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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/29/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole can’t believe Julius. He is a piece of work. Zende thinks that Julius cares about her. Nicole feels that Julius should care about Maya as well. Zende doesn’t think that this is about Julius or Maya. Nicole knows that Julius wants Zende to convince her that if she goes through with this that it will be the end of their relationship. She wonders if that is what Zende thinks. Zende doesn’t answer. Nicole needs Zende to be completely honest with her. If she carries her sisters baby, does it mean they are over?

Julius feels that Maya is taking advantage of her sister. Maya should know that she will do anything for her. Including giving up the man she loves. Maya believes that he is being dramatic. Nicole and Zende have spoken. They are on the same page. Julius asks if she wants to bet. Julius had a little talk with Zende himself.

Quinn sees that Wyatt is having a good time and Ivy makes him happy. She wonders if he knows what that sounds like. Wyatt guesses it sounds like a relationship. He admits that he is in a relationship. Quinn jumps up and down. She claps. Quinn is so happy.

Thomas works on a sketch. Thomas asks where Ivy gets her optimism. Ivy thinks that she gets them from her dad. Thomas asks if she gets her good looks from him too. Ivy asks if he is paying her a compliment. Ivy can tell that he is good with the ladies. Thomas thinks it is too bad that Ivy gave up on being a lingerie model. She would have sold a lot of merchandise. He has an idea. She could reconsider.

In the lobby Pam and Charlie carry a bunch of boxes full of decorations up. Carter asks where she has been. Pam explains that they were in storage. Pam promises that she will get to whatever he needs done. Carter asks what all those decorations are for. Pam tells him it is for the party. Carter doesn’t know about a party. Pam is shocked. It is the Halloween party.

Wyatt asks if Quinn is the president of Ivy’s fan club. Quinn will admit she wasn’t always a fan of her. Deacon points out that was back in the day. Wyatt knows that was back when she pushed Ivy off a bridge in Paris. Quinn did that because of Liam. They have come a long way since then. Apparently Wyatt has as well.

Ivy believe that her modeling days are over. Thomas thinks that is a big mistake. Ivy thinks the big mistake was holding that video over Steffy. Thomas doesn’t think that Steffy holds a grudge. Ivy hopes not. She wants them to all get along. They are all family after all. Thomas points out that is only technically. Ivy knows that Ridge and Taylor are their parents and Ridge is technically a Marone not a Forrester. So technically they are not related at all. Thomas explains that this is why he has no problem imagining Ivy in a very sensual design her just drew. Ivy laughs.

Maya asks if Julius talked to Zende. Julius did. He assured him that they were on the same page. Maya asks if that is what he said or what Julius told him to say. Julius knows that he is head over heels about Nicole. He doesn’t want her to have the baby. Rick walks in and asks if Maya is ready to head out. Rick says hello. Vivienne says hello back. Rick asks if Maya is ok. Maya is trying to be. Vivienne wonders where they are going. Rick is taking her to the fertility doctor. They are meeting Nicole there to find out some results.

Nicole doesn’t want Zende to hold back. She needs to know how he is feeling. Zende thinks that she knows how he is feeling. She has known for a while. Nicole just needs to ask again. If she becomes pregnant and Maya’s surrogate. Will he leave her? Zende says no. He could never do that. Nicole walks over and kisses him.

Maya looks at her phone. Rick asks if she is texting Nicole. Maya is just reminding her to get ready. They will pick her up on the way. Rick knows that Julius and Vivienne are concerned about Nicole. He thinks that it is harsh to go to Zende though. Julius is trying to look out for her sister. Which is a lot more than Maya is doing.

Zende wants Nicole. Nicole is here. Zende doesn’t mean it like that. Nicole wants to trust Zende to be there for him. Nicole gets a text. She sees that Maya is going to pick her up. She has a few things to do before she comes to get her. Nicole needs Zende to promise her that they won’t let this come between them. Zende promises that they won’t. They kiss again. Nicole grabs her purse and she leaves.

Charlie thinks that this party is going to be great. Halloween is one of his favorite holidays. Carter wishes them luck. Pam isn’t going to let him get away. He is helping them out. Pam grabs Carter and tells Charlie to meet them backstage. Charlie grabs a random employee to help him with the boxes.

Wyatt says that this has been tons of fun but he has to get to work. Quinn meant it when she said that she is happy for him. Wyatt doesn’t want her to get ahead of herself. She is right though. Ivy is a keeper and is totally committed to him.

Thomas grabs a red gown and hands it to Ivy. Ivy asks if he can really imagine her in it. Thomas has thousands of times. He can’t help that she is smoking hot. Ivy doesn’t know if she should be flattered or insulted that he is flirting with her because he does this with every woman he meets. Thomas is only thinking about one girl. Ivy asks if he has forgotten about Wyatt. Thomas guesses that he can’t flirt with her because of the wedding ring… He says sarcastically. Ivy shakes her head.

In the doctor’s office Doctor March walks in asking how everyone is doing. Maya and Rick are doing great. Doctor March asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole feels honored to be doing this for her sister and her husband. Maya couldn’t be more grateful. Doctor March asks them all to sit down. They can go over her test results. She says that everything looks normal. She has a clean bill of health to be a surrogate. Maya wonders about the psych evaluations. The doctor explains that they were sent back so she assumes that everything is ok. The doctor asks how Nicole felt about it. Nicole knows that she has never had children and she understands the concerns. The doctor wants Nicole to know what she is doing and the other avenues they can go down. Rick tells her that they have discussed those. Adoption would be great or they could find another carrier. Nicole promises the doctor that Rick and Maya have not forced her to do this once. They want a Forrester-Avant baby carried by her. The doctor knows this but as her doctor she wants them to all be sure about this. It is a very big undertaking. Nicole realizes that. She is ready to do her part. Doctor March tells them if that is the case then they are ready for the next step. Nicole says to do this then. She doesn’t look sure of herself.

Backstage Charlie and the worker walk back with the boxes. Zende and Carter are putting up decorations. Charlie goes over to Pam. Julius walks out and asks Carter is any work is going on in this building. Carter guesses apparently not. Pam asks if they are stressing over it. Carter reluctantly says apparently not. Julius walks over to Zende and asks if they have a minute. Zende wonders what is up. Julius will tell him what is up. Nicole is being bamboozled by her sister about her happiness. Zende doesn’t really want to talk about this. Julius points out that that Rick and Maya have each other. He wants to know why he and Nicole shouldn’t be able to have each other.

Doctor March wants to start off by making sure that they are all aware of their roles. Maya knows that she will be taking care of Nicole. Doctor March thinks that is a very important part. Nicole explains that they have already been over this with the lawyers and the psychiatrist. Nicole has thought it all through but she realizes that this is becoming very real for her. Maya promises that Nicole doesn’t have to do this. If she has any doubts she doesn’t have any obligation. Maya hopes that Nicole knows that. Nicole does but she whispers. Nicole asks what is next. The doctor explains that they have been tracking her cycle. When the eggs are ready they will put a sample of Rick’s sperm into her uterus. Maya asks when that might be. The doctor sees that they are getting really close. They can make an appointment on her way out. Maya and Rick hug.

Thomas asks what the deal is with Ivy and Wyatt. He wonders if they are dating. Ivy doesn’t know what that term means. Thomas means do they see each other every day. Ivy does seeing that they work together. Thomas means do they go and sneak off to the janitors closet and kiss. Ivy tries to stay away from the janitors closet because she is scared that Thomas might be there. If Thomas knew she was coming, he would totally be there. Thomas gets that Ivy likes the guy. First Liam and now his brother. It is a good thing that Will isn’t old enough to date. Thomas wonders if she realizes that marrying him means Quinn as a mother-in-law though. Ivy is actually a lot cozier these days. Marriage isn’t even in the cards for her right now. Thomas remembers that she only gets married when she needs a green card. He guesses that is good news for him though. Ivy asks if he is glad she isn’t being deported. Thomas is. It means that he doesn’t have to go back and forth to Australia. Wyatt walks in and asks if something is going on here. Thomas was just telling Ivy how she could change the bedroom line. Ivy promises Wyatt that they weren’t. Thomas heard that Ivy was a huge hit. Ivy thinks that is impossible because the shots haven’t been seen. Thomas saw the test shots. Wyatt asks if Thomas is campaigning. Thomas wonders for what. Wyatt means for Ivy to be a lingerie model. Ivy explains that if nominated she would not run and if elected she would not serve. Thomas guesses she is too much of a lady for that. Wyatt sense something is off.

Pam starts dumping bags of candy into bowls. Pam thinks that Charlie got so much candy. Charlie wonders what she is talking about. It is Halloween. Pam feels that Charlie got enough candy to keep every dentist in town busy. On the other side of the room Zende promises Julius that he and Nicole will be fine. Julius does not think that Zende has thought this thing through. In six months Nicole will be walking around with a bowling ball in her stomach. Zende doesn’t want to disappoint her. Julius doesn’t think that it will disappoint her. Zende already told her that he didn’t want this when the idea came about. It doesn’t matter anymore. Nicole is set on giving Maya a child. He has to respect that. Julius thinks that this is bad for everyone except Maya. Julius begs him not to let Maya ruin his little girl’s life. He wants him to put a stop to it.

Nicole guesses that this is really happening. Rick wonders what will happen after all of this. Doctor March explains that the percentage of women to become pregnant after one cycle ranges between ten and twenty percent. Nicole asks if this could take a year. Doctor March thinks that is a reasonable amount of time. She notes that last time Nicole mentioned a boyfriend. Nicole tells her that they recently started dating. She asks how he feels about this. Nicole admits that he was shocked but trying to be supportive. He is very important and never felt like this about anyone. Doctor March feels that he is going to play a very important role in this. Stress can’t exist within a pregnancy. Especially this young man. This won’t just affect her life. It will affect his too.

Julius wants Zende to think of Nicole as big as a house carrying Rick’s child. He can’t imagine that won’t send him for the hills. He knows that Nicole loves him. He doesn’t want him to allow Maya to take that from the two of them.

Nicole stands up and looks out the window. Rick and Maya look concerned.

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