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Nicole tells Zende that this means a lot to her. Maya explains that his being here means a lot to all of them and thanks him for being here. Zende knows that her Nicole is determined to do this so that is why he is here. He feels like he should be here. Rick knows that Nicole is making a huge sacrifice. They appreciate the sacrifice that they are both making. Doctor March turns around and explains that they are all doing this together. Maya cannot tell Nicole how grateful she is. Nicole already knows. Doctor March tells Rick that his sample has been prepped. Maya wants to make sure that Nicole will be in no pain. Doctor March tells her that she may feel some light cramping but it only takes a few minutes. Maya is glad. Rick asks if she is excited. Maya cannot believe they are doing this. They are making a baby. Doctor March wonders if she is still on board. Nicole nods yes.

Julius has to admit that he has done some praying on this and he cannot agree to this. Eric reminds him that Nicole has already agreed to do this. Julius doesn’t think that it is something that he can allow to happen. He would like it if Brooke and Eric would be on board. Brooke would like to help she just isn’t sure that there is anything they can do. Julius wanted grandchildren but he didn’t want them like this. Their youngest carrying the older one’s child. It just isn’t right. Brooke asks if Vivienne has any issues. Vivienne just can’t make peace with how this will affect Nicole. Eric reminds them that legally Nicole is an adult even if she still seems to young. Julius thinks that she is too young. Brooke admits that this does feel like it is happening rather quickly. Vivienne is afraid that Nicole is going to do something she will regret. Eric knows that Nicole is not under any pressure to do this. Rick and Maya wouldn’t have it any other way. Julius explains that whatever they do they have to come together as a family and stop this. Vivienne thinks that that they should be able to have a family. Julius points out that he never said that Rick and Maya shouldn’t have a family. Vivienne does think that Rick and Maya would make a lovely parent. Eric understands. They just wish it could happen some other way. They just don’t want Nicole doing this. Vivienne can’t even think of what they will tell the child. That their aunt is really the birth mother. Julius doesn’t think they will have to explain anything to anyone. It isn’t happening. Vivienne can’t imagine Nicole having to watch the baby grow up after carrying it for nine months. She is not really the mother. Julius thinks that Maya has to be naïve to not think that this is wrong. Vivienne explains that Nicole has always been the sensitive and emotional child. It be devastating for her to hand over the baby. She wants everyone to have what they want. She just is worried about the impact will have on Nicole and her future with Zende

Doctor March asks before they get started if Nicole has any questions or concerns. Nicole says no. Doctor March thinks that they are ready to get started. She will be back shortly. Nicole asks Zende if he is nervous yet. Zende isn’t. He isn’t the one going through this. Maya would have hated if she would have had to go through a lot of pane. Nicole wants Maya to talk to her when she is in labor. Maya wants them all to call her crazy but she hopes this happens on the first time. Nicole says here is to hoping. Maya cannot believe what Nicole is doing for them. What she is giving to her and Rick. She will never be able to repay her. They hug. Nicole looks at Zende. Nicole wishes that Julius could be more understanding. Then they could all be here together. Maya admits that they were just with Julius and Vivienne as well as Brooke and Eric. Rick tells her that her parents don’t know that she is doing this today. Maya explains that they didn’t want to deal with Julius today. Rick says Vivienne had issues as well. Maya tells Nicole that she had concerns. She echoed a lot of things that Julius was saying. It does mean a huge sacrifice with Zende. Nicole knows that Zende wouldn’t be here if didn’t support this. Rick feels that Support is key. They are lucky to have that. That is how they are going to get through this confusing time. Maya notes it is like Doctor March said. They are all in this together. They are a team. When this is done they will live their lives and be even stronger. She will have a child. What Nicole is doing she never expected would ever happen. Now that she could possibly hold an Avant baby and raise it with Rick is amazing. She doesn’t think that Julius and Vivienne will ever understand though.

Eric admits that they understand where they are both coming from. Brooke knows that it is a lot for Rick and Maya to ask Nicole. Vivienne believes that Nicole idolizes Maya. Julius wants them all to slow down and consider their options. Brooke assumes that they want to start their family and move ahead with their lives. Vivienne assumes that comes with Nicole’s life coming to a halt. Julius believes that Nicole is thriving. She stands to lose everything. Eric promises to do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen. Julius thinks that it is too late. Julius can already feel it in his bones. He knows that Zende is on board right now but five or six months from now he is going to run for the hills. Brooke promises that Nicole wouldn’t go through with this if she wasn’t in complete agreement. Eric feels that they have given her every opportunity to say no. Vivienne guesses that they might say there is no pressure but she knows her daughter. This is her way of doing something kind for Maya. To make up for the struggles that Maya had growing up. Brooke respects Julius’s opinion. Ultimately though it is up too their two daughters. They really need to talk to Nicole and tell them this. Vivienne wonders if they should take the girls to dinner tonight. Brooke thinks that tonight might be too late. Julius asks what she means. Brooke explains that the appointment was scheduled at the clinic today… Julius gets off the phone with Forrester Creations. He tells them all that Nicole is not at work. Brooke assumes that she is at the appointment. Vivienne wants him to call her cell.

Maya suggests Violet after their aunt Violet. Nicole thinks that is cool and all but she was thinking Nickolas if it is a boy and Nicole if it is a girl. Rick promises that Nicole is on the short list. Nicole gets a phone call and she says it is from Julius. She picks up. Julius asks where she is. Nicole doesn’t think it matters where she is. She tells him that he has to go right now and hangs up.

Vivienne asks where they are. Julius explains that they are at the clinic. Vivienne asks if she really told him. Julius could tell in her voice. Vivienne asks what they are going to do. Julius thinks that they are going to stop this. Vivienne doesn’t even know where they are at. Brooke admits that they are at Doctor March’s office. Eric offers to take them. Julius just wants the address. They need to handle this themselves.

Maya asks what he said. Nicole says that he wanted to know where she was. Obviously she didn’t tell him. Rick asks if he knows that they are here. Maya thinks that only Brooke and Eric know. Rick guesses that it isn’t too hard to know why Julius would be calling. Zende knows that Julius might not be going about it in the best way but he is only looking out for her. Nicole is not a kid. Maya knows that Julius lives in his own world. He is also very protective of her and so is Vivienne. Doctor March comes in telling Rick that they are ready for him. He needs to fill out the insurance information. Rick kisses Maya before he leaves.

Brooke asks Eric if they should call and give them a heads up. Eric wants Nicole to hear what her mother has to say. Even if she doesn’t agree with it. It will be good for her to get a chance to say what she needs to say. Brooke agrees. She didn’t realize that she was so concerned. Eric gets that Julius doesn’t make it very easy for Vivienne to express her opinions. Brooke just hopes that it all works out for them. It will be a very difficult road for all of them. Eric knows that they just want what is best for their girls. Brooke knows that what might be right for one of them might not be right for the other.

Maya asks if she is sure that they can’t get her anything. Nicole is fine. Zende saw the sour gummy worms in the lobby. Nicole thinks that is fine. Zende asks if it is ok if he doesn’t stay for the insemination. Nicole knows that would be a bit much. She asks if he would hang in with her until then. Zende says of course. Maya knows that she doesn’t have to say this again but they don’t have to do this today or ever. Julius and Vivienne walk in. Maya asks what they are doing here. Julius tells Nicole that she is not doing this. Nicole tells Julius to please leave. He has no right barging in here. Julius already told her. They are not letting this happen.

Eric has to admit that it is nice to know that at any minute their son could be starting a family. Brooke loves the idea of another beautiful grandchild. Eric thinks that the added bonus is that he would be local. Brooke says that she would be local living in this house. Eric could see the baby every day. Brooke would come to visit every day. Eric would love that. It be much better than the occasional holiday visit they have each year with little Logan. Brooke doesn’t think that little Logan isn’t so little anymore. He sent her a Christmas list and at the top of it was a little baby cousin. Brooke thinks it be wonderful if it really happens. Eric believe that it would be spectacular if it happens. They can only offer opinions though. That is all they can do. Brooke feels bad that they are happy about this. They would get another grandchild but the Avants… Eric knows that they have a lot to go through. Brooke knows that there is a lot at stake for Maya and Nicole. If it does happen then they will be even more connected.

Nicole tells Julius that he has to go. Vivienne can stay though. Today is about being positive. Julius explains that today they stand here as one. They will not let Nicole throw her life away. Maya feels that Nicole is old enough to make her own choices. They don’t have to agree with them but they do have to respect her judgment. Julius asks why Zende is here. He doesn’t think that Maya realizes it but Nicole feels indebted. Nicole doesn’t think that is true. She isn’t doing it for that reason. Julius knows that she doesn’t see it that way. Maya promises that this is one hundred percent Nicole’s choice. If she wants to walk out that door right now then she can. Nicole asks if Vivienne really feels this way. Vivienne wouldn’t be here unless she was worried. Julius thinks it is fine for Maya and Rick to have a child They just want her to leave Nicole out of it. They want her to let Nicole have a relationship with this wonderful man. Give her a chance. They beg her not to do this. Vivienne thinks that there has to be a better way. Julius doesn’t think that this is not going to be a happily ever after. That isn’t what life is. Maya guesses it isn’t for him. She knows that it drives Julius crazy that he can’t control them anymore. Julius promises Nicole if she does this it will be big trouble. Doctor March and Rick walk in. Rick didn’t realize everyone would be here. Doctor March tells them all they are ready when Nicole is. Julius tells Doctor March this will not be happening. He won’t let Nicole go through with this.

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