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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/10/15


Written By Anthony
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In the Forrester Mansion living room Maya sets down a tray of food. Nicole asks what this is. Maya explains that this is a healthy breakfast. Nicole reminds her that they don’t even know if she is pregnant right now. Maya just wants to be careful. Nicole guesses that they did it. Her baby is growing inside of her right now. Rick doesn’t think that she will ever know how grateful they are. Nicole does. She is always told by them but to help them have a kid is amazing and she is so honored to carry their baby. Maya has the kindest and most loving sister ever. Rick thinks that the three are bonded for life. Nicole points out it will soon to be four.

On the Sky Longue Brooke and Eric asks if Zende has heard anything about Nicole’s baby. Zende hasn’t heard a word. Brooke can imagine that this was all unexpected for him. Zende certainly wasn’t expecting Nicole to carry Rick and Maya’s child. He doesn’t know what he can do though. She was determined to help her sister. Brooke explains that Zende is a great young man.

In Ridge’s office Liam explains that he gets that Thomas is on the design team but the attitude is getting really old. Ridge asks what attitude he is referring to. Liam doesn’t know just all the insinuations. For him and Wyatt to be getting the flack after all they have done is insulting. Ridge knows. Thomas isn’t the one they have to impress though. He is. Caroline stands up and feels like she is the size of the room. Ridge thinks she looks great. Caroline loves carrying his baby. Liam guesses that thinking about Thomas somehow seems less important now. Ridge agrees that it doesn’t.

Maya and Rick walk out on to the sky lounge where they find Eric. Eric asks if there is any news. Maya hasn’t heard anything yet. Eric wants them to use this time they have with each other because once they find out she is pregnant they are not going to have much time for themselves. Maya wants this baby so badly. Rick is ready for this. Eric thinks that they are going to be great parents and he is excited for them to experience this chapter in their lives. Maya would like this to go as easy possible. Especially around Nicole’s personal life. Zende is amazing but they don’t know what will happen. Eric explains that from what he just heard Zende is completely devoted to Nicole.

Backstage in the Forrester show room Nicole sneaks up on Zende and wraps her arms around him. Nicole wants him to guess who. Zende says Charlie. Nicole tells him no. Zende assumes Sarah. Nicole tells him it better not be. Zende’s final guess is Quinn. Nicole lets go and starts to walk away. Zende pulls her back and kisses her. He missed her like crazy. He was thinking about her all the time and he can’t get her out of his head. Zende asks if she feels any different. Nicole still feels the same. Zende assumes that she could be pregnant this second. He still can’t believe she went through with the procedure. He walks off.

Caroline thinks that things are going well with Liam and Wyatt. Ridge hopes that between the two of them they can make Bill a little happier. Caroline doesn’t know why but Bill is always going to be crabby around him. That said though Bill loves babies and he will be perfectly fine around this baby. This baby is theirs. It however is still bothering her that they saw Thomas. It scared her that he was putting together the pieces and figuring it all out. Ridge promises her that this is their baby.

Brooke asks Liam if she can use the computer in Rick’s office. Liam tells her that it is fine unless he is in her way. Brooke promises him that it is fine and they can catch up. Liam just came from Ridge and Caroline talking about the baby. Brooke is so happy for them. Liam can tell that things are going well for the two of them. He thinks that things were really shattered for a while when Rick broke up with her. Brooke remembers. Liam just thinks that it takes a minute to bounce back. Liam is going to need to delete some cookies from Brooke’s browsing history. Brooke says he can do whatever he needs to. Liam finds that Brooke has been researching vasectomies. Liam laughs and Brooke looks worried.

Zende just thinks it is all a lot to handle. Nicole admits that she never thought she would be doing this but is happy she did. She wants Rick and Maya to have a child. Zende thinks that Nicole is beautiful, smart, kind of funny, and sexy. She is about to give Rick and Maya the baby that they always wanted. Nicole can tell that he isn’t very happy about it. Zende is proud of her for being able to do this. Nicole thanks him for understanding and not leaving. This rollercoaster won’t be half as scary with him at her side. Zende is all hers. The two of them kiss.

Caroline looks at her sonogram picture. Ridge tells her that is one good looking kid. Caroline asks if he is really sure he is fine with not finding out the sex. She isn’t sure if she is actually ok with it. Ridge is ok either way. Caroline guesses it might be better this way. Ridge promises it will be fine. Caroline doesn’t know. Brooke already knows so much. Rick mentions that she is under the impression he got the thing reversed. Ridge wants her to enjoy the journey. Caroline cannot believe in a few months her baby is going to be here. Ridge knows. Caroline asks if he plans to be here when the baby is born. Ridge promises that he does.

Liam thinks that this is a bit awkward. He asks if she found the answers she was looking for. Brooke did. Liam asks if she is considering a career change. Brooke tells him hardly. Liam thinks he knows what this is. She got into a fight with Ridge so she went online seeking revenge. Brooke looks worried. Liam promises that he is kidding. Brooke is not acting any particular way. Liam doesn’t think that this conversation makes any sense seeing that Ridge and Caroline are having a baby. Brooke is not supposed to anything. Though it really doesn’t matter seeing that Ridge and Caroline are pregnant. She admits that when Ridge was in Paris he has a vasectomy.

Ridge explains that something weird about all of this is that nothing bothers him. Caroline feels that there is a reason. Ridge wants her to tell him. Caroline just never could have imagined her life like this. Being this happy. She doesn’t want any of this to change. The idea that this could scares me. Ridge wants her to take that idea out of her head and realize that she has him. Caroline wonders if it is corny if she says “and baby makes three…” Ridge tells her that is pretty awful. Caroline laughs.

Liam tries to make sense of this. Brooke explains that he had it reversed. Liam knows that Caroline wanted a family all along though. Brooke tells him that she didn’t know and Ridge didn’t want to disappoint her. So he thought that he would fix the problem and then tell her. Then he had an issue where the doctor told him that it probably wouldn’t work even if he had a reversal. Liam asks how this happened then. Brooke says that he went ahead with it anyways. Which was probably a good thing because Caroline is happily pregnant.

Nicole and Zende kiss. Zende thinks that this feels so good. Nicole could stay in his arms all day. She knows that he is wondering if things will change. She explains that they won’t. They get the final say and they won’t let things change. Zende asks what they are going to do with all these feelings. Unless… She wonders if he will still want her after she is pregnant. Zende will. Nicole feels that is impossible. Zende notes that there is no way to know how they will react once the baby is inside. Zende wants her right now. Nicole does too. They kiss again. Zende thinks that they can do better. Nicole doubts it. Zende turns down the lights.

Caroline is looking at her baby picture again. Liam asks what she has there. Caroline wants him to look. Caroline has a little miracle baby. Liam is only just starting to realize what kind of a miracle this baby really is.

Rick asks Maya what is wrong. Maya just thinks that this is just such uncharted territory for the both of them. She wonders what this could do for Zende and Nicole’s relationships. Rick knows that he is one of the good guys. He made a commitment and he will honor it. Maya guesses that he is right. She has to get to a photoshoot. They kiss goodbye.

Zende and Nicole are still kissing. Nicole loves him. Zende loves her too. He wants her so bad. Maya walks in but hides behind a curtain. Nicole has never felt like this before.

Caroline knows that babies are a miracle. They all are. Liam knows that Ridge was very straight forward with her about not wanting to start another family. Caroline is glad that he changed his mind. Liam wants her to know he cares about her. Caroline knows because they are family. Liam now knows what it took for the two of them to get here. Liam learned a secret about the baby today. Caroline wants him to just tell her. Liam knows that it is true. Liam knows that there was a moment where she didn’t know if Ridge could be the father of her child.

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