B&B Friday Update 10/23/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya asks why Julius couldn’t have called before showing up. Julius asks why she isn’t happy to see her parents. Nicole explains that they weren’t expecting them. Vivienne told him that he should have checked in first but he insisted. Julius wants to know what is wrong with checking in on his daughters. Rick points out that last time he was here it didn’t exactly go over very well. Julius explains that it has taken a while for him to come around. He isn’t proud to admit that. He wants to come around and try to accept Maya for who she is. Maya has already heard that before. Julius knows but he means it this time. He is going to prove it to both his children.

Caroline tells Ridge that he is going to have to learn how to co-exist because when the baby comes Bill is going to want to be a part of its life. Caroline knows that everyone in this building already knows so she has to tell Bill and Katie. Ridge suggests a conference call or a video face thing on her phone. Caroline can tell that he is not looking forward to this. Caroline knows that this isn’t the perfect situation but everyone knows that she is pregnant.

In the lobby Pam tells Charlie to just act natural. He can’t let someone like Bill Spencer intimidate him. Charlie isn’t intimidated by him. He just scares him. Pam reminds him that he has a gun. Bill and Katie walk towards them. Charlie nervously greets them. He thinks it is great to see them again. Pam asks if Katie thought anymore of the costumes they were thinking about. Katie really doesn’t think that is her thing. She thinks that dinner sounds good though. Charlie suggests one of her meals. Katie explains that Caroline wanted to see them. Pam tells her that she is in Ridge’s office. Katie and Bill walk in.

Caroline suggests something on a design. Katie and Bill walk in. Bill wants to know what this good news is. He hopes they are divorced already. Ridge informs him that he isn’t so lucky. Bill thinks that they should give it a few months. Caroline explains that this is really good news. She would have preferred the two of them to be some of the first to know about this but Pam can’t keep a secret so word has already gotten out. Katie asks what it is. Caroline says that she is pregnant. Bill asks if she is really having a child with this clown. Caroline says that yes she is pregnant. Katie is so happy for her. Caroline thanks her. Katie is glad that Ridge is having another kid. Caroline asks if Bill is still breathing. Bill will always doubt this relationship.

Julius understands that they are all a little skeptical. They have all the time in the world to work this out though. Zende suggests that he leave to let them work this out amongst the family. Zende says it was nice to see them. Julius explains that the last time he was here he made a fool of himself. Maya knows that he already said sorry. Julius really means that he is sincere. He promises to try and embrace her. He and Vivienne desperately want to be in her life.

Katie knows that having a baby is a wonderful experience. It is such a bond. It might take a little while longer for some of them to get into the idea. Ridge knows that Bill will be into it by the baby’s high school graduation. Caroline knows that Bill will fall madly in love with the baby the moment he sets eyes on him or her. Bill wants to know how Thomas and Steffy feel about him having another kid. Caroline thinks that Steffy was supportive. Ridge knows that they know how he feels.

Carter is working out on the sky lounge. Zende walks out. Carter was wondering when he would get his lazy self here. Zende asks what he thought of the media kit he put together. Carter thought it was impressive for his first try. Carter thinks he should show it to Ridge. Zende thinks that he will. Carter feels that his future is looking good. Zende hopes so. Carter asks how it went with Nicole. He wonders what she said. Zende is punching a bag.

Julius calls Maya, Maya Forrester. He states that she is Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. He thinks that just saying that gives him a huge sense of pride. Nicole wonders if it has to do with the fact that they are rich and famous and live in this huge house in Beverly Hills. Vivienne asks Nicole not to take that tone. Julius doesn’t want to want to open up old wounds. He is here eating a healthy dose of humble pie. He is apologizing. He wants forgiveness. He wonders if Maya can give him another chance. Maya can’t be expected to throw her arms around him and accept him back into her life. He said the exact same thing the last time he was here. She wants to know how she is supposed to believe him. Maya is grateful that he made the effort but she doesn’t know how this helps. Julius actually has great news. Nicole wonders what kind of news. Julius suggests that Vivian tell them. Vivienne explains that the two of them have made a choice. She wants them to know this wasn’t her but Julius insisted that he tell them in person. Nicole wants her to just say it. Julius explains that they are getting an apartment and moving to LA.

Bill asks if he is supposed to be giving them support right now. Caroline thought that a little bit of support would be great. Bill can’t lie and say he didn’t see this coming. He knows that she always wanted to be a mom and she would be an exceptional one. Bill promises her though that if he has a baby with this clown she will be tied to him the rest of her days. Caroline is counting on that. Ridge just wants him to be happy and call it a day. Bill thinks that he is too old for her and is simply too old to be having a baby with her. Ridge doesn’t think that this is about age. He just doesn’t think that he doesn’t like her very much. Bill doesn’t like him. He has abandoned every woman that he has been involved with. Ridge wants to know how they will know that this kid won’t be raised by someone other than her. Katie wants this to end. They need to put their differences somewhere else. Caroline is pregnant and having a baby. They all know he will adore the baby. Bill explains that when she came to LA and started working here he never expected her to be with the dress maker. Ridge asks if there is anyone he likes for her. Bill doesn’t like any of the male Forrester’s. If he had to pick, then he would have much preferred it was Thomas.

Carter explains that they don’t have to talk but the might want to before he breaks a nail. Zende tells him that she wants to do it. Carter is surprised. He asks how she feels about it. Zende explains that it is not up to him. Carter asks if she really wants to do this. Zende notes that they are already starting the process. Carter hopes that she isn’t being pressured. Zende doesn’t think she is. Nicole said that this is important to her and this is the time to do it before she gets wrapped in her own life. He has to be supportive.

Nicole is shocked that they are moving to LA. Maya says that they can’t do that. Julius says that it is already done. They already gave up the place in Chicago and sold all their belongings. Vivienne laughs and says it isn’t like they had much to get rid of. Julius tells them no more winters. They can play golf year round. He wonders if he can get Eric to come out with him. Maya wonders why they didn’t think to discuss this with them first. Rick thinks it is natural for Maya and Nicole to be a bit taken back. Moving to LA is a big choice. Nicole thinks that they should have been a part of this. Julius feels that they will be fine. They will be a big happy family. Vivienne feels that it would be nice to be around all of them. Julius likes all of them and is excited. Maya asks if Vivienne will talk to her. They go over the front door. Vivienne is sorry about this. Maya explains that she is always welcome here. Vivienne asks about Julius. Maya doesn’t think it is a good idea. Julius walks over and asks if they can all be happy. Maya guesses that they are not the only ones with news. Nicole and her have decided to do something to connect them even more. To bond them more as a family. Julius thinks it is wonderful and asks what it is. Rick tells them that Maya and him are planning on having a family. Julius assumes adoption. Maya wants a Forrester-Avant baby.


Pam and Charlie walk into Ridge’s office. She is holding two plates. She explains that these are a special edition Ridge and Caroline are pregnant lemon bars. Half are pink and half are blue. Ridge thinks that is a lot even for her. Caroline wishes she would stop telling people. Pam knows that she spoiled the surprise. Katie notes that normally people ask until after the first trimester to announce. Pam knows that and wanted to actually ask how far along she is. Ridge wants to keep this a private matter. Pam guesses that he is so right. The only thing that matters is that they made a baby. Thomas walks up behind Pam and Charlie in the doorway. Caroline notices Thomas and wonders what he is doing here. Thomas left so suddenly and wonders what is going on. Pam explains that he is about to have a little baby brother or sister. Caroline is pregnant.

Zende says that Maya and Nicole had no idea that their parents were coming. Carter can’t imagine that went over well. Carter wants to get back to him and Nicole. He is proud of her for being so well with Nicole. A lot of men wouldn’t have the strength. Zende thanks him and is trying. Zende wonders how her parents will react when they find out.

Julius notes that she said the baby is going to have both their genes. Julius asks how it is possible. Julius asks if Nicole got together with her sister's husband. Rick promises it was nothing like that. That would never happen. Nicole wants to know why he would go there. Maya explains they are going to put Rick’s sperm and Nicole’s egg and put them together. It is a common procedure. Julius guesses in her world. He will not let her do this. She can adopt but not that. He will not allow it. Maya reminds him that this is her house. He doesn’t get to tell anyone what to do. She is an adult and she can make her own choices. She would never make her do something she didn’t want to. Julius thinks that Maya manipulated her. Maya promises that the three of us agreed. She is going to carry their baby. She will give her the greatest gift imaginable. Julius says that she isn’t. Nicole tells him that she is. Maya smiles.

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