will. It was wrong for Thomas to punch Ridge and it was wrong for Thomas to be so smug about what happened between him and the intern. She assumes that this is what this is all about. Steffy knows that Ridge will forgive him. That is what the company and the family needs. She asks if he can do that. Ridge is working on it.

Caroline is feeling a little bit off but she feels like that ok because she has millions of cells multiplying inside her body. Liam asks if that is really what this is then. She just is pregnant. Caroline asks if he has any idea what an emotional rollercoaster pregnancy is. Liam does. He has been watching Caroline with Thomas and Ridge and now there is all this secrecy and Ridge doesn’t want the press involved. He wants to know why he would think like that or do that. He wants Caroline to talk with him. They are family. He asks what is going on.

Eric wonders if they have called. Julius says no. Brooke offers Vivienne some tea. Julius wishes that this could all make sense. Vivienne wants him to pray for understanding. Eric assumes that it must be very confusing. Maya might be a mother. They are terrified for Nicole as well. Vivienne explains that it is confusing. She doesn’t want him to get them wrong. They are happy about the idea. It is wonderful that Maya can get her chance. Just because she is transgender doesn’t mean she can’t be a mother. It is complicated though. If Nicole gets pregnant they are just going to have to figure out how to deal with it. Vivienne asks what else they can do.

Nicole walks back into the office. Maya asks how it went. Nicole says it was quick and easy. Rick wants her to have a seat. Maya thinks that he is being a gentleman. Nicole only got blood drawn. She is feeling fine and doesn’t need to be pampered. Rick warns her that if she is pregnant with his child she is going to be wrapped in bubble wrap for the next nine months. Nicole just wished that she was feeling sicker. If she had a sign through morning sickness or feeling extra tired or something that would make her feel she was pregnant. Maya guesses that the odds are she isn’t. The percentages of a successful IUI are low. Even though she wishes that Nicole had the worst morning sickness right she still is going to think positively.

Steffy needs Ridge to do more than just work on it. Thomas made bad choices and he knows it. Thomas admits that if he could take it all back he would. Ridge doesn’t think that some things you can take back or make right. Steffy notes that he said he was sorry. She wonders if he is going to waste all this time holding a grudge. He has a baby on the way and he has a wife who needs her husband to be stress free. He needs to think about his wife and unborn child. All this anger and tension. He needs to move on and forgive.

Caroline explains that Ridge and Thomas are going through a very difficult time right now. Something's happened that shouldn’t have. They are trying their best to move forward so it doesn’t matter. Liam believes that it does. She is pregnant and is supposed to be taking it easy. Caroline feels that she is. Liam asks if Ridge is stressing her out. Caroline promises that man is her rock and he doesn’t need to worry about him. Liam wonders about Thomas then. If it isn’t Ridge, then maybe it is Thomas. Caroline isn’t sure he knows what he is talking about. Liam is having a hard time believing Caroline. He wants Caroline to come clean and tell him what is wrong.

Ridge appreciates Steffy’s concerns and he agrees. His priorities need to be his wife and his kid. Being angry doesn’t help anyone. Ridge asks if Thomas thinks that he enjoys being like this. Thomas tries to assure him that he won’t make the same mistake again. Ridge isn’t worried because he won’t be giving him the opportunity. Steffy knows that bad feelings don’t go away overnight. It is just some things are too important to let get away. Family is important. Ridge guesses. He walks out slamming the door. Steffy finds it odd that this is all over a stupid punch. She bets he wishes he could take it back.

Caroline wants to know why Liam is acting like this. Liam wonders what she means. He is concerned. He is sorry. He doesn’t mean to pressure her but this whole thing is a little odd. Liam wants her to know that if she needs help… Caroline promises that she is fine. Liam wants to believe that but the way that she has been acting with Ridge from the very beginning… Caroline reminds him that at the very beginning Pam and Charlie ambushed her into admitting she was pregnant. Liam guesses that is true. Liam still finds the vasectomy thing odd. Caroline reminds him that it doesn’t matter anymore obviously. Liam wants to know if she can admit that it all does seem a little strange. Liam also finds the weird tension between Ridge and Thomas. Caroline is sorry that she wasn’t ecstatic to forcefully tell people that she is pregnant way before she wanted to. The vasectomy thing is nobody’s business. She gets that Liam is concerned but she is fine. She is.

Julius wants Zende to be honest with him. He wants to know how he will feel when Nicole is pregnant. Eric doesn’t think it is fair for Zende to feel any one certain way. Eric is proud of Zende. Brooke gets a text. Eric asks if it is Rick. Brooke tells him it isn’t. She wonders if she should text him. Eric is sure that he will call as soon as he knows anything. Brooke is just eager. She cannot wait to be a grandma again.

Nicole wonders what will be harder. Telling her parents that she is pregnant or not. Maya knows that if she is they will have those disapproving looks. Nicole knows that if they aren’t they will be relieved. Rick knows that it will be hard to deal with their reaction either way. They have to remember though that they are their parents and they are only acting this way because they are concerned. Maya just doesn’t understand. They have an opportunity to all be closer to one another. She wants to know why they would choose to think the worse. Nicole doesn’t want her thinking about it. Maya won’t. This pregnancy is about Nicole and their relationship. They know that their negativity won’t distract them. They know it will strengthen their bond. She wonders how something so loving and beautiful be anything but positive for all of them. Doctor March walks in. She has the results.

Liam and Steffy kiss passionately but Liam stops. Steffy asks what is wrong. Liam tells her nothing. Steffy wants to know what is wrong. Liam admits that he was talking to Caroline and something is not right with her. Steffy asks if he asked her about it. Liam did and she denied it. Steffy reminds him that she is in the mind field of hormones. Liam knows but still. Steffy knows that he is a really sweet cousin but Caroline is fine. She has the man of her dreams and a baby on the way. Liam guesses that she probably is right. Steffy corrects him. She is always right.

Ridge can tell that Caroline seems tense. Caroline just knows that Liam is picking up on things like the way that he picked up on the vasectomy and Thomas. She can see his wheels turning. Ridge asks if she thinks Liam is a problem. (In the hallways Thomas is standing outside). Caroline can convince him not to worry. She thinks that he is going to have to help out a bit. He needs to relax on Thomas. Ridge is trying. (In the hallway Thomas looks at Ridge’s door). Caroline really hates this tension. She hates keeping secrets. Ridge doesn’t think it is a secret. They are having a baby. (Thomas starts to walk away then he looks back). Caroline asks if they can really do this. If they can really not tell anyone. Ridge feels that they can. They are starting a family. (Thomas stands right outside with his hand on the door). Ridge promises that Thomas will never know. Thomas hears at least part of that as the door is partially open.

Brooke sits down next to Zende. Zende wonders how much he is really giving up. He asks how he is really supposed to react when Nicole tells him she is pregnant.

Maya is shocked at how fast the test results came back. Doctor March thinks that the lab technician has a crush on her or is a bit afraid of her. She can’t tell. When she puts a rush on something she is on it. She congratulates them. She is having a baby. Maya starts laughing and hugs Rick. She cannot believe it really worked. Doctor March asks if Nicole is ok. Nicole is. She just is a little shocked. She holds her stomach. She can’t believe they did it. Doctor March asks if she has any questions. Nicole has a zillion but she doesn’t know how to speak right now. Doctor March thinks that is expected. Maya promises to take care of Nicole. Doctor March wants to see her in two weeks. Rick thanks her. Rick and Maya hug. Maya thanks Nicole. Nicole doesn’t think she has done much yet. Rick believes that they can’t thank her enough. The fact that she even tried to agree. She is having a baby. Her sister is giving her baby. How far they have come. Years of not knowing her. Of not knowing if she was going to see her again. She is going to have a baby that is a part of her. Maya cries. She is having a baby. She and Rick are crying. Rick mouths to Nicole thank you.

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