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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/6/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline asks how she got so lucky to have a man like Ridge. Ridge is just a man who loves his wife. Caroline knows but he knows some bad things about this situation. Ridge knows that he gets to raise a child with a beautiful woman. That is all he needs to know. That is all anyone needs to know.

Ivy can’t help but thank Thomas again. That light could have hurt her. Thomas points out that he is just really good at pushing women away from falling objects. Ivy will have to remember that. Steffy seems to be a little annoyed by this. Ivy will have to remember to have Thomas around by any natural disasters. Thomas also wants to protect her from something else. Being with a Spencer.

Wyatt cannot believe that Thomas told everyone that he probably went and told his father about Maya having a baby. It was so annoying. Liam couldn’t deal with the fact that Thomas called him out for being a Spencer and claiming it is something to consider. Wyatt feels that Thomas can complain all he wants but the Spencer’s are still in the building. He better get used to it. Liam doesn’t think that Thomas will ever get used to having Spencer’s around. Wyatt feels that he needs to. He needs to get used to his relationship. Liam asks if Wyatt is actually under the impression that Thomas wants to take Ivy away from him. Wyatt totally does. He either wants her or is just doing this for fun. That is who Thomas Forrester is. He is a spoiled little rich kid who thinks that he can take whatever he wants. Liam thinks that this sounds like stories of Ridge back in the day. Wyatt agrees. He isn’t letting history repeat itself.

Ivy wants Thomas to be careful. His sister is also with a Spencer and she wonders if Thomas plans to save her after he saves her. Thomas feels that some people are beyond help. Steffy fake laughs. Thomas believes though that Ivy is still salvageable. Steffy asks Ivy if she can have a moment alone with her brother. Ivy says yes. She knew that Steffy wouldn’t like that comment. She is going to leave them alone to hash this out and she leaves. Steffy looks at Thomas. Thomas tells Steffy that she should know his sense of humor. Steffy doesn’t think that it is about that. It is about his taste in women. She cannot believe he likes Ivy.

At the doctor’s office Caroline and Ridge are all set up. Doctor Lee walks in and says hello and is glad that Ridge came as well. Caroline was under the impression that she would be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat today. Doctor Lee tells her that she is far enough along. Ridge kisses Caroline’s forehead. Doctor Lee tells Caroline that the blood pressure looks good. She asks if the morning sickness has been ok. Caroline feels that it has gotten better. Doctor Lee wonders if Ridge has been sent on midnight outings to fill Caroline’s cravings. Ridge has not yet. Doctor Lee wants Caroline to get on that. It will make Ridge feel more involved. Caroline is very happy to report that Ridge is very involved. Ridge promises that if anyone needs any strange foods he is their guy. Doctor Lee is happy to hear that.

At Pam’s desk she asks what this is. The intern explains that it is the recipes she wanted. She had them copied. Pam asks if she even set them for center on the copier. They look so crooked. Pam also thinks that it would have helped to enlarge the image. She thought that would have been obvious. The ladies in the baking club don’t have the best eye site. Pam explains that they are starting at seven tonight. She wants Christina to show up and ask a few of the other interns to come along as well. Pam loves her sweater and suggests wearing it with pearls. Christina could never look as good as her. Ivy walks over and asks if she has seen Liam or Wyatt. Pam explains that they are both in Rick’s office or the Spencer lounge. Ivy asks what that is. It sounds fancy. Pam doesn’t understand why Wyatt and Liam are not working with their father over at Spencer Publications. Ivy heard that their receptionist was horrible at baking. Pam smiles as she sits down.

Ivy walks into Rick’s office and asks if she is interrupting. Wyatt says no. Ivy can tell that the energy is a little tense in here. Liam promises that they are just decompressing from the meeting. Ivy assumes they are talking about Thomas. Wyatt feels that he was a royal pain. Ivy gets it but he is a Forrester. This is his family’s business. Wyatt asks if she is defending Thomas.

Steffy can tell that Thomas is interested in Ivy. Thomas never said he was. Steffy didn’t have to be told. It was obvious. He was just oozing charm. Steffy can tell that he likes Ivy. Thomas doesn’t see what the problem is. Steffy reminds him that she just blackmailed her. Thomas doesn’t care. She was in mourning for their cousin. Steffy begs him not to get with Ivy. It is for his own good. Thomas thinks that she sounds ridicules. Steffy believes that he needs to look at this situation different. He has made some really bad decisions with girls. She doesn’t want him making another one.

Wyatt asks if Ivy agrees with Thomas. Ivy doesn’t but she thinks that Thomas was giving them perspective. Wyatt assumes that the perspective was that Spencer’s aren’t allowed at Forrester. Ivy doesn’t mean that at all. Wyatt knows exactly what he was up to and what he meant by it. Wyatt bets that Liam knows what he means. Ivy asks what he is talking about. Liam actually has somewhere to be and is going to let them talk. He leaves. Wyatt asks if he is serious right now. Ivy asks what is going on. Wyatt thinks that Thomas is hitting on her and he doesn’t like it.

Thomas doesn’t know what she is talking about. He wants to know how he is making bad choices in women. Steffy points out that Ivy is unavailable. She wants to know why. Thomas asks if she means because Ivy is some unblood related distant cousin. Steffy wasn’t even thinking about that. She is talking about his uncanny ability to go after women who are not available. Such as Hope. Thomas asks what was wrong with Hope because she was single. Steffy thinks he should know she wasn’t emotionally. She wonders about Caroline as well. Thomas asks what about her. Ivy is with Wyatt. Thomas knows that they are dating. Steffy says that they are. Thomas doesn’t think that he has to care about it until he sees a ring on the finger. Until then he doesn’t have to take them seriously. Thomas asks why they are even accommodating the Spencer family so much. This is Forrester Creations. It isn’t like the building says Spencer on the outside of it. Steffy reminds him that Liam is her boyfriend and secondly Bill owns twelve and a half percent. So like it or not Spencer’s have a voice here. Thomas guesses they have a voice that they are going to ride all the way. They both know why as well. It is because they are scared. Being in publishing these days is scary and they would much rather be over here at a successful clothing company. Steffy knows what he is doing. He is trying to change the subject. They were talking about Ivy and now all of a sudden they are talking about the Spencer’s. Thomas guesses that if she wants to talk about Ivy they can. He thinks that she is getting way to ahead of herself. He thinks that she is hot but that is as far as it goes. Pam walks in and tells Thomas that Doctor Lang wanted to confirm his doctor’s appointment. Steffy asks if he is sick. Thomas isn’t. It is just his annual physical. Steffy tells him to go. They made their points so he can leave. Thomas asks Pam to confirm the appointment. Thomas knows that Steffy has issues with Ivy but he needs her to relax. It is just fun flirting and nothing else. Thomas leaves.

Ridge asks if Caroline is nervous. She is excited but asks if she should be. Ridge explains that the jell is not warm. Caroline does hate being cold. He thinks that she will survive though because she is strong. Caroline is glad that he has been through this before. He can talk her through all of this. Experience matters. Ridge doesn’t think that anything will prepare her for seeing her baby for the first time on the monitor. He can’t wait to see their baby.

Steffy and Liam are kissing. She loves working with Liam. Liam asks if she remembers the days when he would have to drive across town just to kiss her. Steffy supposes that they should get back to work. Liam wants to go on record about something. The meeting earlier with Thomas he was out of line. Steffy agrees more than he knows. Liam asks what that means. Steffy explains that there is someone he is interested in someone he shouldn’t be. Ivy…

Ivy asks if Wyatt really thinks that Thomas was hitting on her. From where she stood it seemed like he just saved her life on Halloween. She doesn’t think he was trying to make moves. Wyatt is grateful that he saved her. Ivy knows that Wyatt would have saved her if she was there. Wyatt knows that. He wasn’t though and then he was yucking it up with James and the shaving cream… Wyatt thinks that Thomas put James up to it. He is the one who did it. He wanted him alone with him. Complimenting Ivy and taking shots at him. Wyatt shouldn’t have gone to check his car. He should be the one to be there for Wyatt. Ivy promises that he is. She doesn’t need a light to fall on her head to know that. They kiss.

Thomas shows up at the hospital and his doctor’s office is right next to Caroline and Ridge’s.

Caroline is laughing and a nurse named Geri walks in. She introduces herself. She is the one who will be doing the ultrasound. She explains that another patient of Doctor Lee’s was admitted into labor so she will check in on them after she is done with them. Caroline doesn’t want to take her away from her. Geri explains that she won’t be. They have hours before that baby is born. Caroline gets nervous. Geri promises that with chances Caroline will be blaming Ridge for doing this to her when all is said and done. She puts the gel on her stomach and they look at the ultrasound. They see a baby on the screen and they can hear a heartbeat. Caroline gets emotional at what she sees.

In the hallway Thomas sees Caroline and Ridge.

Dr. Lee assumes that she heard the heartbeat. Thomas sneaks a peak and sees the baby on the monitor. Caroline and Ridge look so happy. Caroline spots Thomas at the door and looks disgusted.

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