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Maya apologizes to Doctor March. Julius is not here to judge anyone. He was condemned for giving up on his first born and now they want him to turn his back on Nicole. Nicole doesn’t think that it is the same thing. Julius would like to know why Maya wouldn’t have told them that they were going through with this back at the house. Vivienne realizes that them barging in here must seem a little strange. Doctor March can’t technically discuss this case with anyone who technically isn’t her patient. Realistically she works with families. Sometimes families need to work things out on their own. She is going to give them some time. Vivienne thanks her. Doctor March leaves. Maya asks if there is any more to say. She wonders if there will come a time when he will just let them live their lives. Julius wants that. He wants Nicole to be able to make her own choices. He doesn’t know if Nicole respects Julius or if she ever has. He wants her to at least listen to what Vivienne has to say. Vivienne knows that Nicole is her own person and so is her sister. She wants both of them to have whatever their heart is set on. Just not like this.

Brooke asks Eric if he thinks that they should call Julius to see if they have found them yet. Eric doesn’t think so. He politely declined their invitation to come with them and didn’t even ask for directions. Brooke feels that they should have insisted. Eric doesn’t think that they are those kind of parents. Eric can’t think of a single time where he was able to talk his children out of doing anything. Brooke just hopes that the Avants can find some form of common ground. Their family doesn’t need any more conflict.

Nicole would like to know what is so wrong with her wanting to help her sister have a child. Vivienne isn’t calling her wrong. She isn’t calling Maya wrong either or anyone else in this room. She just knows that things can go wrong. Things that they can’t possibly imagine seeing. Nicole could feel things that she never thought she could and could possibly have a falling out. Maya doesn’t think that she will have a falling out with Nicole. Vivienne knows that first love is like no other. It teaches so much about life and a person. Maya would never stand in the way of hurting that experience for Nicole. Julius asks how else it could go. Love can’t be put on hold. He wonders what Maya would think if Rick wanted her to put him on her calendar while he had a baby with someone else. Julius wants to know if Zende really supports this. Zende only knows that he supports Nicole. Julius says this with all the respect he can muster but they have no idea what the heck they are doing. Julius had a son at one time and would have told it to him but instead he will tell it to Zende. He thinks that love can wait. On a full belly that makes sense. When it starts to be eleven or twelve and your stomach starts to feel weird… Vivienne tells him to stop the nonsense. Julius doesn’t think that this is nonsense. Zende says that with all due respect he is capable of loving and dating Nicole while she is pregnant. Julius guesses that in theory he can. When those hormones kick in and she starts nesting he is dreaming if he thinks that he will be the first person on Nicole’s mind. Vivienne promises Zende that he is the exact kind of person they wanted Nicole to meet. Julius isn’t saying anything different. Julius wants Nicole to stop pouting. Nicole isn’t pouting. Julius is on her side. He wants to keep them together. She has never had someone so on her side. She is the most complete and perfect thing that he ever achieved. He won’t stop fighting for her. Nicole asks if Vivienne knew what it would be like to be married. Vivienne admits that she thought there would be a few bumps on the road. Nicole asks if she thought she knew what it be like to be a mother. Vivienne never did. Nicole wants Vivienne to stop telling her what she is getting into. You cannot tell someone to do something that they have never experienced. Nicole would hope to be able to get through this. Nicole asks if Julius remembers all the fussing that Julius went through when he thought that Maya would never give him grandchildren. Together they can. She wonders why that is not a good thing. Julius doesn’t think that the child will hold the family name. He guesses it is clear that she will do whatever she wants though. He assumes that she wants them to leave her alone. Nicole doesn’t. Nicole wants them to be her parents. She thinks that she will need them. She is thankful because she knows it means they care. What she really needs is there trust and support. If they are really moving to LA then she can’t have this stress on her or the baby. They say that they are trying their best to accept Maya. She wonders why they can’t do the same for her. Vivienne guesses that since she has put it that way. They can. Julius thinks that this stubbornness is a course. He wonders why these two couldn’t be more like their mother. He can’t afford to have another child hate him. Nicole doesn’t think that anyone hates him. Except when he is awful. Nicole doesn’t think that is today Nicole loves him. Julius loves her as well. He hugs her. Julius is going to bring the car around. Vivienne didn’t want to pretend that they were not worried. They have done so much pretending for stuff they didn’t understand. She hopes that things turn out the way that they think they will.

Brooke wonders if Nicole is having second thoughts. Eric asks if the Avants ever change their minds about anything. Brooke knows that they did sell their house and Julius did say he was sorry. She just wonders if Nicole realizes that she is going to become very attached to that child in nine months. Eric imagines that the child will grow up knowing exactly how it came about. Eric asks if Brooke wants to be there for that. Brooke does, it will be her grandchild. Eric tells her to move in then. She lived here before. Brooke already has a home. Eric doesn’t think permanently just on nights she wants to stay over. Brooke isn’t even sure if the procedure will work. Eric doesn’t think that they have any reason to think it won’t. He promised himself years ago that if Brooke ever gave up on Ridge he would make another effort. He isn’t doing that. He isn’t ruling it out though.

Maya didn’t know what to say to that. Nicole is glad that she did. Doctor March walks back in. She thought that they might have saw the in-laws leave. She wonders if they are proceeding. Nicole is. She hugs Zende.

Later on Nicole is still in the doctor’s office. She is wearing a blanket over her lower body. Someone knocks on the door and tells them to come in. Rick walks in and explains that Maya sent Zende to the doctor to asks more questions he didn’t get to ask. Nicole thinks that is nice. Rick admits that they should have involved him more from the beginning. Nicole knows that they were respecting her privacy. Rick knows how much she respects her sister. Nicole admits that she is her role model. Rick explains that Nicole can get dressed right now and they can go home and nothing will happen. They won’t care. Nicole asks if Maya sent him in here. Rick admits that they both feel this way. They didn’t take a lot of things into consideration, Zende for one. Nicole knows that he claims to love her. Rick doesn’t think that Nicole has anything to prove to them. This is her life and she gets to do what she wants. Nicole asks if this is one of those things that she gets to look back on and say that she did in her life. It isn’t a bad thing to have a guy who knows what she can’t give him right now and is willing to wait. Rick supposes now. Nicole wants to live like them. She wants love that is tested but will laugh. Rick is a wonderful man. He is protective and generous. He wouldn’t be doing this for anyone else. Doctor March walks in with Zende and Maya. She asks if they should get started. Zende holds up a pamphlet and says that he has homework. Nicole promises that this won’t be long. She asks if Maya can stay. Doctor March thought that she might. Zende hugs Nicole. Zende and Rick leave. Maya and Nicole hold each other’s hands tight.

Eric asks Julius and Vivienne if they were able to at least ask the questions that they wanted answers to. Vivienne knows that things were said that needed to be said. Brooke guesses that is a good thing then. Vivienne isn’t sure if they got what they wanted but they did get closer as a family. She asks if Julius would agree. Julius doesn’t believe in the power of discussion as opposed to the power of saying no. Julius thinks that you have to say no to a child when they are doing something wrong. Eric wonders about when the child is no longer a child. Julius guesses that it doesn’t bother him to see his son or daughter hurt their lives but he wasn’t raised that way. Vivienne understands that he is not happy. Julius just thinks that this is a perfectly avoidable train wreck. This is something that will pit these two girls and he said girls, and will put them against each other for the rest of their lives.

Doctor March is going to dilate her now. It might be a little cold. Nicole is fine. Nicole wonders if Maya is going to get used to being a cool mom. Doctor March explains that she might feel a little pressure. If it is too much then she can tell her to stop. Nicole wonders what they will call mom. Nicole guesses they can call her Vivienne. Nicole knows that she would hate that. Nicole guesses that they could call her grandma Viv. Nicole felt a little pinch. Doctor March wants her to shift her weight side to side. She explains that Nicole also might feel this. Nicole did. She asks if that was it. Doctor March tells her that they are done. Maya kisses her forehead. She thanks her.

Eric notices that Julius doesn’t seem as reconciled for Maya as he did a few days ago. Julius wants him to remember that she threw out his father’s name and took Eric’s. He can be happy about one of those things but not both. Vivienne feels that they are taking this for what it is. Brooke is sure that they will take the misgivings into heart. Today probably won’t result in pregnancy. It usually takes two or three times. Julius explains that the women in his family just have to be looked at and then they get pregnant. Except for Vivienne. Vivienne wonders if he remembers how excited they were when they were firs told they were expecting. Julius wonders what he would have done if he knew what he knows now. Vivienne thinks that is unnecessary. Julius does remember. Vivienne asks if he can have a little bit of excitement for Rick and Maya. Julius asks Eric about the great martinis he has heard so much about. He thinks that this might be the perfect time for one. Eric says one is coming right up. Vivienne gives him a look of displeasure.

Doctor March wants Nicole to stay on the table for another fifteen minutes or so but after that she should be fine. If she has any cramps or anything she should call. She reminds Nicole about having sex Nicole remembers. She thanks her. Maya thanks her as well. Doctor March leaves. Nicole is so glad that Zende is here. Zende promises to always be here. He has to get back to Forrester right now though. Rick offers to drive Nicole home. Zende loves Nicole. Nicole loves him too. He leaves. Maya guesses they did it. Nicole doesn’t know if they did. Maya guesses that they started. Nicole asks what is wrong. Maya never thought that this would happen in her life but thanks to both Rick and Nicole she gets to have everything she ever wanted. Nicole might start to cry. Rick and Maya hug and Nicole has a look of being unsure on her face.

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