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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Doctor March is not trying to talk Nicole out of being a surrogate. She just wants to make sure that she has thought it through. Rick and Maya agree. They don’t want to pressure her. Doctor March explains that with her cycle coming up this is sort of a pressure filled situation. She wants Nicole to realize how this will affect her. Doctor March says right but also how it will affect Zende and her relationship. She would just hate to see Nicole to make a rash decision without thinking about it and then end up regretting it.

Zende walks into Rick’s office with Julius following him. Zende doesn’t understand why they are discussing this still. Julius explains that Nicole is making a big mistake and he is the only one who can talk him out of it. Zende tried but it didn’t work. Nicole is set on giving Maya a child. He respects it. Julius wonders if he will still respect it when in a few months she has another man’s child kicking around in her. He wonders if he will actually stick around for the pregnancy and birth. Julius doesn’t want Zende to allow Nicole to go through with it.

Thomas is guessing Cleopatra. Ivy asks what he means. Thomas means her Halloween costume this year. Wyatt remembers that they have the party to go to and asks if they really have to go. Ivy tells him yes. It is going to be fun. She isn’t going as Cleopatra though. Thomas assumes she is going as something sexy then. Ivy is catching on to a pattern though. Wyatt is as well. Wyatt does think that Cleopatra would have been a good idea though because then he could have gone as Mark Antony.

At the Halloween party backstage at the Forrester show room is decked out in Halloween décor. Pam greets Meg and Johnny Mac and wonders how they enjoyed the haunted house. They think it was the most twisted house yet. Pam is glad and tells them to enjoy themselves. They all wish each other a happy Halloween. Pam walks over to Charlie and asks if he even knows how to do lights. Pam screams when Quinn walks in. She is wearing a pink princess costume. Deacon is wearing a prince costume next to her. Pam is sorry. She just got freaked out because she has never seen Quinn in so much pink. Quinn knows. She is a princess with her very own prince. She wonders if there is any better holiday than Halloween. It is the one time of year that people get to dress like their inner most self. Quinn takes out her phone and tells Deacon to smile. Deacon asks Quinn if Wyatt is coming. Quinn says that he better. She has been taking pictures of him in costume his whole life. Deacon assumes that she means since he was a kid. Quinn laughs. Deacon is shocked that he still dresses up. Quinn is shocked that she didn’t show him the album. She told him. She loves Halloween.

Wyatt is in Ridge’s office by himself. He is wearing an Australian themed costume holding a stuffed kangaroo. He is practicing an Australian dialect in the mirror. Thomas walks in and gives him a look. Thomas laughs and thinks he is adorable. He guesses that someone is really proud of their costume. Wyatt is. Thomas thinks that he looks like a janitor. Ivy walks in dressed as an old Hollywood starlet. Thomas thinks that she looks hot. He won’t stop flirting with her.

Julius hates to see Zende lose something so special with Nicole because her sister is selfish to ask this of her. Maya doesn’t need Nicole. He wonders what is wrong with adoption. He wants him to help out before it is too late.

Nicole appreciates what Doctor March is saying. She wants all of them to know though that this is not a decision that she is taking lightly. She understands the commitment and the risks. She wants to do it. Doctor March needs to ask Nicole a few things perhaps in private. Nicole tells her that she can ask her anything in front of Rick and Maya. Doctor March needs to know if she has been intimate with Zende or any other man recently. Nicole says no. Doctor March asks if she is thinking about it. Nicole laughs. Nicole asks if she means like ever. Doctor March is sorry if she seems uncomfortable. She needs to understand the concerns that birth control is not one hundred percent affective so it would be disappointing for Rick and Maya if the child she was carrying turned out to not be theirs. Nicole understands that. Doctor March explains that once they confirm that she is pregnant she is free to pursue whatever she wants. Maya steps in and wants her to remember to look at it from all perspectives and make sure that she wants it. Rick laughs. Nicole asks if they are really having this conversation right now. Doctor March adds that some men have an issue with looking at their partner carrying another man’s baby. She tells her that it can change things. Nicole doesn’t think that Zende is like that. She gets a phone call from Zende. She asks what is wrong. He wonders if they can talk. Nicole is sort of in the middle of a doctor’s appointment. Zende understands. He was going to say if she wants to be bad and skip the Halloween party. Nicole says yes. Zende wants her to meet him in his room then. Nicole tells him it shouldn’t take too much longer.

Julius thanks Zende. Zende doesn’t want him to thank him yet. He didn’t say he would do it. Julius knows that if he really cares about his daughter he would stop with this foolishness. It is either Zende or the baby.

Pam asks Carter why Oliver won’t wear a mask. Carter explains that he can’t wear it while taking pictures. Plus, he has some rule about never wearing masks during parties anymore. On the other side of the room Quinn is looking at her phone. Wyatt and Ivy show up. Quinn takes pictures. Quinn thins that her son looks so sweet. Quinn tells him to step back and they take a picture together. smiles but looks annoyed.

Rick and Maya are now in the Forrester Mansion living room. Maya wonders if they are asking too much of Nicole. Rick thinks that she seems willing. Maya knows that her head was spinning with all that doctor was saying. She wonders if she will change her mind.

In Zende’s bedroom he asks how her appointment went. Nicole admits that things are going pretty fast. Nicole tells him that all the tests are done and somehow she passed the psyche exam. Nicole explains that it could be any day now. Nicole thanks him for being so supportive. Zende has to be honest that it isn’t so easy. Nicole knows. Zende understands that Maya can’t have a kid though and she can give her one. He has to respect that a lot. As tough as it is he doesn’t know anyone who would do this. She amazes him. They kiss.

Thomas tells Ivy and Wyatt that they are going to make their rounds and then when he gives the signal they will go to the real party at Bikini. Thomas walks away. Ivy wonders if that is really a good idea. Wyatt guesses it could be fun. He suggests that they could maybe just head home instead. Ivy thinks that could be fun. On the other side of the room James from accounting keeps tapping Charlie on the shoulder. Charlie turns around and asks why Pam keeps tapping on him. Wyatt can’t believe they are doing that. Ivy thinks they are just having fun. James taps Charlie again and Charlie can’t believe he fell for it again. Carter walks over to Pam and tells her she better get ready to make him some pumpkin pie. He entered a guess the weight contest. Pam will be giving the winner a year’s worth of pie. Wyatt gets a text message from James. He has bunch of shaving cream and is in front of his car. Wyatt has to go stop this. Ivy laughs with Thomas.

Maya walks over to Rick with a bowl of candy. Rick asks if that is for them. Maya tells him that it is for trick-or-treaters. Rick explains to her that with their long driveway they never get any trick-or-treaters. Maya is sad. Rick will have some candy. Maya will give him a trick instead. They kiss. She wonders if she can admit something. She already bought their baby a costume. A pumpkin costume. She hopes that things go over well. Rick thinks that they will. If things go well by next year they will be holding their own little baby.

Zende could tell Nicole was different from the moment they met. She thought he was bombing his interview and she stood up for him. She was a complete stranger. Nicole was acting on instinct. Zende likes her instinct. This is completely insane to be a surrogate but he likes it. That is what makes her special. The lengths she is willing to go to for the people she cares about. Zende is very curious to see what she does next.

Deacon guesses that the pumpkin is like ninety pounds. Quinn would add to that. They should take another look at it. After they get their vote in she wants to take this party home. All this pink is giving her hives and she needs to get into some leather. Deacon thinks that it is time to leave. They leave… Ivy feels bad for Wyatt. He loves that car like a baby. Thomas thinks that he needs to take a little Halloween prank better. Ivy feels like it would be a different story if it were his car. Thomas doesn’t think so… On the other side of the room someone asks Charlie to help with lights. He leaves Pam. Pam asks if Carter will dance with her. Carter says sure… Ivy asks Thomas if they are still going to Bikini later. Thomas can give her a ride if she is to embarrassed to ride in Wyatt’s car. Ivy should probably help him wipe off the shaving cream. Thomas tells her the offer still stands as she starts to walk off. As Ivy starts to walk a light fixture breaks and Thomas pushed her out of the way. He asks if she is ok. Ivy asks how Thomas knew that would happen. Thomas doesn’t know. Ivy wonders why he is always exactly where she needs him at exactly the right time.

Maya works on the fire. She wonders if he is ok with a quiet evening at home. Rick isn’t going to Pam’s Halloween party if that is what she means. Maya is glad. It feels good to just stick around. Incase Nicole needs to talk. Rick thinks that she is a good sister.

Nicole didn’t speak up for Zende out of nowhere. She had her reasons. Zende assumes that she found him handsome and she was determined to end up in his bedroom one day with his hands around her. Zende guesses that her plan worked. Nicole didn’t have a plan. She just wouldn’t let him mess up his interview. She felt something immediately with Zende. Zende loves her. Nicole does too. They kiss. Zende wants to stay like this as long as they can. Holding and touching. She would like that. Zende thinks that they could always be doing this. He kisses her all over. Nicole gets on the couch. Nicole can’t. She can’t right now. Zende thinks that there is still time to say no. Nicole asks how she could. Zende thinks that she has her own life and him. She shouldn’t have to put her life on hold. He wants her now. Zende tells her not to do it.

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