B&B Wednesday Update 10/21/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/21/15


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Brooke doesn’t think that this makes any sense. Ridge asks if it really doesn’t, his wife is having a baby. He wonders what exactly isn’t making any sense. Brooke reminds him that he had a vasectomy. Ridge already told her that he had it reversed. Brooke finds it odd that he did this against his doctors wishes. He advised him against it. Ridge guesses it is good that he did it then. Brooke really wants to know whose child it is.

In the lobby Pam and Charlie fawn over Caroline. They have her sit at Pam’s desk. Pam even thinks that she sees a little bump. Caroline reminds them that she is just pregnant. She was on her way home. Pam guesses that she should rest. Pam wishes that Stephanie were around to see her latest little grandchild to be. Pam mentions that she did something. Caroline asks what. Pam just couldn’t help herself. She told Brooke about the news.

In Rick’s office Ivy squeezes Wyatt very tightly. Wyatt tells her that is enough. Ivy is just so happy. She feels free. Wyatt asks if she feels free of the heavy burden of lingerie modeling. Ivy thinks that he knows how much she didn’t want to do that. Wyatt knows but he is feeling a little guilty. Ivy asks why. Wyatt hated that Steffy was intimidating her but he would have never done what he did if he didn’t think she could handle it. Ivy understands and she is a big girl. She does make her own choices. Wyatt thinks it is a shame that she couldn’t be a lingerie model. He was looking forward to the private shows he would get. Ivy points out that just because she won’t be modeling doesn’t mean that she can’t be a customer. Wyatt sees what she did there. They kiss passionately.

Steffy drops to Liam’s couch and sighs. Liam asks if it was a bad day. Steffy doesn’t think it was a bad day. It was just eventful. First Liam pulls the plug on Ivy modeling which was a good thing and she thanks him. Steffy just thinks to go from butting heads to whatever they are doing now. Plus, now she will have a little brother or sister from Caroline. That is a lot to handle. Liam asks how she feels about that. Steffy doesn’t know and puts her feet on his lap. Liam assumes she wants a foot rub.

Caroline is shocked that Pam told Brooke. Pam really tried hard to keep it a secret but it just sort of slipped out. Caroline asks how Brooke took the news. Charlie says it was strange. Pam feels that she seemed awfully surprised. Charlie doesn’t understand why she took it the way she did.

Ridge claims that it is his child. Brooke doesn’t think that it can be. Ridge asks if she is playing him right now. Brooke knows that he would have told her. Ridge wonders why he would tell her anything. He notes that normally when people have a baby they say congratulations. Brooke will say that when she believes it is his. Right now she is not believing this one bit.

Ivy hopes that Wyatt isn’t feel jealous. Wyatt wonders what he would be jealous of. Ivy means the fact that Liam stood up for her against Steffy. Which he hasn’t done. Ivy did feel happy but it didn’t stir up any old feelings. Wyatt didn’t even think about that. Ivy is glad. Ivy thinks that this might be the end of the whole choosing between Steffy and Ivy. Wyatt assumes that Liam is the reason for this as well. Ivy admits that he played a big part. Wyatt sarcastically starts clapping his hands for Liam saving the day again. Ivy guesses that everyone needs a hobby. Wyatt thinks that it is good that he tried to make it up to her. Ivy wishes that there was a way to make it up to Wyatt for letting him down. Wyatt asks what she is talking about. Ivy just was thinking that Wyatt probably wanted to see her walking around in her underwear all day. Wyatt knows that there is always home. Ivy can do that but she feels a little owed. She has been walking around in hers all day. Wyatt asks what is going on in her beautiful Aussie head. Ivy notes that he is under the impression that it should be easy to prance around in underwear. Wyatt does. Ivy tells him to do it then. She wants him to strip. Wyatt asks if she means here. Ivy suggests the show room. Wyatt thinks that here is fine. Wyatt guesses that he can do it. Wyatt starts to unbutton his shirt and dance sexually. He throws his shirt in the air and then takes off his jeans really slowly throwing them to her. Ivy puts a dollar in his underwear. Pam and Charlie storm in with lemon bars. Pam laughs and Charlie puts his hands over her eyes.

Liam asks if Steffy really thinks that Thomas is going to have a problem. Steffy knows that he will because he had feelings for her. She is sure that it will be hard for him to see Caroline and Ridge together and pregnant. Liam asks if she will tell him. Steffy will let them break the news.

Caroline paces back and forth in the loft. She goes through her phone and looks at her wedding photos.

Brooke knows that not too long ago Ridge told her he was incapable of having children. Ridge says that he got things fixed. Brooke thought his doctor told him it wouldn’t work. Ridge feels the doctor was skeptical and he really wanted a baby so he said yes. He was lucky. Ridge wonders why Brooke is doubting him. Brooke asks if she really got pregnant just like that. Ridge did is sorry for earlier. He just didn’t want to get his hopes up and he knows she is skeptical. He doesn’t believe it himself. It has been a rough couple of years and it is time for him to be happy. That is, it. He is having a baby.

Pam asks if Wyatt will do a little turn for them. Wyatt says no and is going to put his pants back on. Pam tells Charlie to take a picture. Charlie takes multiple. Pam thinks that this is a good look for Wyatt. Charlie guesses this is what women feel like when they say they are a piece of meat. Charlie continues to take pictures. Wyatt tells them to leave. Pam asks if they want any lemon bars. Ivy takes one and Wyatt slams the door. Wyatt guesses this is funny for her. Ivy asks if he remembers when the pizza guy showed up. Wyatt gets the point. Underwear is scary.

Liam wonders if Steffy feels better. Steffy is feeling a lot better. Liam asks if she wants her back done. Steffy tells him that he has already done so much for her already today. Steffy wants to do something for him. Liam won’t argue with that but doesn’t even think he did that much. Steffy reminds him that he stopped her from making Ivy model. Liam does remember that. She thanks him. She is not proud of her choices as of late but he shook some sense into her. Liam just had to say what needed to be said. Steffy knows that Liam knows what she wants to hear. Liam knows what a lot of people want to hear. He just knows she is the only one he can say it out loud to.

Caroline sits on the stairs and looks at pictures of Ridge and Thomas happy together. She starts to think about Ridge manipulating her into not allowing her to let Thomas see the baby.

Ridge didn’t think that he would be able to give Caroline a baby. He didn’t count himself out though. Ridge Forrester super stud. Brooke laughs. Brooke guesses that he fought back. Ridge knows that he had too much life in him. He wonders if Brooke is ready to congratulate him. Brooke guesses that it really is his child. Ridge says of course. He wonders what she is even accusing Caroline of. Brooke isn’t doing that. She just is a little confused. She just wants Ridge to be happy. Ridge is happy. Caroline guesses it is it. Ridge is bringing another child into this world. Brooke guesses all she can do and say is congratulations. The two hug.

Wyatt gets it now. Ivy asks what it is. Wyatt means her reductants to model. Pam was treating him like a piece of meat right now. Ivy thinks that of course she was. He is hot. Wyatt knows but so is Ivy at the photoshoot. He thinks that Ivy is a great teacher. One of the many reasons that he loves her. He said it. Ivy smiles. He loves her. Ivy kisses Wyatt.

Liam asks if Steffy really wasn’t upset about him. Steffy wonders why she would be upset. Liam means that he went over her head. Steffy reminds him that she only outranks him at work. At home they are equals. In a relationship they are equals. He makes her a better person. Liam was just doing his job.

Ridge walks in and Caroline asks if he found Brooke because she knows. Ridge explains that she believed it was his baby. Caroline was worried. Ridge promised that he would take care of it. He doesn’t want her stressing out their baby. Ridge hope that they are still doing this together. Ridge knows that everything is fine now. No one will ever know the truth. Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately. Caroline looks worried.

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