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Julius informs Nicole that she is not a part of this discussion. Maya believes that she is. Nicole feels that it is already too late because she has made her mind. Rick suggests that they all sit down and have some dinner. Julius doesn’t think that any amount of fine dining will change his mind. Julius assumes that Rick wants his other daughter as well now. Maya guesses that this is Julius’s idea of fine dining. Julius cannot believe that she expects all of them to be at her disposal. He still thinks that Nicole is too young to be listening to this. Nicole has been on her own long enough to know these things. Julius doesn’t think that she has any idea what it would be like to have a child come from her body. He asks Vivienne if he is right.

Zende continues to punch the punching bag. Carter asks how long Vivienne and Julius are going to be in town. Zende has no idea. He does think that it is kind of odd that they would show up now though. Carter guesses that sometimes family has a way of being right in your face when you don’t want them to be.

Bill is amused by the half pink and half blue lemon bars. Caroline points out that Pam can be very creative. Bill knows that she has a screw loose. Katie assumes it is too early for them to know the sex of the baby. Thomas mentions that he has only been gone a week and everything has changed. Katie guesses that they should go. Caroline is sure that they have to get back to work. Bill thought that she was going to tell them that she had wised up and was leaving him. It won’t be so easy now. Ridge tells him goodbye. Bill knows that Ridge will be the one who leaves. Katie assures Caroline that Bill has never been good with surprises. He will come around. Katie asks Thomas how long he will be in town. She heard he moved back to Paris. Thomas did but he is back. A lot has changed.

Zende asks if Carter has any kids. Carter jokes that they only young person he is raising is Zende. Zende assumes that it would change a person. Carter knows that it will be completely different but it won’t make Nicole less beautiful. Zende already knows that. Carter is no authority. Two girls walk out and Carter says hello to them. They say hello back. Carter suggests to Zende that the hardest thing to do is either support someone or talk them out of it.

Vivienne doesn’t think someone knows what it is like to carry and give birth until they have done it. Nicole knows that it won’t be easy. Vivienne feels that that it be even harder to have to give up a baby. Maya can tell that this all came out wrong and was even a mistake to bring it up. Julius feels that this is love. Love creates a child. Not medical science. Julius can’t expect Maya to understand that but Nicole should. Nicole wants Julius to realize that this is about love. Julius asks if Nicole really thinks that Zende is really going to love her when she is stretched out as big as a house. Vivienne screams at Julius to stop it. He told her to warn him whenever he crossed the line. He just did. Rick asks how he can welcome her back when he is treating his daughters like that. Maya tells Nicole not to listen to him, he doesn’t even know Zende.

Caroline didn’t think that was so bad. Thomas guesses that if that didn’t go so bad then he can only imagine what her family reunions are like. Caroline knows that Bill had to know. Ridge asks Thomas what he wanted. Thomas wants to know what sending him to Paris accomplished. Ridge removed him. Thomas asks if he really can’t stand the sight of him and now he knows why.

In Bill and Katie’s kitchen Bill takes out leftovers. Katie reminds him that if he eats that he won’t have room for dinner. Bill needs to eat something after that. He can’t help but think of all the leftovers of his last twelve marriages. Katie points out that he is going to have to get over this. She wonders if he will really make people choose who to side with. Bill doesn’t think something sounds right about the baby situation. They weren’t having a kid and now they are having a kid. Katie guesses that they changed their mind. She knows that Bill thinks that Ridge does that best.

Thomas can tell that he didn’t want Thomas to be a part of that conversation. That was for sure. Ridge didn’t want him here at all. He gave him an overseas assignment. Thomas thinks that it makes so much more sense now. Ridge gave him an assignment and he is the boss. Caroline can’t deal with them fighting so if Thomas has something to say then he should say it and get it over with. Thomas knows that Ridge was struggling to tell Bill his big news. He treats Bill like he treats no one else until now. Until him. Caroline says no. Thomas could totally see it. He is sorry that he had to experience physical violence from that man. He dropped him out of a helicopter. Who could trust a man who settles his differences that way? He did the same thing and he can’t blame him for wanting to put an ocean between them. He needs Ridge to know that he gets it. It will never happen again.

Carter whispers to Zende that the two girls seem friendly enough. Zende thinks that everyone who works here is friendly. Carter agrees with him on that. Carter mentions the one in the pink is Arlen. Zende thought that was a guy’s name. Zende asks if he is trying to hook him up even though he is already attached to someone. Carter asks if attached is the word for someone who is having someone else’s kid. Carter believes that he is young and has to live now. Not a year from now.

Vivienne wants Julius to remember what they talked about. Julius does and he apologized. Maya says from across the room that it didn’t last long. Julius wants this family together as much as she does but he has to have an opinion. Vivienne knows that he is concerned but he can’t just tell Nicole that she will end up alone. That is the message they gave Maya and she ran away. Rick wants them to all start over and admit that it is only human nature for him and Maya to want to have a baby. Julius doesn’t think that every wish can come true. Maya knows that this one can and they all agree. Julius feels that there are limits to everything in life. Julius knows that Maya has already done what she wants with her body but she doesn’t get to do that with her sisters.

Katie demands that Bill tell her that he is happy for Caroline. Bill would rather die of dehydration. Katie doesn’t want him to say it about Ridge. Just Caroline. Only Caroline. Bill knows that Caroline is going to be raising the world’s most spoiled brat and his kid. Katie thinks that was a good one. If she has a nickel for every time people have said to her how she could possibly still be married to Dollar Bill Spencer she would make Bill look like a pauper. Bill asks who. Katie just says people. She asks if he knows what she says to them. Bill guesses that she says that he is handsome, rich, and funny. Katie also says that they are happy. He doesn’t have to be happy with Ridge. Caroline is though. Bill knows it is a mistake. She is messing around with the Forrester’s. It will blow up in her face.

Thomas asks what he is not telling Ridge that he wants to hear. Ridge doesn’t need a discussion. Caroline knows that they just had a difficult discussion with Bill and Katie and Thomas was the last person they expected to see walk through the door. She doesn’t want him to take it so personally. Thomas assumes this is about Charlotte then. He gets it there are certain women who are off limits. Ridge knows that he won’t worry about that because he is going back to Paris. Thomas feels that there is no reason to go back to Paris. Thomas knows that Thorne doesn’t need him there. He assumed that he was just checking up on things. Caroline claims that they are happy that he is back. The missed him. Everyone missed him but they need a few minutes. Thomas thinks that is all he needed to hear. Thomas leaves. Ridge asks what she is doing. Caroline needs Ridge to stop this. The more he acts like this the more Thomas will likely figure all of this out.

Maya promises that Nicole shouldn’t feel pressured into doing this. Nicole knows that. Julius knows that medical procedures are nothing to her but regular people don’t do things like that. Rick asks who is a regular person. Julius thinks that some people just realize that it is physically impossible to do certain things. They move on. Maya isn’t trying to take anything from her. She asked and then decided it was too much. She disagreed though. Maya asks Julius when would be a better time. She wonders if when she is married or engaged. Maya hopes that Vivienne understands. Nicole knows that this conversation isn’t fair to her so she wants a minute alone with Vivienne and Julius. Maya and Rick leave. Julius can tell that she knows he is right. She just doesn’t know how to tell them.

In Rick’s office Caroline is working. Thomas walks in. She can see that he got what he wanted. Ridge said he could stay. Thomas has a question. Caroline asks what that would be. Thomas thinks that she already knows.

Rick and Maya walk into their bedroom. Rick is shocked that Vivienne and Julius are moving to LA. Maya doesn’t think that means they have to see them. Rick knows that they will see them. She has to get that they love her. Maya knows that they love having a Forrester in the family. Rick knows that they are confused with pride. He wants to know who couldn’t love her. Maya asks if they are wrong. Rick guesses it depends on who they ask. Maya knows that she doesn’t want to disappoint them so it seems like pressure. Rick feels it is good that they withdrew from the conversation. Nicole wasn’t sure if she had reservations but it will come out with her parents and then they will know.

Julius knows that he doesn’t say the right thing. He however does say what everyone else is thinking. Vivienne guesses that if Julius deserves any credit it is for that. He asks if this would have ever been brought up if they didn’t show up. The Forrester’s think that anything they want to do is ok. Nicole is not a Forrester and she doesn’t see what is so wrong. Julius doesn’t think that she understands. Having a baby is not a favor. Having a baby is bringing change to the world. It is making a life that has never been on the planet through the history of time. The child will be half her blood. They are trying to understand this. He did say sorry. This is just too much. Nicole walks away from him. Vivienne knows that they talk about right and wrong but sometimes it isn’t so clear and they have to look at things in a whole other way. She is thinking about her youth. She knows that Nicole is so beautiful but the awful thing is that the one who has it can never see it. Today everything seems possible but before you know it things will pass her by. She wonders if she thinks that Zende will be one of them.

Ridge stands in his office thinking about his demands to Caroline that Thomas will not be a part of their child’s life.

Caroline asks if he will at least give her a hunt. Thomas asks how long she has known she was pregnant. Thomas knows that she must know the date. Caroline guesses that the arguing affected her mood. Thomas wants to know if she is sure about the baby. Caroline asks if he is implying that the she knows who the father of the baby is. She does. Thomas believes that she does and he has a right to know if it is him. He asks if it is.

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