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Written By Anthony
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Liam asks if he is right about her and Ridge. Caroline wants to know what he wants her to say. Liam just thinks that it is pretty amazing that she is able to have a baby considering. Caroline doesn’t even know what he is asking her. Liam wonders why she is acting so offended. They are cousins. They tell each other everything. Ridge had a vasectomy and he also has a condition. Liam is going to take that as a yes which means that it is sort of a small miracle that she is having this child.

In Rick’s office Thomas is working on a design. Ridge walks in and knocks. Thomas turns around and tells him that he is glad he is here. He wanted to run a few things by him. He can’t seem to get everything on the sketch to drape right. Ridge tells him there is too much fabric. Thomas will take another look at it. Ridge is glad. Thomas wants Ridge to know that there has been a lot of tension between them and it is obvious he is still angry with him.

Maya watches and Nicole and Zende are kissing. Nicole tells Zende they are going to get themselves in trouble. Zende promises that nobody is around. Nicole means that the two of them are going to get themselves in trouble. Zende asks if that is really such a bad thing. Nicole says that right now it is. Zende just wants to be a normal couple like everyone else their age. Nicole knows and they will in nine months. Zende thinks that it a lot to put on hold. Nicole agrees but it is all worth it to her to be able to give Rick and her sister a baby. She wouldn’t change it for the world. Maya smiles. Zende gets it. Even though he wants her so bad he can hardly stand it he admires her. He admires her completely. Maya walks out and says that she does as well. Nicole asks what she is doing here. Maya didn’t mean to overhear she just walked in. Maya wants her to know that she appreciates this very much.

Thomas explains that what happened the other day at the doctor’s office he is sorry. He knew that he ruined the moment. Ridge tells him that it is ok. He explained himself like he always does. Thomas thought that it was crazy to see what will one day be his little brother or sister. Brooke walks in and asks if he got to see the baby. Ridge says hello. He explains that Caroline had a sonogram. Thomas tells her that he just so happened to be getting a physical on the third floor. Thomas thought it was crazy to hear that little heartbeat. Brooke thinks it is amazing. This little baby has taken them all by surprise.

Caroline would like to know who Liam is even talking to. Liam is sorry he clearly is crossing some kind of line. He wants her to forget that he brought this up. Caroline explains that she isn’t trying to hide anything. This is just no one’s business but hers and Ridge’s. Ridge had a vasectomy but it was reversed. Liam wonders why Ridge didn’t tell her that. Caroline says that he didn’t. Liam just thinks that it must have been a shock to lean that.

Thomas thinks that Brooke might be the only person who feels that way. Brooke wonders what he means by that. Thomas means the two of them getting pregnant. Caroline always wanted a child. It wasn’t a shock. They are married. Thomas wonders what is the issue. Ridge tells him that Brooke thinks that he is too old to have a child. Thomas feels it is a state of mind. Thomas shows him two other sketches. Ridge thinks he is going down the right track. Thomas tells him again that he is sorry about the ultrasound. That should have been a private moment between parents.

Liam explains on the phone that he isn’t going to be able to do something tonight. He wants them to give Katie the draft. Caroline starts to think about all the things that led up to her getting pregnant. Liam gets off the phone and is sorry that he brought it up. He just was shocked to hear it. Caroline admits that it wasn’t something she expected to hear. Liam can imagine. Liam is glad that it was able to get reversed. He guesses that everything is good and it all worked out for the best. Liam is excited for her and he is sure that she will be a great mom. Caroline thanks him.

Maya wants to risk saying something by telling Zende that he is a pretty good guy. He is making this all so much easier for Nicole. Knowing that Nicole has him in her life takes such a big weight off her shoulders. Maya really hopes that nothing bad happens at the expense of her sister. Maya thinks that Zende is important to all of them. Nicole feels that he knows how special he is. Maya loves them and wants them all to be ok with this. Nicole promises they are good and not to worry about them. Maya can’t promise that. Zende goes off. Nicole wants to know how much Maya actually heard earlier.

Brooke is working and Liam walks in. Liam just saw the ultrasound picture. Brooke explains that Thomas apparently also has seen them. Thomas points out that it was by accident. His doctor’s appointment was just down the hallway. Brooke asks if he just so happened to find himself in their room. Thomas wants them to trust him when he says it was awkward. Especially considering how they haven’t been on the greatest of terms the last couple of weeks.

Caroline taps her pen nervously and Ridge walks back in. He asks what is wrong. Caroline explains that Liam knows. Ridge asks what Liam knows. Caroline says that he knows about the vasectomy. Caroline asks how he is not freaking out right now. Ridge isn’t sure of exactly what she is saying. Ridge asks if he knows everything. Caroline says no. Ridge wants to know how this is his business. Caroline admits that he was pushy so she had to tell him it was the truth. Ridge asks if he already know this. Caroline says yes. Ridge guesses that he isn’t suspicious of anything else. Ridge wants her to calm down. Caroline knows it was Brooke who had to have done this. Caroline is really scared. She is feeling vulnerable and scared. Ridge asks if she can take a breath. Everything is going to be ok. She has this.

Maya explains that it wasn’t what she heard but what she saw. Nicole asks how long she was standing there. Maya guesses longer than she would have liked. Maya is sorry. She was coming down to prep for a photoshoot. She doesn’t think that she has any reason to be embarrassed. Nicole doesn’t think that Maya has any right to put the brakes on. Maya knows that this can’t be easy. They are in a committed relationship and grown adults. She can imagine they want to take their relationship to the next level. Nicole can tell that she is so easy to be a mom. Maya is glad. Nicole doesn’t think that it was there mom because she would be ready to drive her to the convent right now. Maya is sure of it after what she just heard. Nicole doesn’t think that it was that bad. It could have been worse. Maya gets it though. She has to put all these feelings on the back burn because of this gift she is giving her.

Liam thinks that it would have been incredible to see Ridge and Caroline’s ultrasound. He wonders how that is awkward. Thomas doesn’t think he would get it. Liam guesses it is because he is a Spencer. Thomas asks if he is still going on about that meeting. Liam wasn’t exactly thrilled with what he said. Liam wants him to remember that his sister is dating a Spencer and Ivy is practically living with a Spencer. Thomas just meant that he didn’t want anything to affect his job. He has one foot here and one foot back at Spencer. Not to mention it is a conflict of interest. Liam understands that he has said that a few times. Thomas is glad. Liam asks if he realizes that his father’s wife is a Spencer as well and is going to be having her future brother or sister. She is just as much a Spencer as Liam and Wyatt. Thomas doesn’t think so at all. Liam asks if this is not the reason he has been budding heads.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office. She got his text and wonders what he wanted to see her about. Ridge tells her to close the door. Ridge thought he made himself clear. His surgery and everything surrounding it is private. She wasn’t supposed to share that with anybody.

Nicole doesn't think that Maya has to keep thanking her. She wonders what woman wouldn't want to do this for her sister. After all that Maya has been through. She has shown so much strength. No one deserves this more than Maya. Maya thinks that she will be the most wonderful auntie in the whole world. Nicole cannot wait. Maya wants this so bad. Even if they don't get the answer that they are hoping for. The fact that she is willing to do this makes her so happy. Nicole loves Maya. They hug.

Thomas works on a sketch and Caroline walks in. Caroline asks if he has that purple dress. Thomas is working on it right now. Caroline tells him to send it over when he is done. Thomas wanted to talk to her about the ultrasound. He told Ridge and he will say it to her. He feels horrible and shouldn't have walked in on them. He feels like he shouldn't have done that. If he could take it all back he would. That should have been a special moment between her and Ridge. He should have never been involved.

Brooke is sorry. She didn't mean to do it on purpose. Ridge asks if she just decided to tell Liam. Brooke explains that Liam was fixing her computer and they were discussing Caroline's pregnancy. He saw that she made searches on vasectomies. Ridge asks why she would have done that. Brooke cared about him and wanted to help. Liam walks in and can tell that something is going on. Brooke explains that Ridge is upset that she told him. Ridge can't believe she is still doing it. Brooke doesn't know what the big deal is. Ridge thinks that this is a big deal. Brooke doesn't. He had the reversal and Caroline is having his baby. All is well that ends well. Ridge can't even talk to her. Ridge tells her to leave. Ridge tells Liam that she shouldn't have said anything. Ridge explains that this is his private information. Liam asks if he told Steffy. Ridge didn't tell them. He will tell them when he is ready. Liam promises that this is his secret. He walks out.

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