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Ridge doesn’t think that there is anything for Caroline to worry about. Caroline knows her cousin though. Ridge does as well. He talked to him and told him that he had the vasectomy reversed. That is the end of the story. Caroline knows that he could mention it though. Ridge promises that he won’t. Liam walks in and thought they had a meeting. Ridge says that they do. He just wanted to talk to Liam before the meeting started. He wants to be sure that Liam understands what he told him the other day. He doesn’t want this becoming workroom gossip. He doesn’t want the press gossiping about it. They don’t need that right now. Liam promises him that he has got it.

In Vivienne and Julius’s motel room Vivienne notes that Julius was tossing and turning all night. Julius won’t rest until this is settled. Vivienne explains that their daughter might be pregnant already. Julius doesn’t want her saying that. He doesn’t think it is natural. He has nothing against surrogacy. He just has a problem with them using Nicole. He can only imagine what would happen if she does have Rick’s child in her belly. Their lives would never be the same.

In the Forrester Mansion living room Maya is on her phone and Nicole is reading a magazine. Rick walks in with some tea to help settle Nicole’s stomach. Nicole promises that her stomach feels fine. Maya asks if she feels tired. Nicole is always tired. Maya explains that being tired is an early sign of conception. Nicole says that now that she mentions it… She pretends to sleep and tells them that she was just kidding. Nicole would love some rocky road ice cream though. Rick will go out and get it. Nicole was just kidding. They are both being so sweet. Rick feels that what they are doing for her doesn’t compare to what she is doing for them. Maya cannot believe that they are going to find out if she is pregnant today.

Julius says that it is has been hard enough dealing with Maya’s transition. Vivienne reminds him that they are adults. Julius tells her that is all more the reason to do this. Nicole is vulnerable. She will do anything for her sister. He has been praying. Vivienne has as well. She has been praying that Nicole has the strength to get through this. Julius is praying she doesn’t get pregnant.

Nicole asks what Rick thinks. Rick knows that it is a one in six odd that she is pregnant. He thinks those odds are good. Nicole really wants this for the two of them. Rick wasn’t sure at first. Nicole wasn’t either but now she is all in. Maya was just on the phone with Dr. March. They were confirming the appointment. Nicole is nervous. Maya doesn’t want her to be.

Steffy asks if Ridge is really changing the schedule. Ridge is. Steffy would like to know why. Ridge has to pull a few of Thomas’s designs. Thomas asks which ones. Ridge tells him the cocktail dresses are not good enough to go. Thomas asks if Caroline knew about this. He wants to know what was wrong with them because they both signed off on them. Ridge never signed off on them. Steffy tells Thomas to just fix the designs. Steffy wants to know what is going on with the article. Liam tells her that it will be online today. Ridge asks what article. Liam says that it is for Eye on Fashion. Steffy notes it is about him and Caroline and the baby they are so happy to be having. Ridge and Caroline look at each other.

Julius knows that “Father knows best” never worked for Maya, but Nicole used to listen to him. Vivienne reminds him that they have grown up. Julius is looking out for them. Not just Nicole. Maya as well. She has a lot more life experience and has lived on the street. She has to know that this is not right for her sister. Vivienne doesn’t think that she does. Not the way that they feel about each other. They think they can conquer the world. It is like there is nothing they can’t do. Vivienne thinks that they have to love them for that. He has to understand that they don’t see limitations or boundaries. They love each other as much as they love them. Julius guesses she is right. They are their flesh and blood and they have to love them. He is going to look out for both of them.

Maya assures Nicole that it wasn’t that bad. It was very healthy. Nicole notes that kale salad and yogurt was just yummy. Rick asks what is next. Nicole guesses it could be conception yoga or baby chanting. She is just joking. Nicole promises that they are the best, and they have nothing to worry about. Nicole warns them though that in the best of circumstances, she can get pretty moody. Maya never would have guessed. The doctor calls and Maya picks up. Maya thanks them. The doctor had a cancellation, so they pushed up their appointment. Rick guesses that this is it. Maya notes that it could be. She asks if Nicole is ready. Nicole says they should do this.

Steffy reads the article. “I didn’t expect or plan for this, but Caroline and I are both thrilled.” Ridge might have said that but he didn’t want it printed. Liam explains that it was on the Forrester website and a reporter must have grabbed it. Ridge asks if Liam knew about this. Liam asks if it is a problem. Ridge doesn’t like to be talked about unless he wants them talking. Thomas explains that isn’t how things usually work. Steffy thinks that it does mention his happiness for being a father again more than once. Thomas asks if some of this is a lie then. Thomas wonders why they keep giving him dirty looks. Caroline throws a hissy fit and tells Thomas to just make the changes. Thomas promises to make the changes. Ridge guesses that if anything is for sure, they might not get along around here but Ridge sure knows how to make babies.

In Rick’s office Liam is looking at something. Steffy walks in and notes that was some meeting. Liam guesses that Ridge couldn’t even pretend to be happy about the article. Steffy knows that he wasn’t happy but she doesn’t think that he was that upset. Liam is glad because he shouldn’t be. It isn’t even a negative article. It isn’t like everyone on the planet doesn’t already know he is having a child. Steffy doesn’t know he has been a little weird about it lately. Liam asks if she knows why. Steffy imagines it is the age difference. Liam guesses. Steffy asks if he thinks it is more. Liam just notices that his general mood lately has been different and the way he has been coming down on Thomas. Steffy points out that they have issues. They always have and they always will. Steffy thinks he knows about Thomas punching Ridge. Liam heard about that but he wonders what else is going on.

Ridge wants Thomas to have Wyatt look at those jewelry designs and then go down to Marketing. Thomas will do that. Ridge thanks him. Thomas just wanted to say that he is sorry for giving him a hard time in the meeting. Ridge can take a hard punch as he knows. Thomas already figured that out. Ridge asks if there is anything else. Thomas guesses not. Then Thomas decides to ask where all this anger is coming from. He wants to resolve this once and for all. He feels awful about what he did. Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge knows that. It doesn’t need to be discussed anymore. Thomas wants to discuss it. Ridge wonders what he has to say then. Thomas wants them to be a family again. He is bringing a baby into this world. He is happy about that and wants to be a part of it. He is getting a new little baby brother or sister. He can’t do that if they are being hostile towards each other. His happiness means a lot to him. He wants peace. That is all he has to say. He leaves.

Maya asks Nicole if she is ready. Nicole says yes. Rick asks Maya who she is calling. Maya is going to call Vivienne and Julius. Nicole wonders if she really wants to do that. Maya calls them.

Vivienne gets a phone call and picks up her phone. Maya asks on the other end if Julius is with her. Vivienne explains that he is in the lobby and she wonders why. Maya wanted to let them know that this is the day they are going to see if Nicole is pregnant. It is a big day for them and it is for the two of them as well. Vivienne wishes she could share their enthusiasm. Maya asks if she could just be happy for them. Vivienne always wanted what was best for her. She doesn’t know about Nicole, though. She is sorry. Maya guesses that is all she has to say then. She will let her know what happens. As they hang up, Julius walks back into the room and asks who that was. Vivienne tells him that it was Maya. They are going to see if Nicole is pregnant today. Julius hopes to God that she isn’t for everyone’s sake.

Nicole asks if Maya is ok. Maya says that she is but they probably never will be. Maya guesses they should get going.

Steffy and Liam are kissing. Steffy asks if Liam is going smooth on her. Liam is just thinking. Steffy assures him that there is nothing going on between Thomas and Ridge other than the usual. She knows that news boys like a good story. Liam really wouldn’t call himself a newsboy. Steffy asks what he would like to be called then. Liam likes her word for him “titan” he wants to be called a titan. Steff asks if she is his Pandora. Liam likes that. Steffy explains that Pandora has another meeting. She wants him to save it for later. She leaves. Liam starts to think about all the information he knows about the baby.

Ridge looks at Caroline’s designs and thinks that she is very prolific when she is pregnant. He wants her to keep it up but not do too much. Caroline asks if it bothered Ridge about what Thomas said earlier. Ridge thinks that everyone wants peace. Caroline means when he was talking about their baby. Ridge knows that it is their baby. Caroline asks what she thinks would happen if Thomas found out the truth. Caroline knows it would be a scandal. Ridge agrees. People would suffer. The only person who would suffer the most is the baby. It would go around everywhere for their rest of its life. It is tough for both of them. He wants her to do him a favor and stop worrying what will happen to Thomas. It is good enough for him. Ridge leaves. Liam is at the door and asks if Caroline is ok. Caroline explains she has a lot on her mind from the meeting. Caroline has a lot to work on now. She wonders if he needs something. Liam just wants an answer to a question. He asks if everything is alright with her.

Julius wants to know if there was something else he could have done. Vivienne asks herself the same question over and over. Julius knows that with Maya he wasn’t there for her. With Nicole though it was different. Vivienne reminds him that they don’t know yet. She might not be pregnant. Julius guesses they will know soon enough.

In Dr. March’s office, she asks how they are all feeling. Rick guesses they are nervous. She wonders about Nicole. Nicole is ready to grow a baby. Dr. March asks if she has had any pain or cramping since the procedure. Nicole tells her not at all. Maya has been checking her symptoms every hour on the hour. Maya doesn't think she's been that bad. Rick tells her that she has. Nicole promises that she is fine. Dr. March will check the blood work. She leaves. Nicole just hopes the test is positive. Rick tells her that if it isn’t, then they will talk. Nicole asks what there is to talk about. Maya knows that this must be emotionally exhausting for her. She has gone above anything they could have wanted. If she isn’t pregnant, there is no pressure to do this again. She is grateful for Nicole’s generosity. She loves Nicole so much. She has never felt closer to her. Nicole wants them to hope she is pregnant and the start of their baby.

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