B&B Thursday Update 11/5/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/5/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

During a meeting in Ridge’s office Caroline feels a bump in her belly and Steffy touches it. Caroline hasn’t felt one before this. Ridge wants to get back to business. Ridge asks where they are for prep. Liam explains that they are doing well. Liam wonders though why Rick and Maya are not here seeing that they are discussing the new collection. Ivy gets the impression that they won’t be seeing them today. Wyatt bets that they don’t see them until Rick and Maya’s baby comes. Caroline thinks it is wonderful that Nicole agreed to carry their baby. Quinn finds it so heartwarming that the kid sister is carrying the brother-in-law’s child. Wyatt knows that Quinn is a cynic. Ridge believes that this news in the wrong hands could be bad for Forrester. Liam wants to be made clear what he is referring to. Ridge is referring to Liam’s father getting ahold of the story.

In Bill and Katie’s bedroom they get ready for the day. Bill looks at Katie and thinks that they don’t have to rush right into the office. Katie has a bunch of meetings for the day. Bill tells her to cancel them. Katie feels that she is going to get in trouble with the boss. Bill believes that the boss is very forgiving. Katie agrees that he is and she admits that it has been nice being able to spend extra time at home with Will. Bill guesses that when people actually do their job at work he doesn’t have to worry so much. Katie knows that he is constantly getting updates from Justin at the office. Bill hasn’t he promises. In fact, he can promise a hundred and fifty percent that he isn’t. Katie asks if he really wants to stay home. Bill wonders if she has a better idea. The two start kissing passionately. Katie asks if Bill has a fever. Bill reminds her that he has been known to play hooky from time and time. Katie knows but she also knows what his schedule is like today. Bill wishes that he paid more attention to things like Katie. If he did, then maybe his niece wouldn’t be knocked up with Ridge’s baby.

Wyatt knows that Bill made things right with Maya. If anything he could probably get an exclusive story. Ridge isn’t going to give him one. Liam points out that if Maya is in the spotlight then Forrester is in the spotlight. Ridge doesn’t care. Quinn wonders if they will be discussing Caroline’s baby at least. Steffy feels that is a less controversial thing. Ridge isn’t going to be discussing that either because it is a family matter. Liam thinks that highlighting the family part of the business would be a good thing for a family company. Thomas tells Liam that Ridge knows what he is talking about so he can drop it. Ridge wants to move on and asks about lingerie. Wyatt doesn’t think that Ivy is going to model it anymore. Ridge asks if they have enough for the collection because they are still doing it. Steffy promises that they do. Caroline and Ivy both vouch that their lines are underway as well. Quinn would just like to say it has been nice having Ivy back at the office. Ivy thanks her. She admits though it probably wouldn’t have lasted so long if Thomas hadn’t saved her life from the light at the Halloween party. Thomas was just doing his job. Ridge reminds them that they are only here to talk about the lines. He hopes that he makes himself clear. Ridge wonders what the update on the jewelry line is. Quinn explains that they are almost done with it. Wyatt asks if they are done then. Liam says sorry but he needs to bring up something he mentioned earlier about promotion. Ridge is sorry but he can take it up with marketing. Liam just feels that the last time something got out their people thought that Forrester had fired Maya for being transgender. He asks if they really want people to think they are hiding something. Thomas asks Liam if Wyatt has already told Bill about this. Wyatt isn’t going to be dragged into this. Ridge guesses it is a valid point. Thomas just feels that this sounds like he is trying to sell magazines instead of do his job at Forrester. Thomas guesses that it is something to consider.

Bill knows that Caroline might be married to that loser but he does take care of his own. Katie knows even when they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Bill admits that Caroline is capable and smart. He would trust her to go against just about anyone. Ridge is a different animal. He makes Steffy President of Forrester but Thomas has to beg and plead to just be on the design team. He has to wonder what Thomas did to get on his bad side. Katie wants him to be careful. People might make the same comparison between him and Wyatt. Bill feels that is completely different. Bill thinks that Wyatt is exactly where Wyatt should be. Keeping an eye on his father’s investment and his crazy mother. As far as Forrester is concerned something is not right. There is no way he believes that Ridge wanted another kid. He is going to keep an eye on him so long as he stays in the picture.

In Rick’s office Wyatt asks if Quinn heard it too. Quinn agrees that that Thomas was being snippy. Wyatt believes that Thomas took a shot at him. That whole comment about telling Bill about Nicole’s surrogacy. Liam points out that he does have a history. Wyatt mentions that Thomas took a hit at Liam as well. He couldn’t believe that he called them Spencer’s. Liam reminds him that they are Forrester’s. Quinn notes that the bosses son did take a dig at both of them. Liam knows. It probably has to do with the fact that he feels pushed out. His father and ex-girlfriend are having a baby, he was made VP over him, and he is dating his sister. Wyatt can’t believe that Liam is making this about him. Liam asks if he thinks it is about him. Wyatt thinks that it is of course about him.

Caroline asks if Thomas skipped his morning espresso. Thomas says no. He asks why. Caroline wonders if he remembers she is a Spencer too. Steffy wants to know what that was all about. Thomas asks what she means. Steffy means going after Liam and Wyatt at the meeting. Thomas wasn’t going after them. He was just pointing out the obvious. Ridge reminds him that everyone that works here is part of the Forrester family. Thomas knows but not everyone who works here is technically a Forrester. Ridge doesn’t care. Liam is VP. He does what he asks him to do. Thomas knows but he is pushing an angle that will benefit his media empire. Thomas thinks that they were speaking like Spencer’s. Caroline reminds him once again that she is standing right here. Thomas believes that it is different. She is married into the family and having a little Forrester soon. Ridge is reminded that they have an appointment. Caroline doesn’t think that is for some time then she gets what Ridge is saying and says that he wanted to stop by the loft first. Steffy tells them not to let Thomas’s bad attitude chase them away. Thomas asks what bad attitude. Steffy is referring to the us and them mentality. Their families are already tangled up. Especially once Ridge and Caroline have that baby. That knot is going to be even tighter. Thomas doesn’t care about that. He just thinks that Wyatt and Liam have gotten a little too comfortable around here. Thomas does think that they are doing a good job. It is different for them as they are Forrester’s and have to protect the legacy. He lost that for a moment but now they can move past it. He wants to make sure that the future of Forrester is in the right hands. Caroline believes that is a good idea. They should leave all the negativity in the past and look forward.

Katie knows that it is because Bill cares. He has to be strong and protect. Everyone is doing well though. Bill will always be weary of his family and Forrester. As a father it is his duty to look out for his kids.

Liam guesses that Thomas clearly has a problem with both of them. Wyatt thanks him. Quinn could see why. Liam is VP and Wyatt is in charge of the jewelry line. He asks what the guy does around here. He sharpens his daddy’s pencils. Wyatt believes that with him it is persona. Quinn asks what he ever did to him. Wyatt doesn’t think it is what he did but what he has or who he has. Quinn and Liam both at the same time shout Ivy. Wyatt means Ivy he thanks them both for playing. He wonders if they heard what happened at the Halloween party. Ivy knows that Pam’s idiot boyfriend put the lights up with chewing gum and shoestring. Wyatt knows. Then one of the lights fell and Thomas was right there to save Ivy. Liam wonders what that he has to do with him. Wyatt means that he wasn’t there. It is a long story but Thomas was keeping an eye on Ivy the entire night. Liam assumes he means hitting on here. Wyatt can’t take this game anymore. He does mean hitting on her. Quinn asks if he has talked to Ivy about it. Wyatt did and she is grateful about it. He is too because she could have been hurt. Quinn wonders if he would have preferred Charlie save her. Wyatt would have actually. He isn’t jealous but he just thinks that Thomas is always there a lot lately for Ivy.

Thomas sits down at the drawing table and works on a sketch. He starts to think about saving Ivy and smiles. Steffy walks in and wonders if maybe coffee isn’t what he needs. Thomas doesn’t know what she means. Steffy knows that look in his eyes. He is thinking about a girl. Thomas wasn’t. Steffy can tell that he is. She hopes that it isn’t about Charlotte after that little speech he made. Thomas promises that it isn’t about Charlotte. Steffy asks if it is a secret that he can’t tell her. Thomas promises that he made his mistake and he won’t be dating anyone that Ridge doesn’t approve of.

At the loft Caroline asks if they need insurance papers or medical stuff. Ridge asks if she hears that. Caroline doesn’t. Ridge explains that this is their quiet place. It is just the two of them. They can breathe. They can focus on the baby. The two kiss each other.

Wyatt knows that Quinn has seen it. The way that Thomas appears whenever Ivy is around. Quinn points out that he works here. This place is like Grand Central Station. Wyatt cannot believe that they don’t think that he is interested. Quinn thought that Wyatt was just telling her how committed they are to each other. Wyatt trusts Ivy. Liam knows but he doesn’t trust Thomas. Wyatt doesn’t. He isn’t insecure. He just wants to know what Thomas is up to. He wonders if he is bored. Thomas is a Forrester it doesn’t even make sense. He is so entitled and he guesses that Thomas sees no line because he crosses all of them. Liam hates people like that. Wyatt tells him to shut up.

Steffy can tell that Thomas is involved with someone. Thomas is seeing a lot of women. Steffy knows Thomas. She is his sister and she can tell when he is interested with someone. She knows it is true and it makes sense seeing that he really hasn’t been with anyone since Caroline. Thomas asks where she is getting all this from. Steffy isn’t blind. Ivy walks in and asks if Thomas has a minute. Thomas says sure and tells Steffy that she was just leaving. Steffy believes that Ivy and her are trying to get along so he doesn’t have to send her away. Ivy agrees. Thomas is sure but with Ivy’s reflexes he is pretty sure that they could take each other. Steffy asks why she needed saving from a falling light. Ivy is actually here because she wanted to thank him again. Steffy feels that she was lucky Thomas was there for her. Ivy agrees very lucky and grateful.

Caroline knows that Ridge brought her here to talk. Ridge brought her here not to talk. He just thinks that it was a little tense at the office with people asking all the questions. He thought that they could take a breath and be safe for a minute. Caroline likes that and thanks him. Caroline notes that this will be an exciting doctor’s appointment. Ridge promises to be here for all of it. Caroline will never forget her wedding day. Ridge thinks that they are family now. Caroline knows it didn’t happen the way they wanted it to. Ridge doesn’t want her to talk like that. Things never go the way they plan them but they are here and they always be. Sickness and in health. He will always be here. They kiss each other again. Ridge puts his head by her stomach and tells the baby a story about a beautiful princess who lived on an island out east. She moved out west and met an old broken knight. She fixed him and he vowed to always take care of her. That is what he did.

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