B&B Wednesday Update 10/28/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/28/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Julius struggles with getting his tie on. He screams at the mirror. Vivienne can tell that he is still upset. She was hoping that he would have had a goodnight sleep. He tossed and turned all night. What Maya is asking Nicole is unnatural. Vivienne doesn’t think that Maya and Nicole see it that way. Nicole doesn’t either. She wouldn’t have agreed to do this otherwise. Julius is concerned about Nicole. Vivienne is as well but she is an adult. If he wants to make his case, he can’t dictate her. Julius guesses that she is right. He knows that there is probably someone out there who does agree with him that she will listen to. Vivienne asks who. Julius states Zende Forrester.

In Rick’s office Zende and Nicole are kissing. Nicole asks what happens if someone walks in. Zende will claim that she was feeling light headed and he was helping her out. Doctor Zende to the rescue. Nicole wishes he was on call yesterday when Julius was giving her a hard time. Zende guesses that Julius was giving her a hard time. Nicole knows that it is hard for him. She knows it is hard for him as well. Knowing that they would be putting their relationship on hold for months. She asks if she is asking too much of him.

Wyatt walks into his house after swimming at the beach. Someone knocks on the door and it is Quinn and Deacon. Quinn asks if he is proud that she knocked. Deacon guesses that you can teach a new trick to an old dog. Quinn asks if he is calling her an aging animal. Wyatt assumes she is not found of that reference. Quinn asks where Ivy is. He thought that they were practically living together now.

In Ridge’s office Thomas is sitting at the desk. He tells Charlotte to make sure that Quinn has a copy of the designs on her desk. Ivy is watching at the door. Charlotte asks if he wants to go to dinner tonight. Thomas thinks he is good. Charlotte asks why not. Thomas feels that she already knows. Charlotte realizes that she is an intern. Thomas does like her it is just they have to keep it cool for now. Charlotte leaves. Ivy closes the door. She guesses the rumors were true.

Zende wants Nicole to stop worrying. Whatever happens will happen. Nicole just doesn’t want to lose the two of them. Zende asks if she sees him going anywhere. Nicole smiles. They kiss again. Nicole realizes that she promised Maya that she would stop by. She is sorry but she has to go. They kiss again.

Wyatt hates to disappoint Quinn but she has it all wrong. Quinn asks if Ivy isn’t living here. Wyatt says not exactly. Deacon assumes that they have gotten close though. Wyatt says that they have.

Thomas tells Ivy to poke fun all she wants. Ivy actually thinks that it is kind of cute. It is very original. Thomas only hung out with her a few times until Ridge found out. He gave him the whole cross the line speech. Ivy can tell that he listened because he just turned her down. Ivy thinks that one of them are spending the night alone tonight and it isn’t her.

Vivienne walks into the Forrester Mansion. Maya is so glad to see her. Vivienne wasn’t so sure that she would want to see her after what happened yesterday. Maya doesn’t think that was her fault. Vivienne explains that she knows her father. He has a strict sense of right from wrong. Maya explains that Nicole is coming over soon. Vivienne is glad that she will be able to apologies to both of them of them for Julius. Again.

Julius walks into Rick’s office where he finds Zende. He asks if he is sure that he is just an intern. With his good looks and brains, he should be running the place. Zende tells him not to let Steffy hear him say that. He explains that Maya and Nicole are somewhere else. Julius came to see him. He knows that this thing that Maya is asking Nicole to do he can tell upsets Zende too. Julius can’t let Nicole do this. He needs him to help stop it.

Deacon thinks that Quinn’s little mission here is a bust. Quinn just wants to see how serious things are getting. Deacon knows but maybe he should let Wyatt be the one to tell her. Quinn guesses that he is right and she should let Wyatt feel comfortable. Wyatt walks back out. He is sorry but he had to get out of those wet swim trunks. He asks what he missed. Deacon tells him that Quinn is actually sensitive now. Wyatt leaves her alone for a few days and she turns into Carol Brady. Quinn sarcastically says Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Wyatt wants to know what Deacon has done with his crazy and mostly lovable mother. Deacon guesses she fell in love. Quinn can tell that the same thing is happening with Wyatt.

Thomas says that he hasn’t made any plans tonight. He wonders if she is free. Ivy asks if he means free to work late. Thomas thinks she is so cute. He asks if she really thought he meant that. Ivy meant that she can tell he is not over what happened between him and Ridge. Thomas knows he is disappointed with him. He got upset and took a swing at him. Ivy asks if Thomas regrets that. Thomas does but he isn’t sure that Ridge believes that. Thomas says that his latest contribution to the bedroom line needs a model. He wonders if she wants to model. Ivy thinks that is so funny. Thomas wonders who said he was being funny.

Zende explains that this is Nicole’s choice. Julius knows that it affects Zende as well. It affects the relationship. He is her boyfriend. Zende is. Julius gets a sense that he has reservations. Zende thinks that he is putting words into his mouth. Julius might be but he is getting a sense that he doesn’t want this for Nicole or his relationship. Zende admits that he isn’t wrong but it doesn’t matter. He admires Nicole even more for doing this. Julius thinks that this is a big sacrifice. He knows it and so does Zende.

Wyatt doesn’t want Quinn to take this to the wrong way but his love life is his love life. Quinn knows. She isn’t trying to pry. She just wants to know if Ivy could be the one. Wyatt wants to just say that he is really enjoying his time with Ivy.

Ivy assumes that Thomas heard about Steffy’s latest attempt to get at her. Thomas knows that the photoshoot didn’t go well. Ivy knows it was a disaster. Thomas doesn’t think that Steffy should have put her in that position in the first place. Ivy shouldn’t have given her a reason to. She won’t again. So long as she doesn’t have to stand in front of a camera in her lingerie she will be a very happy person. Thomas asks if she is not standing in front of the camera. Ivy doesn’t know. She is just old fashion with who she shows her body to. Which she knows sounds strange with this whole selfie obsessed society they live in. Thomas doesn’t think that sounds wrong at all. The only thing that is important that she stays true to herself. A lady.

Vivienne is not making excuses for Julius they were thrown a curve. The whole surrogacy thing and Nicole’s involvement. She is going to have to give him some time. Nicole is his baby girl no matter how grown she gets. Nicole asks why this is not the right choice. She didn’t imagine any of this a year ago. Finding her sister though and becoming so close and having a job. Vivienne mentions Zende as well. She can see how much he means to her. Maya feels that is what makes her sacrifice incredible. The fact that she is willing to put her personal life aside is so incredible. She will say this though. If Nicole has any doubts that this could jeopardize her relationship with Zende she isn’t asking her to do this. She shouldn’t have to make sacrifices.

Julius can tell that Zende isn’t saying much. Zende adores his daughter. She has a good head on her shoulders. Julius doesn’t think that is the case when it comes to her sister. She has a blind spot in that regard. Zende doesn’t think she is giving her much credit. Julius knows that he admires his daughter. He knows he is a nice young man. He can tell that Zende is a bit idealistic though. He wonders if Zende really will feel the same way when she is carrying Maya’s baby. Julius knows that he will never say that. He has too much class. He however isn’t doing anyone any favors by not being honest. If he really cares about his daughter like he says he does then he needs to tell her it is a deal breaker. Zende isn’t so sure that it is. Julius knows that he is a kind man. He could have any woman that he wants. This is a complication that no one should have to deal with. If Nicole goes through with this then it will be the worst choice of her life. It kills him that he can’t reach her. He can though. It is either Maya’s child or Zende.

Deacon doesn’t think that Wyatt is giving Quinn a whole lot to work with. Quinn doesn’t want him to worry about her not approving. Wyatt doesn’t think that it matters if she does or not. All that matters his himself and Ivy. She makes him happy in a way that no one else has since Hope. Deacon wonders if that has anything to do with the fact that Ivy is a lot like Hope. Wyatt doesn’t think that at all. He thinks it has to do with the fact that unlike Hope, Ivy doesn’t have divided loyalties. She is totally committed to them.

Ivy jokes about Thomas being so kind. She realizes though that a lady never tires of hearing such nice things about herself. Ivy can’t help but wonder where all of this is coming from. The compliments. She is wondering if Steffy has anything to do with this. Thomas asks why she would. Ivy knows that Steffy is probably mad that she bombed in front of the cameras. Thomas doesn’t think that she bombed and Steffy really isn’t that nice. Ivy knows that isn’t true. Thomas does have his moments. Ivy is sure that whatever is going on between him and Ridge they will figure this out. He thinks that Ivy is a lady and an optimist.

Julius walks into the Forrester Mansion. Julius needs to talk to Nicole. Vivienne explains that Nicole just left. Julius wonders where she went. Maya asks why. Julius assumes she is refusing him now. Vivienne doesn’t think anyone is refusing. Nicole only just left. Julius wants Maya to back off this request from Nicole. Maya assumes that he is talking about Nicole and Zende then he is to late they are fine. Julius knows that Nicole has found a man that likes her. He wants her to stop pressuring her. Maya isn’t doing that. She wants Nicole to be happy and doesn’t want anything happening to the relationship. Julius demands that she stop this right now.

Nicole walks back into Rick’s office. She wonders why Zende didn’t answer her texts. Zende didn’t see them. She wonders if he is ok. She thinks that he seems different. Zende explains that Julius stops by. She wonders what he what he wanted. Zende tells her that Julius wants him to convince her not to go through with the baby. He claims it is a deal breaker. She wonders if he changed his mind and can’t support her. Nicole wants him to just tell her. If she carries Rick and Maya’s baby are they going to be over.

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