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Written By Anthony
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Caroline looks at the door and Ridge then turns around and gets angry. He asks Thomas what he is doing here. Doctor Li wants to now who he is. Ridge explains that this is his son who should know better than to invade a personal moment. Thomas is sorry. He just saw the name Forrester and he peaked in. He notices the monitor and can't believe that is his little brother or sister right there.

In Rick's office Wyatt is working at the desk while Ivy is working on jewelry at the drawing table. Ivy looks at Wyatt and can tell that someone is distracted and it surely isn't her. Wyatt just likes watching her work. She gets a little twinkle in her eye and it is very sexy. He guesses it is inspiring as well. They start to kiss. Ivy thinks that he is a little Romeo. Wyatt believes that she is confusing him for Thomas the spoiled brat. Ivy asks if this has anything to do with the fact that Thomas saved her. Wyatt confirms that it does and he isn't happy about it. Thomas can hit on any beautiful woman in this office but this woman is off limits.

Liam wants to know what Steffy is talking about specifically. Steffy explains that Thomas as a thing for Ivy. Liam wonders if he really admitted that. Steffy notes that he didn't deny it and claims that the Aussie accent is a real turn on. Liam knows that Ivy is involved with a Spencer and Thomas can't be happy about that. Steffy believes that he is just trying to impress Ridge. Liam asks how. If it involves turning on both Spencer brothers during the meeting. Steffy explains that Thomas knows that Ridge and Bill hate each other. Thomas is harmless though. Liam doesn't think that is the case if he is trying to steal Ivy away from Wyatt. Liam asks if he is. Steffy asks when Liam became Wyatt's biggest supporter. Liam isn't. He just doesn't like how Thomas is hating on all the Spencer's. Steffy points out that not all the Spencer's are being hated on. Caroline managed to make it out of the hate. Liam knows that is because she is married to Ridge. Liam still thinks that it is still weird for Thomas to be into Ivy. Steffy asks if it is because they are both Forrester's because they aren't by blood. She isn't even sure if they both knew each other growing up. Liam knows that he didn't give her the time of day when he was originally back in town and now it is all different. He asks if it has to do with the fact that a Spencer has something he wants. Steffy guesses that he could really like Ivy.

Ivy and Wyatt continue to kiss each other. Ivy thinks that was nice. She wonders what they are going to do now. Shower and go back to the cave. Wyatt reminds her that it is there cave. She still have a toothbrush at his house. He wants them to think about this for a second. Thomas has a thing for Ivy then he was with Charlotte the intern, plus his thing for Caroline. He wanted to be with her even though he knew that Ridge was still with her.

Doctor Li gives them a moment alone. Thomas didn't expect to find them here. He asks if this is the first time. Ridge says yes. Thomas asks if the two of them are fine. Ridge says that they are good. Thomas is glad. Thomas keep smiling at the baby. Ridge demands that he leave to go to his appointment. Thomas asks how he could not be consumed by this. That baby is a Forrester. He just thinks it is weird. Ridge wonders what he means. Thomas means he thinks that if he finds this weird now that he is seeing this baby how he would react if it was his own baby. Ridge tells him it is time to leave. Thomas is sorry. Thomas is really happy for them. He knows that there was a time where they didn't think this would happen but it has. He is really happy for them.

Liam asks if Steffy really thinks that Thomas likes Ivy. Steffy notes that in Thomas's mind Ivy is single. Wyatt hasn't proposed. Liam knows but Wyatt is very much involved with her. Steffy guesses her brother didn't get the memo. Liam doesn't think that this is right.

Ivy asks what that saying is. She wonders if it is boys will be boys. Wyatt doesn't think that this is a game to him unlike for Wyatt. Wyatt knows that if this is a game for him. Ivy doesn't think that Thomas would do anything again because of how Ridge came down on him. Wyatt knows. There is no way that Ridge would come down on him for being with someone as sweet and perfect as Ivy. Ivy guesses that she has Wyatt fooled.

Caroline and Ridge walk into the loft. He knows that she was quiet on the way home. He wants her to talk. Caroline just knows that Thomas was not prepared for that. Ridge knows it is effecting her. Caroline is supposed to be the happiest in her life but then in walks the reason for her being like this. Ridge promises that it will get easier. Caroline asks if it will.

Steffy asks if Wyatt is seriously jealous of Thomas. Liam says no or at least Wyatt doesn't like the way that Thomas operates. Steffy can tell that Liam doesn't either. Liam admits that the way Thomas acted during the meeting didn't sit well with him and the way he is treating Ivy doesn't either. Steffy believes that Thomas is just a big flirt and likes to play the ladies man. Liam is shocked that Steffy is ok with this. Steffy doesn't want to argue. The two kiss each other. Steffy explains that for the record she doesn't want Thomas and Ivy to show any interest in each other. She thinks that she is the only person in her family in a normal relationship. Thomas is circling around Ivy and Ridge is with Caroline. Liam thought that she was learning to respect that relationship. Steffy does but Ridge is having a kid with Caroline.

Ridge knows that it was a shock to see Thomas at the ultrasound. They however made a promise that they were raising this baby together. This is their baby. Caroline knows that. It is just having him walk in... Ridge wants there to be no more Thomas. This is about the two of them and their baby. They need to get their emotions in check. Their baby. He asks if they can do that. Caroline cries but nods her head yes.

Ivy asks if the necklaces she is pairing with a dress works. Wyatt believes that her choices are always spot on. Ivy wonders if he means personally or professionally. Wyatt thinks that he is just going to have to find out. Thomas walks in and has to give her a few notes on this stuff. Thomas wants to be alone. Wyatt isn't going to let that happen. He knows what Thomas is doing and he is going nowhere.

Steffy is happy for Ridge and Caroline. It just takes a little getting used to. Liam guesses that Ridge Forrester knocking up Caroline wasn't a dream for her. Steffy tells him it sounds romantic. Liam hopes that she is not suggesting that someone is more romantic than him. Steffy isn't but she wants to know when was the last time he made her a romantic dinner or rubbed her feet. Liam reminds her that he just rubbed her feet the other day. Steffy explains that was weeks ago not days. Liam guesses that Steffy is getting one tonight after a romantic dinner and being showered with gifts. Whatever her heart desires. He loves her. The two kiss each other.

Thomas wants Wyatt to remember who he is talking to. Wyatt does remember who he is talking to. Thomas is glad because this Forrester Creations where he and Ivy are both designers. Wyatt thinks that maybe this is Thomas's problem the fact he wants to mess with everyone. Thomas believes that the problem is that Wyatt is jumping down every ones back when all he wants to do is give Ivy notes. Wyatt is glad that he does. He tells Thomas to continue. Thomas needs to talk designer to designer. Something that he doesn't understand. Wyatt doesn't think that this has anything to do with that. Charlotte and the other interns are off limits and Caroline is with his dad. Yet he still thinks he can make a pass on Ivy when she is taken. Wyatt is telling Thomas that he is disrespecting him and what he has with Ivy. He is telling him to go find someone else for his conquest because they are in a relationship.

Ridge wants Caroline to get it all out. Caroline thinks that seeing Thomas look at the ultrasound and then saying he wonders what it will be like to be a first time father. Ridge doesn't think he is ready at all. Caroline knows that this baby is better off with them as parents. Ridge is glad and wants her not to waver from that. Ridge looks at the picture and reminds her that it is their kid.

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